By: Little Angel
title: One Wish Each part 13
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[This here] indicates telepathy
~this here~ indicates a dream
'this here' indicates a thought'
(that's it i think....)

---Last time----
Heero demonstrates his blowing stuff up power thing to all present in the room. And the guys decide to go after White Fang next.


-----(this time) Somewhere in space - on the WhiteFang base thingy ----

"Col. Zechs, sir, we have something you must see," Zechs was lead to a rec. room where most of the soldiers were gathered around a T.V.

"And so it's final, that OZ will on longer participate in this war. It is spiraling out of control, and the goals that we at OZ have set are no longer able to withstand what has been the result of our efforts. All those at OZ that don't wish to fight, and don't want to take these steps towards peace, may join the White Fang in their fight against the Gundam Pilots and Earth-"

"So Oz is disbanning, in the name of Peace? I find this as not something Trieze would ever try, let alone go through...."

"Sir? Shall we take in any troops from Oz that wish to join?"

"Only if they are extremely thoroughly screened. Anyone that even seems suspicious won't make it past the sign in table to apply. Do I make myself clear?"

"Sir! Yes Sir!" The soldiers went to make further plans.


".....in their fight against the Gundam Pilots and Earth-" Duo clicked off the T.V. from the couch where he and Heero were curled up. Mai and Wufei were on the other end of the couch, and Quatre and Trowa were making shuttle arrangements and what not.

"So that's it? It's over with Oz?" Duo hugged Heero closer, "Yeah it is."

"The question is, how are we gonna convince Zechs to become a ruler? And is he going to except Trieze's help?" asked Wufei.

"I'm sure we'll find a way,'' replied Heero.

"The shuttle will be ready in about 2 hrs. guys, that gives us enough time to get our things together and out to space," said Quatre as he and Trowa came into the room.

"So? What are we waiting for? Lets go!"


-----15 min till boarding time-----

"So is anyone gonna try and talk Trieze into double ruling with Zechs?" Perk popped up in front of Heero, if he was surprised he didn't show it. She smiled. Everyone turned to Wufei.

"What?" he blinked, it clicked, "OOOHHHHH NO!!! Not me!!!" He really didn't want to talk to Kushrenada - especially if he was lusting after fruitcakes. "This is UNJUST!! I will NOT do this!!" He was firmly set on not doing it, and kept shaking his head No, in case they had a sudden lapse in the ability to understand English.

The others just shared a look.


-----20 min later-----

"Can you PLEASE explain to me how we got dragged into this!?!" Mai, Trowa and Schnooky were all standing outside the room were Trieze had locked himself in with the Relena-cake.

"Because I WASN'T doing this alone and you too were the closest to me at the time." Wufei tried to make that sound as dignified as possible.

"Quatre and Heero are gonna be pissed at you," Trowa spoke up from where he was examining the room they were in.

It was a large room with only one window and door. The window was to far up the wall to get through. The walls were white and covered with painted on roses, some on long stems/veins others just loose. It was had a faint smell of Roses.

"Yeah especially since Heero doesn't want me anywhere near ANY Oz facility," said Mai.

"Are you guys going to go in? Or stand here all day and talk about how Wufei's gonna be killed?" Perk was standing near the door that lead to Trieze with Schnooky pacing relentlessly around it.

Wufei paled slightly and gulped, but moved towards the door -( with the help of Trowa and Mai of course).

Trowa held Wufei in place while Mai picked the lock. When it clicked they all cautiously went inside.....

Trieze was sitting on a swirly chair with the Relena-cake next to him. 'They' were picking out the kind of things that people usually pick out when their getting married...

Wufei paled even more at what they were seeing and tried to get away again, but was still held in place by Trowa - who's ears were turning bright red at what he was hearing Trieze whisper to the fruitcake in French (1) - and Mai, who had to bit her lip to keep from laughing out loud.

"Anou.... Perk? I think you went a little overboard on that wish," said Mai once she got her laughter somewhat under control.

"Ya, think?" was Wufei's intelligent response.


----On the Shuttle -----

"Put that DOWN!"


"I mean it!! Put that down NOW! this is NOT funny!!"





"Quatre!!! CALM DOWN!"

"NO ONLY if you get AWAY!! from the stove!! Allah!! WHO is the idiot that put a kitchenet on a carrier shuttle!!"

"It's just a kitchenet. They even put in a private room and attached bathroom!!"

Quatre just glared from where he was tied to the chair. Yes tied. Duo had to get Rashid to help him tie down Quatre and Heero to stop them from going after Wufei.

"Look, Duo can you please untie me? I'm not mad anymore AND now that we're in space I couldn't go after him - even if i was still mad - which I'm not."

Duo just grinned right back at him, "Now Q, you're a Gundam Pilot. I'm sure you could free yourself without my help. Besides it's extremely to quiet, even for Heero, so I'm gonna go check on him." He bolted to the private room where he had tied up Heero. He could hear muffled Arabic curses coming from the kitchenet area.

"OH HHHHEEEE-CHAN!!" he bounded into the room and stopped short.


'Omae O Koruso.... Omae O Korusu..... first Wufei then Duo...' Heero tested the restraints. Iron. 'Great, if I brake these then I'll have to deal with all the blood, AND Duo when he finds out.' He sighed, 'I might as well just wait for him to come back in.... THEN kill him first.' Although the waiting thing was bad. Heero's mind wandered back to thoughts of Mai, like if she was OK, and what not, when that led to memories resurfacing. Both good and bad.


----End part 13-----

1) K when my brother gets embarrassed about something his ears turn bright red (just his ears not his whole face) and it looks sssssssoooooooo cute. Then I thought about that happening to Trowa and the mental pic was also sooooo cute....

2) I'm sorry about ending this here. I wanted to continue with the Duo and Heero scene but I've had a really bad weekend and i'm not up to writing much of anything right now.... especially since the next part might be a bit on the angsty side.....
sorry 'bout that....