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[This here] indicates telepathy
~this here~ indicates a dream
'this here' indicates a thought'
(that's it i think....)


---last time----

"Ne, Hee-chan..... What exactly did you wish for? We all wanna know."

Heero smirked semi-evilly, "Just killing three birds with one stone." Everyone became confused.

"I wished that Trieze Kushranada would fall in complete, utter, and true love/lust with the fruit-cake that is Relena Peacecraft-Dorlain."

There was complete silence for exactly 2.21 minutes.

"Perk, I thought you couldn't make people fall in love with each other?" asked a bewildered Duo.

She shook her head, "Nope I can't."

More minutes passed.

"OH....MY....GOD!!! Hee-chan!! You didn't.......did you?"

Heero's smirked widened and he chuckled evilly.


---- this time----

"You DID!! Heero!! That was pure Genius!! I can't believe I didn't think it up myself!! I mean wow?" Duo quieted down and just stared at Heero with a strange sort of admiration, and stuff.

At first the others were also confused but slowly realization shown on their faces.

"Wait, Wait, Wait. Hold on one minute. Let me get this straight: Yui wished that Trieze Khushranada would fall in love/lust with that fruitcake Relena Peacecraft. But Perk can't make people fall in love. So what? Is she now like a fruitcake - fruitcake? The thing you send to your inlaws on that Christmas holiday?" Wufei wasn't sure he heard that correctly.

Perk and Heero both nodded.

"Damn, remind me to stay on Heero's good side," said Quatre. Everyone turned to the blonde, and he just looked back innocently. Trowa and Mai just chuckled to themselves.

"WWWWWOOOOO, Perk knowing you, you did something to the wish.... spill." Perk gave her best innocent 5-yr-old look. Duo didn't buy it for a minute. He glared right back at her.

She sighed, "Well if you must know I didn't alter the wish, I just.... read what he said differently...." Everyone - except Heero was slightly confused, she continued, "Making a wish is like a form of Poetry. The interpreter gets to grant it anyway they see it..... just like I did for Heero's wish.......


----Some really big, really important Oz building------

"Mr. Trieze, there seems to be a very large package for you. It doesn't seem to have any explosives or anything like that in it, but there is no return address. There is also a letter attached to the cover."

"Very well. Bring it in. If my enemies wish to kill me, I would've hoped for a more direct approach." Lady Une didn't say anything as she left to bring in the package. After some effort on the soldiers part the box was moved into the room.

"That will be all."

"Sir!" the guards saluted and left the room.

"That will be all Lady."

"Yes, sir." she also left the room.

Trieze walked up to the box; it came up to his chest and seemed to be fairly long too. 'Hmm, I wonder...' he thought as he circled the box. He came across a note attached to the far side. It read:

Trieze Kushranada,

This large box does contain
Something sweet with many a name
Given mostly in times of good cheer
You can have this, but listen here
To open this box you must want PEACE
Along the side these letters must trace
You shall love this gift completely
And no longer need to hide behind an army.

Your friendly neighborhood wish granter. (Thank you! come again!) (1)

To say Trieze was confused by the letter would be considered an understatement. He was more along the lines of baffled, bewildered, and mind boggled. He read and reread the letter a few times.

'Ok, let me get this straight,' He was talking to himself (2), 'Something sweet with a lot of different names? What the Hell is that? Do I even want it? So to open it I have to trace PEACE on the side of the box. I want peace right? Of course I do, this war is completely pointless. I'm gonna have to do something about Romefeller though.... But I'll worry about that later. And those Gundam Pilots, I bet their behind this. It definitely wasn't that White Fang group Zechs to control of - it's not is style...Although i wouldn't put it past Dorothy. Anyway back to the box. O'Yeah trace..' He traced the word PEACE into the side of the box and it started to slowly open. Inside was an extremely large and long fruitcake. Trieze laid eyes on it and fell instantly in love. "OH MY GODS. It's the best, most beautiful fruitcake I've ever seen." He, Trieze Kushranada was completely smitten with the sight before him.

Lady Une chose that exact moment to walk into the room, "Mr. Trieze? Are you alright sir? We've been knocking for...." She stopped and just starred for a while.

Trieze was in the process of hugging what she hopped was the front of the extremely oversized fruitcake, while stroking the top and whispering things that shouldn't be repeated or whispered to a fruitcake....

"Mr. Trieze? Sir?" Lady Une was definitely confused.

"Lady, it's good that you're here. I have a very important announcement to make. Tell all the troops that I wish for them to come back. There is no reason for us to be in this pointless war. I am not going to endanger more lives - soldiers and civilians for the sake of ruling the world."

At this point Lady Une was very very close to checking him into a mental hospital. Why the sudden change in heart? Didn't he want to rule the world? And most importantly WHAT was with the fruitcake? Deciding to just go along with him she agreed, "Yes, Sir."

"Good, now we're going to make a formal announcement to the world and colonies that we have no desire to keep fighting this war. Romefeller will of course object greatly to this so here's what we're going to do about them....."


-----Back With the Pilots ------

"And there was a note attached to the box." Perk was finishing her explanation.

"But isn't she important to keep the peace? The people looked up to her as a role model. What now when they find out she's missing?" said Quatre suddenly.

"Actually Heero's wish stopped another war from breaking out. And Relena from doing a lot more of stupid stuff in this one." She gave them a look that said not to ask further about it.

"Do you guys know if White Fang is planning anything? They've been awful quiet. Nobody at Oz knew what was up with them." Everyone turned to Mai, "I mean they've been extremely quiet since they got control of Libra and Zechs took control."

"Now that we don't have to worry about Oz to much, they're gonna be the main concern." said Trowa. Everyone agreed.

"Heero, you try and hack their files. Then try and get in touch with the scientists and see what they know."

"I would, but that's not possible." Everyone turned to Heero with the same thought, 'Something not possible for the Perfect Soldier? That's impossible!!' Heero was smirking evilly again.

"Why can't you do it?"

"Because the scientist meet an unruly end." He put on a sad funeral type look, "It was so sad," sniffle, "They were having a very important meeting when the entire hidden complex just exploded. This was definitely a very untimely tragedy."

Duo smacked him with a pillow and laughed.

"anou... Heero? How did it blow up?"

"Like that," he looked over at a couple of leaves that blew in from the open window and they burst into flames.

"Heero can blow up stuff and Mai can move things/people with their minds." said Duo as way of explanation. Surprisingly they took it and didn't ask further.

Now all that was left was to find White Fang and try to end the war. It was easy enough. Right?


-----end part 12 ------

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