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by: me Little Angel
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part 11-----

Mai made a giant leap from the window t the closest branch, making it with room to spare. She then proceeded to climb from branch to branch until she came to the tree she knew he was in. She noticed that the lowest branch was a little over 13 ft from the ground. Sighing she started climbing higher.

The tree itself was a very very large, old oak. It split off into 3 different large branches leaving a flat area where somebody could sit if they wanted, or was a great place for birds to make a nest. The split branches came up like a canopy covering the area from most of the sun and rain.

That was the area where Mai found Heero, curled up in a little ball shivering slightly around the soaked blanket. She felt his forehead and noticed he had a small fever. "Crap." With that she climbed down the tree and jumped to the ground making a run for the house.


---- In the kitchen ----

"Maxwell!! What are you doing?!?!'' Wufei was very close to yelling. Duo was in the kitchen throwing pans around, and just making a racquet in general.

"Good, Wufei, you're awake! Hurry up and eat something so we can go look for Heero!" He stopped throwing stuff and dashed into the dinning room. Wufei followed at a much more normal pace. When he got there he noticed a still somewhat tired Quatre and Trowa already seated at the table.

"Maxwell, Mai already went out for Heero. She said she knew where he was and would be back soon."

Quatre looked out the window and spotted Mai jumping out of a tree and running for the house, "there she...." Duo was already up and making his way out of the house.

"He has a slight fever and is shivering from the storm and cold,'' she stated as they caught up to her. They all followed her back to the house. "Quatre, go get some extra blankets, hot water, and a bath going please.'' He nodded and went off to do his assignments.

"Trowa could you go get the blankets from Quatre please?'' He nodded and went after Quatre.

"Can I go get him?" Mai turned and looked at Duo for a long moment before nodding, "You'll come with me. Wufei can you spot us from the ground? We'll be kinda high." He nodded also and went outside to get below the window.

Trowa walked back in with the blanket, "Thanks Trowa." Mai took the blanket and went out the window, positive Duo was right behind her.

They reached the spot in what Duo thought was eternity. Duo's heart stopped at the sight of Heero curled up in a tiny ball, shivering slightly. He touched his forehead and noticed it was really hot. "I think his fever got worse."

Mai felt it also and cursed under her breath. She carefully removed the wet blanket surrounding Heero and he curled up tighter.

Duo took the fry blanket and gathered Heero up in his arms. Heero just snuggled closer to the warmth of Duo's body - not waking at all. Duo silently berated himself again for being a moron.

"Can you hold him and jump down?" asked Mai. Duo nodded and they carefully made their way down the tree. Wufei was at the bottom with Trowa ready to help if they were needed. They managed to get him upstairs and to a bath to help with the fever. He was put in warm clothes - mainly Duo's because of Heero's ''love'' of spandex.... Nobody said anything when Duo placed Heero on his bed. "Guys it might be a while before he wakes up... why don't you take Mai shopping for some clothes?'' Mai and Wufei blushed slightly.

Mai was reluctant to leave Heero alone, but the look on Duo's face slowly changed her mind a little... she gave him a look that said: 'screw this up and you'll wish I killed you' Trowa noticed the look, "I'll stay to make sure he's ok." It also got him out of the shopping trip. Quatre was a little saddened that Trowa didn't want to come but knew this was important to Mai.

"Thank you Trowa." With that she grabbed Wufei's hand and followed Quatre to the car. It happened so fast that Wufei didn't get a chance to protest until they were already in the car on the way to the mall.


----- 3 hrs later ----

Heero slowly opened his eyes and noticed a couple things: 1) he wasn't still in the tree, 2) he was warm, 3) he wasn't in his own bed. He tried to get up but strong arms were pushing him back down. "Lay down."

He looked up at the owner of the voice and inside panicked slightly when he saw it was Duo. On the outside he remained groggily impassive. They sat there just starring at each other until Trowa came in with some advil and water. Duo nodded at him and turned his attention back to Heero.

Trowa looked Heero over to make sure he was alright, nodded to him and silently left the room.

After starring at each other some more, Duo helped Heero into a sitting position and gave him the advil and water. They sat in silence for another few minutes before they both spoke at once.


"You go first Heero."

'Might as well get this over with,' "Look, I know the others already told you the true story as to what happened with Relena and all I want to know is why. Why would you ever think that about me and her?"

"I was scared." He looked straight into Heero's eyes, "and angry and tired. I listened to that little voice in my head that said you hated me and thought, well if this'll hurt me then it should also hurt you too. I mean you've never even been able to kill her! And look at all the times she's endangered our missions," he sighed, "I know you probably hate me right now but I just want you to know how sorry I am for jumping to conclusions like that." He waited for the onslaught to come - again.

"....When you were yelling....Did you mean what you said? That you were happy for us, that you wanted to take your wish back?"

Duo's head shot back up at the tone of Heero's voice - he seemed saddened and hoping it wasn't true - as did his eyes. He suddenly pulled Heero close hugging him as hard as he could. Heero just tensed - the only one to ever really hug him had been Mai.

He started talking into his hair, "I didn't mean any of it, I'm sorry. If you two ever became a couple I would've killed myself. I'm not sorry for using my wish on you and your not a bastard. Most off I do love you. With all my heart and it hurt me more inside after I got over me jealousy and anger and actually listened to what the others were saying. Then you went missing so I couldn't find you and apologize. I'm sorry, I'm so sorry. I didn't mean it honest I didn't." He was on the verge of tears.

Heero pulled away a little bit, "Do you mean that?" Duo looked him in the eye, "I did. I love you - with all my heart."

Heero smiled, "Good because I think I love you too."

Duo blinked, 'Heero might actually love me?' "Will you give me another chance?" He nodded. Duo kissed his forehead and pulled him into another hug - Heero hugged back this time.

They pulled apart as the door opened, "You're awake!" Mai rushed over and hugged Heero, right before she slapped him across the back of the head, "Baka!! You know the rules! No hiding in trees in a storm!!"

"Gomen nasi."

She hugged him again, "Just don't do it again."

"I promise."

"He was safe for the most part," said Perk as she materialized next to Trowa this time. He only jumped slightly.

"Ne, Hee-chan..... What exactly did you wish for? We all wanna know."

Heero smirked semi-evilly, "Just killing three birds with one stone." Everyone became confused.

"I wished that Trieze Kushranada would fall in complete, utter, and true love/lust with the fruit-cake that is Relena Peacecraft-Dorlain."

There was complete silence for exactly 2.21 minutes.

"Perk, I thought you couldn't make people fall in love with each other?" asked a bewildered Duo.

She shook her head, "Nope I can't."

More minutes passed.

"OH....MY....GOD!!! Hee-chan!! You didn't.......did you?"

Heero's smirked widened and he chuckled evilly.


----end part 11 ----

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Anou.... you said you wanted the Wish and I gave you the wish... Now the question is, is: DOES ANYONE ACTUALLY GET WHAT IT WAS HE WISHED FOR????

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