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[This here] indicates telepathy
~this here~ indicates a dream
'this here' indicates a thought'
(that's it i think....)


---- last time ----

"...but.... I think I love you too..." whispered Heero softly right after Duo left. He quietly went out the window before Duo got back. He would have taken the door but he didn't want to be seen.


---- this time ---

Duo went storming out of his shared room with Heero, efficently waking the rest of the house. Wufei, Mai, Quatre, and Trowa all came out into the hall extremely confused and tired. They proceeded to the living room where they heard Duo making alot of noise.

"Duo your awake? What's wrong? Where's Heero?" Asked Quatre when they got to the door. Duo ignored them and continued pacing. Trowa and Quatre went over to the couch to sit while Mai took te rocking chair next to it.

Wufei muttered something under his breath that sounded alot like 'baka American' and 'injustice' in some order or another but it could have been anything. He stepped infront of the pissed American affecently stopping his pacing. Said American ust glared at Wufei, which he jst ignored.

"What's wrong,'' it wasn't a question and demanded an answer.

''What's wrong? What's WRONG! You want to know what's wrong?!? I'll tell you. Heero! That's what's wrong. After everything I did, he couldn't even tell me!! No! I had to find out from the Queen of the Bitches!! But you know what, they make a Great couple! They Perfect cold hearted bastard and the Perfect Bitch - Queen of the ditz's ---"

"Maxwell What the HELL ARE YOU RAMBLING about! Yui and that..... thing aren't getting married!"

''Yes they are! I was there!! She glomped him and he didn't even protest when she announced it!! Then when I woke up I saw the ring! So cut the crap Chang! This is stupid, I'm not gonna argue with you guys about this. I'm outta here.'' Before he took 3 steps he found himself 3 ft. off the ground and pinned to a wall - unable to move at all. ''Hey!"

"Shut. up. Maxwell. Thankyou Mai." Duo looked over at Mai. She had moved from the chair to stand next to Wufei and was glaring at Duo. Quatre and Trowa were completly and utterly confused at the events unfolding so they decided to stay queit on the couch.

"You too...."

"It's a genetic thing. (1) I'm not letting you down until you listen t everything we have to say. And you stop acting like that stupid fruitcake!"

"Maxwell you are wrong about alot of things. First off Yes Relena glomped Heero. Second Yes she announced their engaement. Third NO they are not getting married. Forth he didn't protest because he was going into shock or something. And last this so called ring was YOUR CROSS! He picked it up off the floor shortly after Relena suddenly disappeared. Before you go accusing people you should know the whole story. Right after you fainted Heero finally snapped, from lack of sleep and anger directed at Relena. When we finally managed to get her off of him Mai helped him balance. Relena jumped to conclusions about them and started calling Mai every name in the book. Heero didn't take it to well and got this pure evil look on his face. The next thing any of us knew Relena had vanished and Heeor was standing by your prone body holding your cross saying we needed to get you up to bed."

Duo was queit for a good 5 minutes letting evrything sink in, "So they're not getting married? And he doesn't love her?...." Everyone was shaking their heads no, "...Che!! Crap! Mai let me down!! Please!! I have to go apoligize to Heero!" He tired to struggle but he couldn't move at all.

''Quatre go upstairs and see if Heero's still up there," said Wufei. Quatre hurried upstairs only to come back completly breathless, "He's... not up.... there.." Trowa brought him overr to the couch again.

Duo still struggled, "Your not going anywhere untill you tell me exactly what you said to him. Mai's voice held a threatening tone.

He stopped trying to move, "I...ah....umm, told him that they would be Perfect together, called him a bastard, gave him my blessing, and then told him I should've never fallen in love with him and wished I could take it back." He waited for the onslaught he knew he was going to get but it never came. Instead he found himself sprawled on the groujnd with Mai quietly walking out of the room - not even exknowledging his presence.

"Maxwell, I told you patience is a vertiue. If you had given him a chance to explain and not jump to conclusions like that you would've found out some very important information," with that he went after Mai.

"Duo," said Trowa, "we're going to look for Heero. If you wish to help then start in the attic and make your way down. Mai and Wufei already have the second floor and we have this one." With that Quatre and Trowa went to look also.


----- In Heero's hiding spot -----

[You realize it's raining right?] asked Perk talking to Heero in his mind.


[Look he was mad and let his anger cloud his judgement. And he was afraid that you chose her over him.]

Heero ignored the question [why are you in my head?]

Perk mentally sighed, 'This will take a while.' [Because you have my necklace.]

The mental Heero raised an eyebrow from his curled up spot in the corner of his mind.

[At the begining of time in a parreleel dimension to this, there were 2 all powerful beings. A creature of pure evil and darkness and one of pure light and goodness. They bore 6 children - 2 sets of twins and 2 single born. The oldest was a pair of twins - Petrif and Perk. Petrif was made of total darkness and I was the other - made out of the light. The two middle childen wer also part of the darkness - Zepus and Neperus. But the last set of twins was of the light - Hades and Angel. The three dark children always tried to kill the lightness. The oldestof them making all sorts of creatures of the night to help them. They're now known in this demension as Demons, Vampires, Wareanimals.... and so on. Although they were never successful until the one day they were able to create a force so big that it split open our dimension and created this one. All the night creatures made there way into this plane and have been here ever since. The force was so great that when I went to stop it I was killed and became as I am now. A spirit bound to that necklace. I managed to trap my twin and mother in there but in the process was cursed. I am bound to help those that need my help and am controlled by the owner of the necklace at the time. But the necklace itself is evil and brings death to any around it. Even before the person has possession of it. After I trapped them in the necklace I put Zepus and Neperus in this dimension - they became known as the gods Zeus and Neptune. They managed to trap Hades with them before I could stopthem. Angel on the other hand was killed like me so brought his soul to be reborn into the bodies of people with pure hearts. To help prtect them against certain dangers. Now that you have the neclklace it's my job to protect you against death. Although you don't get anymore wishes - just the one.]

Heero just sat there taking all the information in. [So let me get this straight: This necklace is really an evil amulet and causes the wearer alot of trouble - mainly death. And there's a bunch of other evil guys reunning around as Greek Gods and there's a good guy being reborn in people with pure hearts.] (2)

She nodded [That's the basic idea. There's mre but i'll let you get some sleep first.]

[Wouldn't making them Gods be a bad thing?]

[Not really. Think if you will what it would be like to be imortal, while not able to feel, touch, taste, or smell. You would be able to see everyone around you worshiping you and giving you sacrafices but unable to do anything with them or eat any of the food. Then when the Greeks and Romans stopped believing in them they would just fade into a nothingness sort of state. Kinda like living ghosts. They're there but nobody cares. It's not a fun thing.]

[It take the shape of something important to whoever has it at the time. It makes them want to keep it longer.]

[Mai's in your room.... incase you were wondering.]

Heero just nodded.

[You know it's raining out? Yes?]

[What's your point?]

[Your body's going to get soaked.]

[Hn... Leave it as it is.]

Perk glared at him [fine have it your way.] With that Perk left his mind so he could get his thoughts together and get some much needed rest.


------Inside the house -----

"Find him anywhere?"

"No, he wasn't on even in the hanger."

Mai already knew they wouldn't. Although there would be nothing she could do about it because of the storm.


-----end part 9 -----

1) That's explained later on... can anyone get what i'm getting at with this? Or should i pretend i never said anything....
2) OK that was Perk's basic history in a nut shell