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[This here] indicates telepathy
~this here~ indicates a dream
'this here indicates a thought'
(that's it i think....)


---- part 8 ----

"HHHHHHHHEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRROOOOOOO!!! MY BELOVED!!" Relena ran to the hall where the 3 pilots and Mai had just entered. She proceeded to glomp Heero with such force that, combined with the shock of seeing her, he was thrown back against the wall. He had to fight the urge to fight her off then kill her - it was a losing battle...

The other pilots were going to remove her from Heero but when she started talking again they froze, "HEERO! My beloved knight in shining armor!! I'm so glad that you're safe and that you were able to come back to me so we can finally be married And....." She stopped talking when there was a sudden crash. They all turned to see Duo sprawled out on the floor in a dead faint. He managed to knock over a vase and other fragile objects near him in the process.

"Duo!" exclaimed Quatre as he went to check on the American, " He's OK. Just out cold." Everyone - except Relena sighed with relief.

Heero was extremely tired, pissed, and developing a serious migraine. He had been up since he had the nightmare the other night, he'd been to nervous to sleep on the shuttle to L1, then captured, had to kill the scientists, the mission he had before hand with Trowa and Wufei didn't help matters, OR did the fact that Relena was still glued to his body - not showing any signs of moving - holding her in a death grip, talking about marring her. (AN: dude is that a llllllloooonnnggggg sentence or what?) Yep it's safe to say that he was pissed. He spoke in an all to calm voice, "Relena. Get. Off." the or else was hanging in the air and all but Relena noticed it.

"But love! I was so worried when these... people," she gestured at Trowa and Quatre, "told me you were gone!! They tried to make me leave BUT I wouldn't have of it!! I' the Queen of the World And I have every right to see my King." Heero's eyebrow twitched.

The 3 remaining pilots quickly removed Relena off Heero. He wobbled slightly off balance and Mai caught him, "What's with the fruit cake over there?" she whispered. His eyebrow twitched again, "Long story."

Relena saw the exchange and Mai's arms around Heero trying to keep him upright. She being Relena took it the wrong way completely and saw pink, "You peasant Keep your filthy hands off my beloved Fiancee! Stop making him dirty with your slutty hand prints!!! OR else!!!" (1)

Heero's eyebrow and trigger finger where both twitching now in a pattern; eyebrow, finger, eyebrow, finger.... He was seeing red and only one thought kept running through his mind, 'No kill...need peace.... no kill... need peace.... peace important.... must resist urge....' The lack of sleep, the migraine, and all that stored anger gave him a brilliantly evil idea. He smirked evilly and his eyes flashed dangerously. He mumbled something under his breath - although to low for even Mai to catch.

Quatre noticed the looked and blinked in surprise. The next thing he knew , Relena was nowhere to be found and he and Trowa were about to collide. They had been holding her back and when she disappeared they hadn't been prepared, so they had leaned in and collided.

Heero's attention was returned toward the American on the floor. He was still unconscious but his cross had caught against the table and the chain had snapped off his neck. He picked up the cross and chain from among the mess, "He needs to be taken to bed." His statement brought everyone to the here and now.

Wufei walked over and picked up Duo. Mai helped Heero.

"Heero," said Quatre, "We moved all yours and Duo's things into the spare room next to Wufei." he turned to Mai, "I'm sorry but we're out of rooms at the moment. We weren't sure as to where you would want to sleep...."

"Her name is Mai, Quatre, - short for Mary - she's my older sister. Mai these are Quatre Winner and Trowa Barton." They blinked, 'sister?'

"It's nice to meet you both. Please call me Mai.''

"Hello.'' Trowa bowed and smiled slightly at her.

"Hello, It's a pleasure to meet you, welcome to the family - as weird as that sounds - feel free to call on the servants at anytime, and make yourself at home." Quatre bowed also.

"Mai, you can sleep in my room, I don't mind taking the couch,'' said Wufei.

"No. It's alright, it's your room. I don't want to kick you out of it. You can bring in a mattress or an extra bed or something and we can share. I wouldn't feel right about taking over your room.'' Wufei seemed hesitant. He glanced at Heero who was resting his head on Mai's shoulder,"

"...I don't mind either Wufei. I trust you. Besides I'm to tired to argue right now."

It was settled, Mai would bunk with Wufei. They managed to get Heero and Duo up to their room before everyone else went to get some sleep also. It had defiantly been a long day.


----In Heero and Duo's room ----

Heero sat on his bed watching Duo. It was true he was tire - being up long over 24 hrs, plus only 3 hrs sleep before hand and the left over exhaustion from the last mission - still he couldn't bring himself to fall asleep. He wanted to watch Duo to make sure he was alright. Entwining the chain around his fingers he went over to the window. The wind was picking up and storm clouds were moving in.

Schnooky had moved from hadn't moved from Heero's side the whole time although was reluctant to do anything without the go ahead from Heero.

Heero drifted into a light sleep for about an hour when he was awaken an hour or so later by a low moan. Still clutching the necklace he went to Duo's side.

Duo moaned and slowly opened his eyes, 'where am I? What ---' everything came rushing back to him... Mai, the rescue, Relena - Heero and Relena hugging - Finding out they were getting married... Heero not denying it.... He was suddenly angry. Angry at himself for believing Heero would ever care for him. Angry at himself for loving Heero... wasting his wish on Heero.... 'I was such a baka. They deserve each other the Perfect Soldier and the Perfect Bitch. Besides she can offer him so much more.....' His thoughts were cut short when he felt someone shake his shoulder, "Duo?" He blinked and turned to the voice. It was Heero.

"Duo? Are you OK?" Duo nodded and noticed something shiny on his finger. It was shinny and at a first glance appeared to be a ring. "Can we talk?"

Duo suddenly lashed out at Heero, "About what? Relena? You? Your upcoming marriage? Was that what you wanted to tell me? Well it seems that Relena beat you to it. If you want my blessing then you can go ahead and have it. The Perfect Bastard and the Perfect Bitch. You would make a lovely couple."


"I don't know why I ever tried to care for you, or even fell in love with you..." by now Duo was talking more to himself than Heero, "Of course, though I see you've never returned the feelings - with the way you are. So you know what? Go be with Relena. Just make sure that you stay away from me!" With that he stormed out of the room - slamming the door in his anger and waking the rest of the house.

"...but.... I think I love you too..." whispered Heero softly right after Duo left. He quietly went out the window before Duo got back. He would have taken the door but he didn't want to be seen.


------- end part 8 -----


AN: OK i just cam up with a really good idea that has to do with the time problem... It is the middle of the night... now don't look at me like that..... Relena being Relena would come at any hour to see Heero and she did.... So this part ends at around 2 a.m. in the morning..... But I'm still not to sure abut the fight scene.....

1) when i wrote the whole Relena scene I to stop a few times to stop from getting sick... *shudders violently at thought of Heero on a white horse carrying Relena way into the sunset* eeeeeeeewwwwwwww......

Anyone know what Heero wished for?..... I bet nobody's gonna get it *evil laugh* MUWAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHA *choke, cough, giggle, chough chough.....* Good luck guessing....