One Wish Each
by: Me!! Little Angel
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[This here] indicates telepathy
~this here~ indicates a dream
'this here indicates a thought'
(that's it i think....)


-----Last time-----

"Hey! Wait! Where you going?"

"I told you... L1... I have unfinished business."

"Like what?"

"J." Schnooky growled as they disappeared.


---- Some where on L1 .... again....-----

Heero, Schnooky and Perk appeared right outside the lab where the scientists were having an emergency meeting.

"Hello 01," said J, "What brings you here?" J noticed the dog by Heero's feet. "That dog looks familiar have I seen it before?"

".... ageru isha no kiss" (1)

"Wait a minute I thought I killed that dog... How? Where?" He started backing up a way from him. "What is wrong with you!! You were trained to be the Perfect Soldier!! So stop acting like a child a call off the dog. NOW!!!"


"This is an order! Call off the dog or else..."

"or else what you'll shoot him? I hate to break it to you J but he's already dead." With that Schnooky attacked the good doctor....

.... 10 minutes later.....

"Schnooky, kuru." (2) Schnooky let the doctor in a heap on the floor before growling again and walking back over to Heero.

J was in bad shape, his claw arm was gone, you could barley tell he had legs, and the rest of his body was full of scratches, bite marks, and blood. Although he was still breathing.... barely.

Heero took out his gun, "You destroyed my life... I'm just returning the favor." With that he emptied his gun into J.

The other scientists had watched the whole display and were speechless. "Any of you try and robotize him and things will get really really messy and unpleasant for you..." They just starred stupidly.

Heero and Schnooky left. When they got outside Heero turned back to the building, A few minutes later there was a big explosion. Heero looked over at Perk, "You think we should've let them live?"



"Nah," they both said it together as they started to disappear again.


----- Quatre and Trowa on Earth ---

"That was Wufei," said Quatre, "they just took off and will call if something happens or if they find him." Trowa was looking for anything on the internet and TV about the capture while Quatre talked with Wufei.

"He also said that Duo hasn't said a word since he gave the orders right after dinner." He started pacing.

"Quatre calm down. Duo's fine, he was just extremely worried. He and Heero have been acting weird since they got back from Duo's wish.... Heero even before that."

"Yeah, but he's never been captures before. He's the Perfect Soldier!"

"Nobodies Perfect. He's just had a hard time growing up. I know where he's coming from. He's had a really hard childhood PLUS the added bonus of being trained for this war long before any of us even knew what Gundams were. Even me. These past few days or so a lot has happened and maybe it triggered some bad memories. He's just got a lot on his mind. Give them some time they'll both come around."

Quatre sighed, "Yeah I guess you're right Trowa.... Jeez for someone who hardly talks you sure say a mouthful," he grinned.

Trowa gave him a look and proceeded to tackle him and tickle him mercilessly.

Quatre squeaked, "Trowa..... ahahahaha ...... I ....... give .... hahahahhaha ....... ......... Uncle!!........" Trowa stopped and smiled down at Quatre. He kissed him softly at first and after a few minutes more aggressively...


Trowa and Quatre broke apart, breathless, and nearly having a couple heart attacks.

"SHIT!!! How the F*%K did she find us!!!" Quatre was extremely pissed to say the least. Trowa raised his visible eyebrow at the Arabian's choice of wording. 'I have got to speak with Duo about his influence on Quatre....' They got up and went to bring the princess in before she could do anymore damage.

After .... moving..... Relena into the house they glared at her. "Miss. Relena! What are you doing here!! You could've gave away our location to any person associated with OZ!!!!!!!"

"I cam to see my beloved Heero! To tell him that the wedding arrangements are taking care of.... And just to see him."

Trowa paled and Quatre looked an odd shade of green, "he's not here at the moment. Why don't you come back another time when he is....."

"NNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOO!!! This can NOT wait! I'm the Queen of the World. You can't tell me what to do! I'm not leaving. Not until Heero is with me and we're on our way to the church." Quatre excused himself and barely made it to the bathroom in time... When he finally came back Relena was no where to be seen and Trowa was sitting back talking with Wufei.

Trowa turned to Quatre, "They found someone with Heero when they rescued him, but Wufei won't say anything else about it."

"Was it a boy or girl?"

"He didn't say, I guess we'll find out when they arrive back."

"Umm............. where's Relena?"

Trowa swallowed, "she's in the kitchen cooking something for Heero..."

Quatre raised an eyebrow. "You don't want to know.... TRUST ME." He didn't say anything, instead he leaned back against Trowa, "this is getting really really weird.."

"..." Trowa just scooped him up and took him up to their room for a hot bath... among other things.


------ Back on the ship --------

"....so that's the whole story." Duo was telling Mai about the pilots so she would be able to trust them a little easier.

"So it's just the 5 of you Vs. Oz and the rest of the world? (3).... OZ did all that!?!"

She fell silent. "Mai? are you ok?" Wufei asked cautiously. She nodded, "the bastards." Weather she was talking about Oz or the scientists was unknown.

Just then Heero, Perk and Schnooky popped in, "Hey! Just in time to land! Man am I good or what!"

Mai jumped to her feet and gave Heero a huge hug which he returned. "Mai? What's wrong?" she didn't say but she did tighten her embrace a lot. They stayed like that for what seemed like forever. When they broke apart, just like the last time thy kept their hands entwined.

"Duo, when we get back I need to talk to you," Heero looked pleadingly at Duo. Duo became a bit scared but nodded anyway.

They got off the shuttle and as expected there was Rashid with a waiting limo, "Wait a minute. THE Quatre Winner? Head of WEI?!?!" Duo grinned and nodded.


----- Some unknown amount of time later ----

"Honey!! We're Home!!" Duo's cheery voice rang out through the house.



---------end part 7 ----------

1) Give the doctor a kiss
2) come
3) for the purposes of this fic White Fang doesn't excist and Zechs leaves Oz like in the series BUT he now jsut goes around blowing stuff up....
4) If you don't know who that was then I'm not going to tell you....

Me: *plays more dramatic music* Are Heero and Relena going to get married? How is Duo going to take the news? What's going to happen now that the scientists were killed? Are Trowa and Quatre gonna get over the fact that I didn't write them a lemon scene and it was intrupetted by Relena?....

Quatre and Trowa: *glaring and extremly pissed* NO!!!!!

Me: stay tuned for the next part of.... One Wish Each.............