One Wish Each part 6/??
by me!!: Little Angel
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[This here] indicates telepathy
~this here~ indicates a dream
'this here indicates a thought'
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---- In the Cell ----

"This might be a good thing, you not answering my questions." Collins missed Heero's low growl and the sudden rise in temperature.

Mai was looking absolutely terrified by the look in Collins' eyes. She tried to shrink away from him but the guards held her in place.

The guards holding Heero noticed the drastic temperature change although they didn't comment, interrupting the captain now would cost them later.

"The Col. told us that you were adopted, and lived on the streets your whole life. So you should already enjoy this...." He never finished whatever he was going to say. There was a sudden jerk and the ship started to slow down. A soldier ran into the room answering all the Ozzies unspoken question, "Sir! The engines suddenly caught fire..." As if one cue all the guards in the room combusted into big balls of fire. There wasn't time for the captain to register everything the soldier said.

The only ones left in the room were Mai and Heero - who were unharmed, and the captain - who wasn't unharmed.

Heero looked down at his cuffs and they started to smoke after about 30 seconds. Heero pulled his hands apart and the cuffs feel to the floor. (AN: he had the ones like the series and Mai had regular old cuffs...) He then looked at the captain with the same look that Duo saw when he gave Heero the clown doll.

The captain became extremely scared and didn't think to pull out his gun. Out of nowhere he started smoking and slowly started burning. He let out an ear piercing scream and tried to put out the flames. Nothing he tried worked. There was nothing he could do he slowly burned to death.

While the captain was burning Heero went over to Mai who was trembling uncontrollably. He used one of her hair clips to remove the cuffs. 'Just like Duo,' he shook his head at the thought. Heero wrapped his arms around her and started rocking her slowly.

The door abruptly opened and Heero tightened his embrace, while almost burning the people at the door. I say almost because he noticed a familiar braid.


----Out side the cell ---

Duo and Wufei quickly got rid of the guards and were about to open the door when they heard an ear piercing scream.

"What the Hell was that?" exclaimed Wufei.

Schnooky started scratching madly at the door and Duo had one thought, 'Heero! God we're to late!!' He tried to get the door open but it was stuck. 'Kuso! I don't need this right now!'

5 minutes later they got it open and were about to go in shouting when they noticed Heero cradling someone tightly and what looked like the remains of someone burning in the corner. They both paled considerably at the sight - had they not been Gundam Pilots they would have been extremely sick at the sight..

Schnooky ran up to Heero and licked his face. Duo and Wufei approached a little more slowly, "Heero, are you OK? Can you walk?" Duo asked anxiously.

"Hn." He stood slowly still holding Mai, whose eyes were closed but wasn't shaking anymore. He swayed on his feet before Duo steadied him.

"Here let me take her," Wufei offered. Heero gave him a glare that said if he wasn't extremely careful he would die - Slowly. Wufei met the glare with a promise to be careful. Mai stiffened slightly during the exchange and whimpered when Wufei held her. Heero brushed her bangs behind her ear and whispered something to her. The other two missed what was said.

"So you guys ready to go back to the ship?" Perk spoke from behind them. They all turned at the sound of her voice and nodded. "Grab hands and hold on." They blinked and found themselves back on their ship.

Wufei placed Mai on a couch and went to contact Quatre and Trowa. Duo moved Heero to the couch as well and went to pilot the ship. Schnooky stayed with Heero.

When the ship was well away from the Oz ship, Duo put the auto pilot on a course for Earth and went to check on Heero. He found them still on the couch and Wufei was also just joining them.

The girl stirred and opened her eyes. She sat up suddenly and became a bit frightened by the unfamiliar surroundings. She felt someone touch her arm and turned toward the person. She relaxed slightly when she saw it was Heero. Then she turned her attention to the other two people in the room.

Duo blinked, 'Is that? It can't be... Heero's sister?' Wufei's eyes widened when he saw the girl's eyes, 'They're the same as Heero's only not as dead and cold...'

Heero also turned to the other pilots, "Duo, Wufei this is Mai - short for Mary - she's my sister. Mai there are Duo Maxwell and Chang Wufei." He pointed to each pilot.

"Ohayo," she said softly, "they're pilots also?" Heero nodded.

Duo smiled, "Ohayo, it's good to finally meet you." He bowed slightly.

Wufei was shocked to say the least. He blinked, 'Yui's sister?' suddenly a lot of stuff started to make sense. "It's an honor to meet you Mary," he kissed her hand and bowed. Mai blushed, "You guys can call me Mai."

"Mai is staying with us on Earth. She's in danger because she's considered a traitor. Although that's my fault. I should have waited until after the was to try to contact you." Heero's face was neutral but his eyes held regret, sorrow, and relief to finally be able to see his sister again. "Hey it's OK. I'm happy that you didn't wait. It's been to long." She hugged him and he hugged back.

"Although I can't go back to Earth with you guys I have unfinished business on L1. I'll meet you all back at the safe house."

Before the others could say anything Perk appeared next to Duo making him jump a good four feet in the air. "DON'T DO THAT!!!' Jeez you'd think I'd be used to that by now. Hey! what're you grinning at?"

"You mean besides the look on our face? OH nothing.... there was just a certain OZ ship that seemed to disappear into thin air..."

"Perk..." said Duo warningly (is that even a word?) She looked extremely to innocent all of a sudden, "What?"

"Where exactly did it disappear to?" She looked hurt then grinned again, "That's for me to know and you to not." Before he could say anything back she turned to Heero, "You ready?" He nodded and stood, "Come on Schnooky."

"Hey! Wait! Where you going?"

"I told you L1. I have unfinished business."

"Like what?

"J." Schnooky growled as they disappeared.


---ens part 6 ----


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hey at least it isn't as bad as the last ending part thing....right? -_-;
Duo: Wuffie has a girlfriend... Wuffie has a girlfriend...
Wufei: MAXWELL!!! SHUT UP!!! I do not have a girlfriend.. And how many times do I have to tell you it's WUFEI!!!
Duo: *evil grin* really....
Heero: baka don't even think about it.....
Duo: *innocently* what?
Heero: *glares*
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