Little Angel
title: One Wish Each
i think this is part 5... *sweatdrops*..../??
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----last time----
Quatre and Trowa were already sitting at the table waiting for them. They all noticed the spot at the table that was vacant, but no one said anything. At the end of the meal Perk popped into the vacant chair with a grim look on her face. After Quatre and Wufei got over nearly having strokes, and their hearts slowed down, Perk spoke, "Guys, we have a problem. Heero's been caught by Oz."


There was complete silence for about two minutes. Finally Duo spoke," Hee... Heero's been caught?" He couldn't believe it. Apparently neither could anyone else in the room.

"But this is Heero 'I've never been caught because I'm the Perfect Soldier' Yui we're talking about. How could he be caught?" asked Quatre.

Duo suddenly had an extreme change in attitude, "Perk? How long ago was it?"

"It was about 12:30 a.m of the L1 colony time. He's on a transport to the moon base now."

"What in the World possessed Yui to go to L1?" said Wufei.

"Alright here's the plan," Duo's voice held no room for argument, "Quatre, call your people and have a shuttle ready ASAP. You and Trowa are going to stay here and Keep an eye on the news and OZ radio transmissions to see if anything is happening. Wufei, you're coming with me." No body said anything as they got ready.


----1 Hour Later ----

"We're all ready for take off. In 3.....2....1... We'll call the minute we find something." With that Duo and Wufei were on their way up to space. Duo not saying a word with a look of sheer determination on his face.

Once they got past the atmosphere and were in space, Wufei put a trace on the OZ shuttle trying to locate it. "They're 1 1/2 hrs ahead of us, going at a steady pace. We should catch up with them before they reach the moon base." Duo just sat in the pilot's seat not saying a word and starring straight ahead. Wufei sighed and went to check on their weapons and supplies. He noticed a stow-away in the supply area, "Well, what'd ya know." He patted Schnooky on the head and finished checking the weapons.


------On the Oz ship in a cell ----

SMACK! Heero was thrown back against the wall. The officer that had led the raid snarled, "What were you doing on L1 with the Col.'s daughter?"

"..." SMACK!

"Answer the question now!"

"...." Heero was now laying on the ground and the officer kicked him in the ribs. Not hard enough to break them but hard enough to hurt like Hell. Heero coughed up a little blood.

"Sir!" A young soldier came into the cell and saluted, "the Col. wishes to speak with you, Sir." with that the two men left the high security cell in search of the Col. (1)


--------In another cell ------

Mai was hand-cuffed, and back against the wall, with the Col - Her adapted father - and a few guards.

"You ungrateful little brat. After all we did for you. Taking you in off the streets, adopting you, welcoming you in to our home as our own child, and this is how you repay us! Me! Conspiring with the enemy - a Gundam Pilot no less!!" He turned to a guard, "You, go get Captain Collins, tell him I wish to speak with him on his capture."

"Yes sir," the guard saluted and went to find the captain who was presently interrogating Heero.

He turned back to Mai, "How long? Months? Weeks? How long have you been giving them information? Hmm? This would explain how they managed to stop our experiments and prototypes...."

Before he could finish Collins came in, "Sir."

"Ahh Collins, how is the interrogation coming along?"

"He's not talking sir."

"That's what I thought," He thought for a moment, "You may use any means necessary to make him talk." He said the last part while looking at Mai. Collins got the hint, "Sir, Yes sir."

With that the Col. left the room.

"You and you come with me, you two stay here," the captain took the guards over to Heero's cell and left the others to watch Mai. Mai had an uneasy feeling about what was going to happen.

In his cell Heero was still on the floor, but he did manage to sit up with his back to the wall. He closed his eyes for about 20 min. before the door opened and the captain came back with the guards.

"Get up." Heero just starred at them before he slowly got to his feet.

"Come with me." Heero stood there. The guards went up to him and pushed him forward. He walked behind the captain, flanked on both sides by guards and the ones from outside the cell following behind. They reached Mai's cell and Collins went in. Heero stopped at the door when he saw Mai. The guards pushed him in hard causing him to fall. Mai went to help him but the guards stopped her. two other guards held Heero down so he was on his knees.

"Well, this is your last chance to talk rebel."

"..." Heero was also getting an uneasy feeling.

"Cat still have your tongue? O'well." He walked over to Mai and caressed her cheek. Her eyes widened and she turned away. He slapped her.

"She's awful pretty." He had a bit of lust in his eyes, "This might be a good thing, you not answering my questions."

He missed Heero's low growl and the sudden rise in temperature.


----- back with Duo and Wufei ----

"There they are," said Wufei. Duo was still being silent and it was starting to get to Wufei.

"The Oz ship is slowing down." It was the first thing Duo had said the whole trip.

Wufei blinked, it was slowing down.

Duo maneuvered their ship so it was out of the OZ ships scanning range, but close enough for them to get to it. He put the auto pilot to stay in that position and stop if the OZ ship did. They put their space suits on and went over to the enemy ship.

What they found was definitely not what they were expecting. Everyone was running rampid trying to get the engines back on and put out the fires that started there.

Schnooky sniffed the air and went to the right. Wufei and Duo followed, guns drawn. Although it was hardly necessary, the crew was to busy to notice them. They came to a cell and quickly got rid of the guards. They were abut to enter when they heard an ear piercing scream from within.


-----End part 5 ----

1)sorry if that sounds bad but I'm not very good at writing interrogation stuff....

Wufei: Maxwell... you were so quiet..... O.o
Duo: -_-;