One Wish Each
part 4
by Little Angel
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Parings and Warnings: haven't changed much between the two parts
Additional warnings: Heero TORTURE!!, and Duo has quiet time (of course he talks right threw it though
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[This here] indicates telepathy
~this here~ indicates a dream
'this here indicates a thought'
(that's it i think....)

AN: for the purposes of this Fic and well for in general there's going to be a time difference between the Earth and the colonies... U probably have already guessed this but i just wanted to clarify it... so here goes


------ Somewhere on L1----

A girl about 17 yrs old was walking down the street to her house, when she noticed she was being followed. She started running until she got to her house and bolted the door shut behind her. A few minutes later she heard a knock on her door, and when she looked in the peep hole she thought she was looking at a ghost.


Heero saw the girl started running so he picked up the pace. When she ran into the house he stood at the road not sure about what he was going to say or do if she answered the door. He made his decision to at least knock. He did and no one answered. When he turned to leave the door opened and the girl was there, "can I help you?"

Heero held his breath, the girl had the exact same bangs as him and her hair was pulled back in a fish tail that went all the way down her back. She had the same eyes only not as cold. 'She's the same way I remember her.' thought Heero.


----Another House on L1 in the same neighborhood Heero's in----

"Hey Colins, isn't that the Col.'s kid?" asked an OZ officer at the house across the street from where Heero was.

The guy - Colins went over to the window, "Yeah it is. Hey that guy looks familiar, but I haven't seen him around here before."

"He looks a lot like one of those Gundam Pilots. Should we call the col.?"

"Yeah, get him on the phone."


----meanwhile back with Heero----

"Can I help you?" Heero held his breath at the sight before him, 'she's the same way I remember her.' He was hardly able to do anything except stare.

"Hello? Anyone in there? Can I help you with something?" Heero blinked, "Actually yes, is your name Mai?"

Now it was her turn to freeze, "Who?" 'It can't be, nobody's called me that since I was little.... could it be?'

".....Mai?" she nodded slightly, "ten who? oh... my...........AJ?" Heero nodded.

Mai had a strange thought, 'I've seen his picture before. Wait he can't be one of the rebels... those pilots.... Well if he is or isn't I can't let the col. find out about this...' She pulled Heero close, "Meet me at THE warehouse at midnight." and shut the door. Heero blinked then looked around slightly. It was full of Oz military housing.

'SHIT' He had been so caught up in finding Mai that he hardly noticed his surroundings. He tried to act normal when he walked away, and cursed himself in every language he knew. To avoid the possibility of pursuit he walked around the colony all day and stopped at the park that night. Around 11 pm he took the long way to the warehouse, and hid inside waiting to see if it was a trap.

At 11:58pm Mai walked into the hidden entrance that used to be used as an escape route for the kids. She looked around for Heero and when she didn't see him she called out his name, "AJ? Are you here?"

"Are you alone?" she turned around at the sound of his voice. He was back in the shadows, right hand at his side, left hand holding something small.

Nodding slightly, she ran to him and hugged him, tears streaming down her face, "You're alive. I can't believe it. They told me you were killed. B..But you're here..." She kept muttering into his shoulder.

After he got over is initial shock of being hugged, he relaxed and hugged her back. "Shh, it's ok Mai, I'm right here, shh..." he kept trying to calm her down and tightened his hug around her. They stayed like that for a long while before breaking apart, their hands still joined as if it was a life line.

"Mai?" asked Heero, "I... umm... when we were little, on the day you disappeared, I uh, ran into this guy, who turned out to be a friend of mine's father, and he got me this. I want you to have it. That way if you decide to go back to your foster parents after you learn some things about me, at least you'll have this to remember me by." He handed her the small bear and wiped away some of the tears from her eyes. Mai was speechless, so instead she just hugged AJ again really tightly.

"Mai? I have some really important things t tell you and I need to know how much you know about me, in concerns to the war."

Mai sighed, " Well, I'm not sure how I should say this, but my adapted father is a high ranking official at OZ. I'm not sure as to what role you play in this war but, I have an idea and you don't have to worry I won't tell anyone... That's why I made you leave so fast this afternoon. I didn't know if anyone else would recognize you."

'Kuso! He's a top brass at OZ! this isn't good, now what am I suppose to do? Take her with me? Let her stay and have the chance of being caught? Kuso! Kuso! Kuso!!'

"Mai, I....." what ever he was gong to say was cut out by the sound of doors and windows being broken in and Oz soldiers surrounding them. Heero had his gun out and Mai safely behind him in less then 3 sec.

"Well, well, well, if it isn't a Gundam Pilot... and what's this? A traitor? Tisk, Tisk Mary I would've thought better of you. Drop your gun and give up or we open fire."

'If it was just me I would have opened fire but I have Mai here. I shouldn't have come...' With that he dropped his gun and put his hands in the air.

"Very good, rebel scum. It seems you have some sense. Take them away."


-----back at the safe house on Earth---

After barging in on Quatre and Trowa, Duo went to ask the servants if they saw him leave. 'It's like he just disappeared. Hey I wonder...' He went out to the back yard to see if Schnooky was still there, and he was. Duo approached the dog slowly, as to not startle it. Schnooky only looked up as Duo sat down next to him and started to cautiously pet him behind the ears and down his back.

"Hey boy. What're you doing out here all alone? Huh? You know where Heero might be? I've got a bad feeling about this. It's not like him to just get up and go like this, ya know? Well at least most of the time it's not. But he is a big boy and he can definitely take care of himself. So no need to worry right? I'm just worrying over nothing."

He sat there a while longer just petting the dog until the silence finally got to him, "Man, it's no wonder Heero never talked to me about his nightmares. And I thought mine were bad... So how am I suppose to help him if he's ignoring me completely now? At least before he would glare at me or say 'Omae O Korosu," Duo sighed, "great that's just like me to push the man of my dreams away like that. Ha! Some friend I am, he even started to open up to me a little. I never even gave him a chance to explain that whole fire thing because Perk came and then I had to go and make probably THE biggest mistake of my life..... I mean I say to myself that I love him and then I can't even be patient enough for him to tell me about his nightmares. Geez, he was probably in such a hurry to get away from me that he thought taking his Gundam would be a mistake. Plus it's hard to hide something that big -"

"They say patience is a virtue." Duo blinked, 'Did that dog just talk?' "Schnooky? Did you just say something? Great now I'm hearing dead animals, maybe Trowa will let me be an act in the circus."

"Maxwell, I said that, not the dog," said Wufei from behind them. Duo spun around, "Wu-man!! Don't do that!! you scared the crap outta me. I thought it was the dog." Said dog just sat there looking at Duo like he was crazy. Wufei just shook his head and sat down next to Duo. After a moment he spoke, "You want to tell me what's wrong?"

Duo just sighed again and told Wufei about how and why Heero hated his guts right now. Wufei just raised an eyebrow at it, "He actually told you he hated your guts'?"

"Well no, but he didn't have to, I mean he's no where to be found right? He probably bolted the minute I left the hanger -"

"Duo." Duo raised an eyebrow, it was unlike Wufei to call him by his first name. Ignoring the look Wufei continued, "he probably just needed time to think about everything that happened. This would be a lot for him emotionally - having to relive all those memories at the spur of the moment. And wondering why you would even make a wish like that in the first place. You should try to show a little more patience with him and give him time to sort all this out."

"Ya know Wu? You're all right."

"It's WuFEI, Maxwell, WUFEI. And besides I came out to tell you dinners ready." They got up and went inside, followed by schnooky.

Quatre and Trowa were already sitting at the table waiting for them. They all noticed the spot at the table that was vacant, but no one said anything. At the end of the meal Perk popped into the vacant chair with a grim look on her face. After Quatre and Wufei got over nearly having strokes, and their hearts slowed down, Perk spoke, "Guys, we have a problem. Heero's been caught by Oz."


----end part 4 ---


Trowa: Duo you talk to dead animals?
Duo: no *glares at Wufei* SOMEBODY snuck up behind me....
Quatre: Wow Wufei, you managed to sneak up on THE king of stealth? How'd you do it?
Wufei: it would be injust for me to reveal my secrets
Heero: .....
Bobb: ......
Me: ....umm right Wu-man.... feedback please?