One Wish Each
part 3
by Little Angel
Pairings: still the same old ones as the last few parts/ chapters warnings: OOH (overly outragous housing ie Quatre's really really big mansion type house...), OOC?, mention of NCS
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[This here] indicates telepathy
~this here~ indicates a dream/ or a dream like state
'this here' indicates a thought
(That's it I think.....)

AN: the last part many focused on Duo's wish about Heero. The only ones left are Trowa and Heero (should Wufei get a better wish? u decide....)


---right after the last of the foggy interludes---

Duo opened his eyes to find Wufei, Quatre, and Trowa staring at him, "What? Do I have something on my face?"

Before they could answer Heero came back in and went straight to his room, grabbed his labtop, then went to Wing's Cockpit.

"Umm... Duo," Quatre was the first to speak after they all watched Heero leave, "Are u ok? It's not like you to sudenly fall asleep mid-sentence at the table."

"Gomen, but I was just granting his wish," said Perk. They all turned to see her standing in the doorway. "I had to put him in a dream state so his subconsious could be taken from his body. Trowa it's your turn. I'll be upstairs. When you're ready come on up." With that she left the four pilots to star at the door as she disappeared.

Duo walked to the hanger to see if Heero was alright, and apologize again for making the wish. Trowa walked upstairs to meet Perk, while Wufei went in the backyard to meditate, and Quatre went to answer a phone call from one of his many sisters.

--- In the hanger--

Heero sat in the cockpit of Wing, laptop on his lap doing some maitnence for the Gundam. After about 5 or so minutes Duo walked in.

"Hey, Heero. I was wondering if you were alright.?"


"Look I know u'r probably mad at me for making that wish without your knowing but I just wanted to know what happened that was making you have all the nightmares and stuff...." He stopped talking when he noticed Heero was ignoring him. A hurt looked pasted through Duo's eyes as he turned and walked out of the hanger to his room.

Heeor had stopped typing as Duo turned to leave and noticed the look in his eyes. 'If only you knew the half of it Duo.....' he sighed and went back to his typing. Out of nowhere his Laptop beeped...... Heero was stunded, 'she's still alive after all....'

---- Upstairs ---

[ok Trowa, I'm gonna need you to lie down and don't think of anything at all] Trowa nodded, layed back on the bed and closed his eyes, while his breathing started to slow down a little.

Perk and Trowa had gone up to his room he shared with Quatre. He wished he could talk with his parents - if only for a little while - even though they were dead.

~ Trowa opened his eyes and was surrounded by total blackness.

"Hello?" he said cautiously, "Is anyone here? Perk? Quatre?"

"Over here sweetie," said a soft voice. Trowa turen around and saw to people looking at him - they looked alot like him. The lady had long brown hair and the same sad green eyes as Trowa. She was wearing a yellow sundress with sandels and smelled like lyilacs. The man was tall with darker green eyes that twinkled like Quatre's but had lighter brown hair - that defied gravity just like Trowa's.

"Mom? Dad?" said Trowa somewhat stunned.

"Yes," said the lady, "Let me look at you, it's been so long," she came up to him and gave him a big hug. He stiffened slightly but relaxed when he smelled the familar scent of lilacs, and hugged her back. Her voice was soft and gentle and he remembered it faintly from when he was a baby.

"Why did you leave me?" asked Trowa, not pulling away form the hug.

"Because," said the man, "It was our time." His voice was alot like Trowa's.

"What do you mean 'It was your time?'"

"Let me explain, Trowa," said his mom, "years ago on L3, when you were about 3 and 1/2 your father and I worked at a zoo as vertranerians. You used to love to play with all the animals - exspecially the lions. You'd talk to them, help clean out the cages, clean them, feed them, and sometimes you'd say they could talk back. On day an Alliance military division came to the zoo demanding that it be taken down and the animals brought to Earth. We, of cource refused and the zoo was blown up. You were out at the park with you sister - Catherine - when this all happened. You two were the only ones that survived. They never did say why the wanted us to take down the zoo and move it to Earth though."

Trowa and his mom had tears in their eyes, "So that's what happened. It explains my connection with the animals at the circus."

His mom started crying and his dad - Ray - patted her on the back, "Shh, it's ok Susan," he turned to Trowa, "you always said you wanted to work at the circus." He offered a small smile but his eyes were tearing also.

"I don't just work at the circus though..." Trowa went on to tell his parents about being a Gundam Pilot , his training, and the other pilots.

"We're so proud of you son. No matter what happens. You always had a strong good heart like that." They hugged again for what seemed like hours.

Finally his parents pulled away, "We have to go son, but rember: We have always loved you and always will and we'll be watching out for you even if you don't see us. Good bye, until we can be together again."

"Oh and son, said his mother, "the blonde boy, Quatre, he's a good choice."

"Goodbye mom, dad."~

They stared to fade away and Trowa was surrounded in darkness once again, only this time didn't feel as lonley now. He closed his eyes and started taking deep breaths. He opened his eyes to see Quatre smiling down at him, with the twinkle in his eyes that reminded Trowa of his father. He gave Quatre a slight smile and a little of the Pain in his eyes faded - never to return.

"Trowa," said Quatre softly, "Welcome back."

Before they could say anymore Duo burst into the room, "hey have you guys seen Heero?"

"No Duo we've been up here since that hole thing in the kitchen," said Quatre, "Why? is he missing?"

"Well he's not in the hanger or the house and his Gundam is still here so he's not on a mission..."

"Duo calm down, ask some of the servents if they saw him leave -"

"That's a great idea, thanx Q-man." Duo dashed out of the room.

Quatre sighed, and looked over at Trowa, who had a picture of him, and his parents together. Trowa explained what happened, and who his parents were and that they approved of Quatre as a boyfriend. The look on Quatre's face was priceless.

------ before---

Quatre watched as Duo followed Heero to the hanger and Wufei went outside. 'I wonder what Twora wished for?' He thought as he went upstairs to see if he was alright. He opened the door slowly and found Trowa lying on the bed, breathi slowly, for a sec Quatre thought the was hurt again, "Trowa!"

[SHH! You'll kill him] thought Perk to Quatre.

Silently he went over to sit by her, [What's going on?]

[His wish was to meet his parents. So since they died back when he was little he's now talking to them the way he remebers them. Since I cann't change time and space, I took the last memory of them he had and now he's talking to them just like they were right here. He can touch, feel, smell,and hear them just like they were living. It was the only way to grant the wish] Perk explained.

[What if he doesn't have any?]

[He does. The memories might be buried deep down but they're still there. A human being is capable of remebering every detail of their lifes - no matter how small. One way to explain it is as locker that is only opened with the exact combination - something that would trigger a person to remeber something. I can just bring that memory out more.]

Quatre didn't say anything, he just looked down at the calm form of Trowa.

[Quatre, do me a favor? please stay in here with Trowa so when he wakes up he knows that he's back and not still dreaming....]


------ Somewhere on L1----

A girl about 17 yrs old was walking down the street to her house, when she noticed she was being followed. She started running until she got to her house and bolted the door shut behind her. A few minutes later she heard a knock on her door, and when she looked in the peep hole she thought she was looking at a ghost.


Heero saw the girl started running so he picked up the pace. WHen she ran into the house he stood at the road not sure about what he was going to say or do if she answered the door. He made his decision to at least knock. He did and no one answered. When he turned to leave the door opned and the girl was there, "can I help you?"

Heero held his breath, the girl had the exact same bangs as him and her hair was pulled back in a fish tail that went all the way down her back. She had the same eyes only not as cold. 'She's the same way I remeber her.' thought Heero.


----End part 3----

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