One Wish Each
part 2
by Little Angel
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Parings and Warnings: haven't changed mush between the two parts

[This here] indicates telepathy
~this here~ indicates a dream
'this here indicates a thought'
(that's it i think....)




Heero came in, glared directly at Duo, and took out his gun. "Duo, what did you just wish for?"

"How'd you know it was me?"

"The large neo flashing light on the ceiling that read: 'Welcome to Duo's wish'." He looked around and slowl started to drop his gun, "Duo, you didn't.... Did you?"

"Heero I'm sorry it...." before he could finish he heard a little boy, "No I don wanna. It's only 7:80."


" A.J. get back here, you need to go to bed."

"No, it's only 7:80," said the what sounded like the younger of the two.

Duo and Heero followed the voices to the living room and saw a very young boy clutching to an armchair for dear life. In front of the boy was a girl not much older trying to gt him to listen to reason.

"But you know what he'll do if she gets home....." she didn't even get a chance to finish, the little boy - A.J. - was down from the chair and in her arms shaking, while holding back tears.

"I wish he wouldn't come home anymore, Mai"

"Shh, its ok shh." Mai picked up the small boy and carried him to his room, followed by Duo, Heero and Perk.

"Heero, who are they? Is that little boy you?" asked an astounded Duo.

"Yeah that was me and my older sister Mai - short for Mary.

The three of them followed Mai as she took AJ to his room and Duo gasped when he saw all the cuts and brusies on him as Mai helped him into his pjs. Then Mai went to go clean the house before he got home.

--3 hours later--

"Man Heero, your sister can really clean!" said Duo, "This place is spotless!!"

"Mary!!" A drunk man's voice bombed into the house from outside.

"Yes, sir?"

The man looked around the house and started throwing stuff everywhere, "You call this clean?"

"What does he think he's doing?" exclaimed Duo from his sideline view.

Before the drunk could get near Mai, AJ grabbed her by the arm, pulled her into a small hiding place, and shut the door so their dad couldn't fet to her. Duo, Heero, and Perk watched in silent horror as he turned his attention to the boy.

"I never let him hurt Mai," said Heero in almost a whispher. Mai came out of the hiding spot and doctored his wounds as best she could. Then they both curled up in AJ's bed in each others arms.

"Heero?" asked Duo, "Exactly how long did this go on for?"

Heero sighed, "Since I was old enough to walk." Duo clentched his fits and started shacking he was so mad.

"Duo calm down," said Perk, "please."

Heero pulled up two chairs next to the bed, "Duo, you and Perk stay here to make sure they get out of the house later - alive." Without waiting for an answer, Heero left the room.

"Wamph-." Duo was about to say something but Perked covered his mouth and shook her head.


Heero walked into his "dad's" room, and just sat there staring at the drunken load sleeping on the king size bed. After a 1/2 hr. he spoke, even though the sleeping figure couldn't hear him. "I hate you so much, but soon it won't matter anymore. I wasn't going to loose Mai, she's all I have left...."

'Is she really? I mean now I have the other pilots right? can I consider them friends?'

"Yes I can." With that thought in mind he left the room to join Duo and Perk.

---- foggy interlude: (still in wish mode) we come back a couple mornings later-----

"Mai, can I please come with you? Please?"

AJ, you can't, but I bet Tracks and the gang would love to have you hang out with them."

The boy perked up a bit, "really?"

"Yeah it's on the way so i'll walk you."

The two children went out, followed by the three 'spirits,' to an old abandoned building near the school.

"Tracks," Mai called out, "come out please." A boy about 10 years old came out of the building and was immediatly glomped by AJ. Tracks was tall for his age with dark brown hair, hazle eyes, and smiled when he saw AJ. "Hey, kiddo wuz up?"

"Can he stay with you untill after school?" asked Mai.

Tracks noticed the bandages on AJ, "He's back?" Mai nodded, "Sure he can stay, we love to have him here." Mai thanked him and ran off to school.

"Guess what Tracks?" asked AJ as they walked into the building, "Today's my birthday...."

The three 'spirits' stayed outside. "That's were most of the homeless children stay," explained Heero, "Tracks was like the parental figure. When Mai and I were abandoned when I was a baby, he took us in, .... then we got adopted..." Heero shuddered at the last bit.

"Tracks is alot like Solo, "said Duo, "Solo took care of us orphins on L2. Only when he died in the plague.... w... we... had Fa... Father Maxwell and Sis.... Sister Helen to take care of us..... before for the fire......" He couldn't finish he was shaking so bad with unshed tears.

Duo had told him the story of the Maxwell Church Massacre on light after being awakin by a nightmare and Heero did his be to try and help him through it. It ended up with Duo falling asleep in Heero's arms, while he stroked his back. Heero again wrapped his arms around him in a friendly embrace so Duo could compose himself. Only he stiffened slightly when he saw him come up to the building and pull AJ out cursing and screaming like there was no tomarrow.

"Come on," said Perk, "we don't want to miss the firworks now do we?" They jumped on the roof of the car as it sped away back to the house. When it got there they stayed outside because Heero really didn't feel like going back in there.

After an undetermined amount of time AJ came running out of the house at full sped, while somewhere inside came the sound of screams and cursing. He stoped at the edge of the driveway at the mail boxand turned to face the house. As he turned Duo noticed he had the same look in his eyes as when Heero blew up the doll. As e looked directly at the house it started to burn, with little fires starting all around the exits. AJ's nose started to bleed alittle and he started to sweet like crazy but he never stopped glaing at the house.

Duo was looking startled as to what was going on, so Heero tried to explain, "I'm not really sure as to why I'm able to start the fires like this but, I was always able to controll it. It was like a sixth sense that I was always able to understand. It's like the feeling a dog gets when it knows someone's introuble and they need to help. Sorry I'm not really that good at explaining it. At first when I was little I couldn't really do anything really complex unless I got really, really mad, or scared then I'd start sweeting and the nose bleed was from lack of oxygen to my brain, if it got to bad I wold pass out..."

As the boy started to wobble slightly, Mai came up behind him and held him up. When the house was campletly burned to ash and Aj stopped shaking Mai asked, "AJ, you didn't did you? Now what are we going to do?

"Don't cry Mai," said AJ, "It'll be ok. I just got scared, he pulled a really big knife and tried to tie me up so I panicked and set her on fire. Then I ran out here and stopped her from following me..." Mai was holding him when they heard fire sirens, "run, before they find us." They took off and ran to thw warehouse were the other children lived.

Dou was sort of startled by Heero's earlier speech that he didn't notice the sirens until then came up to the house. "Heero why didn't you go to an orphanage or something?

Heero sighed," for 2 reasons 1) if we did then there was a chance of me and Mai being seperated and we definatley didn't want that. And 2) like the orphanages, the people how adopted children only did it because the colony paid them alot of money. So they were usually very abusive - like you saw. The gov't only care dbaout it's public image about having so little orphans that they never cared about what happened to us. We usually were the ones that suffered." As they talked they didn't notice the change in senory.

-- again with the foggy interlude.... we end up on a street corner --

Walking down one street on a shopping spree for his children during a break in many meetings was Mr. Winner. Running down the other was AJ - his hair a bit lighter from the colony sun. There was a toy shop right on the corner witht hey cutest teddy bear in the window. AJ saw the bear but not Mr. Winner as they colided. Mr. Winner looked down at AJ and thought it was Quatre - his yougest son (at the time Quatre could've had a bit darker hair and eyes - *AN:* it hapens to some kids) - so he picked him up.

AJ struggled to get away but Winner had a tight hold on him. And he noticed that it wasn't Quatre, "Who are you boy? Come now I won't hurt you." AJ stopped stuggling and looked him straight in the eye, "my name's AJ."

"How old are you AJ?" asked Winner as he looked the small boy over. "I'm 4, today was my birthday."

"Well happy birthday," he smiled, "what was so inrtesting that you weren't watching were you were going? hmm?"

"That," AJ pointed to the bear in the window.

"Since it's your birthday, and you look so much like my little boy then I'll get you the teddy."

"Really?" asked AJ, his eyes wide with excitment. He nodded and they went into the store. AJ helped Winner carry his packages to is apartment, thanked him again for the bear and ran back to find his sister.

When they got back AJ couldn't find Mai anywhere, "Mai?" he was starting to panick, "Mary, where are you? This isn't funny. Tracks where's Mai?

He couldn't look him in the eye, "She's gone kiddo, the social works came by and took her away just like that."

"No, Mai, how could they? No..." AJ was on the brink of tears, 'can't cry, tears won't bring her back...' he kept thinking that over and over.

Tracks noticed his behavoir and went to try and comfort him some, "Shh, it's ok kid, I'm sure she's with a good family."

AJ got up suddenly and raced out into the streets. Tracks had an idea of what he was doing so didn't follow.

---More foggy interlude stuff.... we end up back at the warehouse a few hours later....--

AJ looked extremly beat upand the other kids were trying to take care of him.

"Heero, I didn't know it was that bad.." (1) said Duo when he saw the boy. Before Heero could let the statment sink in Odin Lowe came storming in.

"There he is. You're the one I want kid," as he looked over AJ. AJ opened his eyes halfway to stare up at Lowe, then closed them saying nothing. None of the kids tried to stop him as he picked up AJ and carried him out. They knew who he was and that messing with him was dangerous. Tracks was out getting medicine and supplies for AJ. When he got back Lowe had already taken him.

"Lowe gave me Schnooky when I was feeling better. I taught him how to kill, and he was my only friend. When I was older and 'training' - way before anyof you knew what a gundam was - Dr. J wanted to see how well I trained the dog. So I told him to give Dr. J a kiss on the hand. Hence the claw. He had me disaplined and part of that was watching as he killed Schnooky." Heero shuddered at the memory, fits clenched. Duo was ablout to say something when every thing went black

--Last of the foggy interludes for this part ---

Duo opened his eyes to find Wufei, Quatre, and Trowa staring at him, "What? Do I have something on my face?"

----End part II



so how was it? C&C anyone?
1) If you don't know what he's talking about referr back to the prologe were Heero explains about the clown thing.

AN: Since Heero was suppost to be the 'Perfect Soldier' I tried to make him have a little of all the pilots part of who he was in someway or another - like for Duo it was the orphan thing and Tracks, Quatre his dad, Wufei the blowing up of the house, Trowa losing a sister. sappy? you tell me.....