Author: Little Angel
Title/part: One Wish Each part 1
Warnings: Au, angst, a bit yaoi, and I forgot to mention in the last one NCS, and OOH?
Pairings: 2+1, 3+4
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[This here] indicates telepathy
~this here ~ indicates a dream
'this here' indicates thought
(that's it I think.......)


Duo had just gotten back from a mission and went straight up to the attic room he shared with Heero to take a shower and go to bed. But he was to tired to notice that his bunk was on top so e went straight to Heero's on the bottom.

Quatre was sitting on the couch of the safe house when Duo walked in. He looked up to see Deathsye's pilot making his way up the stairs not even stopping to say hi to him. He looked at the clock for the millionth time - 11:00 p.m. Trowa, Heero, and Wufei were hours overdue from their mission and Quatre had a bad feeling.


-2 hours later-

Quatre had fallen asleep on the couch but immediately woke up when he heard a noise coming from the hanger. He drew his gun and went to check it out. "Trowa! Heero, what happened to him?" Quatre asked as he saw Heero and Wufei carefully taking the unconscious pilot of HeavyArms out of his Gundam.

"He was fighting near a hanger full of missiles, that detonated when a Gundam was to close," Wufei said, "we weren't as close so the explosion didn't effect us as much."

"His right lung is collapsed and he has some broken ribs," added Heero when they laid Trowa down on his bed, "for now he's breathing OK on his own but we need to get him to a hospital soon."

"We had a hard enough time trying to get him here and it was closer," added Wufei.

"I'll stay with him, you guys go get some sleep," said Quatre, "OK?"Wufei and Heero agreed and went to their rooms.

When heero got to his he noticed Duo fast asleep on his bed, 'In my bed?' Heero just shook his head, he wasn't in the mood to deal with any loud mouthed Americans at the moment. In front of the beds heero stepped on a loose/skweeky board and stopped to listen if he'd woken Duo. When he heard snoring he climbed up to the top bunk and fell asleep.

~ Heero was sitting in his Gundam fighting something that wasn't OZ. 'But what was it?' He could barley see who his enemy was but he could hear faint noises; crying, clinking of metal, growling, a blood curtailing scream He started to feel the seat of his Gundam give way and he was falling.~ (2)

BANG, Heero fell face first onto the floor infront of the bunk beds. he tried to get up but his leg wasn't responding. All of a sudden the floor started to creek and break from beneath his body. "OH, sh--," was all he said before the floor gave way completely and he was crashing down the stairs. He smashed into the railing on the bottom of the 2nd floor. It broke from the impact and he went sailing into the living room on the first floor.

"What the hell?" Duo turned on the light and saw the big hole in the floor at his feet.

Quatre and Wufei also heard the crash and thought they were being attacked by Oz, so they rushed into the hall to join Duo, who had jumped through the hole.

"Duo?" asked Quatre, who was looking at the hole, along with Wufei and Duo, "what happened and where's Heero?"

"Don't know, maybe he's downstairs." They ran to the stairs and saw the broken rail, so they continued down to the living room. They found Heero on the ground in the living room, trying to fix his broken leg.

Quatre and Duo went pale, "Not again," muttered Duo, who turned away and covered his ears.

Crack, pull, crack, push, crack, back in place. Heero stood up to notice he had an audience, "Quatre, I'm sleeping on the couch for the rest of the night."

"Sure," was all Quatre managed as a reply.

"Quatre, I'll watch Trowa until morning, you get some sleep too."

"Sure, I guess," Quatre replied.

Duo looked up confused, "What's wrong with Trowa?"

"He has a collapsed lung and some broken ribs from an explosion on the mission. When he wakes up we're taking him to the hospital, right now would be to dangerous, explained Quatre.

"Wow, hey Wu-man, since you're going to watch Trowa can I sleep in your room? I don't trust the attic until we can get it fixed." Said Duo, with 'a pleading child that wants something' look.

"O' all right as long as you don't TOUCH anything!........ or else." Duo nodded, "I understand"

They all said good night again and headed off for bed. Heero was sitting on the couch not really listening to the conversation. He couldn't get that dream out of his head, 'What's wrong with me? That's never happened before, at least not bad anyway.' The past few nights he'd have the nightmares/dreams. He couldn't see the enemy but he never heard anything before.


-----The next day around noon--------

Quatre, Duo, and Heero sat in the kitchen not really talking about anything. Quatre was worried about Trowa, Heero was always quiet and Duo was reading the comics. They heard something scratching on the back door, but weren't expecting anyone. They each pulled out their guns and Quatre and Heero moved to back up Duo as he went to open the door. Very carefully he opened it and a giant dog jumped past him and landed on Heero. He fell backwards with such force that the gun was knocked out of his hand.

The dog pinned him to the ground and started licking his face. Heero recognized the dog and embraced him back, "Schnooky!" They started to wrestle around playfully and Heero was actually smiling slightly. Quatre and Duo were watching the little display while Duo started laughing.

"Schnooky?" Giggle, "It's name is Schnooky?" said Duo in-between giggles. Heero stopped, and gave Duo a death glare(tm) and pointed to him, and in Japanese told him to 'kill' Duo. Duo suddenly stopped laughing and backed away from the dog slowly.

"Hay, Heero, that's a great name for a dog, really. I love it....AAAHHHHHHHHHH .." Anything else Duo was going to say was cut off by the Schnooky pinning him to the ground and licking his face like crazy. Heero let out a chuckle and after about 5 minutes called the dog off a now very slimy, wet dog smelling Duo.

Quatre looked back and forth between Duo, Heero and his dog a few times somewhat confused. "Heero, didn't you just tell Schnooky to kill Duo?"

"Yes, and no," Heero just left it at that. Duo glared at him until they heard an unfamiliar voice say," So he's your dog then." The three pilots turned around guns in hand to see a girl with strawberry hair, big aqua eyes, pointy ears, wearing a 3/4 T-shirt and long jeans and sneakers. "Hi Duo, long time no see," said the new person.

Duo ran over and hugged her saying, "Perk, hey, wuz up? How'd you get here? Where'd you find Heero's dog?" Quatre and Heero just started at the two of them.

"It's OK guys, this is perk, she's a really, really, old friend of mine. Perk this is Quatre Winner and Heero Yuy."

"How nice to meet you both."

"Hi," said Quatre, "come join us at the table."

"Sure, thankyou."

Heero just stared at her and finally asked," What are you?" Quatre looked a little confused again.

"For the most part I'm a spirit that comes to the aid of people who ask for help. I can grant one wish to them to help them out."

"How do you know Duo?" asked Quatre.

"I was his 'imaginary friend' when he was little, but he never did make his wish," she looked at Duo, "That reminds me, I need that necklace back before I leave." "Sure be right back," Duo ran up to his room to look for it.

"Why did you come here?"

"Because all of you subconsiously asked for help - whether in a dream or whatever but you did."

"Where did you get my dog? He's been dead for six years."

"He knew I was coming and followed me."

"Quatre," Wufei came into the kitchen, "Trowa is........ Who is this??"

"This is Perk. Trowa is what!!?? We'll explain later."

"He's awake but he's doing worse."

"Oh no! I wish there was something we could do," said Quatre.

"Well," said Perk, " Is that your final wish?(3) If it is I can heal him for you."

"Yes, would you please?"

"Sure, just show me where he is." They all went upstairs to Trowa and Quatre's room where he's lying very still and breathing faintly.

"OK - Quatre, I need you to stand next to him and talk with him. Explain that he's not going to feel anything for a few minutes. And make sure he keeps his eyes open." Quatre nodded and started talking with Trowa.

Duo, who got beack from his room, Heero and Wufei watched in amazement as she put her left hand over Trowa's collapsed lung and the other over the good lung. Her left and is turning a blueish color while the right hand is turning red.

"Quatre, take the oxygen mask off him." When he did Trowa started to cough and try to get air. When Quatre goes to put the mask back on him, Perk stoped him, "Don't, if you do he'll never be able to breath without it. A few more seconds - there." Her hands stop glowing and Trowa starts to breath normally on his own.

"Thankyou," was all he managed.

Duo brought him some water and he drank the entire glass. Perk waved her hand over his ribs, " His ribs are fine now. He'll just be a little weak and tired for a few hours."

"Could someone explain one thing please," asked Wufei somewhat calmly, "WHAT IS GOING ON HERE!? AND WHY IS THERE A DOG AT HEERO'S FEET?!!?"

Duo gave a short explination, "This is Perk, my old 'friend'. She's a spirit that will grant us all one wish except Quatre because he just used his to save Trowa. She also brought Heero his dead dog 'Schnooky' - A great name for a dog I might add," he glanced down at the dog while saying that.

"UM, OK - who's turn is it to cook today? Maxwell? Uh. I wish we had some good food....." Before he could finish that thought they were all sitting at the dinning room table with their favorite foods in fornt of them. Trowa was in a big coushy chair so he'd be more comfortable.

"Hay, Wuffie, what's wrong with my cooking?"

"It's WuFEI, Maxwell and I believe that last time you tried to make something - boiled water for that Mac and Cheese stuff- we almost had a kitchen fire...."

"Just because I felt the room for an extra half hour doesn't mean I cann't cook. right guys?" The others just sweat dropped.

"Dig in everyone," said Perk. They all looked at the food and dug in. No matter how much they ate - exspecially Duo - the food seemed endless. When they were quite full the food disappeared and the plates were clean. All they could say was, "That was good."

Heero was staring blankly at the wall lost in thought when all os a sudden, "Hey there, Earth ta Heero. Anybody home?" It was Duo.

Heero forgot about what he was thinking about and got up to put his dog in the backyard to run around without even a glare at Duo. The others watched until he was outside before talking.

"What was that all about? He didn't even smack me or nothin. Not that I'm complaining though."

"He's been acting like this for a few weeks now, ever since the circus thing. I wonder wht's bothering him? asked Quatre.

"Man, I wish I knew what happened that's making the 'Perfect Solider' act like this - it's startign to scare me." The next thing he knew, Duo was surrounded by a fog type thing and within a few seconds somewhere completly not the safehouse.

"Oh, no," said Duo, "me and my big mouth."

Heero came in, glared directly at Duo, and took out his gun. "Duo, what did you just wish for?"

"How'd you know it was me?"

"Only you would wish us somewhere like this." He looked around and slowl started to drop his gun, "Duo, you didn't.... Did you?"

"Heero I'm sorry it...." before he could finish he heard a little boy, "No I don wanna. It's only 7:80."


----end part 1-----

Author's Note:
(1) I remember that it was a look he had that was used in the original series I just don't remember where..... (gomen)
(2) that actually happened to me in a dream once - I fell off the top bunk of my bed and I was dreaming that I jumped off a cliff
(3) Sorry I was watching Who Want's to be a Millionaire before had.....

Wufei: I wish'd for FOOD!!!!?! Onna what the Hell is wrong with you
LA: Um.. do you really want to know?
Wufei: *ponders the thought* come to think of it not really
LA: good I wasn't going to tell you anyway...
Wufei: -.-;
LA: besides I wrote that after an episode were you did something to make me mad (I don't remember which one though) so I wanted to get you back. Bobb the alcholic closet monster (TACM): C&C? anyone
LA: *Dramtic music* What's going to happen to Duo and Heero? Is Wufei ever going to get over making that wish for food?
Wufei: NO!!
LA: should I post the next part?.... you decide