Author: Little Angel
title: One Wish Each prologue
Warnings: AU, angst, a bit yaoi
Pairings: 2+1, 3+4
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[ this here] indicates telepathy
~ this here ~ indicates a dream
'this here 'indicates thought
(that's it I think.....)


Heero was tossing and turning in his sleep, having a nightmare. Duo had woken up when he heard a short cry come from Heero's bed. Slowly Duo got up, careful not to step on the creaky floor boards in front of their shared bunk beds, and reached up to wake him up. He was also careful to stay away from Heero's face so he wouldn't startle him as much or get slugged in the face, and shook his arm.

"Heero, wake up you're having a nightmare."

Heero shot straight up, breathing hard, "Nani?" He took in his surroundings, saw Duo and immediately put his Soldier mask on.

"Are you OK, Heero?"

".... fine, go back to sleep"

"Do ya want ta talk about it? I can listen if ya want."

"Now!!!" growled Heero.

Duo quickly jumped back up to his top bunk unable to fall asleep. 'I wonder what had the 'Perfect Soldier' so scared?' thought Duo, 'what happened?' He drifted off to a light sleep. In the bottom bunk Heero laid awake trying to remember his nightmare. This had been going on for sometime now, he'd have the nightmare, wake up and not remember a thing about it.


---- The Next Morning -----

Quatre was preparing breakfast, while Wufei was reading the paper. Duo and Heero walked in together and sat down at their usual spots.

"Good news everyone," said Quatre, "Trowa called and said the circus was in town, and he was gong to be getting in later."

There was a knock at the front door, "That must be him know." Quatre said as he went to go answer it.

" Hey Trowa," said Duo when they walked back to the kitchen, "long time no see. The circus treating you well?"

He nodded, "Catherine asked me to invite you all to come spend the day, since there isn't any activity because of the peace talks."

"Sure that sounds like fun," said Quatre with a big smile.

"Why not?" said Wufei, "it has been really quiet around here lately and

Maxwell is starting to run out of things to do..... so, I'm in."

"Hey I resemble that remark Wuffie," said Duo, "Ya mean the actual circus? Wow I've never been ta one before. Yeah lets go. We can see the animals, clowns, and play -----"

He was cut short by the sudden shatter of glass. Everyone looked over to see Heero's hand clenched in a fist, bleeding with broken glass and milk spilled all over the table. He didn't even seem to notice his hand.

"Heero!" Quatre ran out and grabbed the first aid kit.

The look in Heero's eyes was full of fear, anger, pity, and shame combined. Only 2 other people had ever seen it (that were still alive anyway), Trowa and Duo (1). Quatre came back and started to wrap Heero's hand. He came out of his trance like state, and pulled his hand away from Quatre before he could finish bandaging it. Then he walked out of the room.

Duo wanted to go after him but thought better of it in case he wanted to make good on his 'I'm going to kill you' threat, in his state. Instead he just said"I guess he doesn't want to come."

They finished breakfast and headed out leaving a note for Heero. Heero just stayed up in his room until lunch, and then went to work on his Gundam.

----- At the Circus -----

Trowa went to get ready for the show when they got their so he told them to meet him afterwards. Duo went into his over sugared, hyperactive 5 yr old mode the minute they got there. By 1 o'clock he ate over a ton of cotton candy, 10 super super super gulp sodas (all from different stands, that gave FREE REFILLS - until he got kicked away from all of them), popcorn, God knows how many hot dogs and a pretzel.

"Duo slow down!" Quatre ordered, "you're going to make yourself sick before you go on any rides!" Quatre had won a cute stuffed lion, Wufei had a dragon, and Duo had a teddy bear, and a clown, he was going to give it to Heero to remember him by after the war.

"Yes Maxwell, you're making us sick just watching you."

"So don't"

They gave up and went on some of the rides. (after which Duo spent a lot of time groaning and moaning about circus food and rides and how they don't mix.....). When it was time for the show Quatre and Duo were picked as assistants. They were pied in the face a few times and muddy from having to chase a pig. They loved every minute of it.


Heero was sitting on the couch with his laptop when everyone came in. "Hey Heero," said Duo, "were you on the stupid laptop all day?"


"Got any missions lately?"


Wufei, Quatre, and Trowa sensed something was wrong with Heero, so they excused themselves and went off to bed.

"Heero, what's wrong?"


"I brought you back a present from the circus. But if you're going to keep ignoring me like this I might not give it to you."

Heero was starting to get a little annoyed at Duo so he shut off his laptop and glared up at him. Duo got a bit of a bad feeling about the glare but dismissed it as always and handed him the clown doll.

Heero turned his attention to the doll. 'A clown?' Memories started rushing back to him. With a shaking hand he took the doll away from Duo and stared at it. 'so familiar. It looks so much like him --- them...'

Duo noticed Heero's shaking hand as he took the clown, 'what's wrong? I'm getting a bad feeling about this. should I say something? How can I when I don't even know what's wrong. If I ask he probably won't tell me anyway.' Duo opted to sit next to him on the couch. "Heero what's wrong? You can tell me. I won't tell anyone. Honest."

He wasn't really expecting an answer so he was a little surprised when Heero said ok. "OK. Let me tell you a little story. But nothing that happens or anything you hear leaves this room."

"Of course Heero, you have my word." said Duo a little confused by the statement.

"There once was a little boy about 5 yrs old. He had been living on the streets for almost 2 yrs and now was completely alone. He had been known by the other kids as A.J. Even though he was younger than all the other kids he always stuck up for them and always took care of them when they were sick. He was the fastest and never caught by any f the venders. On his 5th Birthday the boy was jumped by a bunch of men dressed as clowns. They tied him up, beat and raped him and then left him for dead. The other kids found him covered in blood and barely alive so they took care of him. When he was well again, a man came and took him away. Later the boy found out that the clowns were hired by a doctor who was testing the boy. the boy killed the men but not able to kill the doctor." Heero was still staring at the clown and didn't even notice when Duo put his arms around him. He stiffened but didn't pull away.

"Gods, Heero, I'm sorry. I had no idea, i should've given u the teddy bear or something ........" He stopped when he noticed the clown floating in mid air a couple feet away from Heero. He gasped and looked at Heero. He had a fiery rage in his eyes even though his face showed no emotion, and never broke eye contact with the clown. Duo looked back at the clown which started spinning in circles - slowly at first but grew in speed.

"Heero, what?...... who?......when?.....". The clown suddenly exploded and the noise brought Wufei, Quatre and Trowa back to the living room, guns in hand.

They saw pieces of the clown scattered all over the floor on fire, but nothing else seemed to catch. Duo and Heero on the couch. Duo was still had his arm around Heero and Heero was still staring at the clown with the fiery eyes, not breaking the eye contact. When the clown stopped burning there was nothing left - not even ashes. Heero pulled out of the hug type thing, grabbed his laptop and went upstairs a second time that day ignoring the stares of the other pilots. 15 min. later Duo got up and went upstairs too. The other three were confused but decided not to ask, so they just went back up to bed also.


When Duo got up to the attic, Heero was lying on the bed not really tired, just staring into space.

"Heero? what exactly did you do in the living room?"


"If you aren't going to answer me I'll go tell the others the whole clown thing - story included"

"No you won't"

"What makes you say that?"

"Because, I believe your motto is: I may run, and hide but I never lie. And you promised that you wouldn't tell anyone. ...... I'll explain everything just not right now OK. Just go to Sleep. Please"

"Fine," Duo knew not to argue with Heero. He'd end up getting a gun pointed at him or smacked so he just went to bed.


-end prologue-
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