Little Angel
title: If Your An Angel
Warnings: Poem
Pairings: none
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If Your An Angel
by, Little Angel


If Your an Angel hear my prayer
help me to get out of here
Take away the pain and fear
give me peace with you up there

If Your an Angel see my face
hold me in a warm embrace
Bring me light so you can see
just how much it means to me

If Your an Angel feel the dark
and how it freezes up my heart
Give me something warm and dear
so I can keep it very near

If Your an Angel smell my fear
can't tell it's to cramped in here
Locked up in this cage I'll be
until you come and set me free

If Your an Angel taste the death
there is something wrong with breath
Is that the only way to leave?
That's how you'll help me to be freed