The Assassin, the Soldier, and I
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Heero's been torn up about this for days. We both have. Ever since he found the doll in the tree he's been acting extremely strange, even for him. He's more withdrawn, jumpy, and is always on his laptop trying to find any leads. Quatre and Trowa have also been helping with everything, and talking to contacts. The Preventers as well have been helping.

It's been three days, or as I like to call it, Hell. Helen Rose is still missing, we have no leads and my koi's behavior isn't helping. He knows, I think, who it is but for some reason is scared to tell me. Like I would leave or something if I was to find out. He'll come talk to me when he's ready. I trust him too. He just needs time, I just hope it doesn't take to long. We still have to find our daughter.



I can't find him. It's like he's disappeared off the face of the Earth and Colonies. Actually I don't think that's true. I think he's on L1. Only because he's trying to get back at me, and knows exactly how to do it.

Duo's getting worried about me. I haven't been acting like myself at all, not even the Perfect Soldier side of me is the same. It's because of him. I tried to forget all of the memories, but now they've come back full force. Duo can't help anymore either. He used to help me keep the nightmares at bay, but now they're back and I can't get rid of them. He doesn't know what they're about, and I'm not sure I can tell him. If he knows he might not want to stay anymore. He might take Helen Rose and leave.

You're probably thinking that I'm being irrational right? I probably am. Maybe if I tell Duo, then the nightmares will go away? If they don't then he'll still be here afterwards.... right?


"Hey, Hee-koi. I brought you something to eat," Duo said while balancing a tray in one hand and trying to close the door at the same time. Heero took the tray from him and placed it on the coffee table, sitting down on the couch.

"Were you able to find anything yet?" Duo sat down next to him. Heero shook his head. They both starred at the tray of food for a few minutes before Duo picked up some sandwiches, handing one to Heero. He took it but didn't eat it, just starred at it. Duo watched him carefully out of the corner of his eye.

"He's not going to kill her." Heero spoke very quietly, and Duo thought he was hearing things.

"I don't think he'll hurt her to much physically; mentally is what I'm worried about." He put his sandwich down and curled up next to Duo on the couch. Duo also put his sandwich down and gathered Heero up on his lap.

"It's revenge. He's after me, to get revenge. He always said he would but I never thought he was serious."

"Who would want to hurt you?" Duo knew this was a stupid question, they were ex-gundam pilots, they probably had lost of enemies.

"He was the closest thing to a father I ever had. He called me Jr. all the time. But I never wanted to be like him. Never." Duo sat just stroking his head urging him on.

"He was an assassin. One of the best. I didn't want to kill people, never. But I still had to learn to use the guns. He would make tapes of me, sometimes punishment or training, and once taped me when I had to kill a little girl. She was so scared. He had just killed her parents and made me keep her at gun point. When he gave the order I froze. She looked me right in the eye when I pulled the trigger, anger, fear, and a bit of gratitude was what I saw. He was gonna torture her if I didn't. I could see it in his eyes, even though he didn't say anything." Heero was lost in memories and didn't even care if Duo was listening anymore, he had to get this out.

"He's gonna show her the tapes and she's gonna hate me."

"Shh....I'm right here. Shh. Hee-chan you did what you had to so she wouldn't have to suffer. That doesn't make you a bad person. If you were you would have let her suffer at his hand." Duo lifted Heero up on his lap, "Heero, look me in the eye and say you wanted to kill her." Heero looked at him but couldn't say it.

"Out of the choices available to you, you made the best one you could." Out of nowhere Heero's laptop beeped. They both went over to it.

"He's on L1."

"I'll call the others and tell them to meet us there." Heero just nodded and went to get their things.



He's on L1. I kind of figured he'd be there, but I was hoping I would be wrong. We made it to L1 around 8pm CST (colony standard time), so we got a hotel room and started planning how we were gonna get her out. I think he wants something else to but I'm not... WAIT! OF COURSE! he wants the disk! Doc. J kept careful tabs on me before I was put into his possession, which included the only records left of him. All the others were destroyed in bizarre 'accidents'... If that's true then he must be at the lab.

"Duo call the others' rooms, we need to talk."


-- 9pm CST --- Everyone is gathered in Heero and Duo's room

"He's at the lab. The one used by Doc. J for operation meteor." He pulled up a floor plan of the underground building, complete with hidden entrances and exits, sensory weapons and security system alarms.

"Wufei, you and Sally are to oversee the positioning of Preventers at ALL entrances and exits, including some snippers, and shuttles along the outside of the colony. Quatre, you and Trowa are going inside with Duo and myself. Although you are going to go through this way," he traced the path, "to the armory room and disable as much explosives, bombs, guns, and any other type of thing you can think of. Then hightail it outta there. There's a weapon tracer there that will show the location of any type of weapon and where it's hidden. It was used in case anything was stolen.

"Duo, you're coming with me to the main computer room. You are to get Helen Rose and leave, don't wait for me no matter what happens. Do you understand?"

"But, what about you? You're gonna..."

"No, I grew-up with this psycho remember? I can take care of him, you two are to important to me, and he knows that. I need you to take care of Rosie for me." He hoped Duo caught his underlined meaning.

Duo looked at him for what seemed like eternity until he finally nodded.

"Sally, how long will it take to get the Preventers in position?"

"1 and 1/2 hours tops."

"Do it, but hurry."


11pm CST: Outside L1's Operation Meteor lab

Wufei came up to Heero, "Everone's in position."

"Roger that." He signaled for the others to move out. He didn't have to remind them to be cautious.


11:05 CST: Weapons Room

"Here it is. Get ready." Trowa and Quatre were outside the room, getting ready to go in. They opened the door, but when they went in there were no weapons. The only thing was the tracker computer Heero told them about.

"Oh...No.." they radioed Wufei and Sally, "Guys we have a problem, get the Preventers to evacuate this area immediately, I repeat, have them get out immediately there are bombs and explosives set in all the buildings around here!" Lowe had set explosives in all the surrounding buildings, and the main computer room, where Heero and Duo were going.

"They can take care of the bombs. We've gotta get outside to help the Preventers! Now!" said Trowa, on their way back outside.


11:06 pm CST: Main Computer Room

"Well it look as though your friends have found out about my little present," said Lowe, not turning around from looking at the computer screens, "why don't you two just come on in."

Heero and Duo cautiously entered the room, guns drawn. They each took in the surroundings immediately; in the center of the room, fast asleep in a large chair was Rosie, and standing in front of the computers, with his back still towards them was Odin Lowe. In the corner they noticed a large amount of explosives.

Helen Rose was having the best dream about being in a flower field with her dad's, grandpa, and Billy, when she heard people that sounded familiar talking. She slowly awoke from her nice dream to the sight of her fathers pointing guns... at her? - No.... someone behind her.... Grandpa!!

Duo noticed Rosie stir from her spot on the chair. He went over to pick her up, "Rosie, come with daddy. We have to go outside to see Uncle Wufei, Quatre, and Trowa, and Aunt Sally. They really want to see you."

"But what about grandpa? We can't leave him here!"

"Helen Rose go outside with your father right now!" Heero's voice left no room for argument.

"Not until you promise me nothing bad will happen to grandpa!"

"Come on honey," said Duo, he picked her up and started to carry her outside.

When Heero and Lowe were left alone, he finally turned around, "Well, Well, Well, if it isn't Jr. A.K.A: Gundam Pilot 01, and Heero Yui, a world renown terrorist.... Miss me?"

Odin Lowe stood about 6 ft tall, had gray hair with white streaks, and large scar going across his left eye. His eyes were a deep green, with a calm, soft look to them like a real parent that was blessed with a child, the eyes of a real killer.

"Don't call me Jr. I'm not you, I never was and never will be."

"Is that what you keep telling yourself? Even when you were killing all those INNOCENT people that lived next to the military base you destroyed," he brought up a vid of when Heero was much younger and he got his first mission, "Or when you slaughtered the Alliance Peace Leaders?" The picture changed to when he was piloting his gundam, the day he blew up the plane holding the leaders working for peace, over and over, it kept showing it.

"No... those were... accidents.... I didn't mean to....."

"Were they really? Accidents? Because you are just like me. No matter how much you try and deny it, you can't stop it. The urge to kill.... It's like candy, once you've tasted the sweetness of pure, innocent blood, you can't get enough."

"NO....I'm not just like you. I never was and never will be." He raised his gun and pointed it at Lowe.

"OH, you're gonna shoot me? You weren't able to do it before, what makes this any different? hmm?"

"Because this time I'm actually going to kill you," There was no emotion in his voice whatsoever, and his eyes were cold, calculating, determined, and had a glint of deadness to them, he was past his perfect soldier mode. Six shots were heard outside then nothing.

"Grandpa!! NNNNOOOO!" Rosie tried to get out of Duo's arms, to go back inside the building. She saw Heero walk outside and screamed in terror.


end part 2

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