Title: The Assassin, The Soldier, and I
part: 1/?
Warnings: yaoi, OOC?, pregnant Duo
Pairings: 1+2, 3+4, 5+S,
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*AN*: it starts in Heero's P.O.V. and goes back and forth between the story and his P.O.V. (sorry if it's a bit confusing).....


---- Heero's P.O.V.------

The war has been over for a year now and I'm finally happy. Duo taught me how to be happy though. Well not completely. I always knew about my emotions - no matter how much J tried to break me of them he couldn't. At first I pretended to not feel. Then after my first mission - the one where I killed the little girl with her puppy (I'm sure you've all heard about that already so I won't go into detail) - I couldn't pretend anymore. J redid the training so when it came time to go through with Operation Meter I couldn't feel the emotions running through me. I understood them I just was sort of numb on the inside. So for the most part J succeeded.

Then I meet Duo. After the whole him shooting me and I stealing parts off of his gundam, we became pretty good friends. At least that's what he thought. I still wasn't sure if I could let him past my barriers. I was scared, me, The Perfect Soldier. Yes you heard right, the Perfect Soldier is admitting to being afraid.

But then I never was Perfect. It was all a mask to hide behind so I didn't have to remember..... I think Duo knew though, just like I knew about his masks. At first I didn't know how he knew, but now I do.

Now I'm getting ahead of myself. You might be asking what I was so afraid of right? Well even if you're not I'll tell you anyway. I was scared that if I let him get to close I'd get hurt more. That I would have to go through the training again. But somehow or another he made it past and now I can finally say out loud "I love you" to him. Now that the wars are over and I don't have to be scared anymore and I can finally 'be myself'.

Like I said I'm happy now and Duo and I got married. I thought nothing could o wrong, that we'd live happily ever after. But I should have known better, there's no such thing as a happy ending. Especially after my track record......

(End Heero P.O.V.)-------------


"Congratulations, it's a girl," said Sally, to the two new parents Duo and Heero Maxwell-Yui.

"Go on Heero, you can hold her," said Duo from the bed. They had talked about it and Duo wanted Heero to get over his fear of hurting the tiny baby.

Heero took the little one in his arms like she was a porcelain doll. She stopped crying while he held her and grabbed his finger with both of her tiny hands. She had big blue eyes like Heero but her hair was a sparkling chestnut gold like Duo's. She had tanned skin with the smallest hint of Asian features. (AN: sorry I'm really not good at this whole describing thing)

"So what's her name?" asked Trowa, who was video taping everything.

"Helen Rose," said Duo from the bed watching Heero as he was cooing softly to the baby.

After a lot of work on the other pilots and Sally's part, they were finally able to get Heero to let Duo hold Helen Rose.


"hmmm Duo," said Quatre, "It seems she is attached to Heero."

"Heero, I'm jealous." although it was said with a big smile and twinkling eye.

Heero just smiled slightly as she grabbed his finger again and quieted down.

"Come to Daddy Rosie, come on, you can do it," said Duo.

Heero and Duo were sitting a few feet away from her and Wufei and Sally were filming it.

Helen Rose got up slowly, and wobbled slightly before catching her balance. Then she started taking little steps right over to Heero and Duo - never losing her balance or falling over. She made it, and fell right into Heero's arms were she snuggled close. Duo was almost in tears he was so happy, and Heero had the biggest grin (well for him anyway) on his face.


"Da - dy, come on Rosie, Daa - dy."

"Duo, I don't think she's going to say it," said Heero, who was holding a camcorder and watching Duo try to get Rosie to talk and feed her at the same time.

"Hee-chan, always the pessimist," Duo retorted.

"Hee-an," Duo and Heero froze, and turned to look to the girl in the highchair.

"Did I just hear what I think I heard?"


"Hee-an, Hee-an," she giggled, "Da" then held her arms up to be held.

Duo picked her up, "Did you hear that?! she said 'da' and 'hee-chan'!!!" and hugged her.

Heero just smiled from behind the camera. Helen Rose fell asleep in Duo's arms.


"Don't be silly princess, you have to go to school, it's fun, you get nap time, recess, show and tell.... " said Heero.

"How about this honey, if you go for the first week, and then if you still don't like it you don't have to go back," said Duo.

"......really?" Both parents nodded. Although Heero was a little reluctant he trusted his koi's instincts. Duo was glad Heero agreed, it would make this a lot easier.

Rosie eyed them both carefully, while thinking it over. She finally nodded her consent.

Duo and Rosie set out to walk to the school. Duo in his salvage yard gear and Rosie with her ocean blue dress that matched her eyes and her chestnut hair up in 2 braids. She also had a Deathscythe lunch box and Wing Zero book bag.

"Hello, my name is Duo Maxwell-Yui, and this is my daughter Helen Rose," said Duo to the teacher when they got there.

"Hi, Mr. Maxwell - "

"Call me Duo."

"O.K. Duo, I'm Miss. Daisy. Hello Helen Rose."

"Hi, call me Rosie."

"That's a pretty name."

"Thank you Miss. Daisy."

Duo knelt down next to Rosie, "OK honey, now I want you to be on your best behavior, but remember to have lots of fun."

She gave him a big huge, "Bye, daddy."

Duo watched as Miss. Daisy led Rosie to the school to introduce her to the other children and show her where to put her things.

"Pappa!" said Rosie right after school. Heero was watching right outside with the other parents ready to pick up their children. When she ran up to him, he spun her around in the air then hugged her tight.

"Did you have fun at school princess?"

"Yeah, we did a lot of fun stuff and I made a new friend."

"Really, who is it?"

"Bye Rosie," a little boy's voice was heard from their right.

"Bye Billy," said Rosie back, "see you tomorrow." The boy - Billy ran over to his mother, she waved to Heero and he waved back. Heero and Rosie then walked home.
Heero's P.O.V

Rosie told us about how much she loved school that Friday, and asked if we could move there. Duo laughed and I smiled. The other guys - Quatre, Trowa, and Wufei - come to visit often. Quatre's set on spoiling Rosie rotten while sometimes Wufei and Trowa do to. Quatre and Trowa got married also, and now they run WEI together. Wufei and Sally are dating and the rest of us have a bet going; when's she's going to get him to tie the knot. They also work for the Preventers. I remember back on the satellite after I shot the piece of Libra, when they tried to get us - me mostly - to join the Preventers too.

----- Flashback I ------

"Heero!" yelled Duo as he glomped onto Heero knocking them both backwards, "We did it!! You did it!!!"

"Well done, all of you." said Lady Une.

Trowa was taking Quatre to the sick bay with Sally, Wufei was still in the hanger and Duo didn't seem to want to move from his spot on Heero's chest, while Heero didn't seem to mind to much.

"I was wondering if you two would come to a meeting later, after you've had a chance to let this all sink in," said Une to Duo and Heero. Heero shrugged leaving it up to Duo, "sure what time?"

"How about 3 hours?" Duo nodded. Lady Une excused herself to find the others, Noin and Sally.

"Hee-chan," said Duo a sly glint in his eye, "how 'bout we find our room. We lone have three hours to get ready....." Something flashed behind Heero's eyes before he nodded and Duo got up. They walked off to find their room.

----- 3 hours later ----

"Welcome everyone," said Lady Une to the pilots, Noin, and Sally, "first off I want to thank you all for coming. Now that we have finally been able to attain peace, it's going to be very hard to keep it. So I've been thinking and talking with Relena. We think that it would be in everyone's best interest if we had a special organization to help keep the peace. It would be called the Preventers."

Duo had a slight sinking feeling in his stomach, he had an idea as to where this was going, "So where do we come in?"

"Well, we were wondering if you would like to join. Now don't answer right away, but think about it very carefully. You'd be helping to stop another war form happening, Relena would need a bodyguard..... You would be a great help to everyone involved, and you'd get the respect you deserve."

"Well Lady Une," said Quatre, "I'd like to, but I have responsibilities at WEI, but I'll make a donation from WEI instead."

"Thank you Quatre."

"I'll do it," said Noin.

"Me too," said Sally.

"I think I'm going to stay with Quatre and the circus," said Trowa, "I don't wish to do it without Quatre." Quatre blushed slightly and took Trowa's hand.

"I do not think that the Preventers would be a good choice for me at this time," said Wufei, "I must first come to terms with myself before I can be any help keeping the peace.

The only two left were Heero and Duo.

Duo looked over at Heero who was starring impassively at the wall. "Ummm I think we need to think about this a little more," said Duo finally, "we still have things to work out."

"You are all dismissed," said Lady Une.

Everyone got up to leave. Duo and Heero went back to their room to talk about everything.

"Hee-chan," said Duo back at the room, "are you OK?"

Heero sighed," no," he sat down on the bed and looked at the floor. Duo sat in front of him and lifted his chin slightly to look him in the eye.

After a few minutes Heero finally spoke, "I don't know what to do Duo. I don't want to join the preventers, all my life I've been nothing but a machine, destined to kill and now that I have you I don't want to go back to it." He looked straight into Duo's eyes, love devotion, and a bit of sadness in his own.

"Good because I really don't want to join either. We've both had a lot of death in our short lives and not many happy memories. So lets start making some, OK?"

Heero nodded slightly and smiled, but there was still something wrong. "That'll be good but the others aren't going to understand this decision. They only see me as the 'Perfect Soldier,' they'll think I'll jump at a chance to have these missions, but in truth I'm sick and tired of following orders. I want to be my own person. And it's all your doing." His eyes were sparkling and he hugged Duo close, snuggling into his chest. Duo was so happy that he was close to tears. He hugged him back just as tightly.

"Come on, let's go tell them no." said Duo after about 15 minutes of just sitting there. They got up to find Lady Une to tell her their decision. They found her in the rec room with Noin and Relena.

"Heero!" said Relena when they entered the room. Heero nodded slightly to her and Duo waved, "Hey Relena. Lady Une, we came to tell you that we came to a decision, that we don't want to join the Preventers. But if there is another war - God forbid - we will help to stop it." Heero just stood their quietly waiting for the upcoming argument - he wasn't disappointed

"But why?" said Noin, "think of all the help you'll be. You'd be helping to keep the peace that you helped to create. You're the Perfect Soldier and the God of Death!! don't you even want to give the Preventers a chance?---" Anything else she was going to say was cut off by Heero, "What makes you think that I'm the Perfect Soldier?" his voice was deadly claim an quiet - not a good sign.

"You were the only one besides Zechs that could master the Zero System." said Noin.

"In case you didn't know Wufei did a fine job of controlling the ZS. on his first try, it took me quite a few. I've been involved in this war longer than any of you could even imagine - before you even knew about it, - before you were even out of the military academy 'Miss. Noin.' There are plenty of soldiers that would love to join the Preventers. Duo and I have seen enough Death and blood in our 15 yrs that we don't need to cause more - or see more. You see me as a machine - "The Perfect Soldier." Well you don't know anything about me. In case you didn't notice I'm human - not Perfect, not a weapon of war, not an assassin, none of the above. If any of you try to call me the 'Perfect Soldier' again their will be hell to pay. understand?"

Through the course of their argument/ conversation the other pilots came in to say their good-byes and heard what Heero had to say. They were shocked to say the least. Duo came up to Heero from behind and had his arms around his waist. Not waiting for them the nod he went on, "I never had the choice to do anything, or be anything besides a weapon of war. The rest of you did. Now that I have a chance to actually be happy you want to take it away and keep me as a weapon only now it's a weapon of peace. Until you can get over that fact and see me as human that we have no business together."

"Yeah, the God of Death and Perfect Soldier are retiring their scythe and gun." With that they said their good-byes to the other pilots and left the satellite. But not before they went to visit Hilde to see how she was doing.

---- end flashback----


---a few years later--- Heero's P.O.V.

They didn't ask again for a while. Not until the Mariemaia incident. Lets just say they had computer problems for quite a while..... Rosie and Billy are still the best of friends, they've had sleepovers (and before you say anything yes they were chaperoned and didn't do anything, besides they're only 8.) Duo always walks Rosie to school in the mornings on his way to the salvage yard that he and Hilde started. He asked her about it in the hospital after we left the satellite. She said it would be great and now they run the best salvage yard in all the colonies. I pick Rosie up from school and we go to the park. Sometimes Billy comes to and we take him home afterwards. I work at a computer company as a software programmer, and security system designer. So far nobody's been able to get past the security systems. I usually work at home on my own hours so we have enough money to last us (of course who can forget the little help we had from OZ back in the war .......) That was our everyday routine. It was until the day I got the call from the school saying Rosie didn't come inside from recess. It started as a regular day - nothing out of the ordinary, Duo took Rosie to school and went to work and I was at home working on some new software when I got the call......

"Hello? Mr. Maxwell-Yui? This is the Principal, Mrs Brooks, from Helen Rose's school. Would you be able to come to the school as fast as possible? We need to talk to you, it's an emergency concerning Helen Rose."

"What is it? What happened?"

"Please come, this is not something I would want to discuss on the phone."

"Alright I'll be right there."

"Thank you by--" Heero didn't hear he was already reaching for his car keys and cell phone - Dialing Duo's number, "Duo? it's me, get over to the school now. Something happened but the principal won't tell me what over the phone." Not waiting for a reply he hung up - knowing Duo would be there.

When he got there he noticed Hilde's motorcycle and ran inside. He went into the principal's office to find a semi-frantic Duo.

"Duo, calm down. Now Mrs. Brooks, what happened?"

"We think Helen Rose might have been kidnapped, I called the police after getting off the phone with you and they'll be right over."

Duo froze mid pace, "Kid....Kidnapped? Rosie? how? when? why?"

"Right after recess her teacher noticed that Helen didn't return with the class."

"Didn't she ask Billy if he saw her?"

"Billy is out of school today, he was sick."

Heero came up behind Duo to try and calm him down some. Duo noticed and leaned back a little on him. "Although one of the children from her class though he noticed someone in the woods by the swings. He blinked and whoever it was disappeared."

"Would he be able to give us a description of the person?" said a voice from the doorway. They turned to see a detective standing there

"No he only saw a shadow."

"May we go look around?" asked Duo.

"Sure, now that the police are here," The principal, Duo, Heero, and the detective all went out to look around the playground and the woods by the trees.

Heero was looking around the woods when he noticed something hanging from a branch. He went over to it and gasped when he saw what it was. Duo was near enough to hear the gasp so he went over to check on his koi. Heero was staring at something hanging from a tree, his eyes were as big as saucers, with a small amount of fear in them. He was repeating the same thing over and over, "He's back, nonononono, He's back, oh Gods no....." Duo looked over and gasped at the sight also.

Hanging from a tree branch with a hang-man's rope, was a little doll with a bloody knife through the middle.


----end part 1---

LA: ok this is probably a really bad cliff hanger. Can anyone guess who the kidnapper is? I didn't leave very many clues or what not but I'll give you a hint: It's someone from Heero's past (although He's Not mentioned in the fic as of yet....) The doll thing will be explained later on to (I hope...) good-nigh all and thanks for reading this far - hopefully it'll get more interesting later on you'll have to bear with me....
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