Title: The Assassin the Soldier and I; Sidestory 1/2
by Little Angel
Archieve: kiroku.topics.com, and the DHML
Warnings and pairings: the same as the original story "this" and 'this' is talking,


Rosie loves to go to the park. I don't exactly think it's a barrel of fun, but ..........if it makes her happy.... then I take her. We usually go afterschool, and sometimes on the weekends. Billy and his mom join us sometimes, other than that it's just us and/or Billy. I remember the first time they joined us at the park. Rosie and Billy were still in kindergarden, and it was a crisp fall afternoon.....

"Papa!" Heero spun her around.

"Can we go to the park? Please?"



"Oh.... alright."

"Yeah!" She started to pull him towards the park.

"Would you like to join us?" Heero asked Billy's mom.


"YES!" Billy ran ahead with Rosie.

"Don't go to far ahead!"

"They'll be ok."


"So you have two daddies?"Billy and Rosie were on the jungle gym.


"No mommy?"

"Nah, I have Aunt Sally and Aunt Relena."

"That's good."

"What about you? Do you have a daddy?"

"....I used to but he's not here anymore."

"Oh... is he in Heaven?"

"No. Mommy say Los Angelless"

"Would you like to share mine?"

"What do you mean?"

"Come on." She grabbed his hand and pulled him towards Heero and Jill.

"PAPA!" Heero raised an eyebrow, "Billy doesn't have a daddy, so would it be ok if I shared you and daddy with him?" Heero blinked and Jill turned slightly red. He picked up Billy, so he was on his lap. Rosie sat down next to them. "How about you call us Uncle Heero and Uncle Duo. That way we have spoiling rights."


"As long as it's alright with your mother."

"Please mommy?" He gave the dreaded puppy eyes, complete with small pooling tears.

"Oh.... alright."

"Thankyou!" He hugged his mom.

"It's getting late, we should get going..... unless you want daddy to cook...." He needn't say more, Rosie had made a face, grabbed Billy's hand and was heading towards the street before he could finish that much.

"Don't cross the street!" Both parents chorused.

---- (H.POV)

As we dropped Billy and his mom off at their house a dark car slowed slightly as it passed their house, and speed up after it went by. Since I wasn't actually watching for it, I didn't really notice anything completly strange. What? I wasn't the Perfect Soldier anymore. I don't have to be paranoid about these things. Although, little did I know that the driver was going to be trouble later on....

It was the day before the children's spring break from school and Jill asked me to watch Billy. It was fine with me, I'd probably take the kids to the park anyway.Since it was a half day I made a picnic lunch for us.


"Uncle Heero!" They ran up to him.

"OO.... what's in the basket?" "It's a surprise.... Come-on, we're gonna go to the park."

"Whoawhoo!" Rosie and Billy took off.

We stayed at the park until dinner time, the kids were still hyperactive, not even a bit tired. As we started back towards Billy's house, to drop him off, there was a car in the driveway. Billy and Rosie ran ahead like they usually do but Biil stopped short, just staring at the car as it came into view. He also stopped Rosie from running into the house.

"Billy? What's wrong?"

"He's ....... here..... he's not suposta be here."


"My....D..Dad..." Heero knew something was wrong. Billy was shaking slightly in fear.

"Billy, look at me." He knelt next to the children, "I want you to go with Rosie to our house right now. Do you understand?" He nodded,

"Good, Rosie take the trail in the woods. Run. Tell daddy to call Uncle Wufei right away." She took his hand and they started running down the street. She pulled him behind a bush and that's when Heero started towards the house.

The door was locked and Heero heard a crash from inside. He was in semi-Perfect Soldier mode by the time he got to the door. Picking the lock, he silently went into the house and closed te door behind him. There was a muffled yelling coming from upstairs and another crash. He opened the door, "Leave her alone."

An extremely bulky man had Jill pinned against the wall, with his back to Heero. His hand was around her throat, and she was paling.

"Oh?" He turned to Heero, "And who might you be? Some kind of do gooder?" The man was over confident, and Heero did nothing to change his prospective. Compard to him, Heero looked like a child.

"Why don't you go back to your mommy?"

"Let her go." He instituted his death glare. The guy was either really stupid or a complete moron because he threw Jill down, were she started to cough and hld her neck, and turned his attention on Heero.

"Why don't you make me pretty boy." Heero didn't move. The guy took it as him being scared, causing him to gain more confident/ egotistical, and circle Heero.

He swung his fist straight for Heero's face. Heero ducked but didn't move otherwise. He swung again, and missed. The process repeated 3 more times before Heero ducked ad countered with a punch to the stomache. The man went down like a ton of bricks. He wasn't moving.

Heero stepped over his body, to were Jill was against the floor. "Are you ok?" She nodded and tried to stand.

"Don't." He picked her up and started to the door. Outside police where starting to gather. Wufei and Duo had Rosie and Billy with them.

"Mommy!" Billy went to Heero and Jill. She smiled down to him.

"She'll be ok," Duo came up to them.

"Duo take the kids and follow the ambulance. I'll get a ride with Wufie and Sally after I talk with the police." Duo nodded and scooped up Billy, "Come on Kiddo. Your mom's real tough, she'll be fine."

----- (H.POV)

Jill was ok. I told the police what had happened, and her story backed up mine. She later told us that the guy was Billy's father. After they had gotten married, they started to fight over stupid things, or rather, he fought and she just took it quietly. It took almost a year before he would go out and get drunk, then come back late at night. Then when Billy was born he became slightly abusive. They divorced when he was 3 yrs old and they never heard from him since. It's a mystery as to why he came back. But now that he's in jail for life, with no bail, he won't be bothering them again. It's good to have connections.

Rosie told Duo about us being called Uncle to Billy. He agreed whole heartedly and also said that since theguys were Rosie's Aunts and Uncles, then they were Billy's too. They thought it was great. Quatre is so excited that he has another youngsterto spoil rotten, and decided to get him presents for all the years he missed. Duo has the same theory.

It's definately very intresting around here.

I wonder how the future is goiong to look for these two?


C&C? anyone? Little Angel