Warning: Implied Yaoi. Nothing much else, but fun!
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Bubbles and Spice

Duo dragged himself up the stairs and into the hallway, every muscle sore and bruises on top of bruises from his last mission. All he wanted to do right then was throw himself into bed and leave his body behind in sleep, but, he was so tense, he felt, that sleep would be impossible. He had to find something to unwind him. Something....

Quatre came down the hallway from Trowa’s room, wearing a soft, plush robe and slippers. He was drying his hair as he made his way to his own room, looking relaxed and like a cat with a bowl of cream. Duo looked the golden boy with the space heart up and down, not caring where the boy had just been, but very interested in what he had just been doing. Duo had one thought, ‘I’ve got to get me some of that!’

Heero sat down at his computer and began typing up a mission report. Dark hair askew over intense eyes and mouth drawn in a hard line, his pinched face revealed the stress he was feeling from the last mission. It had been close, too close, and all the pilots had been in the thick of it, barely escaping after completing their mission. He needed rest, something the Perfect Soldier didn’t admit to freely.

A groan made Heero tense and reach for his gun in his butt holster. Standing up in a fluid motion, he covered the distance from his chair to the closed bathroom door with the silence of a cat; a cat ready to pounce and kill.

The groan came again and Heero straightened with a frown. His trained ears recognized Duo’s voice and the fact that the boy wasn’t groaning in pain. It seemed 02 had found his own way to unwind from the mission.

Heero straightened, disgusted, and began to turn away from the door, when he heard Duo say something in between the moans. Heero tried to brush curiosity off. He had the report to do before he could rest. Instead, he found himself leaning closer to the door to hear better.

Heero didn’t need to bother. Duo’s words became very loud and easily understandable. “Oh, man! That’s so good! Man! I never felt anything like this before. Nnnnhhhhh! This is so fucking fantastic! I don’t care if it’s weird and girlie! NNNNhhhh! NNNNhhh! I love it! God, thank you, Quatre! I never want to get out. I’m going to leave my body in here forever! Forever! Shinigami is in love with this, man!”

Heero stiffened and he felt.... It took a moment to analyze the emotion. Heero wasn’t used to having any. His mind worked through it like the computer over on the table, methodically examining the sick, twisting of his gut until it produced the appropriate diagnosis. Heero was jealous!

If only he had known! Heero whipped away from the door and stalked out of the room and down stairs. He plopped down on the worn living room couch and bowed his head over clenched hands. He had wanted the pilot of Deathscythe ever since they had first met. Heero had kept it to himself. Duo had stated his preference for women enough times to make his orientation plain. Heero had accepted that, but it hadn’t kept him from wishing that it were different. Now, to know that Duo was bisexual, and that Heero could have approached him a long time ago... Now it was too late! Duo was with Quatre!

Quatre came down the stairs first, smiling and happy, gold hair still a little damp. He was wearing soft clothes and soft slippers as he joined Heero on the couch. “Hello, Heero,” was all he said as he curled up neatly in a corner and began to read a book, looking perfectly relaxed. Heero glared at him, hand fingering his gun and wishing that he could hate the blonde Arabian enough to use it.

Duo came bouncing down the stairs next. He was wearing a robe and his boxers, feet bare as he swung his arms wide and fairly danced down the steps. He twirled at the couch and plopped down with a happy sigh, stretching his long legs out before him and looking contentedly at Quatre.

“It was great, Quatre!” Duo exclaimed.

Quatre raised gold eyebrows with amusement. “What was?”

Duo winked. “You know! I wanted to try what you did in Trowa’s room, but I’m a little more worried about the old masculinity thing, so I just did half of it. Still, it was great!”

Quatre went scarlet and he clutched at his book. “Was it?”

“You bet!” Duo put hands behind his head and rested against the back of the couch.

Heero glared at them both. Were they going to talk about it in front of him? He knew the American was loud and obnoxious, but amoral too? Didn’t he care how Heero felt? No, he didn’t, Heero told himself, because he, Heero, had never told the pilot of Deathscythe that he was capable of any feeling.

“It was so warm and spicy,” Duo was going on. Heero felt his own face get warm, images flashing through his mind. “I just sank in it and let my body do its thing, ya know?”

Quatre glanced nervously at Heero and then something dawned on him. He smiled again. “Ah, yes, it is wonderful isn’t it? Warm too. Yes, deliciously warm.”

Duo nodded. “So I just relaxed and went with it. I let the warmth surround me and I licked that long, sweet-”

“Duo!” Quatre squeaked, blushing again. He looked from Heero to Duo and then back again. Shyly he said. “Yes, it can be so sweet. I’m glad you, uh, finally took the plunge, Duo. I know you’ve been so... uh uptight about...” he glanced at Heero again and swallowed hard.

“Two different sensations,” Duo was rattling on, “Cool and hot. I never felt anything like it! I was so relaxed afterwards too. I felt right with the world again, and I haven’t felt that way in a long while.”

“I’m so glad, Duo! It can be a wonderful experience!” Quatre was glowing now. “Trowa showed me how to do it. I’m sure you and Heero can-”

“Heero?” Duo looked sideways at the simmering Heero. “Look at him! he’s mad that we’re here at all. He wouldn’t enjoy what we just did. He’s the one who’s uptight! He’d probably kill me if I even suggested it.”

“You should have asked,” Heero cut in abruptly.

Quatre blinked, confused. He swallowed hard again. “What? I thought... you and Heero... who were you with, Duo?”

“With?” Duo blinked back at Quatre. “I wasn’t with anyone!” Duo suddenly sat up straight. He looked from Quatre to Heero in shocked amazement. “I just took that scented bubble bath while eating popsicle therapy that you just had with Trowa!” Duo blurted and began to blush red along with the other two. “What did you two think I was talking about?”

Heero’s face went blank and he turned away. “Popsicles and bubble bath.”

“I thought...,” Quatre stood up with his book pressed below his navel. “I, uh, have to find Trowa. I’ll, uh, see you later, Duo... Heero.” the blonde Arabian couldn’t get up the stairs fast enough.

Duo stared after Quatre an then slowly looked around to Heero. He stared at Heero’s back. “What did you think I was talking about?” Duo asked again. When Heero refused to say anything, Duo reached out and took his calloused hand. “Come on, Perfect Soldier.” Heero whipped his head around, blue eyes surprised under his rakish fall of hair. Duo smiled at him and licked his lips. “Looks like I have another popsicle I have to thaw out, one I’ve been secretly in love with and been wanting for a long time now. I don’t think we’ll need the bubble bath this time either.”



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