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First, vampirism abounds in this ficcie: bloodsucking, staking, and the like... not to mention my own take on the rules that surround vampire lore and legend. There is shounen ai content in this story (or there will be) and there will be yaoi content, too... if these things make you cringe, I suggest you don't read this. K?

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Fic Teaser-type thing

Untitled so far...

By: Kitsune

The boy backed against the wall, knowing he had no place left to go, his fingernails scratching into the dark wooden panels behind him in desperation. He trailed blood across the oiled and carved mahogany, inching his way along, searching for the door in the oppressive darkness of the room.

A softly-huffed laugh blew across his ear and he nearly shrieked. Or, he would have, were it not for the sudden iron grip of icy fingers pressing against his windpipe.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk. We can't have you making any noise, now, can we, dear boy. Not that anyone would hear you, but it would upset me so." The voice was at once melodious and chilling, the very depths of the grave buried in the dulcet tones. He would never have imagined that the blond lord he'd seen earlier that day could become this monster, cold and pale, toying with him.

Black hair slipped forward over his eyes to obscure his hazy vision. He was dying; he could feel it in the press of his lungs, their demand for air burning in his chest. His slender hands came to scrabble uselessly at the cold clench around his throat. What was this man, this thing, that held him so?! How was this possible?!

Two bright pinpoints of heartless blue filtered through his foggy vision and he could not help but drown in them. They eclipsed all else, even his need for air.

"Now, my sweet," the gentle vocal strains kissed across his cheeks as that face stared down into his, "perhaps you might yet be of some use to me." The voice rolled over him, shivering through his bones and overriding his need to struggle; he fell into the hypnotic tone that coaxed an odd dreamy smile to his lips. The boy's hands fell away from his throat, sliding down over his chest and abdomen before hanging limply at his sides in submission.

"That's better, little one." A smirk balanced on the razor's edge of the young blond lord's face as he registered his latest victim's slide into his power. He could feel it tingling under his skin as he eased his hands away from the boy's throat. Had he still been human he would have been panting in anticipation. Instead, he settled for pressing his lips to a slender bronze neck, pulling the boy's head back a little further and reveling in the pulse he felt beating erratically.

A happy, erotic sigh slipped past his dark-haired victim's lips as he let his sharp teeth trail across the tender skin, over the veins and arteries that carried his precious blood. With a quick rasp of his tongue to numb the skin, Lord Quatre sank his fangs into the boy's flesh, growling out his hunger as the blood washed over his palate.

He was electrified by the taste of fear and desperation in the boy's blood, a strong tang overlaying the more delicate flavor of the sensuality he was feeding into his bite. Quatre heard the pleasant hum in his victim's chest, the last pulses of life slowing down as he savored the boy.

With a wrench of will, Quatre managed to drag himself from the sweet intoxication of mortal blood over his lips long enough to drag a sharp thumbnail over his own bare chest, opening his flesh, before pressing the dark boy's mouth close. "Drink, young one, drink and serve me."

He felt the heady rush of a warm mouth suckling at his chest, pulling desperately at the blood he offered, the gift he offered... eternity. Well, an eternity of servitude, if the truth be told. Eternity, or as long as he could stand it, with this young dark prince bound to him as a ghoul to serve unflaggingly in any capacity he wished. He had a few ideas already, or he would never have Embraced the boy.

Suddenly, he felt the shudder that traveled all the way from the tips of his undead toes to his fangs; the shudder that warned him not to linger too long here or he would wind up with a ghoul dangerously close to becoming a Wraith. A half-frenzied Wraith at that, one with a lust for the blood of his own kind.

Quatre curled his long, slender fingers in the loose black silk of the boy's hair and pried his head back, making certain to enforce his dominance. He looked into the night-dark eyes and smiled, lips smeared with the bright bloom of blood. The boy gazed back at him, a flush on his cheeks, a glaze over his eyes, and a dreamy smile on his lips. The blond vampire could feel this new blood coursing through his veins, feeding new life into his body; a new beat started up not in his heart, but in his head. He reached out and felt the growing link between him and his new servant, his new ghoul.

He nearly purred with delight as the boy's dark head bent and he felt soft wet lips place whispered kisses against his neck and shoulder. He laughed. It was a remarkably dark chuckle for one who looked so bright. Cold, slender fingers tipped his captive's chin. "What is your name, boy?"

"Wufei, my lord," the breathing was light and fast as his life gave over to the weak Blood Bond. "Chang Wufei."

Quatre grinned in the darkness, fangs glinting a slick red. "Welcome to the night, Wufei. Welcome to my world."

To be continued..... hopefully.... If I ever manage to wake my hibernating muse...

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