(GW/RK Crossover)


I don’t own the beautiful bishounen here! Don’t sue me! Any comments, however, are appreciated! This is alternate timeline, you realize, for both series. It’s supposed to happen after the battle with Shishio but it doesn’t follow the anime after that. And there are warnings of OOCness! Not to mention, a lame attempt at light-hearted humor to balance the angst fics I’ve buried you guys under. Read at your own risk! ^_^
NOTE: Grading system is based on the Canadian one, using percentages.

FIRST DRAFT: Sunday, November 28, 1999
LAST REVISED: Thursday, December 02, 1999



“Heero, look at this!”

The young Japanese looked up from an interesting statue of a fertility goddess to see his comrade staring fixedly at a clump of green crystal. “What the hell is it?” he asked his lover.

“It’s ‘The Chronos Stone’,” intoned Duo comically. “Ya know, the one in that old show with the lady in leather? It’s supposed to bend time and whatever!”

Heero snorted. Duo and his twentieth century television fetish! “Well, hurry up! I still have to study for that Japanese history exam three days from now.”

Duo grimaced at him, clutching the green clump. “What’s wrong with good, ol’-fashioned cramming?”

“Well, ‘good ol’-fashioned cramming’ is what’s keeping your average at seventy,” retorted the Japanese boy. “Now come on!”

“Hai! Hai!”

Happily clutching his purchase in one hand and Heero’s arm in the other, Duo bounced towards their dorm room, Heero muttering at his side.


Biting his lower lip, Duo studied the lump of green crystal. He was currently lying facedown on his bed. Heero was at the study table, poring over his textbooks.

“I wonder if that would work,” he murmured to himself.

“Duo, I’m trying to study here. And you have that term paper due,” scolded the Japanese boy.

“Don’t be such a pain, Heero! Hmmm.” Brows furrowed in concentration, Duo reached for the spiraling pyramid of crystal and twisted it.

“Well, the Meiji Era is hard enough to study for without you distracting me,” replied Heero, twisting in his chair just in time to see the crystal begin to glow. “Shimatta, Duo! What the hell did you do?”

“Nothing!” protested the American. “I was just playing! Probably a lightbulb or something.”

Heero’s response was lost in the wind as, with a flash of green, the two boys vanished.