(GW/RK Crossover)


I don’t own the beautiful bishounen here! Don’t sue me! Any comments, however, are appreciated! This is alternate timeline, you realize, for both series. It’s supposed to happen after the battle with Shishio but it doesn’t follow the anime after that. And there are warnings of OOCness! Not to mention, a lame attempt at light-hearted humor to balance the angst fics I’ve buried you guys under. Read at your own risk! ^_^
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FIRST DRAFT: Sunday, November 28, 1999
LAST REVISED: Thursday, December 02, 1999



“Duo, where the hell are we?!”

“How the hell should I know?!”

The two lost boys stared at their totally unfamiliar surroundings. Rather than the tall, glass-and-chrome buildings of the colony D4-C32S1 where they had stowed their Gundams and signed in as two ordinary high school students, the houses were made of wood and paper, the roads were unpaved, and there were no signs of electric generators anywhere.

“Shit, Duo! Don’t tell me that thing actually worked!”

“Well, if it did, I’m sure it can magic us back. Uuhhh,” Duo rummaged through his clothes and came up empty-handed. “I left it back at the dorm.” Heero glared at him.

“Heero, I got it at an old junk shop! I didn’t know that it was the real thing! And how can you be so sure that we are in a different time? Maybe it just transported us to a different colony!”

“That’s why!”

Duo’s eyes followed the pointing finger to see several men and women staring at them. Each and everyone of them were wearing clothes in the ancient Japanese style. “Anou, Heero, that’s a hakama, ain’t it?”


“No one wears that in any colony I’ve heard of.” The American gulped.


“Well, stop saying yes and tell me where the hell do you think we are!” shouted the exasperated boy, glaring at his partner. Heero glared back.

“I think---“ Heero stopped and took a deep breath---“we’re in the Meiji era.”

Duo’s knees weakened and he did the one thing he’d never done in his life. He fainted.

“Duo!” Strong arms caught the unconscious boy gently and Heero kneeled on the hard ground. “Damnit, Duo! Now’s not the time to faint!” There was a frantic edge to Heero’s voice. “Duo? Duo?”

“Anou, are you alright?” a gentle, feminine voice interrupted.


Kaoru and Yahiko had been out shopping when they heard the commotion. Thinking it was a new enemy, both rushed forward, only to stop in their tracks. Two young boys, little older than Yahiko, and dressed in weird clothes, were yelling at each other. One was a short-haired boy, definitely Japanese, and the other was a long-haired foreigner. The short-haired young man said something, causing his companion to faint.

“Come on, Yahiko! Let’s go help!” Kaoru hurried towards the two. Stopping a few feet away, she asked hesitantly, “Anou, are you alright?”

The boy lifted his face and Kaoru gasped as a pair of steely blue eyes captured hers. “Duo needs medical attention,” the boy said in clear, if oddly-accented Japanese.

“A doctor? There’s a good female doctor in town,” Kaoru replied encouragingly. She was surprised when the boy merely nodded and lifted his companion in his arms with ease. Women doctors generally were still not trusted in the Meiji era but the reaction of the young man showed his familiarity with the concept.

Yahiko had dispersed the curious crowd and the three of them walked towards the home of Megumi Takani. The spiky-haired boy looked up at the stranger. “My name’s Myoujin Yahiko. That ugly one’s Kamiya Kaoru. What’s your name?”


Heero flicked a mildly interested gaze at the woman choking the young boy. “Heero Yuy,” he replied in his regular monotone. All his concentration was on the unconscious form in his arms. “This is Duo Maxwell.”

“Gaijin, ain’t he?” Yahiko sputtered, fighting his way free from Kaoru’s arms. The young woman released him with a huff before returning back to the other boy’s side.

“Yes, Duo’s American.”

“Is that where you’re both from?” Kaoru asked, curiousity alight in her eyes.

Heero ‘hnned’. The two beside him took that as an affirmative.

“Oh, here we are!” The group stopped before a large house. The door slid open to reveal a beautiful dark-haired woman with a sly smile. “Kaoru, Yahiko, what are you doing here? Where’s Ken-san and that idiot, Sano?”

Kaoru’s eyes immediately narrowed. “Kenshin and Sanosuke are fishing. Anyway, we have a patient for you, Megumi-san.”

“A patient?” Immediately, all flirtatious teasing disappeared, replaced by a cool professionalism. She approached the stranger. “What happened?” she asked.

“Fainted,” grunted Heero.

Placing a hand on Duo’s forehead, she hummed before nodding. “He’s fine. Just needed rest. Come in and put him down on the bed.”

Heero followed her orders, gently lying Duo down. He kneeled by his lover’s bedside, staring fixedly at the still form. Megumi and Kaoru exchanged looks. “Ummm, Heero-san,” Kaoru began, “why don’t you go home and rest?”

“Where are we?”

Alarmed looks were everywhere. “You’re in Tokyo, Heero-san,” Megumi replied gently. “Are you lost?”

“What is the year?”

“It’s the Meiji Era, baka,” Yahiko snorted. “I can’t believe you don’t know that!”

:I was right. Duo, what did you get us into now?: For once, Heero didn’t know what he was supposed to do.

“Well, you and Duo-san could stay at my house,” Kaoru invited. Inwardly, she winced at the thought of feeding two more mouths but she could not abandon the two young men. Even if they looked like they were capable of taking care of themselves.

Heero shook his head. “We have no right to demand your hospitality,” he replied.

“Nonsense!” Kaoru said firmly. “You can sleep in the dojo! You can repay me by helping with the household chores!”

Thinking it over, Heero nodded. “Thank you for everything, Kamiya-san,” he said, grateful that that was one worry gone from his mind.

There was a loud groan from the bed and all attention focused on the reviving youth. “He—Heero?” called out Duo faintly, one hand holding his forehead. “What happened?”

“Duo, you fainted,” the other boy answered calmly. Violet eyes opened wide in shock. “You’re joking!” At the negative head shake, the American plopped back down on the bed, groaning in embarrassment. “Shit!”

“Young man! No swearing at this house,” scolded Megumi. Duo peeked from between his fingers. “Uh, gomen?”

Sighing in exasperation, Heero pulled Duo to a sitting position. “Duo, that’s Doctor Megumi Takani. And the other woman is Kaoru Kamiya and the boy’s Yahiko Myoujin.”

“Hi!” greeted Duo cheerfully, his earlier embarrassment gone from his mind. “Duo Maxwell at your service. I may run, I may hide, but I never lie, I am Shinigami!”

The women giggled at the perky greeting, while both Yahiko and Heero merely rolled their eyes.

“Well, I see you don’t need any medical attention,” Megumi said. “You can leave now but rest when you get to Kaoru’s house. Fainting is not a healthy thing.”

Duo flushed but he nodded. “Kaoru’s house?” he blurted out.

“Kaoru-san agreed to let us stay at her house,” Heero explained.

“Oh! Thank you!”

Kaoru couldn’t help but smile again. She’d never met anyone as cheerfully active as this young boy. “Come on! I’ll cook some fried tofu with rice!”

Yahiko groaned. “Oh no! ITAI!” Glaring at Kaoru, the boy massaged his bopped head.

“Shut up, Yahiko! I’m not that bad a cook!”

“Oh really?”

Heero and Duo only looked at each other, before following the two out of the house and into the street. “Are you alright, Duo?” the Japanese boy asked, tenderness in his voice. Duo nodded. “You know me, Heero! I always bounce back to my feet!”