Seducing Heero Yuy: LOVE MODE BOOK 2


This is entirely fanfiction. Neither Love Mode nor Gundam Wing are mine. Alternate Reality, Non-consensual sex, prostitution, harsh cursing are things to be aware of in this fic. If any of the above disturbs you in any manner, DON’T READ THIS!!!! Any comments, corrections, or questions would be welcomed and replied to as much as I can (not beta-ed so will definitely be appreciated). Hope you enjoy this and my apologies for taking so long! ^_^ Comments can be emailed to or at The first one would get faster results, though! =)
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1. The messages in the prologue are in email form. There are irregular gaps to allow for the fact that both men are very busy and don’t check their email messages as regularly as they should.

2. Japanese words are at a minimum. I took your comments earlier on into consideration so I decided to minimize foreign language use. I also haven’t studied Jap for quite a while so I’m way back where I started. *sweatdrop*

3. Unlike ‘Twists of Fate’, this is not a panel-by-panel adaptation. I have written this as a novel loosely based on Volumes 2-6 of Love Mode. Gundam Wing pilots’ histories are very much rewritten to allow for the fusion.

4. Place names are still invented. I haven’t been to Japan and this is off-the-cuff. I hope it doesn’t detract from your enjoyment.

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Date Sent: March 19, 1999


It’s a go! Persuading the sisters and Father Maxwell took quite a while but they finally agreed. Thanks to my part-time job and several scholarships, I have enough money to go there and study. I’ll be going to Musashiro University studying law. Aren’t you going there as well? Do you know of a place I can stay?



Date Sent: March 29, 1999


It’s good to hear from you. I’m glad that Musashiro accepted you and that you are able to come here. I have talked to a friend of mine who said that he would be more than willing to lend you his apartment for a reasonable cost. Tell me when you plan on coming and I’ll see whether or not I can meet you.


Chang Wufei


Subject: I NEED MONEY!!!!
Date Sent: April 11, 1999


My flight will arrive at around 6:00 pm at the Hasarashi International Airport on Friday, July 8. Thanks for the offer, man, and I’ll take you up on it. I hope that I can find a part-time job there since I heard Japan’s a drain on the pockets.



Date Sent: April 15, 1999


There are quite a few jobs here available for college students. Mostly at restaurants and other small shops. I’m sure you can find work easily enough. Don’t worry about the rent. The owner said that he would let you use it for the first month for free while you settle in. I’ll pick you up then.




Subject: IMPORTANT!!!
Date Sent: June 25, 1999


Something came up! My Mother has gotten into a car accident in China and I’ll be visiting her for a while. Because it’s summer vacation, it won’t be a big problem to leave for two weeks and see how she’s doing. I’ll be leaving next week on the 29th. Treize Khushrenada, the owner of the apartment, is also gone to the US for three weeks. However, his partner, Mirialdo Peacecraft, has agreed to pick you up from the airport. He is a good man and you’ll like him.



Subject: RE: IMPORTANT!!!
Date Sent: June 27, 1999


Oh man, I’m sorry to hear about your mom! I hope she’s doing fine. Don’t worry about me! I’m sure me and this Peacecraft guy will get along fine! Just relax and see to your mom! I’ll see you when I get there! Thanks for everything, Wu-man!





The young man sighed as he finally passed through customs, suitcases in hand. He stood at the busy airport lobby, trying to locate anybody who looked like a ‘Peacecraft’. Wufei had neglected to describe the man picking him up and Duo had forgotten to ask.

“Chikuso!” The Japanese word rolled familiarly from the American’s tongue, one of the first words he had learned.

A tap on the shoulder startled him and he spun around to see a gorgeous young man standing before him. Long platinum hair fell past the shoulders, perfect for the partician features and the cool blue eyes. Duo’s mouth fell open. : I thought Japanese were dark!:

“Sumimasen, anata wa Maxwell Duo?” The voice was deep and rich, sending a tingle down the American’s back.

The foreign words sunk in but six months of language-cramming had flown away when the stranger smiled. “Huh?”

“My name is Mirialdo Peacecraft. Are you Duo Maxwell?” Mildly-accented English replaced the guttural Japanese. The boy nodded frantically, flushing in embarrassment.

“I’m sorry but I’m still pretty new to the language. Takes a while to get used to, you know? So you’re Mr. Peacecraft! Wufei didn’t describe you so I didn’t know who you are. I guess we’ll be going now, huh? Don’t worry, I only have two suitcases and I can carry them.” The babble of words was barely restrained as Duo tried to cover up for his initial blunder.

“Is that all?”

“Yep, mostly clothes! I’ll just asked Sister Helen to send me the rest of my stuff by mail after I settled in.”

“All right. My car’s this way.”


The first few minutes of the drive was spent in relative silence as Duo craned his neck to take in the sights. He was surprised at the number of glass and steel high rises cluttering the sidewalks. Cars and pedestrians passed them by, ignoring the gawking gaijin in the metallic blue sportscar.

Duo couldn’t help but sneak glances at the man beside him. His Caucasian looks were so startling in a place where black hair and dark eyes were the rule. He couldn’t help but wonder at the origins of Mirialdo Peacecraft.

“I’m European,” the man said quietly. Duo started.

“Uh, um---“

“It’s quite all right. Me and my sister moved here with our Dad when we were young so we’re Japanese in all but blood.”

Duo flushed. “I’m sorry for being so rude. I didn’t mean to stare.”

Mirialdo smiled faintly, eyes still ahead. The American looked away, watching as the tall buildings and busy streets was replaced by small houses and parks. He had heard that land in Japan was a premium so he guessed that most of the people that lived in this area were quite well-off.

Several more blocks later and the houses were replaced by apartment buildings. Duo guessed that this might be where his new home was located. He studied the neighborhood.

“Treize’s apartment is only a few more blocks away. It’s near the Hanshi District.”

There was something about how the other man said ‘Hanshi District’ that rung Duo’s warning bells. He stared at Mirialdo inquiringly.

“Hanshi District is one of the more notorious homosexual pleasure places. Young men don’t go there unless they are looking for trouble. Even the police don’t always patrol there.”

The American nodded slowly. Having been orphaned at a young age and abandoned in the streets, he was well aware of the dangers of youth and beauty. He had thought that he had left that ugliness behind; unfortunately, countries have more in common than he had thought.

Suddenly, the car turned, ducking into one of the underground parking spaces. Minutes later, both men were out of the car and walking towards the service elevator.

“Man, I’m sure glad that Khushrenada-san allowed me to stay in his apartment,” Duo told his companion, remembering the Japanese honorific.

Mirialdo smiled again. “Don’t worry about that, Maxwell-kun,” he said, “Treize has no need for this apartment currently.”

“Do you know Chang Wufei?”

The European flinched slightly. Duo watched him curiously. “Yes, we know each other,” Mirialdo replied hesitantly. :And he’s still jealous of me,: he added in his mind.

“Man, I hope his Mom’s okay!” The elevator doors opened at the fourth floor and Duo nearly bounced off, excited at the prospect of seeing his apartment for the first time.

“I believe Chang-san is doing fine. She’ll be leaving the hospital soon, I heard.”

“That’s cool. Hey, is this my apartment? Awesome!”

The apartment was quite roomy, with sliding glass doors and a balcony. It was also completely furnished. Duo immediately wandered around, taking in the knickknacks on the shelves, the TV, the VCR, and the stereo systems. There was also a kitchen tucked away in the corner.

“Wow! A bedroom suite!” floated from the main bedroom. Mirialdo smiled. The American’s head popped out of the bedroom. “So, like, will I be able to borrow these equipment?” Duo asked hesitantly.

“I’m sure Treize won’t mind you borrowing until you can buy your own,” the European reassured Duo. “Now, would you like to go for lunch first?”

“Sure! I’m starving! Airplane food is sooo not good for you!”




There was something that bothered Heero Yuy about the quietness of the expensive penthouse apartment he shared with his girlfriend. It was nothing, however, that he can put his finger on. Wary and suspicious, Heero bit down hard on his cigarette and took out the card-key, unlocking the door.

His footsteps were silenced by the lush carpeting as he prowled through the living room. Nothing. The dining room and the kitchen also revealed nothing.

Shaking his head wryly at his paranoia, the young businessman moved towards the bedroom. And stilled.

He flung open the bedroom door to see his beautiful and wealthy fiancee entangled with an armful of leggy blonde. The three froze in total shock.

It was Relena Peacecraft who recovered first. Flinging herself from the bed, clutching at a bedsheet, she ran to her stock-still fiancee. “Heero! It’s---it’s---I can explain---Really---Heero, please listen to ME!”

The shrill cry was what pierced the unnatural fog of shock and Heero leapt away. Contempt filled him and showed in his intense blue eyes. He turned away, grinding his cigarette in a nearby ashtray.

“Heero! Come back! Dorothy is just a friend! Please! Heero!”

B&B’s CEO closed his eyes as he leaned at the elevator wall. :Damned idiot bitch,: he snarled mentally. :Do you think saying that she’s a friend justifies it? Is that how you greet your friends? ‘Hi, long time no see, why don’t we fuck each other numb like the last time?’: Fuck you, Relena!!!”

Icily irate, Heero stepped off the elevator towards the doorman of the apartment building. “Keys” was ground out and the said items appeared miraculously.

“Heero!” The young man went down the stairs, fighting the need to look up to where his balcony could be seen. He went to where he had parked his car along the street, having only intended to pick up a briefcase of paperwork that he had left behind that morning.

* * *

Duo walked down the street, unable to keep the exhilarated grin from his lips. A month in Japan and he had an excellent apartment, a gorgeous new friend, and a good-paying job as a bartender at a nightclub called Black Angel Tears. His pen-pal had also emailed earlier that day to tell him that he would be returning to Japan nine days from now, when university classes would begin for the next semester.

The only black cloud in his horizon, however, was the fact that Mirialdo was not all that partial to males. The braided American had done everything but stand on his head buck-naked to win the European over but the older man had remained firm in his refusal. Luckily, both liked each other enough that Duo’s unabashed courtship did not ruin their friendship. It was unfortunate that the blond had to leave for some sort of modeling shoots just two days before and wouldn’t be back for three weeks. Duo would kill to have some of those pictures.

Dismissing the depressing thought, the nineteen-year-old decided that he should be glad about all the things he had, just like how Sister Helen had taught him. He began whirling and dancing down the streets. Men and women stopped in their tracks and watched the strange gaijin swirl madly all over the place. Most had a little smile on their face; Duo’s happiness was infectious.

Duo was only two more apartment blocks away from his new home when he heard a shrill voice yelling for a hero. He stopped in his tracks, turning the corner to watch as, a few feet in front of him, a young man in a blue double-breasted suit march aggressively towards a sleek deep-green Mercedes. From the penthouse balcony, a young woman with loose golden hair was hanging over the railing, shrieking at the top of her lungs. :Sheesh! Somebody oughta duct-tape her---it would be a mercy on all ears!:

Obviously, the dark-haired man didn’t want to listen to the girl as he calmly ignored her. However, with his back away from the female, he didn’t notice the large flowerpot that was hurled with amazing accuracy towards his head.

Duo did. And he did the only thing he could do.

Tackled the oblivious guy and submerged into unconsciousness as white-hot flash of intense pain smash at his temple.


He had appeared to grow a second heart, only this time it popped in his brain. Moaning softly, he blinked his eyes, trying to get the kaleidoscope of white to orient itself properly. A hundred blinks later, the image and smell of a hospital room became much clearer.

Moving his head slightly seemed to aggravate the throbbing. He moaned even more, moving his arms and finding them as weighted as lead. :What the hell’s wrong with me?: he screamed inside his head.

“Don’t move.” A slightly-accented voice said in English. There was a rush of air as someone from his left moved to stand by his pillow. It was a young man with dark hair, a strange moss-green in the harsh artificial light. The man’s blue eyes were lasers as they probed into his own.

“Who are you?”

“What do you remember?”

He frowned. A name flickered from the recesses underneath the rhythmic throbbing. “Duo. My name’s Duo. I---I came from America, I think.”

“Do you remember anything else?”

There was a flood of fear as he racked his aching head for more memories. Nothing. He could remember nothing else.

“I—I don’t remember! I don’t remember!” Tears were streaming down his cheeks, pearls of liquid that in his weakened state he couldn’t even brush away. Harsh sobs rattled his frame as he lay on the bed.

“Yuy-san!” A soft, alarmed female voice cried out. There was the sound of muffled footsteps as the woman rushed to the bed. “Stop crying, dear. Everything’s going to be all right.” He leaned into those warm comforting arms, still crying. The sensation of being held was so familiar and so beloved that he didn’t want to leave the encircling arms ever.

“Yuy-san, what happened?” The lady’s voice was harsh with reprimand. The same accented voice replied, "I was asking him if he remembered anything. He said he doesn’t and broke down.”

“Oh, dear.” Warm palms began rubbing his arms and back. “Oh, dear. It’s alright, dear. A little memory loss is not that abnormal with the kind of head injury you received. Just calm down so I can get the doctor to examine you, alright?” He nodded timidly, his moist lashes and violet eyes giving him a delightfully vulnerable look. Suddenly, the intercom came to life, calling her name, Hanashuri Sachiko. The nurse, a short, rotund woman with graying hair and soft brown eyes, smiled gently at him and brushed back his bangs. “Everything’s fine.” She turned to the other man. “Yuy-san, please try not to upset the patient anymore.” He nodded curtly and she left.

The two remained silent until a doctor came by ten minutes later. He introduced himself as Zuni Fujio and began the routine examination. There were a lot of questions, lights flashing around his face, and ‘hmmmm’-ing before the doctor finally concluded that he needed only rest. He would have to remain in the hospital for four more days for observation then released.

Silence reigned again until he could no longer contain his curiosity. “Who are you?” he asked the green-haired man.
“Heero Yuy. I was the one who brought you here.”

“Are we friends or something?”

The man shook his head, moving to stand beside the bed once more. Upon closer examination, Duo concluded that this was one beautiful man, with his brooding looks and sexily-mussed hair.

“No. I was responsible for your accident.”

“Oh.” Duo hesitated, then plunged in. “Did you hit my car? Is that it?”

Was it only his imagination or did those full lips quirk ever so slightly. The nasal voice retained its somewhat distant monotone, though. “No. My girlfriend threw a flowerpot on your head.”

That pulled the young man short. He struggled to sit up, only to feel warm hands pushing him back down the bed. Duo settled down, still stunned. “Your girlfriend? Why? Were we lovers or something?”

The lips quirked even more before disappearing. “No. She was aiming for me but you pushed me away.” There was a hesitation as the blue eyes looked away briefly. “Thank you.” The last two words came out very soft.

“Don’t mention it!” Duo yawned. He was exhausted now, a condition that had snuck up on him but now refused to leave. Forcing his eyes to open, he stared at the other man. Heero Yuy seemed to have received the message for he nodded slightly.

“Rest. I’ll stay here.” A callused hand touched his forehead gently and its heat sent Duo to a comfortable sleep.




Heero’s apartments were magnificent to Deuce’s eyes, especially after his stay at the hospital. The walls were painted soft creams and blues, and the furniture was made of expensive hardwood. Abstract pieces of art decorated the walls or stood on pedestals. An expensive entertainment system was arrayed on one corner, beside the glass doors leading to the large balcony. A wide blocky couch and plush leather chairs, with matching ottomans, sat around a low coffee table. The kitchen was partitioned off on the right of the front door, complete with what looked to be a fully stocked wine bar. On the other side of the dining room were two doors, obviously the master bedroom and the bathroom. Everything screamed wealth and it made Deuce feel very uncomfortable.

“Wow, Heero! This is so awesome!” He moved around, unabashedly exploring his new home. In the past week, the two had gotten to be good friends, a relationship that Deuce wanted to deepen into something else.

Earlier on, he had concluded that he must be gay because there was no hiding the strong, almost obsessive attraction he felt for the Japanese man who had stayed with him all the time at the hospital. It was something he was afraid would come out and alienate his new friend if he stayed with Heero for any length of time. Unfortunately, there was nowhere else for him. Deuce did not have any kind of identification or wallet with him, a little fact that Heero had quietly but intensely dragged him over the coals with. Yet, the American felt that it was for the best. At least, he would be able to remain close to Heero for some more time.

“Does Quatre live here as well?” he asked, turning around. He saw Heero pouring amber liquid onto a shot glass from a decanter on the wine bar. Deuce had met the handsome and charming blond doctor during his second day of observation. He had been delighted to discover the wicked sense of humor and mischief that hid so well behind the soft, rather naïve façade that the half-Arabian presented.

“No. He lives in a different part of town. Quatre does not like the downtown area as a residence; he claims it’s too loud and busy.” Heero walked over to him and handed him a very small shot. Deuce grimaced as the overpowering stench of alcohol assaulted his nose and he tossed it in his mouth hastily. Coughing as the stream of fire blasted down his throat to settle warmly in his gut, he eyed his smirking companion.

“Feel better?” Heero asked, nodding his head towards the couch. Deuce walked over and sat down, sighing with pleasure.

Each studied the other, not knowing what to say. In the hospital, awkward moments like this were inadvertently disrupted by either a prank or a visit from Quatre. Now, there was no such rescue available.

“So you don’t remember anything.” Heero wanted to bite his tongue. :Damn it! That’s not what I was supposed to say.:

Deuce lowered his gaze to the carpet. “I’m sorry. But I really don’t remember.” He bit his lip, a leaden sensation hitting his stomach harder than the liquor. :He doesn’t want me here! He doesn’t want me here!: Tears pricked the back of his eyes but Deuce refused to show it.

The feeling of misery was palpable from the down-bent head. Heero scowled, angry for upsetting the younger man. :You’d think that after three years of handling runaways, doped whores, and vicious salarymen, I’d be able to handle one amnesiac American.: He cleared his throat, before moving away from the recliner he’d been sitting on and settling besides the upset young man.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to upset you. It’s just that I don’t want to worry your family and friends needlessly if I can help it.” Hesitantly, he placed a palm onto the hunched back and rubbed in slow circles. It worked; the tension eased and Deuce peeked at him sideways, his jagged honey-brown bangs bouncing slightly. An adorable gesture that had the other man wanting to caress that baby-smooth cheek. Heero felt a flush rising in him and he looked away. :Yuy, you bastard, he’s sick, he doesn’t know what his real name is nor who his friends are, and here you are, ready to cart him off to bed. Maybe Treize was right and you’ve been a pimp too long.:

“Tomorrow you’ll be starting classes at Musashiro University and I entered you as Deuce Yuy,” Heero began casually. He felt the back underneath his hand stiffened, and continued the massage. “Are you looking forward to it?” :How lame could I get? I hate small talk!:

Deuce felt his heart leap within his ribcage. :Deuce Yuy. Oh my God! It sounds like we’re married!: He took a deep breath. :Calm down, Deuce! Down, boy! You don’t remember your last name so obviously Heero just decided to give you his. It’s nothing more than a friendly gesture.: Still, a lingering warmth encapsulated him and he smiled beatifically. He was totally unaware of how Heero’s eyes widened before shifting away in discomfort.

:Damn, he’s beautiful. Even more so than Treize’s new pet.:

“Yes! During my stay at the hospital, I kept having flashes of me with stacks of law books, so I think I was a law student. Do they speak English there, though?”

Heero raised an eyebrow. Deuce had been speaking fluent Japanese since Heero’s third visit. “Deuce, listen to your words and tell me what language you’re speaking.”

Deuce flushed. “Well, Japanese, but I would prefer going to an international school so I don’t feel so out of place.” He fingered one of the loose strands of chestnut hair self-consciously.

Heero considered this. Thinking back to his not-so-long-ago youth, he remembered how his half-breed ancestry had engendered comments such as ‘foreigner’ or even worse, ‘outsider’. He conceded the point. “I see your point, but you don’t have to worry. Musashiro is an international school. Many Europeans, Americans, and even other Asians go there to study.” Relena was, is, still a student there, studying political science.

Deuce nodded, but before he could say anything else, the door opened silently. A beautiful blonde stood in the doorway, dressed in a short navy skirt, a long-sleeved blouse, and a navy vest with wide buttons. Her blue eyes were banked flames, as she took in the cozy scene in front of her.


Deuce shivered. Heero’s voice had dropped to a below-freezing temperature with that one word. :This must be the girlfriend with the flowerpot.:

“Heero, I’m so glad I caught up with you!” She stepped in, appearing as comfortable in the classy surroundings as Deuce felt uneasy. “I need to explain what happened last week---”

“No. You obviously know how to get in, what about vice versa?”

“But, Heero, I was drunk at that time. Dorothy admitted she planted some sort of pill into my drink---”

“Are you crying ‘rape’, Relena?” Heero asked dryly, eyes like shards of blue-ice. “How very infantile.”

The girl still continued on, obviously not hearing, or listening, to Heero’s words. “I couldn’t believe she would do a thing like that! I mean, we went to high school together and she has always been a close friend of mine! I’m so sorry, Heero, but it was all just a misunderstanding!”

“Relena!” Finally, she shut up. “GET. OUT. NOW.”


An imperious finger gestured towards the open door.

Tears were dripping down her cheeks but she turned away. Deuce started when her blue eyes, like daggers, focus in on him before sweeping away. The door slammed shut after her.


“Are you hungry? There’s a good Mexican restaurant next door. Get your jacket and come on.” Heero was already at the door, while Deuce only gaped at him.

:Well, I guess he doesn’t want to talk.: “I’m coming!”




“So, Heero asked me if the two of us could meet for a game of pool at Catherine’s.”

Treize Khushrenada sat on the edge of the king-sized bed he shared with his college student lover. Fresh from a hot shower and dressed only in a pair of blue silk boxers, he commenced drying his ginger hair.

Wufei was hot and sweaty from their earlier activities, as he hugged his pillow to his chest, glaring at the older man. He and Treize had not even been reunited for a week and they were already arguing.

:Why can’t he be satisfied that he’s already fucking me? Why does he want me to---to--: Wufei can’t even continue the thought. Although the image of himself on his knees before Treize sent a spine-tingling thrill through him. :He’s damned demanding! I’m just going to tell him “no” and that’s final!:

“Iya da!” he blurted out.

Treize stopped what he was doing and stared down in surprise. “You don’t want to meet Yuy and his new lover?”

:Yuy---lover?: “Uh, I was talking about a different thing.” Wufei flushed to the tips of his ears.

Understanding dawned on Treize’s face, followed by disappointment. “Sou ka? Daijoubu, Wufei. Don’t worry about it. Now about Yuy, do you want to come with me tomorrow to play pool at Catherine’s?”

The look of disappointment had not escaped the Chinese man’s eyes and it struck a chord deep inside him. There had been nothing wrong with Treize’s request, and for two homosexual lovers, it would have been a common sexual technique. Except Wufei still thought of himself as ‘straight’, only one who is in love with a guy. Therefore, cock-sucking was off the list.

:Not that Treize hasn’t done it enough times for you,: a voice whispered in his mind.

:Well Treize can just wait until the third millenium before I’d do it to him!: Wufei snarled back.

But the sensation that he had hurt his lover’s feelings stayed, and Wufei found himself reluctantly agreeing to visit with Yuy. The joy in the other’s face was priceless and immediately banished the sense of guilt.

:Ai shite iru, Treize, but there are some things I won’t do for love.:


“Pool? With your friends?”

Deuce looked up blankly from his four-inch-thick Accounting text. Three weeks since the accident and he still hadn’t remembered anything. It would have panicked him if not for the fact that he didn’t want his memory to come back. Not if it meant losing Heero.

Nine o’clock in the evening and Heero was already home, idly flipping through a thick male fashion magazine. Deuce let his eyes wander hungrily on the figure sprawled on the couch, absentmindedly waiting for the answer. Heero was dressed in a short-sleeved red silk shirt tucked inside a pair of black slacks. The collar of the shirt was loose, revealing a bronzed expanse of delicious skin. Matching tie and jacket were meticulously folded over the arm of a leather chair.

“Un. Treize Khushrenada and Wufei Chang. They just came from abroad, Treize on business, and Wufei on a family visit.”

The names sent a spike in Deuce’s mind, but before he could catch the memory, it had already fled. In his confusion and surprise though, he had overturned a glass of orange juice and sent it crashing to the floor.

Heero was at his side in an instant. “Deuce, are you alright? What happened?” His palm, warm and slightly callused, felt at the other man’s hands.

“Nothing. I just hit it with my elbow, is all,” lied Deuce, not wanting to reveal the momentary hint of recollection.

“Be careful,” Heero scolded. He vanished into the kitchen and reappeared with a broom and dustpan. Deuce flushed, tried vainly to take them from him, but was told harshly to “sit and stay!” The student sank back on the dining chair, the tail of his braid ending up in his mouth as he chewed worriedly. His violet eyes were huge and apologetic in his face.

“Um, of course, I’ll come. It’s at six, ne?”

“Yes, at Catherine’s.”

“Oh.” Deuce brightened. He remembered the classy bar and restaurant fifteen minutes from his university campus. Owned and operated by a gorgeous redhead, Catherine Bloom, whose wit and compassion had won over a shy and over-impressed young man. He and Heero had managed to eat there once a week. “I didn’t know Catherine has a pool table.”

“It’s at the basement of the restaurant. Usually, she only rents it out to salarymen for a party or some other occasion but she told me we could use it tomorrow.”

Deuce smirked. :That must have cost a pretty penny. Catherine is pretty sharp.:

“Okay, I’ll meet you there.”

“Wear casual. No jeans.”



:5:41 pm:

“I got here too early,” sighed Chang Wufei, leaning against a tree at the sidewalk. Dressed in a pair of beige slacks, a black V-necked shirt, and a black hooded jacket, Wufei knew he would fit in with the dinner crowd at Catherine’s. He hated dressing up for formal events, unlike Treize who seemed to delight in them.

Feeling parched from the afternoon heat, he walked over to a vending machine and bought a can of iced barley-flavored milk tea. As the liquid slid down his throat, Wufei couldn’t help but remember Treize’s request last night.

< “Make love to me, Wufei, with your mouth and tongue. Please.” >

The concept was repulsive to Wufei, and made him choke slightly on his drink. The heights of ecstasy where Treize managed to send him with the same technique was incredible but Wufei just could not imagine doing the same for Treize. No matter how much Treize wanted him to.

He closed his eyes. Images of him and Treize, shaving each other, dressed only in loose cotton robes, appeared in his mind, followed by a tender memory of a sweet kiss on the ear as he sat between the blonde’s legs, reading a novel. There were so many loving memories that Wufei could draw on in their one year of living together, that it made his throat hurt.

“Hey you!”

The rough voices drew Wufei from his thoughts and he turned around. Two men, roughly only a couple of years over twenty, were coming over to him. They were both ugly, unwholesome creatures, tall and broad. The one who spoke wore a dark tuk, covering his hair, making his acne-covered face stand out in pink fury. His other companion had dirty bottle-blond hair and a leer on his face that made him even uglier than his companion. Wufei stood his ground, his face drawing into a cold frown, as his heart began pounding wildly.

“We ran out of gas so we were wondering if you would be able to lend us some bus money,” Acne-face said, a smirk on his face.

“Yeah, won’t you take pity on us two poor souls?” echoed Dirty-blondie.

:Muggers,: Wufei thought. He made no move to fight but merely replied, “I’m sorry but I don’t have any change.”

“Well, now, we’re right sorry to hear that, man, but you know, I’m pretty sure that somebody wearing a classy coat like that has to have a dollar or two?” The two of them began closing in.


Everybody twisted in surprise as a young woman bent down to pick up a pack of cigarettes. Wufei’s eyes widened when the woman straightened and the long braid and jagged bangs revealed a pretty but undeniably male face.

“Hey!” the boy greeted in English. “What’s going? You guys are crowding the vending machines. I almost couldn’t get a smoke.”

His cheerful voice was belied by the hard glint in his amethyst eyes. They met Wufei’s in quick understanding.

The two men looked puzzled, then angry. “Listen you,” Acne-face growled in barely passable English, “get lost or get hurt.”

“Hey, look, man, I’m only here to get cigarettes, see? I don’t want any trouble! I mean, I didn’t see anything. You all know I didn’t see anything. There’s no mugging going on that I would be witness to.” The words were too fast to appear to have been understood but the taunting tone was unmistakable. Acne-face growled and reached out for the boy, who stood his ground, the pack of cigarettes still in his hand.

Acne-face yelped in pain as a pearl-gray arm shot out and twisted his hand back sharply. He bent forward at the waist, crying “Ite! Ite! Ite!” A short slender form appeared from the shadows.

“Mataku! Deuce, I only sent you to get a pack of cigarettes. How long does buying cigarettes from a vending machine take?”



Heero’s blue eyes laser-focused on Wufei, whose jaw hung open in surprise. “Chang, what are you doing here by yourself? Where’s Treize?”

“Wufei, sorry I’m late!” caroled a familiar deep voice. “My last appointment took longer than I---what’s going on here?”


“What in hell did you think you were doing? You didn’t know what those guys had! They could have been carrying knives or guns!”

Deuce’s head hung lower as he huddled on one of the plush barstools at the basement of Catherine’s establishment.

“Baka!” Heero growled, standing before the wilted man, fists at his waist and feet spread aggressively apart. His low, nasal voice was loud and clear in the empty room.

“He’s not an idiot, you ass!” Wufei leapt to the other boy’s defense. Launching himself from his own chair, he glared ferociously at his nemesis.

“Maa, maa, everyone calm down,” Treize inserted.

“Sou desu yo,” Catherine agreed. Their hostess reappeared from upstairs, bearing a tray of glasses and drinks. She was stunning in a burgundy evening gown, a silver stole draped around her slender arms. “You’re going to make my customers upstairs wonder what’s going on.”

She gracefully set the drinks down and stood, smiling at them.

Heero rubbed his head. “What’s done is done. Just don’t do it again.”

“Hai” whimpered out of Deuce.

“You’re too harsh on him, Heero,” Catherine frowned disapprovingly. “He’s just a boy.”

“He’s one year younger than I am,” replied Heero dryly.

“You look beautiful as always,” interrupted Treize, gracefully climbing to his feet and feathering kisses on Catherine’s face. “O-hisashiburi desu, Catherine.”

The woman giggled charmingly. “It’s all your fault, Treize! You never come visit anymore. At least, Mirialdo does. Where is that handsome boy anyway?”

“Away on business. One of our models is trying to renege on his contract and Mirialdo had to deal with it. He’s coming back next week.

Flashes of a platinum-haired beauty drove Deuce to gasp aloud. However, the memory vanished as fast as they did before. He swore mentally in frustration. Heero just stared at him and he responded with a weak smile that brought a narrowing of the laser-like eyes.”

Heero took out a cigarette, lit it, and plopped himself onto the barstool beside the American. Carelessly, he waved his hand in an introductory manner. “Deuce, meet Chang Wufei. Chang, this is my new roommate, Duece.”

:They’re living together? Did Treize mention that before? And he’s American. I wonder if I should get him and Duo together.: Wufei bowed from the waist just as Deuce began extending his arm. The American flushed and retracted the arm, before bobbing in return. “Hajimemashita.”


“And the other man is . . .” Heero was interrupted by Treize’s lazy arm around Wufei’s shoulders.

“Wufei no koibito, Khushrenada Treize desu. Hajimemashita.”

Wufei shrugged the arm off angrily. :Treize no yarou! Embarrassing me like this!: “Don’t listen to him, he’s an idiot,” he told the other man. The purple eyes blinked. “Wa-wakatte iru.”

“Why don’t you guys start?” Heero suggested, gesturing at the pool table on the far corner of the basement. He sipped at his drink. “We’ll join you in a few minutes.”

“Hai.” The two boys moved to the far side of the room. The distance was great enough that each side was out of earshot with the other. Treize leaned against the smooth cedar bar and smiled lazily at Heero, eyes half-mast.

“High quality merchandise, Yuy.”

“Urusena.” Heero glared at the older man, hands clenching on his shot glass. “Deuce is not merchandise.”

“So you are serious about him? What about Relena?”

“Long story.” :Damnit, Treize is so damned persistent!: Heero could imagine that lazy half-smirk on that mouth even now, concentrated as he was on his shot of rye whiskey.

“Kikimasu.” :I’m listening real hard, Yuy.:

Heero sighed. “Wakatta. Here’s what happened . . .”


“Are you sleeping with him?”

The cue-stick slipped slightly, although the shot had the desired effect and two balls slid into a pocket. Deuce straightened up, both brows up. He debated on how to answer that question. He went with the truth. “Iya desu.”

“Good. He’s a pimp.”

Deuce’s face darkened. “Look, I can tell you don’t like Yuy-san, but don’t badmouth him in front of me, understand?” he growled in English. His hands were gripping the pool cue-stick hard enough he could feel it ready to snap.

Wufei flinched, his English being fluent, and turned his face away. His reply was in Japanese. “I’m sorry, that was not very well done of me. I don’t agree with the way he talked to you though. Like you’re some two-year-old on a leash!”

“It’s none of your business.” With that, Deuce easily sunk the rest of the balls in. :How am I doing this? I must have been a very good player before my accident.: “Are you going to play or not?”

Wufei’s eyes narrowed. He could tell by the American’s stiff back that the other would not accept his apology so easily. That and the fact that he hadn’t been able to make a shot yet created a simmer in his temper. :I hate pool.: “Who’s starting this time?”

“You can.” The braided boy was busy readying the table for the next round.

A few moments later, Wufei stared down at the innocent triangle of spheres before him. His hand was tight on the cue as he tried to remember the tips he had heard. This was his second time to play pool and the first had had extremely disastrous results. Wufei refused to think of how one remarkably unlucky attempt ended up with a ball cannon-launched at Treize’s groin.

He stooped, brought the cue up in the proper position, and took the shot. The cue-stick brushed past the white ball, moving it an inch to the left. Wufei flushed in anger.


The nasal voice instantly raised Wufei’s hackles and he turned in anger. “What did you say, Yuy?!”

“’Pathetic’. Here, this is how you do it.” Heero Yuy smiled mockingly and grabbed at the cue-stick. Wufei was shouldered aside.

One smooth move and the green surface was empty of balls with a loud ‘craaack!’. The smile turned into a smirk that made the Chinese’s blood boil even hotter. “And here’s another way.”

Heero cleared the table twice, with only one shot. First with the cue-stick in a near vertical position, the second sitting on the pool table’s side.

“Why’d you come to play pool if you didn’t even know how to?”

That did it.

Chang Wufei stormed to the bar and spun Treize’s stool around. Grabbing at the impeccable lapels of the blond’s seal-gray jacket, he shoved his face an inch before Treize’s surprised, slack one.

“I want his head on a platter,” Wufei spat. There was no mistaking his meaning.

Treize’s shoulders slumped slightly. The blue eyes rolled upwards in supplication. “Yuy’s a hustler in more ways than one, Dragon. Don’t pay attention to him.”

“You are too! I want that smirk off his face when you beat him!” The expression on Wufei’s face was resolute.

“Shikashi . . . ”

Blinded with pride and rage, Wufei leaned closer and breathed heavily onto the other man’s ear. “I’ll do anything you want if you win.”

{ “I’ll do anything you want. I’ll do anything you want. I’ll do anything you want.}

The phrase repeated itself with ever increasing emphasis in the shell-shocked man’s mind.

{ “I’ll do anything you want . . . if you win.”}


Heero Yuy smirked at his opponent. Treize Khushrenada handled the cue-stick expertly, a lazy smile on the aristocratic face.

“I thought you didn’t want to play.”

“I was persuaded to.”

Two identical catlike grins.


The clack of ball against wood was loud but Wufei’s impassioned “Yatta!” was even louder. Heero had the distinct impression that Wufei would have spat in his face if his upbringing had allowed it.

“Treize told me he won several competitions . . .” Wufei bragged to Deuce, who looked a bit surprised at Heero’s unexpected loss. The two of them moved to the stairs to get their coats.

“Thank you,” Treize said to Heero softly as the Japanese leaned both arms on the pool surface, lit cigarette between clenched teeth.

“Your pet has a loud voice.”


Heero straightened up. “I can send you one of our smaller dildos to break him in.”

Treize choked. “How—how did you know?”

“I’m a ‘pimp’, remember? Besides, he’s too straight to offer to do it without incentive.” There was a darkening in Heero’s eyes. An unhappy memory.

“You are the strangest Cupid I’ve ever met.” Treize laughed as the two of them moved to the bottom of the stairs. They could hear their other halves’ voices already.

“Hn.” The lights flickered off.


“What a beautiful night!” Wufei stopped in his steps, hands at his jacket pockets, face towards the well-lit sky.

Deuce was a couple of feet away from him, body slightly turned as he waited for their older companions to show up at the club entrance. “Heero’s taking a long time.”

Wufei turned back to the American, walking up to him. “Look, I’m really sorry,” he murmured. The American turned, a frown on his face. “Let me make it up to you.”

“It doesn’t matter really . . .”

“It’s a matter of personal honor.”

“Um, alright. Well, I am interested in checking out the clubs and bars around here. Maybe you could give me a tour.” The violet eyes had lit up in excitement.

Wufei hesitated. Bar-crawling was something he avoided like a plague, but . . . “Okay. Friday next week? I’m okay then after 4. Where do I meet you?”

“Um, how about at 8? My class finishes at 6, so that gives me a couple of hours to get ready. You know where Heero lives? If you don’t mind, you can pick me up there.”


“Yeah, I’m taking first year Business Administration at Musashiro Uni. Are you a student as well?”

A nod. “I’m taking second year history at the same school.” Wufei was wondering at this strange coincidence. Since he had arrived back in Japan a week ago, he had waited for word from his net friend, Duo, but there was nothing. Still, a week was not that long and there were many possible reasons. He brushed the disturbing thoughts aside.

A sound brought Deuce’s head up and Wufei saw a remarkable brilliance in the young man as a smile spread in his face. :He’s in love with Yuy. No mistake there. Damn the man!:

“What are you guys doing loitering?” Yuy demanded. He and Treize had come up to breast with them. Wufei’s heart tripped double-time when he saw the faint gleam in Treize’s blue eyes and he remembered his rash promise. And swallowed.

The four of them continue on walking, Deuce and Heero slightly trailing behind. Suddenly, Deuce saw a flash and he cried a warning. One of the two muggers from before turned to him, a knife in hand. Deuce pushed Heero away, facing the blade with fear acrid on his tongue. “Heero! Abunai!” His hand throbbed, and blood dripped from the cut at his palm where the knife-edge had caught him.

A piercing “TREIZE!’ erupted from Wufei a few moments later. The second thug had come between him and Treize as they stood shoulder-to-shoulder, a heavy, black metal baseball bat crashing in the gap. Had they been slower in jumping apart, the blow would have shattered their shoulders and arms.

Heero’s eyes was afire. “TEME!” He viciously launched a roundhouse kick that caught the knifeman on the side and followed through with a knee at the groin. The man crumpled to the floor.

The other thug had seen the fight and he had launched himself from trying to smash a furious Treize and a nimble Wufei to attacking an unprotected Heero’s back. “DIE!”

Deuce, slightly dizzy from shock, began to run but he was too far.

The bat descended with lethal speed . . . only to be stopped by Treize Khushrenada, as he towered behind the acne-infested mugger. One hand had caught the bat inches above Heero’s back, and with surprising strength, wrenched it from the shocked man’s grasp. It took sheer willpower not to smash the bat into the mugger’s head rather than his fist, but Treize managed not to let the adrenaline conquer him. The man followed his fellow to the floor.

Heero already had his phone to his ear. He looked up as Wufei and Deuce finished tying the unconscious criminals up in shredded remnants of the muggers’ clothing. “The cops are coming.”

Treize stepped towards Wufei and drew him into a hug. Wufei, for once, did not protest the public display and hugged the other man back. “Are you alright, Wufei?”

“Yes. I’m fine.”


The two jerked their heads towards where Heero was once more berating Deuce. “Why didn’t you run the minute they started attacking?!”

Deuce lifted his bent head up, eyes as big as he could make them. “But . . . but . . . they startled me . . .”

There was no mistaking the surprise in the young man’s face when Heero embraced him tightly. “They surprised me too,” the other man admitted harshly, burying his face in Deuce’s thick hair.

Treize and Wufei only stared at them, the blond with a gentle smile on his face, Wufei with shock. :What . . . what was that all about?: Wufei asked himself.


“Yuy’s acting strange,” Wufei said to Treize as he sprawled in between Treize’s legs. They had just gotten out of the shower and the European was tenderly drying Wufei’s hair with a thick towel.

“Well, I have to admit, this is the first time I’ve ever seen Heero Yuy in love.”

Wufei was quiet for a few minutes. “Do you . . . do you think they’re going to make it?”

“The American seems willing enough to try. It will be up to Heero if anything is to happen.”

“I never expected Yuy to fall in love.”

Treize tipped Wufei’s head so that the boy can see the disapproving frown in the other’s face. “Heero has had a very hard life. I’ve known him for a long time, as have Relena and Mirialdo. He was made to make choices far too early.”

“Choices?” Wufei was intensely curious. Both at Yuy’s mysterious past and Treize’s intensity.

“Choices about his sexuality, about family, about the future. B&B was in business since two generations ago. It’s become even bigger ever since Heero stepped into the CEO position at fifteen.”

“Fifteen?! How, how can he?” Intellectually, Wufei had known that Yuy was only twenty, but the young man acted so much more older and had so much more responsibilities. It did not occur to him to question just how old Yuy must have been, nor how strong and intelligent, to be able to become CEO at his age.

“I agree with you, Wufei. He should never have been in this path so young. It would still have fallen to him as it is a family business, but it should not have been when he was still a child.” Treize closed his eyes, remembering that one afternoon when a fourteen-year-old Heero had spent the night at Mirialdo’s, crying his heart out because the very next day, his fifteenth birthday, he would be given the choice of either training under his father or be disinherited and thrown out.

To Treize, then as now, it had not been at all logical to expect such a decision from a child nor right to force the decision. However, he knew Odin Lowe, Heero’s adoptive father, and his right hand, Dr. J., and those men were more demon than men. Treize and Mirialdo had celebrated with champagne the night after they heard that both men had been shot by an insane prostitute claiming to have been raped and tortured by them. Heero, eighteen years of age by then, had showed up at the funeral, face as if carved stone. His release had come thirteen years too late.

“Treize, please don’t cry.”

He opened his eyes, and saw Wufei kneeling before him, dark eyes concerned and startled. Wufei’s hands were gently fingering the tears away. Treize embraced him again, mouths coming together.

“I love you, Wufei. The two of us will make it, I promise.” He breathed against those warm lips.


The couch, purposely the largest one Treize could find, was big enough to accommodate them comfortably and Treize did not waste any time in pushing the smaller man down to its plush softness. His hands were busy stripping Wufei of his shirt and boxers.

“Here is okay, isn’t it, Wufei? No protests that it is a sofa?” Treize languidly licked at a pink disc as his hand pinched the other.

“Treize, shut up and fuck me!” groaned Wufei, wriggling beneath Treize’s teasing hands.

“Not yet, Dragon. Not yet.”

Treize began kissing his way down Wufei’s chest. He ignored the protruding member as his lips coursed down lean, olive-hued legs. He made his way back up, spreading Wufei’s leg wide apart.

“You’re so beautiful, Dragon.” Their lips met again and Wufei was desperately eating at Treize’s mouth, tongue plunging in and out hungrily.

“Hurry, hurry, hurry, please, Treize!” Wufei panted, burying his face at the crook of Treize’s neck. He bit his lip hard as his lover swooped down and engulfed his cock expertly. It was such an exquisite pleasure.

Wufei’s back arched as two fingers, drenched in rose oil, wriggled their way into his anus. He clawed at Treize’s bare back.

Treize was in heaven, delicately licking and sipping at Wufei’s large member. He purposely nudged at the boy’s prostate and was rewarded by a more fervent rush of pre-cum on his tongue. A few minutes later, Wufei’s hitching breath was audible and Treize knew that it was time.

He gave another light suck before leaning away. He rose to his feet, eyeing the shivering, flushed creature still wriggling against the sofa.

Wufei opened his eyes as he felt large hands cupping his head, pulling him into a sitting position. “Treize,” he breathed. His eyes widened as Treize’s cock jutted proudly before him. A thick bush of golden curls framed it and the scrotum hung heavy underneath.

His promise.

“You don’t have to do it, if you don’t want to, Wufei.”

Wufei stared into Treize’s eyes and saw the longing and desire burning in there. Hesitantly, he reached out and wrapped his hands around the throbbing stem. “I’ve been selfish far too long, Treize. Let me redeem my promise to you.”

He tugged gently and Treize moved forward. Wufei had no idea how to do a blowjob nor how to insert such a monstrous thing into his mouth and down his throat. He swallowed nervously and decided that licking would be a good thing for now.

Moving his head forward, he began gently licking at the sleek surface. The scent of Treize’s favorite rose-smelling soap and his own personal male perfume invaded Wufei’s nostrils and added flavor. He began licking more enthusiastically before daring to pop the head into his mouth and suck.

The pre-cum coating the head exploded in a taste that was bitter, strange, yet delicious. Wufei found himself craving it, and he suckled harder, one hand expertly massaging the tower of flesh. His other hand found Treize’s balls and began squeezing rhythmically.

Treize found himself unable to hold his climax as the exquisite sensations proved unbearable. He gripped Wufei’s head tighter and arched his back, driving his cock deeper into his lover’s mouth, a mewling sound from his mouth. Wufei was suddenly forced to rapidly swallow down the flood of semen, some trickling down the sides of his mouth.

When it was over, Treize limply fell back onto the sofa, eyes closed, chest heaving rapidly. Wufei was left sitting up, hands falling to his lap, cum at his face and neck. His own cock was throbbing for release.

Wufei smiled to himself as he wiped his mouth on his arm. His hand went to his erect flesh and he began jerking himself off. Suddenly, another hand enveloped his and hot breaths tickled his ear.

“Gomen, Wufei, you are not the only selfish one.”

The Chinese boy watched as his lover expertly prepared himself. Treize sprawled on the sofa, lying on his stomach and his groin uplifted by a pillow. “Please, Dragon . . . “

Wufei kissed Treize hungrily, tongues sweeping in to taste each other. He pulled away and nipped that elegant nose playfully before climbing on the other man’s back. Gently, he spread those milk-white cheeks apart and fingered the opening, finding it slick and hot. Wufei carefully slid in, moaning as his cock was encased and massaged by a fleshy wall.

This time, the lovemaking was a long, languorous ride. Wufei, hands planted on either side of Treize’s broad back, slipped in and out, drawing each slide until Treize was erect once more. He smiled and slipped one hand underneath his lover. His fingers enclosed that flesh and began pulling at it in conjunction with his thrusts.

When climax came, they erupted together.


Wufei glared at Treize’s smug expression as both men sat down at breakfast.

“What a lovely morning, isn’t it, Wufei?” Treize said, looking out at the window, flung open to let the sunshine and trilling bird song in.

There was a melting feeling in Wufei’s stomach and he ducked his head. :Such a simple thing, Treize, to make you this happy.:

:You really are a strange man.: