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LOVE MODE (GW-style) ----- yaoi, angst, romance, lemon, non-consensual sex
By Kimi, the Crimson Unicorn

LOVE MODE is a manga by Yuki Shimizu. It centers around one club, the B&B, which is a homosexual male escort service. There are currently six volumes out and they deal around the loves of the various men that are connected to the club. It contains many short stories as well as a main story that deals with a few main characters.

The Gundam Wing characters are not mine but are only borrowed for my selfish entertainment. This is the first of *hopefully* several fics that will star the various G-boys in several short stories from the manga. THERE ARE SPOILERS FOR THE MANGA!!!!

As a warning, I do not speak nor understand Japanese. This fic and others like it are based on the summaries I found over the net. Place names, NCC, and other things like that are of my own limited imagination. I will try to keep the sequence but understand that there are times when the plot is manipulated in order to suit the charas and that the G-boys will be severely OOC at times. Hopefully, it will still prove to be enjoyable to you. NOTE: This is alternate universe, alternate timeline, and the G-boys have never become terrorists and their ages have been changed considerably.

Now an introduction is necessary:

MAIN CAST (as depicted in the manga and would be portrayed in the fic):

Katsura Takamiya (Treize Khushrenada): A young businessman out on a date with a B&B male escort. Unfortunately, Fate had different plans. Similar portrayal in this fic.

Izumi Sakashita (Wufei Chang): Set up on a blind date by a close friend, he is a high school student and a homophobic. ^_~ In this fic, Wufei is a 19-year-old college student. (Just to make 'em all legal and stuff)

Reiji Aoe (Heero Yuy): The owner and president of B&B Club. In the manga, he is a workaholic and bisexual. In this fic, he is the twenty-year-old CE0 of B&B, often ignored by a workaholic father and an obsessive scientist uncle. *Hey, I had to put the good ol' doctor in somewhere, ne?*

Naoya Shirakawa (Duo Maxwell): He is a high school student, recently orphaned due to a car crash. He lived alone until he was accidentally hit on the head by a flower plant. Reiji Aoe takes pity on him and brings him home. *wink, wink, nudge, nudge* Like Wufei, Duo would be depicted as a college student, around the same age.

Kiichi Aoe (Quatre Winner): He is Reiji's brother, a local hospital doctor. In this fic, he stars as Heero's wealthy cousin, also a doctor.

Haruomi (Trowa Barton): Kiichi's bodyguard. Similar portrayal in this fic.

Okay, that hopefully helps in letting you know who's who. Make sure you don't forget to email the writer. The only reason I'm as prolific as I am is due to the support of my readers. I'm sure other writers would agree.


First draft: Oct. 19, 1999
Last revised: Sunday, November 07, 1999



"Moshi moshi?"



"This is Akira. Are you busy tomorrow?"

"Not really. Naze?"

"Well, I set you up with a blind date at East 4th park for tomorrow afternoon."


"Come on, Wufei! You haven't been out for months since that fiasco with Meiran! Please, just do me this favor. This is for a friend of mine."

Wufei sighed deeply. :What the heck?: "Sure, Akira. I'll be there."

"Good! Arigatou, Wufei. Be there by 2, alright?"




[2:30 pm, West 4th Park]

"I wonder what she looks like?" Wufei asked himself, sitting down one of the park benches. He imagined a seductive long-haired blonde. "Maybe she's a redhead?" He thought of a sloe-eyed redhead with a pixie cut.

Suddenly, the man beside Wufei gave out a loud exclamation and collapsed at his feet, letting fall a rose. Somebody had called an ambulance and the man was soon taken away. In all the confusion, nobody noticed the blood-red rose that had fallen to the ground. Wufei picked it up and twirled it in his fingers, sniffing it.

:It's already 2:45 and she's still not here. Where is she? If she stood me up, I'm going to strangle Akira,: Wufei thought to himself.

"I'm sorry I was late," a gentle voice piped up.

"Oh, that's alright," Wufei replied immediately, looking up. His jaw dropped open.

A handsome young man with wheat-gold hair and seductive-blue eyes was standing before him. "You're very handsome," the young man said, looking Wufei over with admiration. He grabbed the rose Wufei held and held it to his nose. "Thank you," he said, smiling as he sniffed the rose. "Let's go!"

"Cho-chotto ma-matte yo!"

The blonde turned back to the flustered, dark-haired young man. "I think you might have the wrong person," Wufei protested. "I'm here to meet someone!"

"Oh? Are you not Wufei?"

The young man started. "Well, yes---"

"Then the person you're supposed to meet is me! I'm Treize Khushrenada. Yoroshiku."

"N-nani?!" :Akira didn't set me up with a guy, did he?: Wufei thought, panicked. :Bakayarou! You sonova----Once I get my hands on you----:

"A friend of mine set the two of us up on a date. I have everything ready. We're going horse-back riding, first."

"No, I'm sorry but I can't----horseback riding?" Wufei's interest was piqued. He loved horses and would often ride them. However, ever since that disastrous betrothal break-up, he had been unconditionally told that he was old enough to make his own decisions and provide his own money. Being a student, he could not afford the cost of horseback riding and he had missed the horses so much!

The young man, Treize, looked at him expectedly. "Are you coming?"

"A-all right, I guess."



Wufei could only stare at the gorgeous creatures prancing around inside the fence. They were sleek, well-cared-for horses. :Maybe this date wouldn't be so bad, after all,: he thought to himself.

"Come on," Treize said, standing beside a dun-colored gelding with a white diamond spot at the forehead. He aided Wufei in getting up onto the horse. "Aren't you riding, Khushrenada-san?" Wufei asked. He was after all, only a college student, while this young man beside him looked a few years older, not to mention a great deal richer than he was currently.

"Call me Treize. No, I'll just guide the horse along."

The two of them went at a slow canter. The two of them began talking about various things, nothing personal, as they wandered through the trail. It seemed like only minutes later that the ride was finished and Wufei had to dismount.


Wufei's foot caught on the stirrup and he was rushing dangerously to the ground. Surprisigly strong arms caught him and steadied him on his feet. "Daijoubu ka, Wufei?" Treize asked. Wufei gasped as that beautiful face loomed near his. He felt his lips drying, his heart pounding, his ears filling with a rushing sound.
"H-hai." He shrugged off Treize's arm.

"Well, next stop is the Masadene Restaurant."

"The Masadene?!" Wufei was stunned. The Masadene was a criminally-expensive restaurant and for a blind date, it seemed a bit too much.

"It's all right, Wufei. I think you're worth the cost."

The rest of the evening passed smoothly. The food was excellent, both men were well-read and not adverse to debating as they ate their meal. It seemed like very little time had passed before the two made their way towards the empty bar.

"So how did you like the evening, Dragon?" Treize asked, sipping his martini.

"You are a very good date, Treize," Wufei replied, downing his own martini. "Thank you for the evening."

"It's only just began, my dearest dragon," Treize murmured under his breath, his eyes half-lidded.



[Later that night, Treize's apartment]

A spiking pleasure shot through Wufei's body, jerking him from the haziness of sleep. He felt warm lips capture his own in a deep, passionate kiss. He replied with fervor, still feeling the effects of the several glassfuls he'd had.

Suddenly, his eyes shot open. The face he saw before his was intense, eyes half-lidded, flushed with passion. Treize!

"N-nandato?!" The boy cried out, trying to sit up. His effort faltered as he felt the feather-light kiss on his most sensitive part and he gave a soft, protesting moan. "Nnnnooo! Please! Stoooo-----ooop!"

His companion gave no indication that he had heard. Wufei bucked and jerked, panting underneath the feverish caresses and kisses, mind and body at war. "Ppplleeease stooo-ooop!"

Treize lifted his head and climbed up the bed to face Wufei. They kissed, Wufei's hands frantically pushing at Treize's shoulders. The boy felt his legs being slid open and yelled as Treize entered him with a swift stroke.




Wufei lay stone-still on the rumpled bed, his nose attacked by the pungent scent of sex, his body still feeling violated. Tears streamed down his cheeks. :Why?:

"You're quite a lover, Wufei-chan," came the deep voice that the boy dreaded. Treize, the bastard, had turned on the lights and was approaching him. He was, thankfully, wearing a bathrobe.

"I almost believed you were still a virgin. Just for that, here's a bonus."

To Wufei's undying shame and enraged disbelief, the idiot blonde plonked a pile of cash on the bed, right in front of Wufei's eyes. "That's the money I owe you, I believe."

Wufei's hand came and grasped the notes and crushed them. He threw off the covers and sat up, fury and shame riding him. "Bakayarou!" he yelled at the stunned man. "What the hell is this for? And what the hell are you talking about virgin? I am a virgin! At least with men!"

"That's a good joke, Wufei. You can't be. You're a male escort," protested Treize, amusement in his eyes. "Yuy, a friend of mine and your boss, was the one who set the two of us up. I do admire your acting skills, dragon. You were the one waiting for me with the rose, after all."

"I'm a college student, not a---a---male escort! My friend, Akira, set me up for that date! What does the rose have to do with this?" demanded Wufei, still horrified and feeling abused and molested. His cheeks were crimson, and tears were falling unheeded from his eyes.

"That was the prearranged signal," Treize replied.

"You picked up the wrong man!" Wufei cried out, flinging away the money. "There was another man beside me carrying that stupid rose! He collapsed and was rushed to the hospital!"

"W-what? You're joking!"

"IYA! I am NOT joking! Call your friend and ask!"

[B&B Manager]

"Khushrenada-san, I have just pulled out the file for your date. His name is Yanagi Wufei, a tall, long-haired half-Chinese, half-Japanese. It says here that he collapsed around 2:30 today at the park where he was supposed to meet you. He is now at the hospital for an appendix surgery. We greatly apologize for the inconvenience and we would be more than willing to refund your money."

The Manager was sweating. :Oh shit! Yuy-sama will kill me!:

[Treize's bedroom]

Treize felt his blood freezing in his veins. :I have just raped a college student,: he thought to himself, all the implications running across his mind. :I have just raped a college student.:

He sat on the bed, trembling. :Oh shit!: came the uncultured thought.

"Wufei-san," he began, his deep voice quavery. "I am deeply, deeply sorry for the misunderstanding. If there's anything I can do, please tell me."

"What can you do?" came the bitter rejoinder. Treize turned to see Wufei, in a white robe, standing up. "I'm not a homosexual. Just leave me alone." The young man left.

Treize buried his head in his hands.


[Wufei's House]

"Wufei! Phone!"

Wufei jerked awake as he heard his mother's voice on the intercom. Though they had been in Japan over five years, his mother still spoke in Chinese only at home. The young man stumbled to his feet and grabbed for his phone.

"Oi, Wu-man!"

"Akira! Teme, you bastard! Bakayarou! Do you know how much pain you sent me?! I'm going over there and crushing every single bone in your body!" They both knew Wufei could do it. Wufei was highly-active in martial arts, though he rarely competed.

"Ma-matte, Wu-man! I didn't know you'd take Bianca not showing up so badly! She couldn't help being sick with allergies, ya know! Cut the girl some slack!"

The phone dropped back to the cradle as Wufei swayed. He didn't know whether to laugh or cry. He'd been set up with a girl after all, and she didn't even show up. There is no justice in the world!

Suddenly, his stomach growled. Sighing, the young man walked from his room and down to the kitchen. His eyes popped out of their sockets as he saw who was sitting there calmly drinking tea.

"Your mother's a very nice woman, quite fluent in Japanese."

"Nandato?! YOU! Why are you here?!"

Treize put down his tea cup and looked Wufei straight in the eye. "I'm here to apologize. I did not mean to force you the way I did last night. I honestly thought you were one of Yuy's male escorts. I thought that your protesting was just acting."

"ACTING?! And why would anyone have to act like they're being forced? That's sick!"

"I know. And I'm really, really sorry. To redeem myself to you, I have just told your mother that you will be more than welcome to stay in my house while you go to Musashiro University. It's only two blocks and you would not have to drive. She agreed, providing you visit her during the weekends."

Black spots swirled in front of Wufei's eyes and he slowly began to crumple.

"Wufei! Wufei! Wufei!" Treize raced to his feet and caught the student before he hit the ground. "Daijoubu ka, Wufei? Wufei?"

The young man didn't answer. Treize stood there, cradling the heavy body. He studied that chiselled profile. "Kirei na," he murmured, envisioning a cascade of roses framing that slightly-bronzed face.

:One kiss,: Treize thought, eyes on those full, pink lips. He shook his head. :Iya! He's unconscious!: On the heels of that thought, came another one. :But he won't know. Remember those delicious lips, that sweet taste.:

:Shikashi...: His conscience butted in.

:Come on. You know you want to,: Lust urged. Treize could feel himself giving into lust, his head dropping to capture those parted blossoms.

Wufei's eyes popped open just before their mouths could touch.

"GYAAAH! WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING?!" echoed from the small house.

by Kimi C.



[Akira's apartment]

"Kuso! I lost again!" Wufei stared in dismay as the screen just obliterated his beloved Nataku. "Damned Tallgeese!" he murmured, glaring at the huge mecha gloating on the screen.

"Wufei-kun, for someone as cultured and well-read as you, you can be so childish sometimes," Akira said, standing over the irate Chinese. He was a tall young man, with artfully-tousled brown hair and a contrived sophisticated expression. Though both he and Wufei were freshmen at Musashiro, Akira was a year older and have already deemed himself adult. "Well, I'm here to educate you on the benefits of being nineteen." He tossed Wufei a key. "I have a date with a redhead! Don't waste it, okay? It's the bottom drawer beneath the TV."

"Che!" Wufei caught the key. "No manners. Inviting me over and then leaving."

He opened the said drawer and took out several tapes. He studied the labels. "Oh shit," stumbled from his mouth.

"The Duel, Love's Sonata, Angel of Darkness, Playtime," he read the labels out loud. Akira had just handed him a treasure chest of porn.

Instead of feeling excited, Wufei felt utterly disgusted. "No! I'm a man! A man!" With determination, he locked the door, closed the curtains and plugged in the tapes. He sat back down, taking a gulp of his soda.

He spat it out as the first image that came out was a woman drinking in the sperm of her lover. His jaw dropped.

Minutes later, after switching over several tapes which all had relatively the same material, Wufei was burying his face in his arm. The tapes had him reacting all right, but it was not the right kind of reaction.

As he watched the gyrating figures, he kept thinking of Treize doing the exact same things to him. He was having a raging hard-on as those erotic thoughts ran through his mind. He tried thinking about Meiran but found her image kept being overlain with Treize's.

"Am I---am I---a homo?"


[Hanshi District, three hours later]

Wufei looked around the billboards, feeling sick. He was in the seedier part of town, the ones reserved for the homosexuals. Every single signpost had hairy, naked men in various positions.

He grabbed his stomach and forced bile down as he lifted his head to see a moving imagery of a man kneeling in front of another, being bathed by the other's seed. He decided to escape to the movie theaters. Wrong escape path. Everywhere he looked there were men making out in the theatre seats. He finally ran to the bathroom and began vomiting there.

He jumped as he felt a hand land on his shoulder. "Daijobou ka, boy?"

"I'm fine." Wufei pushed away, wary and alert. "I'm just leaving."

The man smiled. "Oh really? I don't think so."


[Treize's Apartment, near Hanshi District]

Treize stared out of his glassed balcony doors, watching the rain pour down. "I wonder how Wufei is?" He hadn't heard from the young man for a few days. "Oh well, he'll be living with me soon enough. My beloved dragon. Beautiful and fatal."

Suddenly, there was a knock at his door. He moved and opened the door, revealing a wet and disheveled Wufei. "Wu-Wufei!"


"I wonder what happened," Treize thought. He turned to see Wufei coming into the living room, dressed in Treize's oversized clothes. The older man smiled in delight. :Kireii,: he thought, wanting nothing more than to hold that beautiful boy against his chest.

He moved from the window and poured some tea. "What brings you here, Wufei?" he asked. "You're not in trouble, are you?"


"Come on. You can tell me." Treize smiled winningly.

Wufei stared down on the floor. "Do you want me?" he asked suddenly.

Treize was taken aback. "Uh, yes," his voice gentled. "Yes, I do." He approached the young man gingerly and lifted his chin up. Their mouths met.

Wufei just let himself be kissed. :Such gentleness,: he thought dizzily. He was so entranced with the kiss, he hadn't realized that Treize was laying him down the futon. Treize was his only focus. The feel of those broad hands closing his eyes, that tongue playing along his, those gentle caressing hands. He hadn't realized that tears were seeping from his eyes until he felt the wetness in his cheeks. Treize stopped immediately, pulling slightly away. "Wufei?" he asked.

The Chinese boy suddenly pushed him away. Treize watched as Wufei pounded the bedsheets, tears flying from his beautiful, black eyes. "I am! I am! I am homosexual!" he screamed out.


"I kept thinking of youand meof what we did togetherwhat you did to me." Wufei's voice was surprisingly calm. Treize sat on the bed in front of him, showing a calm interest, trying not to frighten the already skittish young man. "I've nevernever felt anything like that for another man. I thought that maybe it was just because it happened, that it would fade away. Then a friend of mine lent me some of his adult tapes."

Treize looked slightly horrified.

"Butbut I hated them! They were disgusting and awful! Then I began thinking, maybe, maybe I am homosexual. So I went to the clubs down Hanshi District."

This time, there was no mistaking the horror. "T-that's the drug and sex heaven for homosexuals," croaked out the stunned Treize. :What have I done?:

"But I also hated it there! I felt unclean. I couldn't wait to get out! Then I was attacked at the washroom at one of the theatres."

Treize's fists clenched. "A---and what happened?" his voice was calm and measured. :If those bastards touched my dragon, I'll destroy them all.:

"I managed to escape. I was too far away from my house and I had no money for train, only bus. Then I remembered that the Hanshi District was not too far away from your apartment so I took the bus here."

Treize wrapped the poor, traumatized boy into his arms. "Yokatta, dragon," he murmured into the sweetly-scented hair. "You're alright. You're here now. I'll take care of you."

Wufei began to cry silently again. He had never been a crybaby but everything that had happened in the past week was just too much for him. He cried into Treize's arms, feeling safe and secure in that warm embrace.


Streaming sunlight blazed through his eyelids. Blinking, Wufei opened his eyes. He was in a very familiar room.

He shot up from the bed, heart beating fast. He was alone in the room, dressed in an oversized black shirt. "Yokatta," he murmured to himself. "It was all a dream."

"Ohayou, Dragon," came the deep voice.

Wufei's heart began beating even more rapidly. :It was not a dream. It happened. It actually happened. Wufei no baka!:

"Breakfast is ready out in the balcony," Treize offered. Wufei followed.

Treize drank his tea, watching his pretty dragon staring mute at the pile of goodies on the table. "Daijouba ka, Wufei?"

"I'm fine!"


They began to eat silently. "Wufei," Treize began, putting his cup down firmly on the table. "Do you want to stay in my house or not?"

Wufei stared at the blonde man with suspicion. "Naze?"

Treize sighed. "I don't want to force you into something you don't want to do," he said. "It's your choice."

Oddly enough, the offer left the young man bereft. He did not say anything for a while. Finally, he muttered, "Might as well."


"I might as well, since you offered. 'Kaasan's moving to China for a few months to visit 'Baasan. She's been looking to the trip for a long time." Wufei did not look at the older man, concentrating only on his breakfast.

A smile appeared in Treize's face. "Ah, naruhodo ne," he replied, sipping his tea. :I see through your little game, Wufei-koi. You are so cute, Dragon.:

Checking his watch, he realized it was time for his work. He looked back at the downbent head and mourned the fact that his best friend and partner, Mirialdo Peacecraft, was currently in the United States to settle their accounts there. He stood up and brushed his lips across the Dragon's delicate ear.

"W-why did you do that for?" Wufei shrieked, pushing away.

"Arigatou ne, Wufei, for staying with me."

"BAKAYAROU! I'm only staying until 'Kaasan comes back!"

"Hai, hai!"


[Wufei's house]

"Someone broke into the house last night! I was so scared!"

"Maaa, maaa, 'Kaasan, you're all right, that's all that matters," Wufei murmured to his distraught mother.

"I called the police immediately but by the time they came here, the man was gone! He took out your stereo and TV, son!"

"N-Nani?!" :My TV? My stereo?:

"Is that all that is missing, Chang-san?" Treize asked, staring around the disheveled place.

"Hai. Oh, Khushrenada-san, thank you very much for offering my son shelter. I would not have been able to handle it if he had been hurt by that-that man!"

"Iie, 'Kaasan! I should have been here! I should have been the one to protect you!" Wufei protested.

"Son, what could you have done? You'd just have gotten hurt. You were better off with Khushrenada-san."


"Iya, Chang Wufei!" The boy froze. "I will be leaving for China this afternoon. Instead of staying here as we planned for the next two weeks, I believe it would be better if you stay with Khushrenada-san. I don't want you staying here!"

"D-demo, 'Kaasan," Wufei protested.

"No, son, that's enough. Khushrenada-san doesn't mind you moving in a bit early, why should you?"

Wufei sighed. "Hai, 'Kaasan."


[Khushrenada Mansion, Masahiro District]

"This is where you live, Khushrenada-san?"

"Hai. The place---you were in this morning---is actually one of my apartments. It does get a bit lonely here. We would stay at the apartment a bit longer but I am hosting a party soon," Treize replied. "Why are you surprised, Dragon? As a Chang, you are quite wealthy in Japan, I believe."

Wufei flushed. "We Changs are taught to stand on our own feet."

"Ah, of course. Anyway, this will be your room." Treize opened a door to reveal a large room with a queen-sized bed and several bookshelves, and a table. It was rather plain and bare.

Grabbing his new host's shirt, the boy asked, "T-this is not your room, is it?"

The blonde laughed. "I am not that crude, Dragon. When you grace my bed, it will be because you want to."

"Now, I will leave you to settle in."


[Later that night]

"What is this!?"

Jiggling the handcuffs that trapped him, Wufei began looking around wildly. Treize was approaching him. "Wufei," the whiskey voice sent shivers down his spine. "It's time for a little 'adult' fun."

"Iya! Yamero! I said, STOP IT!!!" He tried to move away from those invading hands but with the cuffs, he was totally trapped.

Treize pulled him back against the cradle of strong thighs. A heated erection was already pressing at his cleft. Only his nightshirt protected him. And it was a flimsy protection at that.

Soft panting breaths caressed his ear. "Does it feel good, Dragon?" At the same time, his hand rubbed across Wufei's erection. And began pumping. Slow. Hard. Slow. Hard.

"Aaaah! Aaah!" panted Wufei, on fire from those ministrations. Dancing sparks led the way to climax.


Fists clenched on the blankets, the boy woke up, bathed in sweat. He sat up. "Yume----a dream. It was only a dream."

A magnificent, pale male body lay naked beside the traumatized boy. Long golden lashes fluttered open. "W-Wufei?"


Wufei gritted his teeth. He strode gloomily along the sidewalk, remembering his 'host' and the few words they've exchanged since that morning. "Gomen nasai, Wufei. My bedroom was not fit to be slept in. I didn't mean to startle you. Gomen nasai."

That little scene ran again and again in his mind as he walked towards the library where he was supposed to meet Akira. The boy in question was already sitting with a book open. Wufei noted that it was a magazine. He sweatdropped. "I'm sorry, Akira. I overslept."

"That's all right, Wufei. So did you enjoy the tapes?"

The Chinese boy blushed furiously. "Ah, ah, they were very, errr, interesting," he replied diplomatically.

"You didn't watch them through, did you?"

A bigger sweatdrop appeared at Wufei's head. "Ah, no."

Akira sighed.


[Back at the Mansion]

"Tadaima, Wufei."

Wufei nodded in greeting. "Welcome home, Treize."

"Since you are here, maybe you could help me with my work."


"Hai. For the upcoming party."

Moving along the corridor, Wufei caught a glimpse of a wall stacked with books. "Sugoi!" he exclaimed, entering what had to be the Mansion's library. "Is this all yours, Treize?"

The older man shook his head. "Iya. Quite a bit of the stuff in here was donated by my friend, Mirialdo. His father, Senator Peacecraft, loved political books. Upon the Senator's death, Mirialdo gave them to me for safekeeping."

Wufei ran his hands along the book spines, studying the titles. So intent was he on the books, he didn't notice a wobbly book toppling down on his head. It was followed by several others.

"Look out!"


Opening his eyes, Wufei realized that he was not hurt at all and why. Treize had enfolded himself around the smaller man, protecting him. "T-Treize, naze da?" he asked, pulling away.

Treize merely smiled. "I couldn't let you get hurt, Dragon. Not while I'm with you."

:It's not fair,: thought Wufei. :Not fair at all for him to say that.:

"Ah! You're wounded!" He grabbed one bleeding hand.

"It's just a small thing, Wufei."

"Iya, let me."


"Arigatou, Wufei."

The two of them were now back at the college student's room. "Here."

"What is it?" Accepting the tiny steel key, Wufei stared at it.

"It's the key for the house. Now you can get in whenever you want."

"Ah, arigatou."


[A few days later]


Shivering inside his damp jacket, Wufei fumbled around for his housekey. He finally found it, clenching it in his hand, thinking of the enigmatic man who gave it to him.



No answer. :Wufei must not be home yet.: Sighing, Treize began stripping off his soaking wet clothes. :I can't wait for a hot bath.: He grabbed the bath door handle.

Wufei stood in the doorway, stark naked, staring at an equally naked Treize.

"I-Iya!" The boy began backing away. "Shimatta!" His foot slipped. "Aaaaah!"

"Wufei!" Too late.

Treize stared at the stunned young man sprawled all over the bathroom floor. He sighed and took out a banana. He began eating the delicious flesh, even as he stood over Wufei. The student began moaning even as Treize played with the banana.





Eyes flaring open, Wufei moved to a sitting position. A moist cloth fell into his hands. "A---a washcloth," he said, staring stupidly. He then noticed the bowl of melted ice by his bedside. And began to remember what had happened. Treize nakedslipping onto the bathroom floorTreize and the banana

His eyes fell upon a quietly dozing figure.

"He---he stayed up. For me."

Indeed, the blonde man looked exhausted even as he sat by the bed, arms at his lap, legs crossed, head bent. Suddenly, he moaned, eyes fluttering open.

Treize smiled gently as he saw Wufei looming over him. "Ahh, Dragon, you're awake. Yokatta. I thought you had a concussion."

"You-you didn't have to stay up, you know," Wufei said. As soon as the words left his mouth, he flushed in shame. "Doumo arigatou, Khushrenada-san."

"Daijobu, daijobu, Wufei. Since you're all right, why don't we go back to bed?" He slipped into the bed, looking at Wufei expectantly.

The boy remembered that Treize's room still hadn't been cleaned ever since his maid quit a week ago, the reason why Treize had lived in his other apartment. He nodded hesitantly, moving between the sheets to lie rigidly beside the other man.

:He is a good man,: he thought to himself, very conscious of the sleeping giant beside him. :If I had to have a male lover, maybe he is not such a bad choice.:

With that last, comforting thought, he slipped into Morpheus' arms.




[The Mansion]

“What are you reading, Wufei?”

The nineteen-year-old looked up from the book. “Machiavelli’s The Prince,” he replied distractedly.

“Ah, souka. Interested in politics?”

Wufei nodded. “His is a complicated mind. Much like yours, Treize.”

“Surely not,” the other man replied, handing the Chinese boy a cup of tea.

“Doumo,” Wufei replied. “Ahhh,” he sighed. He adored barley tea. The slightly wheaty taste teased his tongue, even as the liquid heat warmed his insides.

Treize sat beside him on the wooden floor and picked up the book. Immediately, the other man began a dissertation on Machiavelli’s book. Wufei found himself hanging onto the other man’s words. The hours passed swiftly. Both the warm tea and the friendly atmosphere created an extremely comfortable atmosphere. Before long, both men were asleep on the floor. Treize was lying down, head on a pillow. Perpendicular to him, head pillowed on a muscled chest, Wufei slept peacefully.

The door slid open.

“Ah? Treize?” mumbled Wufei, slowly sitting up. “Wh----?” He stared at the piercing cobalt eyes staring down at him impassively. They belonged to a young man around his age, but who carried himself with so much self-assurance and confidence that he seemed much older.

“T-Treize…” Wufei began shaking the other man awake. The blonde woke up, slinging one arm around the nineteen-year-old’s neck and began pulling him close for a kiss. “Ummm, D-rrr-aaagon,” Treize purred.

“Yamero!” Wufei protested, disentangling from the octopus arms. “There’s someone here to see you!”


“Did you have to break the handle, Yuy?”

Heero Yuy’s dark brows lifted. “No one answered the door.” He pulled out a pack and lit a cigarette expertly.

Treize made a face. “That’s a disgusting habit for a twenty-year-old.”

“Do not tell me what to do, Treize,” Heero’s nasal voice was calm and measured. The other man merely sighed. “What is your father thinking of? Letting you manage the business and smoke at the age of twenty?”

“Odin Lowe never cared what I did, you know that, Treize. And Uncle Jay is more than glad to be left alone for his experiments. Who is that little mouse cowering behind you?”

“Kisama! I’m not a mouse!”

“Wufei, this is the B&B Club’s CEO, Heero Yuy. Yuy, Wufei Chang. He goes to Masashiro University.”

“Souka” accompanied a cloud of grayish smoke. “He is the one you accidentally picked up.”

“Well, the one you set up for me didn’t show up. Besides, it was an understandable mistake.”

“Do you want me to return your fee now?”

“Nani? Oh, iya. This Wufei is more than worth the fee.” Treize smiled at the confused young man.

“Ah, what are you talking about? What fee?”

Treize began to sweatdrop.

Heero merely raised another eyebrow, inhaling and releasing another puff of smoke.

“Ah, Wufei, didn’t I tell you?” Treize said. “You were mistaken for a male escort.”

“Ah, yes, you did. My apologies.”

“No, that’s all right.”

Wufei turned away only to see Heero eyeing him assessingly. Like a piece of meat in a market place. He felt uneasy. In a fight, he could probably hold his own against the other man, but he had no doubt it would be a very close one.

“He would be an excellent addition, Treize.”

“Oh, no, Yuy. Wufei is mine. I found him first.”

The boy in question had a sinking feeling he understood what they were talking about.

“Are you sure? I could pay you a handsome rental fee for him and you’d still have him most of the time, for free. Kusaragi-san and Roko-san would gladly appreciate his services.”

“The answer is no, Yuy.”

The boy shrugged. “Suit yourself.”

“Kusaragi-san? Roko-san? Those sound like males,” Wufei croaked out. :Who are these people?:

“That’s right,” Heero replied, taking another drag. “B&B Club is a homosexual escort service, after all. Our services are usually just for nightly dates. Sex comes at a higher price and only at the discretion of the escorts themselves. To sleep with a client is their choice.”

“A-and y-you w-w-want *me* to become one of t-these----“ Wufei felt faint. Blackness crowded him.

Treize ran up and caught him before he fell. “Oh Wufei,” he sighed.

“Really, Treize, I would think you’d educate your little koibito on some of the more *interesting* facts of life.”

Sighing, the other man tucked the unconscious boy back into bed.

[A few hours later]

“Feeling better?”

That voice….Wufei’s eyes snapped open and he glared at the young man standing by the window next to his bed.

“Are you really that innocent?” Yuy asked. “I would think after staying here with Treize, you would be more open-minded.”

“What would you know? You sell young boys off to lecherous old men?!” Wufei retorted.

“No, I do not. Each of our ‘escorts’ are with us out of their own free will. Like I said, I do not sell them off for sex. It is their choice whether or not they would let it go that far. Once it did, however, there is an extra charge.”

“Shikashi…It’s not right to exploit people with needs like that! Where is the justice in that?”

“And what would you know of needs?” replied Heero coldly. “Treize is practically starving for you yet you keep pushing him away! It might not seem so, but Treize is suffering for every moment you push him away even as you push your own emotions away.”

“How would you know?!”

“Because I have eyes, idiot! And I can see much clearer than you can. You are a human being. You have emotions. And what you feel for another person is not a sin, even if it is for another man. Is Treize any less of a man for wanting you?”

Wufei could not take that, could not stand there and listen as that cold voice dissected him and bared his soul. He ran out of the room like a bat out of hell, passing a surprised Treize along the hallway. “Wufei!”


“Why did you let him leave?” Heero asked questioningly. Skkkritch. He cut the tape and placed it over the hole on the window that kept bugging him after numerous visits. He did not understand. It was obvious Treize wanted to follow the other man, but he did not.

“Because he wanted to.”

“So, you are just going to let him leave, then?”


“Baka na.”


[Wufei’s house]

“What are you doing here?”

“Ah, Wufei, you left your backpack at my house. And here, I brought some sushi.”

The boy grabbed the backpack, glaring at the other man even as he stepped aside to let the other man in. “Doumo,” he said grudgingly.

“Gomen nasai.”

Wufei turned, confused. “Naze da?”

“For whatever Yuy said to you. Sometimes, he doesn’t watch what he says. He is an odd one.”

:Hn. I think he knew exactly what he was saying.: But he said nothing.

They settled down before the low table and the food was unpacked. “Oishii!” exclaimed Wufei, plopping a rainbow roll into his mouth.

“Arigatou, Treize, for bringing this.”

“Oh, it was nothing, Dragon.” :Arigatou, Kami-sama, for letting him forget that backpack.:

“Anou, Treize?”


“Why do you call me that?”

“Hmmm? Dragon?”


“Because you remind me of one. Delicate, beautiful, yet so strong.”

Flushing, the other man looked away, plopping a piece of spicy salmon in his mouth. He grabbed for the water. “H-hot!”

They began to chuckle and Treize relaxed.


[At the sink, elbow-deep in dishes]

< “What do you know of needs?” >

Wufei shook his head, trying to clear his mind of the B&B’s CEO’s words. Yet, he could not escape the truth in those words. Running the past few weeks in his mind, he saw evidence of what Yuy had told him. Of how much Treize protected him, cherished him, and most of all, never gave up on him. And despite it all, he kept pushing the other man away.
“I have to know.”

Moments later, he was standing by the doorway, Treize ready to leave. “Thank you for your company,” he murmured softly, wishing it hadn’t ended so fast.

“I enjoyed it as well, Dragon.” Turning, he stepped forward. “Oyasumi!”

“Matte, Treize!”

The blonde turned, quirking a forked eyebrow.

“Why? Why do you always come after me? Why did you bring the sushi? Why did you protect me from those falling books? Why?”

Sky-blue eyes darkened with understanding. A smile lit up that handsome face. “Da kara ai shiteru.” The door closed, leaving a confused young man to collapse on the floor.

Pulling his knees to his chest, Wufei buried his face in his arms. “ ‘Ai shiteru’…”


[Classroom, Musashiro University]

< “…ai shiteru” >

“Oi, Wu-man! Are you all right?” Akira looked remarkably cheerful for someone who hated school.


“What’s wrong?”


“Don’t look like nothing, but whatever you say, man. Say, wanna go to the mall?”

“Unn. Why not?”


[Mall, After sunset]

:Nothing to see.: Sighing, Wufei walked behind his companion. What he really wanted was to just go home and think about Treize’s startling revelation.

[West 4th Park]

Unbeknownst to him, the man himself was cursing his foolishness, even as he stood alone in the park where he and Wufei first met.

[Back at the mall]

“Sumimasen.” The words automatically popped out of Wufei’s mouth as he bumped into a muscular frame. He looked up.

Black eyes met startled blue ones.


“What are you doing here?” Heero asked. “Treize is waiting for you.”

“W-what are you talking about?” a red-faced Wufei protested.

“Baka na.” A swift glance to their surroundings, a punch at the gut, and Heero Yuy strolled calmly towards the elevator, one struggling Wufei Chang slung over his shoulder.


“Wu-man? Oi! Where did he go?” Looking around, Akira still couldn’t spot his friend. He shrugged. “Probably went home. He’s such a child.”


“Tasukete! He’s kidnapping me!”


Ears ringing, Heero wished he had thought to bring some duct tape. Fortunately, his brand new BMW was only a few feet away. Opening his door via remote, he effortlessly dumped the struggling boy into the soft leather upholstery. “Where are you taking me?”

“To someone who’s been waiting for you.”


[West 4th Park]

Treize stared at the totally unexpected sight of Heero Yuy carrying a kicking and screaming Wufei. He was still frozen, staring down at where Yuy had just dumped the boy onto the ground.

“Ninmu karnyuu.” Heero turned away, lighting a cigarette. “When did I become a matchmaker?” he muttered to himself, walking away.

Gaining his feet, the dumped baggage ran off, down the wooden staircase. “Wufei!”

Strong hands grabbed him, holding him close. Wufei pushed the chest away, at arm’s length.

“I am so confused,” he muttered, blinking away the tears threatening to fall. “I don’t know anymore.”

“I JUST DON’T KNOW ANYMORE!” he screamed to the high heavens.

“Dragon, it’s all right. Really. Don’t listen to Yuy. Come on, I’ll treat you to dinner.”

“How can you say that?” asked the boy quietly.

“Say what? Treat you to dinner?”

“How can you say ‘ai shiteru’? To me, another male?”

:Aaaaah. Souka.: Taking a deep breath, Treize took the plunge in the field of emotional landmines, well aware that one wrong step would drive the beautiful boy further from him. “Does that matter, Dragon?”

“Yes! Yes, it matters! It’s unnatural!”

“Would you like me, then, to become a woman?”


“Would you like me to become a woman?” asked Treize patiently.

“Why would you do that?” Hugging his knees to his chest, Wufei avoided those compelling blue eyes.

Treize got down on one knee before the confused boy. “Da kara ‘ai shiteru’. It doesn’t matter, Wufei, to me, whether you are male or female. All that matters is that you are Chang Wufei. The boy who makes me feel such passion, yet who makes me laugh because of his innocence. You make my heart beat so much faster, the air I breathe so much sweeter. That is not because you are male or female, Dragon. It is only because you are Wufei.”

The pale countenance lifted up and made his heart ache as he watched the shimmer of tears in those dark, dark eyes. He caught the boy as he flung himself into his arms, cradling him gently.

Softly, gently, his mouth descended. First onto the one cheek, tongue licking away salty tears. Then, slowly down to those lips, prepared by the tender caress of a thumb.

“Ooooh! Beautiful!”

“Oi! Look! Look!”

“Waaah! Let me see! Let me see!

The two lovers broke off in stunned embarrassment. They both looked around, seeing no one.

“Kireii na! What a beautiful sunrise!”

Laughter echoed in the park.

:Maybe he is right. Maybe it didn’t matter that we’re both male. Ai shiteru, Treize.:



Chapter 4: When Time Is Always Wrong


“Dragon, the decorations are ready!”


Treize handed one of the oversized boxes to Wufei. The younger man looked around, wariness and hostility in his face. “Where’s Yuy?” Wufei absolutely refused to address the other boy as –san when he was only a year older.

“Oh, Relena finally let him back into the apartment. He won’t be living here anymore.” The blonde man was cheerfully taking out several candles for the huge banquet. “Hmmm, there’s going to be over 300 guests at this charity banquet.”

Wufei hid his relief at the news of Yuy’s disappearance by asking, “Who is this Dermail-san, anyway? What’s OZ?”

“OZ is a charity organization backed by Romefeller Foundation, who is the leading toy manufacturer in the world. OZ is basically to provide children in third world countries with toys and food for the coming Christmas season.”

“Hn, that sounds like a good organization.”

Treize grimaces. “Not really. All the people there are back-stabbing vultures. They just use OZ to show the world that they aren’t as corrupt as they really are.”

He was surprised when he saw Wufei nod. Flashing black eyes met his, filled with sympathetic understanding. “Don’t forget,” the younger man said softly, “I am a Chang.”

“Ah, mochiron. Of course, how could I forget? You’ve probably faced others like them before.” The next words leaped out of Treize’s mouth before he could change his mind. “Why are you no longer associating with them?”

A sigh came forth. “It is not that I am no longer associating with them, it’s more the fact that I did something they did not like. I was betrothed since childhood to this girl, Meiran. She was a tomboy, adventurous and wild. I was, am, a scholar. It was a bad match from the beginning. A few months ago, once I reached my majority, I talked to her and we both decided to break the betrothal. Our parents were horrified and nearly disowned us. It caused a big scandal at our high school. Being an only child, they could not really disown me but my mother told me that since I declared myself an adult, I could take care of myself on my own. Which is the reason why I don’t go horseback riding anymore. My monthly allowance is more than adequate for my needs, but not to pay for the cost of renting a horse for a few hours a week.”

“Did you ever regret it?”

“No. And I don’t think Meiran regretted it either. She’s now back in China, becoming a world-class photographer.”

“Well, I can support your horseback riding, Dragon. I am independently wealthy, after all.”

Treize hid a smile as Wufei glared at him. “A Chang takes no man’s charity,” the younger man said stiffly, jerkily folding the napkins.

“Souka. You’re quite right, Wufei.”
The two worked amiably for the rest of the afternoon, neither referring nor attempting another deep conversation.


[The Mansion, 9:30 pm]

:This is quite a big crowd,: mused Wufei, nibbling on a piece of chicken. Just then, he caught sight of a handsome young man, tall, with cascading platinum blonde hair. Wufei found himself awe-struck by the other’s beauty. :Who is he?:

“Ahh, Dragon, my party is quite a success, ne?

Wufei jumped, startled, as he felt a hand on his shoulder and warm lips caressing his forehead. He glared at Treize, who merely smiled back. “Don’t do that here!” the young man hissed, rubbing at his forehead. He could already see the assessing eyes of the other guests watching them with the hungry gazes of piranhas.

“Ah, gomen, Dragon.” But before he could say more, a tall man cornered Treize in conversation. Wufei left them, walking towards the conservatory. He was unaware of the enraged eyes that burned holes at his back.

Une’s hand clenched on the fragile stem of her champagne glass. She had not missed the loving affection Treize-sama had displayed towards the slight Chinese boy. Being his personal secretary, she had heard her boss praise and talk about Chang Wufei almost non-stop since they first met a few months ago. A wave of jealousy and envy nearly choked her.

Suddenly, she felt a shadow fall upon her. Twisting her head, she saw a young redhead glaring at the same direction she was. Recognition dawned on her. “Good evening, Mr. Matthews,” she greeted in flawless English.

The tall American nodded distractedly, still glaring towards the conservatory. “Miss Une, how are you?”

“Just fine.” Une’s brain was working swiftly, remembering that Adam Matthews had been Treize-sama’s lover before the latter broke their relationship off for Wufei. Obviously, the American still carried a torch for her boss. “Beautiful, is he not?” she murmured. “Chang Wufei. No wonder Mr. Khushrenada has fallen for him.”

Adam Matthews glared at her. “Is that his name? Chang Wufei?”

Une nodded, sipping her champagne. “My boss barely talks of anyone else.” She watched in satisfaction as the other man stalked off towards the conservatory.

:I get rid of two birds with one stone.: A catlike smile teased her lips even as she moved sinuously towards where Treize-sama was talking to one of the bigwigs of OZ.



Only a few people called him that and the nasal voice was very familiar. The tall, platinum-haired young man turned to face his arch-rival. Dressed in a black double-breasted suit with a pristine white shirt and a black tie, brown hair disheveled and blue eyes bright, Heero Yuy was devastating.

Mirialdo Peacecraft felt a tugging deep inside him at the sight of the younger man. “Yuy,” he greeted nonchalantly, betraying none of his desire for the other.

“When did you arrive back in Japan? How was the USA?”

“Oh, my plane came in tonight. As for the USA, I didn’t really have the time to go sightseeing so I can not really say.”

“That’s too bad.” Heero’s cell phone suddenly rang and he excused himself.

Zechs merely stared at him as he moved away.

“You still haven’t gotten over him, eh, Mirialdo?”

The other man jumped as he heard Treize’s voice. Glaring at his business partner and best friend, he said, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Treize merely shook his head, lips still quirking in a smile. “Oh really? What was the trip to America all about then?”

“To solidify relations with our suppliers, what else? You should know, Treize, you were the one who practically told me to go.”

“So I was.”

Both men smiled, understanding each other perfectly.




Wufei struggled against the strong hands holding him down. Extremely pissed off, he cursed himself for being caught off-guard and now at the mercy of an enraged redhead. “So you’re the one who took Treize away from me,” the other man murmured in almost fluent Japanese.

“Wh-what are you talking about?” The Chinese boy bucked but the other man was too heavy and too strong. He watched as his attacker straddled him, one hand coming up to his neck. Pain exploded in his head as that hand smashed his head against the cold floor.

A dark chuckle echoed in the conservatory and Wufei heard, past the ringing of his ears, the sound of a zipper being pulled down. He glared in disgust and struggled even more as realization sunk in.

“Well, I’ll teach you to take away what’s mine!” With that, those hands grabbed his head and forced his mouth open, forcing the redhead’s cock into Wufei’s mouth.

The boy gagged and bucked even more, humiliation and rage flooding him even as the redhead sexually molested him. :I’m going to kill you, bastard!:

The conservatory door suddenly opened. “Chang? Treize is looking for you.” Yuy’s voice echoed in room, followed by the flooding of lights. Everyone froze.

Wufei broke his attacker’s grip and he pushed away frantically. The redhead on top of him was still staring at Yuy in shock. One of Wufei’s hand scrambled around him and finally closed onto a plant stem. Growling furiously, the young Chinese flung the flower pot and watched in satisfaction as it smashed onto his molester’s forehead, dropping the man instantly.

He pushed away, hands wiping at the semen around his mouth, tears prickling at his eyes. Never, never before had he ever felt so helpless and dirty. Hugging himself, Wufei knelt on the floor, slightly in shock.

A pair of black boots appeared in his line of vision. Yuy suddenly crouched beside him. Wufei looked up and saw sympathy in the other boy’s eyes. “Treize is waiting for you.”

Treize, the man who loved him, was waiting for him. Suddenly, all Wufei wanted was to be held by those strong arms, to hear Treize’s crooning voice in his ear. Shakily, he stood up.

“He’s at the lounge room.”

With a small nod of thanks, Wufei left.


[Lounge room]

“How did you know?”

Treize looked up from where he was pouring brandy into two glasses. He handed one glass to Mirialdo and sipped from one. “That you were in love with Yuy? It was a bit obvious when suddenly all you did was avoid him ever since he started living in with your sister.”

“Relena had always been in love with him. She deserved the chance.”

“Why didn’t you go after him yourself?”

Mirialdo looked away. “She’s my sister.”

“Hmm. I think they are going to break off soon.”

The other man started, blue eyes piercing. “What are you talking about, Treize?”

“I don’t know how your sister manage to get Yuy to live with her but it’s rather obvious that he doesn’t love her. Not as much as she loves him.”

Mirialdo felt his heart constricting, his breathing becoming slightly ragged. “What are you saying?”

“That maybe you still have a chance.” Treize eyed his best friend over his glass.

“Drop this subject now, Treize.” A fist was clenched hard around the glass.

His best friend sighed and moved towards him. A pair of warm hands hugged Mirialdo from behind. It wasn’t the touch of a lover, not even a former lover, merely the hug of a close friend. The platinum-blonde sighed and leaned into the warmth.


Both men turned, startled, to see a slightly disheveled Wufei at the doorway. Wufei stared back, just as stunned, before taking off.


Heero was surprised to see Wufei barreling out of the lounge room. The younger boy ran past him, oblivious. Treize was following him. Heero grabbed Treize’s arm and asked, “What the hell happened?”

“I don’t know! He just saw me and Mirialdo hugging---“

“W-what?! Shit! That was the last thing he needed to see!”

“Wh-what are you talking about, Yuy?”

“Your American boyfriend attacked him in the conservatory. I walked in to see Wufei straddled by the bastard.”

Treize’s fists clenched and there was a roaring sound in his ears. A red haze coated his gaze. “I’ll kill him!”

“Find Wufei first!”

The red haze receded a little as he realized the logic in Yuy’s words. Treize nodded and he ran off, after his traumatized lover. Heero stared after him, shaking his head slightly.


“Zechs, did you hear everything?”

The other man nodded, grimacing. “Damn that Adam Matthews! I told Treize he’d be trouble but he didn’t listen to me.”

“Well, you better not stay here. I don’t think Wufei would like to see you again so soon.”

Zechs nodded again. “How’s Relena?” he asked even as the two of them walked to the front door. Out of the corner of his eye, he noted how Heero seemed to stiffen.

“She’s fine. I’m sure she’ll be contacting you soon enough.” The words were a dismissal and Zechs merely nodded before leaving.

< “Maybe you still have a chance.” >

A small smile appeared in Zechs’ mouth. “Maybe you’re right, Treize.”


Wufei ran on, not caring where he was. Tears that refused to fall earlier on, now half-blinded him as he stumbled through the woods behind the mansion. He speeded up as he heard Treize calling his name behind him.

:Bastard! Saying ‘ai shiteru’ when you have another lover! Bastard! Bastard! Bastard!:

His foot clattered on a fragile bridge of logs. The bridge swayed and suddenly collapsed under his running feet. Wufei leaped and landed on the other side of the bridge.


“Leave me alone! Kisama!” Wufei’s feet could no longer support him and he lay there on the ground, ashamed, furious, and despairing. He buried his face into his arms.

Treize did not hesitate but immediately leaped into the river, swimming across to his distraught lover. Upon reaching Wufei, he gingerly cradled the other boy to his chest, crooning soft, reassuring words. To his surprise and delight, Wufei did not struggle but merely cuddled closer, weeping.


An hour later, Treize closed the door to their bedroom suite with a deep sigh. His Dragon was on the bed, sitting cross-legged, a pensive expression on his face. The blonde sat down beside his teenaged lover.

“Do you want to talk about it, Dragon?”

Wufei looked away. Both knew exactly what, or rather who, Treize meant. However, the memory was too fresh in the boy’s mind. He shook his head silently.

Treize wrapped his arms around the boy, hugging him. Oddly enough, he felt awkward and insecure. His current lover had just been abused by his former lover and Treize did not know of anything that could even make the situation better.

Suddenly, he felt arms enclosing around his waist and a hot mouth caressing his neck. “Treize, just take me,” the whisper was soft and slightly stuttering. “Make me forget.”

The older man’s heart ached even as he granted his Dragon’s wish. Their mouths met and deep sighs echoed in their chests.

Wufei arched on the bed as Treize broke off the heated kiss, running his lips down Wufei’s neck, hands pushing up the formal white shirt. Sharp teeth nipped at a bronze nipple, watching as the buds hardened. Treize sipped at the little nub, moving his hand to entwine with Wufei’s and let the other steal past the washboard stomach to open the white pants.

“Did you find him?”

Both men froze at the sound of the highly unexpected voice. Heero Yuy was at their doorway. Treize mentally smacked himself in the forehead for forgetting to lock the door.

“I see you did.” Yuy retreated, closing the door again.

But it was too late. Wufei had struggled out of Treize’s embrace to bury himself beneath a pile of bedsheets. Treize looked at the pile of blankets and then at the door, before opening the door to talk about his friend’s awful timing.

“Gomen nasai.” Yuy spoke up first.

“I really wish you would work on your timing better, Yuy.” Treize leaned against the bedroom door, watching as the boy lit up a cigarette. “Wufei’s been traumatized enough for one day.”

“Well, I didn’t know you found him.”

Suddenly, Treize straightened. “Where’s Mirialdo?”

“Oh, he left a couple of hours ago.”

“What about the other guests?”

“Oh, they’re leaving right now. I’ll leave you back to your ‘traumatized’ lover.”

Yuy waved a hand before walking off towards the main ballroom. His friend merely sighed and returned back to the bedroom.


“Go away!”

“Gomen ne, Dragon, but Yuy didn’t know I found you. He was quite worried.”

Wufei’s disheveled head popped out of the blankets, an incredulous look in his face. “Worried? Yuy?”

Treize nodded even as relief flooded him. “I apologize for his lack of proper timing.” He approached the bed and its occupant. A hand stole up to ran down Wufei’s face. “Ai shiteru, Dragon. No matter what that bastard did to you, I still love you.”

Wufei flung his arms around his lover. “I love you too, Treize,” he whispered.

The older man froze, stunned. Then a delighted smile lit up his face. He began lowering his head.

The door banged open again.

“Just wanted to say goodbye.”

Two frustrated screams echoed from the mansion.