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KINKS (GW, NC-17, PWP, LEMON!!!!!)
By Kimi C.

DISCLAIMER: They’re not mine so save your money.

This is my first ever PWP LEMON so be kind. I found it somewhere beneath all my files and it’s supposed to be the opening for a GW/Ai no Kusabi crossover. As usual, it’s Heero and Duo (guess who’s top?) and it’s a total a kink fest. No redeeming value, whatsoever, and I don’t know about the writing style myself. What cha think?


“Heero, I love you.”

Warm lips pressed soft kisses on golden skin. Slitted eyes, revealing only a hint of cobalt, met wide amethyst. “Duo” was a soft expulsion of breath, accompanied by a shudder as teasing fingers toyed with a rigid member. A deep laugh echoed in the dark confines as the chestnut-haired demon continued to torment his prey.

Heero Yuy was currently damning himself for ever agreeing to the game. The handcuffs had been bad enough, but to allow himself to be tied spread-eagled in a bed with a ravenous Duo Maxwell. Well that was just asking for trouble.

Duo grinned even as he brandished a glaringly deep-blue satin bow. Settling down between his lover’s spread thighs, he wrapped the material around Heero’s cock. He began gently tugging right and left, enjoying the sight of Heero shuddering as the material caressed him. “Duo!” The cry was louder now, the eyes totally shut.

“Now, now, Hee-chan, you promised you’d play after ignoring me entirely last week.”

“Duo, we were on a mission,” Hee-chan ground out from between clenched teeth. He gave a surprised yelp as Duo pulled the bow and tied it tightly around the base of his cock. The extremely tight circulation was both pain and pleasure and the youth felt like he would explode.

“There, there, love. My little present.” Violet eyes stared at the wrapped-up prize lasciviously, licking his lips. Heero almost went over the edge as he saw that swirling pink tongue. “You do know how to please me, Heero.” He leaped off the bed and ran, naked, to the closet. Emerging, he dangled a pair of nipple clamps in front of his wide-eyed lover.

“Duo, I *will* kill you if you put those on me!” Heero twitched, trying to get away from the grinning maniac but the bindings on his wrist and legs prevented him from moving. A moan flew from his throat as the jewelry was attached to the aching nubs, not tight enough to cause pain, but tight enough to send tingles down his spine. He opened his eyes, more than afraid to see what his lover would come up next.

He sighed with relief as he saw Duo sitting next to where his head lay on a pillow, a bowl cradled on his hand. “Open your mouth, Heero. This is just curry.” Warily, the tied-down teen opened his mouth. A spoonful of fire exploded in his tongue, racing through his veins. A few minutes later he calmed down and Duo fed him one spoonful at a time. Nose and throat afire, Heero bucked, unable to withstand it. The fire was everywhere, inside and outside, and he tossed his head fitfully, limbs shivering and twitching. Then the conflagration became hotter, more painful, and Heero felt a searing agony but no words could come through.

Duo watched as Heero gyrated on the bed, semen dripping from his pulsing-red cock, eyes tightly closed. :It works,: he thought in awe. He had thought the technique of feeding one’s lover with spicy food as an aphrodisiac was a bunch of rot but obviously not. :Oh man, look at him,: was the dazed thought that came to his mind.

Heero danced to an unheard music, hips bucking, head rolling on the pillow. Panting moans came non-stop from his mouth and sweat poured from every single pore in his body. His fists opened and closed and even his toes were curled tight. However, the frenzy seemed more panicked, than sensual.

Duo moved quickly as he realized that he made a mistake. The bow around Heero’s erection was too tight, causing the boy excruciating suffering in his condition. His ears had caught the thread of pain in the moans. Released from that particular binding, his lover bucked even harder, phallus slick with pre-come. Few could have withstood the sight. Duo definitely could not.

A wet warmth encased Heero, oddly comforting and soothing. He shuddered as he felt Duo’s nimble tongue, the convulsions of throat muscles, and began thrusting into that heat. :More, more, more,: ran through his mind, unheeded. Duo seemed to have read his mind as he moved away. Heero whimpered then moaned as a pillow was thrust beneath his buttocks. Fingers slicked with moisture began pistoning in and out of his opening, hand and mouth in perfect sync. One finger, two, three…a satisfied sigh echoed in the room as his lover finally entered him, a forceful ramming of the hips. Heero felt drowned in the numerous sensory stimulations: the familiar tensing then loosening of his muscles as he was invaded, the warmth and feel of Duo’s balls slapping gently against his skin as he thrust, the shuddery sensation as one site inside him was constantly stroked. And of course, Duo himself, inside him, over him, everywhere. Heero loved it.

No more thoughts of punishment remained in the American’s mind. Only Heero, hot, silky, tight Heero. Both moved, driven by the dance, eyes closed, backs arching. Closer, closer, and then----

Screams echoed within the small house.


“So, how’d you like it, Heero?” Duo asked, grinning tiredly. He had been concerned when he had recovered consciousness only to see Heero lying still beneath him. The handcuffs and nipple clamps were immediately taken away but the Japanese boy still lay in a spread-eagled position. Only the moving chest revealed that he was still alive.

Heero was dazed. His body tingled, and he could still feel streaking of fire leftover. :Breathe, damnit,: he thought to himself, :don’t think, just breathe. Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale.: An eternity passed before he opened his eyes and glared at the cheerful, triumphant baggage on top of him. “Hn,” he grunted, unable to say any more.

“Well, that’ll teach you to ignore me.” Duo lay on top of his lover and nuzzled the sweat-covered neck. Heero smelled of musk, gunpowder, and sex. It was a cocktail of scents that had the American drunk, nostrils flaring as he breathed it in deeply. “I love you, Heero.”

A tiny smile appeared in the Japanese’s lips. “Me too, Duo.” He managed, through extreme effort, to lift a hand and tangle it through the chestnut strands. His lids fluttered close.


Quatre stared at the door, unsure of whether or not he should knock. The screams that had rocked the house a mere two hours ago had been evidence that the two should be done, but----

He sighed and knocked.


“What the hell?” growled Duo as a rapping sound interrupted his sleep. Heero’s eyes had also opened. “Who is it?” the American yelled.

“Quatre. We have a mission.”

“Shit!” Duo banged his head against his pillow, wishing that reality would just leave them alone. His lover had already gained to his feet, steady, except for a slight limp. A chuckle escaped from Duo as Heero glared at him.

“This is your fault, Maxwell!”

“Don’t be such a baby, Yuy! A hot shower’ll do you just fine. In fact, I think I’ll join you.” Duo sat up, stretching.

“I don’t think so.” Heero ignored the laughter as he closed the bathroom door firmly behind me. “Idiot!”

Duo lounged out onto the bed. :Sex, kinks, and Heero----I love my life!”


For now!