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By Kimi


[A.C. 145, Makai]


Hiei looked at his surroundings with disdain. The Makai marketplace reeked of the pungent odour of raw meat and unwashed bodies. Set in one of Yomi's more populated cities, the marketplace was filled to the brim with youkai of various kinds. It was a noisy, smelly, and unpleasant place to be, Hiei thought to himself.

He looked around, trying to find the highly-distinguishable red hair of his companion. However, being a short being surrounded by creatures taller and wider than he was, he could see nothing beyond the press of bellies and chests. Growling in frustration, Hiei pushed his way through the crowd, unwilling to use the Jagan in such a crowded place. Finally, he managed to escape the crowd. He looked around to see where he had ended up and saw a group of youkai wildly cheering about a platform. Hiei's nose twitched as he inhaled a familiar and unpleasant odour. His crimson eyes hardened and he blurred to stand on top of a pyramid of barrels next to a fruit stall. He ignored the indignant cries of the horned vendor and concentrated on the platform. Behind the platform was a long line of well-kept wagons with barred windows. A slender, bat-winged youkai stood in one corner of the platform, speaking to the crowd in a loud, nasal voice. From his position, he could see over the heads of the crowd clearly and what he saw confirmed his earlier suspicions. A slave caravan was in town.

In a world as corrupt and demonic as the Makai, slavery is a common and accepted fact. Kurama had informed him reluctantly before that he had been captured and sold as a slave for half a century when he was a very young youko. Hiei had been lucky to escape the one time he had been caught. The fire-demon had vowed to himself never to let such a thing happen to him and honed his speed to its current state to protect himself. However, there were many who fall prey to the slave-traders, usually poor villagers or abandoned children. The auction block he was looking at appeared to be selling off children to the avid crowd. Hiei's fists tightened. Though he would never admit it to anyone, he felt a strong sympathetic bond towards youkai children in tragic situations because of his own past. Now as he stared at the apathetic, cringing bunch of children, he felt a fiery rage eat inside of him. He reached for his katana, only to feel a hand stop him. He whirled around to see Kurama in his youko form standing one barrel below him, making eye-to-eye contact with the fire-demon. "What are you doing, Kurama?" Hiei hissed at his lover.

"You can't, Hiei."

"I can handle them all!"

"Hiei, we are in Yomi's territory. Yomi allows slave-traders here, even if only one caravan every few months. You cannot attack them, especially since they did nothing to you."

"Are you just going to let them"---a bandaged hand waved at the crowd. Kurama winced. ---"have these children?" Hiei's crimson eyes burned into Kurama's golden ones.

"We can't buy them all, Hiei." Kurama tried to make his voice gentle. Hiei turned away from him. A beautiful red youko female of no more than a century had just been sold to an obese, multi-horned demon who stared at her with menace and hunger. Hiei tightly fisted his hands, fighting down the urge to launch the Kokuryuuha at the entire group. Now the bat-winged auctioneer called the next child towards the middle of the platform. Both Hiei and Kurama watched in surprise as two massive, clawed monsters appeared from behind the train of wagons, dragging a slight figure in between them.

They dragged the figure up the platform and shoved him to the middle then stood on either side of him. The slave stood upright proudly, eyes straight ahead. He appeared to be a ningen-child no more than fifteen or sixteen years of age, with rumpled dark-brown hair. Even from the distance, both Kurama and Hiei could see the hard, cold resolution in the boy's Prussian eyes. He was held in check by manacles and a collar around his neck, the leash held in one guard's fist.

"Now, we have a real treat!" the auctioneer's nasal voice bellowed. "You see before you a rare specimen, the child of a ningen female and an okami!"

The crowd gasped, Hiei and Kurama included. The okami, or wolf-spirits, were wild, rarely-seen youkai. A fierce, clannish-type of youkai, the okami would often only associate with their own kind and disdain others. However, there have been the rare occasions that an okami-male would seek a mate amongst another species. The resultant child was often a perfect blend of his parents and inherited the powers of both species. For an okami to mate with a ningen was unheard of, thus the child at the platform was probably the only one of its kind. Kurama stared at child. Being a youko, he was distant cousins with the okami. He remembered encountering a village of them during one of his heists. He had been trying to escape a particularly determined posse and had run towards the mountains that surrounded that region. Unfamiliar with the area, he had wandered around until he came across a massive outcropping of rock, so big it was almost like a miniature mountain was growing from the mountain. There was a small cavern entrance at one corner, partially hidden by bushes. Kurama had been grateful to find shelter and entered it. The cavern was like nothing he had ever seen. It seemed that the rock outcrop had been hollowed out inside. The cavern was designed in a step fashion of three levels. Each level higher was slightly narrower than before. All levels were filled with regularly-placed holes. It was a village like nothing the fox-spirit had ever seen.

From each hole, shadows appeared. The creatures with their upright ears, glowing-golden slit-pupiled eyes, powerful clawed hands, and bristly tails were not really monstrous to look at. He remembered being surprised to see that they had a delicate, chiselled beauty that rivalled the youko. All of them, though, looked more than capable of tearing him apart with their bare hands.

Kurama had been saved from a gruesome battle by the appearance of a stately okami, evidently the elder leader, accompanied by a younger, cold-eyed warrior. The ancient okami greeted Kurama by name and provided shelter for the fox-spirit for three days. In those three days, Kurama had been isolated from the rest of the clan. Even the children looked at him with suspicion and a battle-ready wariness. The Makai thief had been more than glad to escape from their village by the end of the three days.

Now he studied the child. The boy appeared to have none of the characteristics of an okami; he looked nothing more than a ningen child. The guards that surrounded him told a different story. The customers stared at the child with distrust and even hints of fear. None knew exactly what type of power the okami had and the huge guards were more than enough warning that the child was not to be trifled with. The auctioneer was beginning to look a little desperate.

A deep voice called out, "A hundred gold!"

Everyone turned to stare at Hiei. Half of them recognized the fire-demon and his youko lover and turned back to stare curiously at the boy. The auctioneer smiled and called out, "Hundred going once, twice, sold to the spiky-haired youkai on the barrel!" He nodded towards the guards who held the newly-sold slave tightly and brought him down to the side of the platform.

Hiei and Kurama leaped from the barrels and moved towards the boy. The crowd parted respectfully.

Hiei stopped before the two guards and in a blur of black, tossed a pouch to them. One of the hideous beasts caught it easily and the two shoved their charge towards its new owner. Hiei caught the leash and dragged the boy away from the slave caravan. They headed for the livery stables where they picked up their horses and left the city hurriedly, the boy impassively sitting in front of Kurama on the horse as they thundered across the land.

Heero watched his new owners warily and coldly. He had observed that the two of them interacted with the smooth ease of long-time lovers. Oddly enough, he sensed no maliciousness nor ill intent from the two towards him. He snorted to himself. This was the Makai. There were no such things as good-willed spirits in a land of demons.

He watched as the horses covered ground swiftly. They were headed towards a looming forest just ahead of them. Before entering the forest, the youko climbed down and held the reins tightly, giving Heero a warning glare. The boy stared back. The youko then led the way cautiously.

A huge gaping maw of a Shokubutsu plant appeared from nowhere and snapped hungrily at the group. Heero then saw the hundreds of deadly plants that made up the forest. Each species were carnivorous and the boy could see the gleam of poison-tipped thorns and leaves. None of the plants, though, scratched their little group.

They passed through a maze of the vicious vegetation before appearing before a large clearing. In the middle was the biggest tree Heero had ever seen. More than twenty feet above ground, its branches were spread out to cover almost the entire clearing. He could see the makings of a treehouse amongst the leaf-laden branches. Surrounding the tree was an exquisite garden that bloomed with fragrant health and filled the area with brilliant colours. Heero could feel his eyes widening and his jaw slackening. The youko was indeed more powerful than he had thought.

"Welcome to our home," the youko said in a husky voice. Heero just stared at him. The youko pulled him down to the ground. From the corner of his eye, Heero saw the other youkai vanish in a black blur only to reappear before him. <What speed!> the slave thought to himself. He took careful note of the wards around one arm and on the forehead.

"I'm Kurama, Makai thief extraordinaire!" exclaimed the youko extravagantly. He draped a possessive hand around the smaller demon's shoulders. "And this is my husband, Hiei. He's a fire-demon." Heero looked at Hiei curiously. He had never seen a fire-demon before. The one before him didn't look like much, but Heero refused to underestimate him. Small and slight, with crimson eyes that seemed to stare into his very soul, Hiei did not look like he was strong enough to have become one of the three Makai leader's heir as Heero had heard from the other slave-traders and slaves.


"What's your name?" Kurama asked.


The fox-spirit frowned. "That's odd. That's a ningen name. Your mother must've named you."

Heero said nothing. Kurama sighed. "Looks like I've got two taciturn half-breeds to take care of now." He left them to climb lithely up the tree.

Heero and Hiei stared at each other. <A half-breed?> Heero thought curiously. He forced himself not to ask. He had learned early in his captivity not to speak out of turn.

"Hn. Kurama's starting dinner. If you can't climb, you don't eat." With that, Hiei vanished. Heero suddenly felt lighter and heard the clanking of metal hitting ground. His manacles and collar were gone. The slave walked so that he stood directly in front of the tree. He studied the tree trunk. One bruised hand touch the rough bark and the boy started as he felt a deep thrumming inside the tree. Curious, he pressed his ear on the tree trunk. He heard a rumbling deep inside. He pulled away.

"What manner of tree are you?" he asked the tree.

"It's called the Soul-Searcher."

Kurama watched their new slave jump four feet into the air in startlement. Wide blue eyes met leafy-green ones. Heero's eyes hardened and he moved away from the tree and the unfamiliar figure. "Oh, don't worry about this. This is my human form. I lived in Ningenkai a long time ago and I've grown fond of this form." Heero studied the slender redhead with the wide green eyes. :He appeared beautiful in both forms,: the slave noted to himself detachedly.

Kurama continued with his explanation of the tree. "The Soul-Searchers are rare and valuable. As you can see, they are ideal for living in. They are also very powerful. All of the plants you see here are controlled by me and the Soul-Searcher. This tree bound itself to me and thus it bound its children to me as well. It won't hurt what I tell it not to hurt, so you're safe." He let out a laugh, petting one of the branches. "Besides, I think it likes you."

"What do you plan on doing with me?"

The fox-spirit became serious and leapt down to the ground easily. He faced the slave. "We mean you no harm, child. Both Hiei and I despise slavery, though we can do little about it. Yomi would not allow our interference in his politics. You can stay here for as long as you want. Or you can leave right now." Kurama gestured and a path cleared. Heero stared at Kurama's eyes hard, looking for any sign of deception. He couldn't find any but he could not let his guard go, either. He had not survived this long by being careless.

Kurama watched the boy and saw that he did not intend to leave. The fox-spirit dissipated the ki that controlled the plants and allowed the opening to close. "Well, then, food's ready!" He easily climbed the tree again, crawling over the bark like a snake.

Feeling a growling in his belly, Heero moved towards the trunk of the tree and wrapped his limbs around it. Slowly but surely, he climbed up the long trunk towards the high branches. He felt trepidation and fear as his feet left the ground. The okami were burrowers, not climbers, and he was definitely not comfortable climbing the massive tree. Hiei and Kurama watched the boy climb. "What are we going to do with him, Hiei?" Kurama asked his lover. The fire-demon shrugged. Heero finally reached the first branch and he leaped for it. His hands caught it surely and he pulled himself up. A delicious smell attacked his nostrils and his stomach grumbled yet again. Standing cautiously on the wide branch, he walked slowly towards the door of the treehouse, arms spread at his sides.

A bowl of stew was immediately handed to him and the three sat around the low table at the living room, eagerly downing the meal. Heero stared around the house.

The house was designed so that the flat spread of branches became the floor. The walls and the roof were made of cut wood. There appeared to be only three partitions in the treehouse. The kitchen with its stone oven partially partitioned off one corner of the house, a window open to let out the accumulated smoke and smells that accompanied cooking. The living room was cheerful, with its wide, shuttered windows, the shutters open to let the sunlight peep through. There were pictures hanging from the walls and portions of the floor were covered by colourful rugs. The last partition was obviously the bedroom, since there were no beds in the living room, only large throw-pillows.

"There is a river behind the tree," Kurama told Heero. "That is where we get water to wash and drink. When you want to pee or whatever, make sure you are far from it, otherwise we wouldn't have a water supply." Heero nodded.

Thus Heero's life with our favourite YYH couple began.

[A.C. 190]

{Laughing violet eyes sparkled beneath the golden glow of candles. Long slim limbs enfolded Heero deep in their embrace as two mouths met and mated. Heero shivered at the delicious contact and sparred more vigorously with the undulating figure under him, tasting the unique and familiar taste of his lover. He heard the soft whisper of feathers brushing against each other and felt the silky-soft feel of midnight wings enfolding him like a living blanket. The moon glowed brilliantly through the open window.

A scream rent the air. Heero watched as his lover's naked body, tied in an upright, spread-eagled position, jerk and bleed against the lash of the whip. Two powerful, merciless strokes severed the wings, leaving large gaping wounds. He could hear his own voice crying as the long, golden-streaked hair that he loved was shorn off to fall in lacklustre hanks on the blood-splattered floor. He yelled and begged for them to stop as youkai after youkai raped the limp figure, his ears ringing with sobbing, maddened shrieks. The shrieking went on and on and on. . .}

Heero jerked awake, panting. His mind was still whirling with the nightmarish images. He clapped his hands to his ears, still able to hear the screams that never stopped. He was unaware that he was rocking on the mattress he was lying on, silvery tears escaping from his tightly-screwed eyes. A deep, pained moan rumbled out of him. Suddenly, strong warm arms held him in a comforting embrace and a deep, concerned voice called him. Heero could do nothing but try to follow the voice, try to escape the hell of his memories.

Pain exploded in his cheeks and Heero's eyes opened in surprise. He saw Kurama still holding him. His right cheek throbbed and he lifted a hand to touch it, wincing at the pain. Hiei stood before the two of them. Heero could swear that he saw a hint of fear and concern in the other's eyes before the fire-demon 'hnned' and left. <For me?> he asked himself.

"Heero, daijobu desu ka?" Kurama asked, trying to look into the other's eyes. Heero struggled out of the embrace and Kurama let him go. "Daijobu," he reassured Kurama curtly. The four and a half decades he had spent with the couple had been enjoyable years and had bound the three of them together. Kurama and Hiei treated Heero as their child and Heero let them, though he was still uncommunicative and impassive as ever.

Kurama looked his adopted son over and finally nodded. Heero had told them that he had been born 2 centuries ago and that his clan had been destroyed by a freak plague, leaving him the only survivor. The boy rarely spoke of the years he'd spent before he'd met them but Kurama and Hiei had been awoken enough times by the boy's screaming to know that Heero had not survived unscathed. Kurama wished the boy would say something but he despaired of that ever happening.

"Oyasumi, Heero." The boy nodded, staring outside at the full moon. Kurama went back to bed.

"Hiei, I'm worried," the fox told his husband as he joined the fire-demon in bed. Hiei snuggled against him.


"I don't know. But I feel something bad is about to happen." Kurama shivered despite the warm night.

Hiei wrapped his small arms around Kurama and held him close. He could also feel a bad premonition.


The next day dawned bright and early. Kurama wandered out of the bedroom to see Hiei standing in front of a determined-looking Heero. Kurama's green eyes widened as he realised that Heero was dressed as if he was going to leave. He wondered if this was the premonition he had felt.

"What's going on?"

Hiei snorted and gestured towards Heero. "This idiot servant of ours says he's going to Ningenkai." Heero said nothing.

Kurama gasped. "N-ningenkai? Doshite?"

Heero looked away. His voice was soft and quiet when he answered. "It calls to me."

Kurama and Hiei looked at each other. They knew Heero well enough now that the boy could never be budged from his position. Kurama had often remarked to Hiei that Heero defeated him hands-down in the arena of anal retentiveness. Hiei would only smirk in reply. Both of them were proud of the quiet young boy that had come in their midst. "Heero, Ningenkai is in a state of war. Koenma had told me that there would be a civil war breaking any time soon," Kurama said, trying to persuade him from his goal.

"I don't care. I *must* go!" With that Heero grabbed a bag lying on the floor, and launched himself towards the door. Kurama and Hiei followed him down to the ground.

"Chotto matte, Heero!"

Heero halted but his back remained turned away from the two that had become his family. Kurama approached him and turned him back to face them, Hiei at his side. "Nani?" Heero asked coldly, ignoring the ache deep within him.

Kurama crushed him in a powerful embrace. When the youko finally let go, he handed a magnificent ring to Heero. The ring was made for a man's fingers. Heero stared at the ring, the gold beaten and etched to form two wings meeting in a perfect circle. A large amethyst twinkled at the centre of the ring. He looked up at Kurama. "Koenma told me to give this to you. He said that I would know when. Take care of yourself in Ningenkai, Heero. Maybe you could see Yusuke's descendants."

Heero nodded and smirked at the thought of the brash ningen-turned-youkai, who ruled a third of Makai. Hiei and Kurama had once been heir to the other two parts.

The boy turned to face Hiei. Hiei, the sarcastic, blunt, and vicious fire-demon had become a teacher and a companion to Heero. Their personalities were similar enough that they felt comfortable with each other. Hiei stared at him hard before looking away. "Don't get yourself killed."

Heero looked down as he felt a sudden weight on his hand. He saw a single black tear-gem glinting in the morning sun. He looked up and nodded, before turning to leave.

Kurama and Hiei stared at his departing back.


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