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{…} - flashback
[…] - date and place
:…: - thoughts

By Kimi


"Is Heero alright?"

Pahgan smiled, his thick bushy beard twitching. "Hai, Relena-sama. Yuy-san is currently at one of Winner-san's estates. Our contacts have informed us that Heero had been captured by Treize Khushrenada in a hidden mountain base. The base has since been destroyed by the Gundam pilots when they rescued Yuy-san."

Relena Peacecraft released a deep sigh of relief. :Heero was fine.: "Thank you for telling me this, Paghan. Now, I'm ready to admit my visitors."

"As you wish, Relena-sama." Her loyal manservant closed the doors to her lush private office. A moment later, there was a knock and the door opened.

"Relena-sama, Zechs Marquise and Lady Noin are here to see you." With that, Pahgan exited for the second time.

Relena stood up from her chair, nervously smoothing down the short red skirt she was wearing. "'Niisan," she murmured. My brother.


"I am not an invalid, Duo," Heero said in his usual monotone. His face was fierce, though, as he glowered at the other pilot. Duo's cherubic face, a little drawn from all the stress of the past few weeks, was set in a stubborn expression.

"Yes, you are, Heero," the American said fiercely. "Now eat!" He pointed imperiously at a bowl of porridge and a plate of sliced fruit. The two pilots stared each other down; Heero looked away first, digging a spoon into the bowl.

"And no stupid heroics either! I still remember how you set your own broken bone! Well, I won't take it, understand? You sit there until the doctor says you can get up!"

"I see that you have some rather strange bedside manners, Maxwell." Shenlong's pilot entered the room, dressed in tight denim and a loose white shirt. His black hair was pulled rather strenuously from his face as usual.

"Hey, Wu-man! Are you all right?" Duo stared at the Chinese boy. He had long since suspected that his teammate had a rather tragic attraction for the enemy general but it was never so obvious as now. Since Heero's rescue, Wufei had locked himself in his room, coming out only for meals or to go to the library. All efforts to talk with him were sternly rebuffed.

Wufei gestured a hand dismissively. "Of course I am, Maxwell. It was just a shock to see how that base was so populated with demons. I don't think I handled it well." Wufei sat on the bed, next to Duo. His black eyes studied the grumpy patient. "Daijoubu-ka, Heero?"

The other responded with a curt nod, munching on a piece of melon.

"What did the doctor say?"

Duo smiled. "Well, because of Heero's unnatural healing powers, he should be out of bed in three more days. Until then, though, he is not to step out of the bed. Not even to pee." There was a growl from the other side of the bed. "Or sh---"

Wufei flung a hand. "Enough, Maxwell. This is good news. We must be back on the battlefield as soon as possible." Standing up, he squeezed Duo's shoulder affectionately. The American stared in shock. Wufei, although more voluble, radiated a 'touch-me-not' aura as fiercely as either Trowa or Heero.

Duo grinned, a welcome expression on his haggard face. "Why, Wu, if I'm not mistaken, you've been worried about me! I knew you loved me, Wu-chan!" Before the other boy could duck, a heavy braided burden pounced on him. Wufei wheezed as Duo hugged the stuffing out of him, finally managing to push the other boy away.

"Moii! Enough!" He warded off his hands as Duo dusted himself off from the floor. "I have a mission."

"A mission?" Duo asked, startled. The scientists had all been informed that the Gundam pilots would be out of commission until the end of the week. It was not well-received but grudgingly accepted.

Wufei hesitated, standing in the open door. There was a stark vulnerability in his face, one that made Duo's breath caught in his throat and Heero's eyes to widen. "It's a private mission, Duo." The door swung slightly shut behind his retreating footsteps.

The remaining two stared at each other. "Treize," they both muttered.

"Oh, whoa! Wait a minute! What did you mean 'Treize'?" Duo asked, glaring at his lover. Well, lover-to-be, but Duo was not one to argue about semantics.

The Japanese infirm swallowed the rest of his porridge and placed the tray on the bedside table. "It was rather obvious whenever Wufei went to spar with Treize."

"'Spar'? You mean, Wu-man and Treize---"

There was a quiet, exasperated expulsion of breath. "Duo, not everything begins or ends in sex. No, I doubt that Wufei, with his high moral standards and his repressed guilt, would allow him to sleep with his enemy. Furthermore, Treize Khushrenada is not a man who would need to molest a child for his sexual pleasures," Heero commented. His companion was a bit repulsed by the entire clinical explanation.

"Ugh! You sound like one of them military shrinks! I better not hear you dissecting our relationship like that, Heero."

Heero laid back on the bed, staring at the ceiling. His words were so soft that Duo leaned forward to catch them. "Do we have a relationship, Duo?"

The braided boy swallowed. "Damn you, Heero, of course we have a relationship! You kissed me five weeks ago, remember?!"

Those blazing blue eyes flickered to meet anguished amethyst. "I remember." The next words sounded rusty, so rare were they used. "I'm sorry."

Duo flung himself beside the Japanese boy, wrapping his arms over Heero's bandaged chest. "I love you, Heero. I really, really do!"

A gossamer kiss to his chestnut crown was Heero's only reply.



Zechs Marquise hesitated before pulling off the silver steel helmet that covered the upper half of his face. Jagged platinum bangs covered his brow and his blue eyes were sparkling with some unnamed emotion. Mirialdo Peacecraft was a beautiful man, almost criminally so. "Relena."


"Relena-sama." The blue-haired lieutenant was immaculate in her OZ dress uniform. A rather unfamiliar sight in the halls of Relena's home base in Sanque Kingdom.

"Please sit down, both of you." They all did, Relena almost hidden behind her huge mahogany desk. "Now, what can I do for you?"

"Treize Khushrenada has lost his mind," Zechs said flatly. Relena merely quirked an eyebrow. "He has allied himself with abominations, demons from the Japanese Hell."

His young sister gasped, bringing a hand to her mouth. "Demons?"

"Yes. I have seen them. His mountain base in the Rockies swam with those beasts. And many of them had strange powers."

"Are the Federation and the Colonies aware of this? Is Romefeller?"

"Romefeller fully supports it," Noin replied. She looked tired and older than her years. "They did not hesitate to create robots that kill. They would not hesitate to ally themselves with demons to achieve their purpose. We have informed the Federation through an anonymous contact but both Zechs and I will be flying out to the Colonies. Treize and his new ally must be stopped at all costs."

"I agree," Relena said instantly. She was horrified to learn that Heero had been held captive in an area filled with monsters. The human race would not survive this kind of altercation. "What do you want me to do?"


The wind was loudly rustling the leaves, muffling the sound of a speeding motorcycle. Clouds drifted across the midnight-blue sky, obscuring the half-moon that lit the highway. There were no other vehicles on the isolated road, other than one jet-black motorcycle.

Rain poured down hard just as the motorcycle rounded a corner, stopping before a small cottage. It was an old-style European hunting cottage, although the peeling paint and the creeping vines told of its abandoned state. There was a flicker of candle from the front windows.

Treize looked up from his warm place in front of the fire when he heard the 'vroom-vroom' of a motorcycle, slightly softened by the harsh downpour. The loud thrum was cut off quickly. A few moments later, the door of the cottage was flung open to reveal a soaking wet figure. Wufei closed the door, taking off his helmet and raincoat and hanging them on a nearby coat rack.

"Dragon." Treize took to his feet. He looked cozy in his white knitted sweater and loose brown slacks. His ginger hair was slightly tousled and his blue eyes were warm.


It was an amazing sight, to see how easily the vibrant charisma drain, leaving a half-shell behind. The OZ general sat back down on the rug. "I thought that was why you called me here."

Wufei was breathing rapidly. His emotions were driving him insane. When the baby Kami had informed them that Treize had allied with demons, it seemed to be so fitting with the general's character. Yet, there was a part of him that refused to believe it. And that irrational part of him was totally devastated to see exactly what 'allying' with demons meant.

"I saw two horned monsters eating a prisoner," he said calmly. "I saw another one raping a Federation female officer. Your men were sickened by it but they endure it because of their love for you. I ask again, why?"

"Why, to help me with my plan to erase war from humanity's memory," Treize said, smiling faintly.

"By replacing them with a new set of horrors?"


"Treize, this is insane! Do you think Zashoun would stop with Earth? Soon, he would have demons pouring from the other world into this one! Not one human would be spared from the ensuing massacre! Do you have any idea what you have done?!"

The OZ general looked into the fire. His words froze the blood in Wufei's veins. "Pilot of Gundam 05, I will not argue my reasons with you. Leave if you have nothing of worth left to say."

"Damn you, Treize! It will give me great pleasure to be the one who would send you off in the afterlife." Grabbing his coat and helmet, Wufei ran out of the door. Tears mingled with rain as his motorcycle roared to life.

Left alone once more, the general dropped his head to his palm. "You have my word, Dragon, that you will have that pleasure."