Treize stared at the beautiful creature looming over him. "Have you found what you arelooking for?" he asked, gesturing for the otherworldly creature to sit down.

Zashoun smiled. It sent shivers down Treize's spine. "Yes."



Heero stared in consternation at the words being printed on his laptop screen. His analytical mind was already capturing pertinent information and looking for ways in and out.

"Doshite no?" Quatre asked, coming into Heero's room with two cups of piping hot tea.


"Aaaah. Souka." Quatre placed the tea in Heero's hand. The Japanese automatically took a sip. "Who is it for?"

"Me. The rest of you can continue your training."

"What about Duo?"

Heero frowned, his eyes turning darker and fiercer. "He doesn't need me." Quatre's golden brow raised but he said nothing.

"Oi! Where's Heero?" Duo yelled, trying to restrain himself from bouncing.

"Mission," Wufei replied, already taking out Yhellu and moving in several practice katas. Hiei had appeared beside him and watched him indifferently.

"Oh." Suddenly, the day didn't seem so cheerful, after all.

:Damn,: Duo thought. :And I was going to show him the new trick Kurama taught me last night.:

Duo had approached the youko two weeks ago. He had been having problems with his spiritual energy, unknowing that it was his youki, and not reiki, that was causing the problem. Kurama had realized what was happening and had taught Duo how to handle it. This discovery led to several group meetings as they had tried to decide how to handle having another boy who had both reiki and youki. It finally ended with Kurama taking responsibility for the rest of Duo's training.

Duo looked around him. Everyone seemed the same yet different since they had began training three weeks ago.

Quatre had mastered his circlet and could use it almost as effectively as Hiei's jagan.

Trowa had discovered the staff's hidden element, earth, and had learned its use from Kurama.

Wufei had also managed to discover how to awaken and harness the sleeping dragon's power. Both Kurama and Hiei had been impressed by their prowess.

As for him, Ikinosatsugai had already taught him proper fighting techniques on wielding the huge scythe. Duo was sure that when they faced OZ, whether demons, super-soldiers, or dolls, the enemy wouldn't stand a chance.

The braided American sighed. This would be their last day in Makai and he was already sad. He would miss the oddly beautiful surroundings and the two demons that showed such devotion towards each other.

:Heero, doko dayo?:




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:Mission Objective Unaccomplished.:
:Pilot captured.:
:Mission Failure.:

Duo, Quatre, Wufei, and Trowa stared at those three lines of text with shock, horror, and confusion.

"This has got to be a joke, ne?" Duo asked, voice slightly quavery. He turned instinctively to Quatre, his violet eyes wide and unknowingly pleading. "Ne, Quatre? Ne? Ne? This is 'Perfect-Soldier-Yuy' we're talking about. He couldn't have failed."

Quatre wrapped an arm around those shaking shoulders and looked at Trowa for reassurance. The other boy wasn't even looking at him. His green eyes were still focused on the laptop screen.

"What do we do now?" Wufei asked. He grimaced, realizing how idiotic that question was as soon as it left his mouth.

The rest of the pilots looked at him. "Why, we rescue him, of course," Duo replied mildly.

The other three looked at each other. There was no mistaking that gleam of resolution in those eyes, the edge in the voice.


Heero screamed, a high-pitched wail of a wounded animal.
Blood sprayed on the floor and on the wall.
He screamed again.
And again.
And again.


Duo lurched up from his bed, his slender frame shaking. "Heero," he whispered. "Heero!"

The door to his room opened to reveal Wufei. He was clad in a black silk robe with a stitched golden dragon. His hair was mussed and flying around his irritated face. "Maxwell, kindly shut up. You are not the only one here," he said acidly.


The Chinese pilot stood straighter and moved swiftly by the American's bed. He sat down at the edge and placed a hand on Duo's shaking shoulders. "What's wrong, Duo? Did you have a nightmare?"

Duo shook his head wildly. He began to rock, his arms hugging himself tightly. "It's Heero, Wu. It's Heero. He's dying."

Wufei felt a shiver of premonition. "Duo, it was just a dream. It's all right. Heero's fine. You know how he is."

"NO!" Wufei jerked away as Duo screamed. "HE'S NOT FINE! HE'S NOT! HE'S BEING TORTURED! DO YOU HEAR ME? TORTURED!"

Duo began to sob. Wufei enfolded him in his arms. "Duo, how do you know he's being tortured?"

"'Cause I can hear him screaming. See, there it goes again. He's been screaming for so long now."

The Chinese pilot shivered again. :Maybe there is something to what Duo's saying,: he thought uneasily. "Let's go talk to Quatre."

Duo nodded and stumbled to his feet.


"My beloved Ethan."

A pale, clawed hand speared through the blood-matted shock of dark hair. He pulled ruthlessly, lifting up that handsome face made ugly by pain. Blood dripped from one corner of the full lips. Zashoun leaned down and licked. His victim shuddered.

"You don't look a day older, beloved. You look exactly like you used to look two and a half centuries ago. I bet you're glad I put that spell on you."

It took effort but Heero managed to spit into that taunting face. Zashoun frowned and easily backhanded the pilot. There was a moan of pain.

"How quickly you've forgotten your master, beloved," the demon mourned. "But don't worry, I'm still willing to take you in." Those clawed hands wandered all over the bleeding, naked body.

"I love you, you know. Ai shiteru, koibito."

Heero shuddered even as his body began to respond to the familiar caresses. Long-buried memories began to rise up again.

:This was how he always did it,: Heero thought muzzily, swimming back and forth into consciousness. :Pain, then pleasure.:

He whimpered as the fiery tongue licked his nipple. :I would not plead,: he thought vaguely to himself. :For it never worked. He never granted mercy. Never.:


"Everyone ready?"

"Yoshi!" Duo cried, settling inside his beloved Deathscythe Hell. Ikinosatsugai was settled behind his seat.

"Okay! Launch in 3 seconds! San, ni, ichi, IKU ZO!"

"We're coming for you, Heero," Duo murmured to himself, eyes hard. "Don't you dare die on me. You still haven't fallen in love with me! We didn't even kiss yet!"

:What are you talking about?: Iki, as Duo had taken to calling his weapon, said in his mind.


:Well, stop mumbling and get going already!:

:Hai! Hai! Smart-ass piece of psychic scrap metal.:

:I heard that!:


Heero gasped as sharp teeth nipped his nipple even while talented hands massaged his rigid member. He arched, pain and pleasure combining into one. Tears seeped down his cheeks. "Ahhh, beloved, you still cry for me." One of those wicked hands lifted to wipe away a tear, bringing it to blood-stained lips. "Your tears taste so sweet."


"Heero, you bastard, where the hell are you?"

Duo slithered around the shadows of the base. Treize's new base was located in the arctic mountains of the Himalayas. It was isolated and well-hidden. However, very few things deter a Gundam pilot and a few shrubs were not one of them.

"Oh shit!"

Two guards in the black and gold uniform of OZ were walking the parameters, talking casually. Duo slid back into the shadows, eyes watchful.


The entrance was visible and the guards back was to the entrance. Duo's heart began pounding wildly as he listened and watched for any signal.


The American ran forward, knifing one guard in the back. He slung an arm around the other's neck and displayed the bloody knife right before the guard's face. "The captured pilot? Where is he?" Duo had tried to make his voice sound deeper.

"I-inside. With the dark man."

Duo nodded and snapped the man's neck easily. He could not afford mercy. Not when it might cost Heero his life.


"Ahhh! Ahhhh!"

Heero screamed as his former master pounded inside him ruthlessly. Darkness was rushing towards him even as they both climaxed.

Zashoun withdrew from his beloved slave-boy. He licked his lips and ran a gentle, caressing hand down that slack face. "Kireii na," he murmured. "And you're mine. Only mine."

He moved away. Two shadows emerged from the floor, bowing low before him. "Take care of my pet. Make sure he doesn't get any scars."

The shadows whispered a sibilant agreement.



Duo looked around but had lost his bearings after the first dozen turns or so. "This place is like a maze!"

Another boom rocked the place. He grinned, then checked his watch. "Oh shit! Only 10 more minutes!"

He ran on.

Unbeknownst to him, a pair of blue eyes watched him as he wound his way through the maze of corridors. Treize sighed.

His finger hovered before a button.

Another sigh.

The finger gently pushed the button down.


Duo's head whipped around as he heard the quiet 'whoosh!'

He crept slowly towards the open door, gun cocked, knife unsheathed. His mouth dropped open. Two shadows were slithering out of the room. In their arms was a naked and bloody Heero. Duo could see the bite marks all over the bronzed skin, as well as the lash and knife marks. Tears pricked his eyes even as he adjusted the silencer in his gun's nozzle. He aimed at one of the undulating creatures and fired.

The bullet went through the intangible substance, creating no damage whatsoever. The two shadows dropped their bloody package and lunged towards Duo.

Duo grinned. One hand flashed to his right. He muttered the incantation.

A flare of light!

Suddenly, Ikinosatsugai's familiar weight was in his hands again. He began circling around the shadows, watching as they followed him.

One hand negligently swinging the chain around, Duo struck.

Ikinosatsugai's diamond-edged blades flared as they cut through the shadow. A tinkle was heard and Duo's eyes darted to see a flashing black stone on the ground before the stricken creature vanished in a low moan of pain.

"Oh yeah!" :So that's it!: He readied himself to strike again.


He had struck at the same place but nothing happened. Instead the shadows formed into two creatures. "Kuso! The gem changes places."

:A worthy opponent,: Iki noted.

:Worthy, my ass! We've got to get out of here! The others can only cover us for so long, you know!:

:I hear you.:


Treize watched the battle, blue eyes glinting appreciatively.

"Ah, my beautiful dragon has such gallant and courageous comrades. But filled with their own mysteries."


:One down!:

Duo back-flipped, just in time to avoid one shadowy extension in the form of a scythe. "Copycat! Can't even be original!" he sneered.


:Hai! Hai! We're coming, Quatre!:

"Yoshi! Last chance you big glob of black goo!" Ikinosatsugai danced wildly in Duo's expert hands as they cut through the shadow in various places. Finally, there was that signaling flare and the accompanying tinkle.

"All right!" Duo ran forward to hoist Heero up. The Japanese werewolf was heavy but Duo did not give in.

The run back to Shinigami was merely a black blur in Duo's mind. He could only recall running from corridor to corridor, Ikinosatsugai leaping from his side in flashing cuts whenever they met the enemy. His only thought was on the broken, bleeding boy in his arms.

"Heero, this time, I'm taking you with me."

:Yakusoku yo.: