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{…} - flashback
[…] - date and place
:…: - thoughts

By Kimi


"What do you mean?"

Heero sighed. The explanations were going to take awhile. "I don't have time to explain to you all now. Koenma wants us back at Makai immediately."



Heero glared at them. "Are you coming or not?" he growled, losing his monotone.

"If you're planning on feeding us to demons, Heero," Wufei snarled back, "you better think again." But he moved towards Heero. Trowa and Quatre exchanged puzzled glances. They hesitantly followed the others.

Before they left, though, Heero turned back to look at the rebels. "Sally Po," he said, meeting Sally's blue eyes. "Keep track of the Pro-Treize movement. Treize has a new ally."

The ex-Federation-surgeon nodded. She hesitated before speaking, "Heero, be careful."

The other gave a sharp nod before leading the way.


"What the hell is that?"

Everyone looked at Quatre, startled. The blond Arabian flushed in embarrassment even as he stared at the hundreds of snarling plants that faced them.

"So this is the Demon World," Wufei murmured to himself. He had read about them once a long time ago, when he was still a scholar not a warrior.

Heero gave a sharp nod. "Hold hands and don't touch anything," he ordered. He clasped Quatre's warm hand. Trowa grabbed the other and Wufei held onto Trowa's other hand. The foursome marched into the forest, a pathway opening for them.

Quatre flinched as he saw what looked like a Venus-fly-trap magnified twenty times snap towards him, green saliva dripping from its fanged mouth. Trowa looked calm as always; his green eyes, however, moved around sharply, alert. Wufei studied the plants with a kind of revolted fascination. Finally, they emerged from the forest of nightmares into the garden of dreams. The three newcomers could only gasp in wonder as they saw the exquisite garden that was on the other side. Flowers of various kinds bloomed in fragrant health, swaying with a gentle flowing breeze that caressed the pilots' skin. A massive tree stood firm at the center, offering shade.

"This is glorious," Quatre murmured, falling to his knees. Oversized icy-white roses with a crimson center turned to him and the boy inhaled the delicious, musky scent. Trowa smiled down at his lover. Wufei, meanwhile, was looking straight ahead where two people were waiting for them.

"Hello," a deep voice greeted cheerfully.

Trowa, Quatre, and Wufei stared, stunned, as a seven-foot-tall creature with long silver hair, twitching silver-furred ears, and a flickering bushy tail walked towards them. His companion, a dark, spiky-haired boy, looked ridiculously small in comparison.

Heero gave the introductions. "Kurama, Hiei, meet the other pilots, Trowa, Quatre, and Wufei. Kurama's a silver fox-spirit and Hiei is a fire-demon."

Silence reigned.

Kurama gave a little cough. "Heero, Duo's awake. Why don't you go and see him? Koenma should be coming here soon."

Heero nodded and moved towards the tree. The rest watched as he clambered up the tree and disappeared among the multitude of branches.

"So," Wufei spoke first. "You're demons." He spat the last words as if they were curses.

Kurama raised an eyebrow. "Is there something wrong with that, Wufei-san?" The Chinese scholar-turned-warrior glared at the youko. "What did Heero promise you to save Duo?"

"I think you are mistaking us for another type of demon," Kurama corrected gently. "Heero promised nothing."

"Anou, how did Heero know about this place anyway?" Quatre interjected. "He lived here all his life until he went to Ningenkai," Hiei replied. He looked bored, but didn't move from Kurama's side.


"There are three worlds or realms," Kurama explained. "The Reikai, or Spirit World, is the place where dead humans go and be judged. The Makai, or Demon World, is where creatures like us live and die. Ningenkai is the Human World, where you ningens live and die."

"But Heero is human, isn't he?" Quatre asked.

Kurama shook his head, his silvery hair rippling. "He's part wolf-spirit and part human. He doesn't appear to have any of a wolf-spirit's power in him, though."

Trowa, Quatre, and Wufei exchanged worried glances. "Tell us more," Wufei said grudgingly.

Kurama smiled and gestured for them to sit down.


Duo stared at the ceiling, thinking and wondering. He started as he heard the soft fall of footsteps. Turning his head, he saw Heero moving towards him.

"Heero, did you get the others? How'd they react? Betcha they were surprised, weren't they? How come they haven't been up here yet?"

"How are you?"

The rush of words stilled as the question registered. "I-I'm fine. Never been better, in fact." Duo sat up to demonstrate this, but his painful wince belied his actions and words. Heero, for once, didn't push him back down. Duo felt both grateful and bereft at that.

"Ne, Heero, Kurama told me all about us being the new Reikai Tantei. Do---do you think we can handle it? I mean, supernatural demons are a far cry from blowing up humans." Duo's violet eyes were bright with excitement and a mounting fear.

"Daijoubu, Duo. Everything'll be fine."

Duo grinned. "You're just saying that, but thank you, anyway. I wonder what my supernatural power will be?"

Those words, to Heero, brought an image of an oversized scythe with a great metal ball and chain attached to it. He felt a pang deep inside him at the memory.

:Tell him now!: screamed his mind. :He has to be prepared for the worst!:Heero's heart thudded in his chest as he leaned forward, meeting Duo's eyes. The cheerful eyes turned solemn as they locked with his intense gaze.

"What is it, Heero?"

Heero opened his mouth, but the words never came out as the door of the treehouse opened and in spilled six people.


The American grinned widely as his three friends crowded around the bed. Quatre had immediately sat down by his bedside and was looking him over worriedly. Trowa stood by his blonde lover and, after giving Duo an assessing glance, studied their surroundings. Wufei hovered by the foot of the bed, looking rather uncomfortable. A tiny toddler with an oversized cap and the letters 'Jr' on his forehead floated around the partitioned area. Kurama had told Duo that the pallet he was lying on was Heero's from before and the other pilot had blushed furiously at the disclosure.

"Oi! You didn't think a little sniff of some smelly smoke was going to bring Shinigami down, did ya?" Duo winked.

"Shinigami?" the toddler said around a pacifier. He opened his eyes, revealing black button eyes that were too old and piercing to be a child's, and studied Duo. Duo stared back, feeling oddly unnerved. "Ah, souka. You're the one who calls yourself Shinigami, ne? Duo Maxwell?"

"Who are you?" blurted out Duo.

"Koenma, son of Enma Daioh. I'm currently in charge of Reikai in my father's absence."

"You mean, you're the Lord of Death?" the strangled question came from Wufei's throat. His black eyes had finally shifted from the other two otherworldly creatures to lock onto Koenma's floating form.

Koenma nodded. "Don't worry about it, Duo," he told the flustered American. "Death is too heavy a burden for one shoulder. Believe me, I know." The toddler winced, remembering the pile of paperwork he had left in the office, which rivaled Ningenkai's Mount Everest.

His face turned deadly earnest. Everyone focused on him.

"As Kurama and Hiei no doubt have informed you," he began, "the three worlds are in grave danger. An upper S-class demon by the name of Zashoun has managed to pass through the barriers that separate the three worlds and is now in Ningenkai. My informers have told me that he is now allied with Treize Khushrenada. I believe he is aware of exactly what Zashoun is, but is willing to risk the partnership. Both of them must be stopped."

"What exactly has Zashoun promised Treize for him to agree?" Wufei asked, curious. Treize was one manipulative bastard with a twisted brain that rivaled Machiavelli. He was not one to be easily bowled over by empty promises, even from a demon.

"I don't know. I do know that Zashoun has managed to sneak other low-class demons, B or C class, through the barrier and into Ningenkai. I believe that they are gathering in several laboratories all over earth."

"Labs?" Trowa said, green eyes narrow. He turned to Heero. "Didn't you say that OZ was conducting biological experiments?"

"Masaka!" The curse exploded from every mouth in the room.

Koenma seemed to be taken aback as well. He chewed on his pacifier worriedly. "If this is true, then stopping them is of top priority."

"What kind of demon is this Zashoun, anyway?" Hiei asked. He half expected Koenma to say 'I don't know'. It had happened more than once in their careers as Reikai Tantei from long ago.


All eyes turned, startled, towards the boy. The half-Japanese boy glared furiously at Koenma, but spoke, anyway. "Zashoun is what is called a 'Master of Shadows'. He has complete control of the light and shadow, able to manipulate them through chi. He can form creatures, dark elementals, that can kill you, but you can't touch them because they are made of insubstantial shadows. He can slide in and out of shadowy areas without notice. He is also able to control light, even a candle's flame, so that it can either dim or brighten at his will."

"Masaka! What can we do to defeat him then?" Duo said, fascinated. He felt a very real sense of dread curling inside him. The name 'Zashoun' reminded him dimly of something, something dark and unpleasant.Koenma took center stage again. "You can defeat him with something called 'reiki'. Each and every one of you was chosen to be the Reikai Tantei because each and every one of you have 'reiki'. This is something inside you that allows you to form a battle aura or to manipulate 'chi', your life-force. The former Tantei, Urameshi Yuusuke, was able to shoot off spiritual bullets from his finger with his reiki. His teammate, Kazuma Kuwabara, was able to form a sword with his reiki. You should be able to do something similar as well."

"But we don't know anything about this 'reiki'," Quatre protested. "How do we even know what we're supposed to do?"

"Kurama, Hiei, Yusuke, and Kuwabara have offered to teach you how to call your reiki. Duo," he turned to the bedridden boy, "I'm afraid that by the time you got well, the training would be over. I can only give you three weeks to train. It is not nearly enough, but it must do because I can't let things in Ningenkai deteriorate more."

"D-demo---" Duo interjected. "How will I be able to be part of the Reikai Tantei if I don't know how to fight with this 'reiki'?"

"I'll teach you."

Everyone stared at Heero. The boy turned towards Koenma. "I don't need to be trained. Kurama and Hiei have worked with me long enough to know that I can only use my reiki to augment my physical capabilities and my youki is nonexistent. I know enough to be able to teach Duo how to control his reiki."

Koenma turned to the two demons. Kurama and Hiei looked at each other, then nodded. "Besides, having to deal with three ningen brats is bad enough without adding another one," muttered Hiei. Kurama gave his husband a reproving look.

Duo stifled a grin as he saw Wufei's outraged expression. Quatre quailed, intimidated by small fire-demon, snuggling close to Trowa, who wrapped protective arms around him, warily eyeing the two demons. Heero merely snorted.

"That's it then. Oh, before I forget, here are some weapons you might find useful." Koenma produced an arsenal from out of nowhere, dumping them on the wooden floor. Everyone stared at the archaic weapons with raised eyebrows. "Reikai doesn't have an unlimited budget, you know," the diminutive godling said defensively.

"Koenma, if I'm not mistaken, this is from Enma's collection," Kurama said, lifting a magnificent diamond-edged scimitar with an oversized sapphire at the hilt. The image of twisting snake was engraved on the blade.

Wufei's eyes glinted as they saw the sword. Kurama smiled at the Chinese boy before tossing him the sword. Wufei grabbed and held it in front of him reverently with both hands. The mirror-like silver blade reflected Wufei's austere, awe-struck features.

"Be careful. That is Yhelluu, a powerful ice-dragon who has been trapped inside the blade for five millennia. She is not something to be trifled with," warned Koenma.

"What is this?" Trowa held up a bo staff made of black wood with several symbols inscribed on them. As he held the staff, the symbols glowed with an eerie green, the exact shade of Trowa's eyes.

"That is the Staff of Mai-Rin," Koenma said proudly.

"What does it do?"

"Ummm, I don't know."

Everyone sweatdropped. Trowa stared at the staff warily; however, he still held it close to him.

Quatre held up circlet, which had a cat's eye gem at the center. "What does this do?"

"I don't know the name but my father told me a dark elf gave it to him. It allows the bearer to contact anyone telepathically by mentally picturing the person. It only lets two people talk for a few minutes at a time. Another benefit is that it allows you to see through anything---mists, fog, utter darkness, anything."

Kurama grabbed onto Koenma's collar and dragged the godling out of the partially-partitioned room. Hiei followed them.

"How come they get these great weapons and we got stuck with stupid devices before?" Kurama asked, glaring at the Lord of Death.

"Enma-Daioh didn't decide to clean out his attic before," Koenma replied.

The two demons sweatdropped.

Duo stared at the mountain of weapons beside his bed, but he couldn't find anything he wanted. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Heero look at the pile of weaponry and then look at him consideringly. The boy wondered at what the other one was thinking of. Heero suddenly turned on his heel and walked out. Duo frowned but said nothing.

Heero brushed past the three supernatural beings on his way out. "Heero!"

Kurama said, surprised. "Where are you going?"

"I'll be back."

Heero agilely moved down the Soul-Searcher. He felt the warmth and the deep throb of the tree's heart as his hands and feet touched the bark. A smile flickered through his face. It was tender and almost---loving.He moved towards a small outcropping of rocks beside the river. Hiei had discovered that he hid things there. The fire-demon had said nothing. Heero knew that the older demon would not show him such disrespect as to rifle through his things without permission and he appreciated it.

Kneeling before a large slab of moss-streaked rock, Heero lifted it off the ground casually. Beneath the rock was a huge, covered box made of a black metallic substance. Heero had never expected to get his things back, but a month after he was sold to Kurama and Hiei, a black-haired youkai with markings all over his skin appeared, carrying the metal box. He had said it had been from Koenma to Heero. That was the first time Heero had met Yusuke Urameshi, the half-ningen, half-youkai who now ruled Makai and grieved his wife's death.

Heero had installed electronic devices onto the box, souvenirs from his years in Ningenkai, which he brought back to the Makai every visit. His callused fingers danced on the keypad. A small 'shlink' was heard and the metal door lifted open slightly. Heero pushed on the lid with little trouble. He reached down and took out a large object.

Cobalt-blue eyes stared blankly at the wooden, rune-engraved rod before him. One end was decorated with a crystal-clear scythe blade, wafer-thin, yet sharper and harder than diamonds. He remembered a serious voice telling him of a bargain with a djinn that involved extreme flexibility, a group of ravenous hydras, and a beautiful princess.

A metal cuff was attached just below the blade. A large, metal-spiked ball hang from a sturdy chain attached to the cuff. Images exploded in Heero's head. A tear splashed down on the weapon.

{Why do you have the ball and chain there?The taller demon clenched and unclenched his long angel's wings and twisted his body to look back at the young, forlorn boy in his bed. The boy looked fragile and delicate, but the demon knew that beneath that delicacy were muscles stronger than steel and a crushing ruthlessness that knew few bounds. He smiled, cradling his beloved weapon, before leaning forward and engulfing those tempting lips for a mouthwatering kiss.

They broke the kiss, panting for breath. The winged demon grinned. He turned back to his weapon, one finger caressing the cold chain links. "It's for balance. Besides, it gives me more flexibility when I fight."

"Why do we have to fight?" the boy asked forlornly, blue eyes sad and lonely.

The other one hesitated before saying seriously, "Because, koibito, no one else will fight for us."The two snuggled closer, each trying to burrow himself into the other.}

"Aduran," whispered Heero. Tears splashed down his cheeks onto the unresponding piece of wood and metal. "I miss you so much."

After another moment of silence, Heero replaced everything, except for the scythe-like weapon. For such a massive thing, it weighed almost nothing such was the potency of its magic, undiminished even in its decades-long entombment.

The Japanese boy climbed up the tree and into the house to see his companions happily fiddling with their chosen weapons. The black screen that partitioned off Heero's small room was folded so that the room became part of the large, roomy living room. Furniture was shoved out of the way, leaving a circular space at the center of the room. Koenma was nowhere to be seen. Heero looked around. Quatre sat in a lotus-position, wearing the cats-eye circlet. He was facing Hiei, who had his third eye open. The two of them seemed intent on only each other.

Trowa and Wufei were facing off each other. Trowa handled the bo staff easily, blocking Wufei's savage thrusts. Kurama sat near them, watching and critiquing their movements.

Duo watched them. His violet eyes seemed both excited and regretful. Heero noted that he had not chosen anything from the pile of weapons now gone.

Duo's eyes alighted on him. "Heero!"

Everybody stopped to eye the huge weapon in Heero's hands. "What is that, Heero?" Kurama asked.

"Duo's weapon."

"N-Nani?!" squealed the pilot. Everyone stared at him. Duo flushed and cleared his throat, returning to its normal pitch. "Honto ni?"

Heero nodded as he crossed over and placed the weapon reverently into Duo's hands.

"Oooohhh!" Duo's hands wandered all over the scythe like a child's, curious yet wary, as if it was a gift soon to be taken away.

Duo felt a sensation of warmth from the weapon. He frowned. :That couldn't be right,: he told himself. :This is only a piece of wood and metal.:


Duo gasped as he felt the faint whisper. Heero's eyes sharpened on his face. "What is it?" His hands hovered over the scythe as if to take it away.

He didn't know why, but Duo could not make himself let go. THIS was HIS weapon! He glared at Heero, who stared back at him, nonplussed. He clutched the beloved item to himself. "It's mine, Heero!"

Heero rocked on his heels, stunned. In his mind, those words echoed, only spoken by a deeper, seductively-husky voice.

{"That's mine!"

The boy jerked away from the weapon, warily eyeing the seven-foot-tall warrior walking purposefully towards him. He stood in a relaxed pose but his hands hovered near the daggers at his waist, awaiting the confrontation.The warrior seemed like a creature from a dream. Long hair, light brown with streaks of gold, floated around his powerfully-muscled frame like a halo of light. His tanned skin was stretched taut over rock-hard muscles. The silver and blue armor he wore fitted him perfectly, allowing easy movement, yet offering maximum protection.

In sharp contrast were the two, black-feathered extensions that jutted sharply beyond his shoulders. Even clenched as they were, the boy could tell that those wings, fully extended, could reach from one end of the room to another, easily twice the size of the man. The tips of the onyx wings brushed against the marbled floor. The faint light from the crystal chandelier made it seem like the wings of were the smoothest silk, rippling like an ebony wave. Gems twinkled from a golden circlet around the warrior's head.

Even the warrior's face was perfect. Strong, high cheekbones, aquiline nose, deep-set amethyst eyes, they were all features of one of noble birth. He walked with casual air of someone who expected any order to be obeyed.The boy didn't back away, standing firm even as the warrior loomed over him. The boy had to tip his head way back to meet the other's amused eyes, but he did it anyway, allowing nothing to show in his face.

"Stop terrorizing my pet, my Lord," a silky voice said.

Both turned to face a tall, slim young man. His raven-black hair was long, shaped so that it clung to his rounded skull. Austere, haughty black eyes looked out from a demonically-beautiful face. Shadows danced around his face and even his robes, made of heavy black silks and velvets, fluttered around him like an enamored creature of the shadows.

"Lord Zashoun, I am merely rescuing my property from your slave." The warrior easily hefted the five-and-a-half-foot long scythe with its huge spiked ball and chain. "A pretty thing, is he not?"

The shadow creature smiled, a fang glinting from a scarlet mouth. He looked towards where the boy stood impassively. He floated across the room. There was no other way to say it; he did not levitate, but so smooth was his passing that it appeared as if he was gliding on an icy surface. The boy went to him and ivory arms cradled him against the black-robed form. "Oh, my dearest Ethan is worth so much more than his looks. He serves me in all the ways that count."

The lazy violet eyes took in the knife sheaths that the boy's skimpy black tunic couldn't hide. "So I see. Mayhap, we could discuss my being treated to a sample of his talents."

The other turned the boy's face around to face him and kissed the boy ravenously before lifting his head, still cradling Ethan's head. "I will be able to give you a taste of his military skills, but as to other---" he hesitated then smiled dangerously, " 'talents', I'm afraid my beloved is reserved only for me. You would understand, would you not, my Lord?""I certainly do." The dark-winged angel gave the boy another considering look then said, "Well, might we get with the discussions then? My father is not the most patient person in the world."

"Souka." The one called Zashoun nodded. He released his impassive captive, gesturing for the boy to accompany him towards the conference room, the winged warrior following behind them.

The boy turned for a single moment. Their eyes met. Then he looked away, towards the back of his master.}

"Heero? Heero? Daijoubu ka?"

Duo's piercing voice penetrated and Heero blinked. He looked around to see everyone staring at him.

"Are you all right?" Kurama asked worriedly, eyeing the scythe in the long-haired pilot's arms.

"I'm fine. Get on with the training. We don't have much time."

They all nodded.

"Suogoi, Heero! I can't believe this is for me," Duo said, violet eyes pinning Heero. Heero felt like a bird entrapped by a cat's hungry gaze.

"Whose was it before?"

Time seemed to stop. Heero's eyes dilated and his breath suspended, trapped by the other pilot's innocent query. Forcing himself to inhale and exhale, he glared at the other boy, trying to think of a way to not answer the question. An acrid stench tickled his nose.

"Kuso!" cried Kurama. He bounded from his sitting position and ran towards the partitioned kitchen. Everyone followed him and stared as the seven-foot-tall kitsune bent from the waist and stared, dismayed, at the inside of what looked like a stove appliance from Ningenkai. Kurama gingerly pulled out a blackened---something---from the oven and plunked it on the dining table. Green and orange fluids oozed from the---something---as Kurama poked at it with a sharpened stick. Both Quatre and Wufei looked ill. Trowa leaned forward slightly, curious. Heero and Hiei looked at each other, then shrugged indifferently.

"Oi! What's going on?" cried an indignant voice.

"Dinner's burned, Duo!" Kurama yelled back.

"Kuso! I'm hungry!" A faint grumbling sound was heard, echoed by other grumbling sounds. Everyone sweatdropped.

Kurama turned to his guests and smiled weakly. "Ah, I think I can whip up some vegetable stew?"