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{…} - flashback
[…] - date and place
:…: - thoughts

By Kimi


"Masaka," he said, disbelieving, his infamous calm deserting him.

"Aa, Zashoun. He is back, Heero. And he is stronger than ever."

Heero reflexively looked back up the Soul-Searcher, towards the house. He whipped his head back towards Koenma, eyes questioning. "I don't know whether he knows," Koenma replied. "But he knows you're alive."


Koenma snorted. "Did you think your antics at Ningenkai would go unnoticed? A fifteen-year-old terrorist who managed to defeat overwhelming odds again and again? I wouldn't be surprised if he comes for you, Heero. That is why I need you and the others. Including *him*.

Heero said nothing.

"Look. You don't have much time. Zashoun has managed to trespass on the planes and travel to Ningenkai. He's there now and I believe that he is already creating an alliance with the Pro-Treize movement." Cobalt-blue eyes sharpened.

"Zashoun's allied with Treize?"

"I believe so." Koenma produced a sheaf of papers, which he handed to Heero. The boy began flipping through them expertly, scanning and memorizing significant details. "You have to be trained to use your spiritual weapons, Heero. There is no other way to stop him."

"I don't have any spiritual powers," Heero's voice was ice-cold. "I have none of my father's powers in me."

Kurama, Hiei, and Koenma exchanged glances. "Be that as it may, Heero, your friends have powers of their own. Zashoun, even if he didn't know you were one of them, would attack the Gundam pilots just because they have proven themselves a lethal threat. You can't make the decision for them."

Heero's fists clenched on the sheaf of papers before he forced himself to relax. He handed the papers back to Koenma then turned on his heels to climb up the tree.

"Don't you think you were a bit too hard on him?" Kurama chided the godling.

"You're too soft, Kurama," Hiei interjected. His crimson eyes flickered from Heero's climbing form to Kurama's relaxed stance.

"Heero knows what he must do."


Heero entered the room where Duo slept. He stared at the peaceful body. The pose and the stillness were so familiar to him that he held his breath, expecting the chest to be still and the pulse gone. To his relief, Duo yawned, lifting a hand from his chest and rubbing his eyes sleepily. He blinked and focused on Heero.

"H-Heero?" Duo's voice was deep and husky from sleep.

A sweet rush of desire shot through Heero but he restrained himself. His words came out harsher than he had intended. "I'm leaving."

"W-what?!" Duo struggled to get out from under the blankets but felt steely fingers pushing him back down. He blinked at Heero's face, only a few inches from his. "H-Heero?" he whispered, eyes wide and searching.

Heero restrained a shiver as that whisper brought a rush of air on his lips. He immediately let Duo go and moved out of range, trying to calm himself down. "I have to bring the others here."

"The others?"

"Trowa, Quatre, Wufei."

"B-but why?"

"Koenma, the son of the ruler of Reikai, the Spirit World, says that our world, this world, and the Reikai are in trouble."

"What do you mean?"

"A demon from the Makai, this world, is loose in our world and is raising an army to conquer Ningenkai. Koenma said that he has allied with Treize."


Heero nodded. He continued on, voice monotonous, revealing none of the trepidation he felt. "Koenma said that only the Gundam pilots have the capability to stop him."

Duo's face broke into a wry grin. "The Gundam pilots to the rescue again, huh? Man, this is a mess."

Heero had turned around to leave when he heard Duo speak again.



"Thank you for saving me. Even if it was just for my piloting skills." A thread of bitterness had underlain those words. Heero gave a sharp nod before leaving.

:Baka, what did you expect? Heero to declare his sudden and inevitable love for you?: Duo chided himself bleakly. He buried his face into his pillow again.

Unbeknownst to Duo, two pairs of eyes were watching him from the windows. Heero's eyes flickered to where his foster family was crouching among the branches but said nothing. He climbed down swiftly with the ease of long practice. Kurama and Hiei leapt back down to the ground just in time to see Heero walking through the forest, the plants making a pathway for him again. Koenma had already left, saying that paperwork was piling back in the Palace.

"He is as stubborn as you, koi," Kurama said, nuzzling Hiei's dark hair.


"I hope he doesn't make your mistake."

Hiei turned and bit Kurama's chest sharply. The youko gave a sharp gasp and glared at the fire-demon. "What did you do that for?"

"Don't remind me of my mistakes, youko." With that, the fire-demon flitted off.

Kurama shook his head and moved towards the patch of his garden that needed weeding. Hiei, meanwhile, lounged on the ground next to the river. Kurama's words struck him, allowing images from a memory long since past run through his mind.

{Red on white. Blood on snow. Hiei followed the tiny droplets of red, heedless of the howling blizzard that blocked his way. He glowed red, his fire-ki warding off the deathly cold.

:Kurama,: he howled mentally. :Where are you?:

As if in answer to his cry, a howl echoed through the copse of naked trees a hundred meters away. Hiei moved forward ruthlessly, relentless. He finally reached the outskirts of the trees and passed through, fists tightly clenched as he came across a clearing at the center of the copse.


The blizzard disappeared as magically as it had appeared. Hiei froze in place as he saw a scene that would haunt him for centuries to come. An upright cross with a limp figure hanging from it, nailed at the wrists and at the foot, was planted at the center of the clearing. Kurama's head hung forward, chin at his chest, his red hair covering his otherwise naked front. Hiei's eyes followed the tiny droplets of blood slowly dripping from the nail wounds onto the snow.

A beautiful blue-haired young woman in a transparent blue kimono perched languidly on the right arm of the cross. Her eyes, a soulless blue, stared emptily towards the fire-demon. A fang-decorated grin appeared on the porcelain face. A hand so pale it appeared made of snow stroked Kurama's bent head slowly.

"Ahh, Hiei, Forbidden Child. The Koorime are displeased with you. You had the nerve to live when you were supposed to die. You have found your sister even through all our efforts to separate you. And most of all, you loved a creature as foul as this." The delicate hand was forceful as it jerked Kurama's head up. Hiei's breath caught as he saw Kurama's pain-laced eyes and bleeding lips.


He shouldn't have heard it, so faint was the whisper. Yet he did. A fire unlike any he had felt before ignited in him, consuming him, fanning his rage. The wards on his forehead and around his arm vanished in a black flash.

The ice-maiden merely laughed mockingly. "Little puny brat," she said contemptuously, "You think that you with your little dragon and your 'Evil Eye' can defeat me, one of the oldest Koorime around?" She still held up Kurama's head.

Hiei said nothing but merely walked forward, towards the cross where his Kurama waited for him. As patiently as he always had.

Memories flashed through him. Kurama tending his wounds. Kurama teasing him. Kurama handing him a red rose with a sly smile. Kurama saying 'Ai shiteru' then being pushed away. Kurama standing by his window, waiting for him to come back. And he never did. Until now. :Don't die on me now, kitsune no baka,: he thought fiercely. He could have sworn he saw a faint smile on Kurama's face.

The Koorime elder sat up straighter. Carelessly, she let her harsh grip on Kurama's hair go, the kitsune's head falling down to meet his chest. With a gleeful look in her face, she began weaving her hands around in a spell-casting. Hiei looked horrified as he saw the ice steadily creep up the cross.

"What do you think you're doing, woman?!" he shrieked in rage, flaring a brilliant-red aura. Steam hissed around him.

"Do you think I am going to let him live? He is a youko and a thief. He does not deserve to live." The ice-maiden gave a delicate shudder of revulsion. "And now to deal with you as you so richly deserve, Rejected One. This time, there will be no mistake." She bared her left arm. A writhing blue dragon jumped from her arm to the ground with the howl of a winter wind.

Hiei wasted no time. "JAOH ENSATSU KOKURYUUHA!" His fire-dragon leapt to attack the ice-dragon.

Massive amounts of chi were released as the two behemoths battled for superiority. The five-headed ice-dragon sank diamond-sharp teeth into the fire-dragon's neck. A howl echoed throughout the barren land. Ice spread around the area of that bite but Korkuryuuha was fire incarnate. Unlike the solid ice, fire was transmutable, like water in liquid state. The fire-dragon immediately broke into three and each retaliated. The ice-dragon roared its challenge, the snow around him flying and covering the fiery wounds, allowing the dragon to fully recuperate. The Kokuryuuha had no such way of recuperation, a fire amidst of snow. Patches of ice appeared all over the three forms of the fire-dragon, but he fought on, as relentless as his master. Steam rose from the battleground, obscuring the battle. Hiei's jaw clenched as he saw the complacency of the Koorime even as she played with Kurama, scratching his pale form and watching the droplets of blood appear with carnivorous delight. Kurama was ice up to his upper torso.

:I can't lose this.:

Hiei opened his Jagan, allowing him to see beyond the steam and into the fight itself. He battled wills with the Kokuryuuha until the black dragon yielded itself to him. Hiei, with the advantage of being able to see what was happening, guided the three dragons in their attacks. The ice-maiden saw too late what her foe was doing. A shriek erupted and the steam parted to reveal the black dragon, reunited in one form again, triumphantly savaging the form of his fallen enemy.

The Koorime seemed to age immediately. "No! This can't be! My beloved Ceres can't be dead!" A wrinkled face turned to Hiei, hatred contorting the features even more. "Die, bastard child!" She launched herself at Hiei.

The fire-demon contemptuously drove the black dragon from its feast to meet his new opponent. Spell after spell was cast but the dragon absorbed them unflinchingly, bloodthirst and triumph driving it, until his jaws clamped shut on the fragile figure. Hiei ignored the hapless screams as he moved towards Kurama.

Only his head was free of ice. Hiei knew that he only had a few minutes before the ice crept to smother the fox-spirit. He immediately summoned the black dragon back to him and then wrapped his slight, black-clad form around Kurama's body. Concentrating, he released his fire-ki, intent on counteracting the ice-spell.

It seemed like forever before the ice began to melt. Kurama's body, now free from the ice, shivered against the biting wind. Hiei gently tugged off the nails and carried his beloved into a nearby cave. Both collapsed into a deep, dreamless sleep.


"Hiei! Kurama!"

Hiei was jerked awake as he heard the bellowing voices. Rubbing his eyes, he looked around the dark interior. His excellent night vision allowed him to see the red hair pooled out on the harsh ground. The fire-demon swiftly moved towards Kurama's unconscious form. A pulse thudded faintly against his small fingers. He released a breath he didn't know he was holding.

"Hiei! Kurama!"

Wide, almond-shaped eyes narrowed as he stood up and moved towards the entrance of the cave. He saw Yusuke, in his green school uniform, standing beside the blood-splattered cross. He was cupping his hands to his mouth as he called their names. Kuwabara, the redhaired idiot, was looking at the cross, transfixed with an expression of utter revulsion in his face.

Yusuke was frantic with fear and worry. He and Kuwabara had rushed to Makai as soon as they found out about Kurama's kidnapping and Hiei's subsequent search for their friend. Using one of the Koenma's devices, the two of them had managed to track the two demon's ki into these deserted, ice-laden lands. The Koorime floating isle could be seen not far off.

The blood-and-ice-splattered cross at the clearing beyond a sprout of trees was not reassuring. Kuwabara had not touched the cross, afraid of what his psychic sense might see, but the two of them could guess what it had been used for. The remains of what looked like a big blue lizard slightly eased the trepidation both boys had felt. Obviously whatever battle had occurred, Hiei had managed to win because the lizard was not black. Both boys had refused to look closer at another pile of remains. Yusuke could have sworn he had seen what looked like a severed hand but refused to even think about it. The only question now was whether Kurama was okay or not.

Yusuke was about to yell again, but then he saw a familiar figure not far off, standing in the doorway of a cave. Yusuke called to Kuwabara and they headed off towards Hiei. Small pools of blood could be seen on the snow as they walked, making Yusuke grimace, as he hadn't even seen them until now.

"Could you be any noisier?" was Hiei's acrid greeting.

Yusuke grinned in relief. Kurama must be all right, if Hiei could still be that sarcastic. Kuwabara, for once, didn't say anything but merely looked back towards the cross, then at Hiei. The fire-demon caught the unvoiced query and moved back. Yusuke and Kuwabara couldn't see anything at first but the red hair was vivid enough that, after a moment of adjustment, they could see it clearly.

"Kurama!" Yusuke exclaimed, moving forward. He kneeled on one side of the unconscious boy and looked at Kurama's bloody, naked form. His dark eyes were serious as he turned back towards the fire-demon. "We have to get him back to Yukina."

The fire-demon nodded. Yusuke gestured at Kuwabara, who hesitated at first, blushing furiously, but the large redhead took up the fox-demon in his arms gently. They followed Hiei out.

The battlefield vibrated with ki, making it a perfect place to open a portal. All of them hesitated, though, unwilling to go back to such a place, but Kurama's faint breathing and slightly-blue form left them no choice.

Hiei constructed the gate. The portal opened to reveal the foot of Genkai's temple. The three stepped through.

"Is he going to be alright?"

Yukina looked up to see Hiei's red eyes on Kurama's peaceful face. A gentle smile graced her face. "Hai," she replied in her soft voice. "Kurama-san won't be able to walk or use his hands for a while but he'll be alright."

"What are we going to tell his mother?" Yusuke groaned softly, unwilling to wake up Kurama. Kuwabara's eyes widened even as he finally shifted them from Yukina's slight form and onto Yusuke's face.

"K'so!" both boys cried.

A groan was heard, silencing all the occupants of the large room. All eyes were trained upon the tall, cloth-covered boy on the pallet. Dazed green eyes opened and slowly focused on his surroundings. The first thing Kurama's eyes locked on was Hiei. "Hiei," he breathed out. Genkai, who had been sitting quietly in one corner of the room, stood up and gestured for the others to leave. Neither Hiei nor Kurama noticed their departure.

For the life of him, Hiei couldn't think of anything to say. In the three days that had passed while he anxiously awaited for Kurama to wake up, he had practiced multiple scenarios in his head from him begging for forgiveness (yeah, right!) to him scolding the idiot fox on his carelessness and to even hugging Kurama and never letting go. Yet, now that the moment had arrived, he felt frozen.

He saw Kurama's eyes, alight with hope, slowly dim as the fox realized he wasn't going to say anything. That delicate face turned away and said jokingly, "Hey, where's everybody? I could've sworn I'd heard Yusu-hmmmph!"

Hiei grabbed Kurama's sunken cheeks to turn back to him. Closing his eyes, he lowered his head to kiss Kurama. Tears flowed from the corners of his eyes as he fumbled his very first kiss, his mouth caressing Kurama's aquiline nose instead of the fox's lips. Frustration and self-contempt welled inside him.

Suddenly, gentle hands cupped the back of his head as Kurama guided the inexperienced fire-demon. Mouth met mouth, heat flaring between the two of them. Kinda like whenever he released the Kokuryuuha, Hiei thought vaguely, drugged by the fiery sensations.

The two broke off, each gasping for breath, eyes locking. A sweet smile graced Kurama's slightly-swollen lips as he lifted a scarred hand to caress Hiei's cheeks. The other boy leaned into the caress. "I always knew it would take something drastic to get you to come back to me, Hiei," whispered the fox quietly, eyes solemn. "I never expected it would be this bad, though." He looked at the white circular scar on his wrist. Yukina had managed to reknit the shattered bones and repair the broken arteries, leaving only an ugly scarring. Time would let it fade, but, at this moment, it was unpleasantly vivid. Hiei couldn't say anything, his red eyes burning with jumbled emotions. Black gems were scattered around his kneeling form. "You don't need to say anything, Hiei," Kurama said, his long arms reaching to envelop the fire-demon to him. Hiei let himself be tugged to half-cover Kurama, cuddling close like child, once lost, now found.

"Ai shiteru."

This time, rather than push Kurama away as he did the first time, Hiei lifted one of the gently caressing hands and lifted it to his lips, kissing the scars. They lay together like that for a long time.}

Hiei opened his eyes and sat up, looking at the powerful flow of the river. The scars were all but gone, the merest mark against an otherwise perfect complexion. As furious as he always would be against the Koorime, he couldn't help but feel grudgingly grateful, because it was them that had finally allowed him to see how he felt towards Kurama. He never regretted his decision to stay with Kurama.

"Hn. The past does repeat itself."

"Hopefully, they'll have a happy ending like us, ne, koi?"

Hiei felt himself being pulled against a warm, muscled chest. "Hn."


Everyone was gathered around the warehouse again. The pilots looked shell-shocked, all of them staring at the empty pallet where Duo had lain mere hours ago.

Sally Po distributed mugs of hot tea. She herself felt numb after what they had all witnessed. What had they witnessed, anyway? Bang!

All guns were immediately cocked towards one wiry person who appeared in the doorway of the warehouse. Heero took note of the guns but stood there calmly.

"H-Heero! Where's Duo?" Quatre exclaimed. His eyes widened as he thought of all the things that could have happened.

"Trowa, Wufei, Quatre, come with me."

"N-nani?!" Wufei sputtered, black eyes flashing. He took a step forward towards Wing Zero's pilot. "Are you going to toss into some forest like you did Duo? Where is he, you bastard?"

Heero's lips tightened. "He's alright. A friend of mine healed him." A great sigh of relief washed over everyone in the room. Trowa spoke up next. "Where did you take him, Heero?"

"There is no time for that. We have a new mission."

"What?" The other three looked at the blank monitors. "But we haven't heard anything from our officers," Wufei said.

"This mission is the most important mission ever."

"What's it about?" Trowa asked, green eyes curious.

"Demons allied with the Pro-Treize army."

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