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{…} - flashback
[…] - date and place
:…: - thoughts

By Kimi

Author notes:

Some people seem to think that that battle in the base had killed Zashoun. Unfortunately, they did not even encounter him yet. My apologies if that was how it came out. I will be revising this entire thing just as soon as I finished it to clean out the inconsistencies and to streamline or add in misc. bits and pieces.

But for now, just enjoy the preliminary rides and remember, it's not beta'd or anything.

Revised; Thursday, June 15, 2000


The rush of his immortal power overwhelmed him. A high keening moan screamed through the air. Deep black mist erupted to surround the mist-laden place. His flesh was on fire as sprouts of dark-brown fur forced their way through his skin. Pain whiplashed around his body, making his back arch in a perfect bow as he fell on his hands and knees. Black spots danced from beneath tight lids, jaw elongating, teeth sharpening. The transformation seemed to take forever but in a span of several minutes, it was complete. Where a boy once stood, a wolf crouched, fur ruffled, eyes maddened.

No enemy came to leap upon him and slowly, the wolf relaxed. He straightened himself up, sniffing at the air. The wafting of a dear and familiar smell came to him. His padded feet loped silently across the eerie nightmarish expanse, searching for that beloved thing that was his.

The bald woods ended in a large clearing, covered with white fog. The wolf hesitated and crouched low, growling a threat. Slowly, the mist faded. A figure came into being. In its hands it held a decapitated head. The wolf howled.


Heero jerked awake, sitting up and panting for breath. His eyes tracked all over the room, lighting on the sight of Duo Maxwell slumbering peacefully on the twin bed on the other side. Hair loose from its customary braid, cheeks flushed from the warmth of sleep, the boy looked peaceful. And safe.

Heero drew his knees up to his chest, burying his face onto the bony appendages. His breathing was still whistling in his lungs, and his hands trembled. For the first time in over two hundred and fifty years, he felt the crackling energy coursing through his body. His youki was back. But for what price?

For already in the back of his mind he could hear Zashoun's seductive murmurings. Already, he could feel the itch beneath his skin to change, to cast aside the accursed form that had been his prison. Yet he couldn't, for the moment that he shifted, the taint would envelop and he would become Zashoun's slave all over again.

:Duo,: he thought dully. :Duo.:


"You can't resist forever, Heero. And the minute you stop resisting is the minute I win."


Quatre didn't know what awakened him from his dreamless sleep. He rubbed his eyes with the back of his hand, and touched his chest, feeling his heart beating in a thunderous rhythm. A sense of darkness, of danger, pervaded him and he sat up.

Nothing was out of place in the small bedroom, with its open windows, twin-sized futons, and closet. Trowa was on the other side of the room, sitting up and looking over at him. "Daijoubu-ka, Quatre?"

"Hai." Quatre paused, trying to determine what awakened him. "I think it was just a bad dream. I don't remember it. I'm sorry for waking you up."

"It's alright. I don't mind."

Quatre lay back down, smiling softly. :Ai shiteru, Trowa.:


"Kurama, there's something wrong with Heero," fretted Duo, chewing at the end of his braid. His huge violet eyes dominated his face, making him look like a child.

Kurama, currently in his human guise, ran a hand through his feathery-soft scarlet hair. He had managed to convince Hiei and Koenma to allow him through the barriers to visit the realm that he had left so many centuries ago. The changes had stunned him. Gone was the peaceful streets, with its hordes of children, pedestrians, and cars of various kinds. Instead, people came out, wary and frightened. Very few lingered the streets. Parks have been transformed into bomb shelters. And the only cars on the road were military vehicles, with exhaustive numbers of uniformed soldiers. In addition, the sights of mobile suits racing through the skies did nothing to ease the fears.

"How do you know that?"

"He doesn't talk to me. He's avoiding me."

Kurama raised a slim eyebrow. :Man, this bites. He's *awesome* as a youko, cuddly as a fox, and now, he's *absolutely* gorgeous as a human.: Duo thought, eyeing the redhead. He often wondered how Hiei, attractive though he was, could capture a creature that embodied beauty in all his aspects.

"Really, I'm not kidding. He's much more intense now, and he doesn't know his strength anymore. I mean, we captured a soldier just two days ago and Heero interrogated him. He snapped the man's right arm into three pieces just by holding it too tightly! I mean, it really went *snap*!" Duo shuddered. "God! What's happening to him? And he doesn't fall asleep anymore. He'd say he's going to bed but I know he just lies there, awake! Damn it, if it's not one thing, it's another! I'm going to go bald if he doesn't stop messing with my head like this!" He viciously bit into the bushy end of his braid and spat out some strands. Kurama smirked at him.

"I know how you feel." :Hiei and Heero----what a pair!: "Where is he now?"

"He and Trowa went to buy some groceries for us. I'm kinda glad, you know, I need this time to stop freaking out."

Kurama's eyes narrowed as he thought of the symptoms. "He doesn't know his strength? And he doesn't sleep? Duo, do you think he's intense or he's just maybe overactive?"

Duo opened his mouth a and closed it again. :Heero overactive? Well, come to think of it----: "I guess so. Like he goes on *all* errands now and he still finds the time to do a hundred-something sit-ups and push-ups. I thought that might be just part of his training, especially since we're up against a powerful sorcerer. But it could be because he's hyper."

"Then I don't think it's anything you did, Duo." Violet eyes focused on him. "I think that having been captured by Zashoun has freed up his youki."

"But how? From what Heero tells us, Zashoun has always used his youki as some sort of back-up generator. I doubt he'll let go so easily."

The two of them stared at each other before launching to their feet. They raced out of the bedroom Heero and Duo shared, down the stairs, and out the front door.

Only to be met by Quatre, who had been meditating on the lawn, his circlet on his head. Quatre's eyes popped open and he gasped, clutching at his chest. Duo and Kurama raced to him. "Quatre! Quatre! Are you having a heart attack, man?!" Duo asked, frantically checking the other boy over for injury.


"What? What about them?" Fear clutched at Duo's chest and he found breathing profoundly difficult.

"I don't feel them anymore." Quatre grabbed Duo's arms and held on so tight Duo felt like a twig about to snap. The Arabian's blue eyes was distant. "I don't feel them anymore! They're blank and I can't reach them anywhere! Zashoun---Zashoun must have captured them again." :I can't tell Duo. I can't tell Duo----

---that it was Heero that knocked Trowa out before they disappeared.: