Ok, here is a teaser/prologue for a new story I thought up.

Disclaimers: I don't own any of the GW characters but I wish I did.

The Secret or Wufei's Plastic Sword

The war over.

The other pilots are celebrating downstairs. Now comes the part I've been
dreading ever since they became my friends. I have to tell them the truth.

But I'm afraid to tell about the secret I hold. The lie I've been living
ever since that day.

The day Meiran died.

The day I died.


The four pilots were celebrating the end of the war. Finally they could live in peace. Duo was wrapped around Heero and Quatre and Trowa were cuddling on the sofa. Together the four were on their second bottle of brandy.

"Hey man," Duo asked, "where's Wu? Can't have him missing all the fun."

Duo started to get up. Heero grabbed his braid and dragged him back down besides him.

"Ite!! Why'd you do that Heero?" Duo cried.

"Baka, leave Wufei alone. He doesn't need you bugging him right now."

"He'll come down when he's ready Duo" Quartre said quietly.

"Man, that sucks. What's a peace party without all the people who made it possible?" Duo pouted.

"Stop your whining, Maxwell, I'm right here."

The boys turned to see the pilot of Shenlong enter the room. Duo ran up to him and glomped onto the disgusted boy.

"Now we can really party!!" Duo said gleefully

As Duo dragg...ehem... led the Chinese boy towards the others, Quatre noticed that Wufei looked unusually depressed.

"Is something wrong Wufei-kun?" He asked, concerned.

The other three boys looked up at Wufei, confused as to what could be bothering the boy now that the war was over. Duo opened his mouth to say something but was silenced by Heero.

Wufei looked uncertain. "I..."

"What is it Wufei." Trowa asked.

"I have something to tell you." Wufei fidgeted nervously. "Something that I've been keeping from you all this time."

"Oi man!" Duo said cheerfully. "It can't be that bad. I mean, we're your friends. You can tell us anything!"

The nervous boy took a deep breath. "My name isn't Wufei..."

"That's what you had to tell us?!" Duo said increduously. "Man, that's noth..." Heero glared at the braided pilot. "meep!"

Wufei seemed to loose even more of his confidence. "Before the war I... was married. But my colony was attacked and my spouse was killed defending our people."

"We know that. Your wife Meiran was killed and you fight for justice in her name." Heero said quietly.

"Iie." the Chinese pilot shook his head. "Meiran wasn't the one who died in that fight. It was Wufei. I'M Meiran."


Wufei...err.... Meiran stared at the shocked faces of her fellow gundam pilots. If she wasn't so scared as to what their reaction would be, this would be very funny. As it was, she awaited nervously as they processed what she had just said.

Duo blinked in shock. "You're kidding right?" he asked fiantly. "I mean, how could you go this entire time pretending to be a guy and not have anyone find out?"

Meiran looked away from the four boys that she had come to call her friends. "It wasn't hard really. It's not like we were around each other all the time, and it's not hard to pass as a guy if you have small..." here she trailed off and blushed furiously.

"But," Quatre finally snapped out of his surprise enough to ask questions, "why didn't you tell us before now? Didn't you trust us? I thought that we were friends?"

Meiran turned towards the small blonde boy. "Do you think I wanted to keep this secret from you?"

The newly revealed pilot of Nataku turned away from the others, eyes becoming distant and vaguely sad. "At first I believed that it would be easy to keep it from you. But then, as the war went on, I realized that somehow, someway, you became more to me than merely allies in battle. You became my friends. Then I grew afraid. 'What would they do if they found out that everything you told them was a lie, or at least a half-truth?' I couldn't take the chance that you would hate me for lying to you."

Duo stalked up to the deject boy...er...girl and pulled her around to face him. Meiran stared into his eyes. In them was anger...and hurt. "Don't you know us better than that by now? You may have thought of us as your friends, well, we thought of you as our friend as well. Friends don't reject each other because of what gender they were born as. You could be a goddamn hermaphidite for all I care. You are still my friend."

The other three nodded in agreement with the American's statement. "We have been through hell together Wu...Meiran," Trowa said quietly from his place besides Quatre, "and the person I fought besides is still the same - even if _he_ turned out to be a _she_."

Meiran's eyes clouded with tears as their words penetrated her lonely heart. Her head dropped to rest against Duo's chest. "Thank you." she whispered. "Thank you."