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Meiran stood in the bathroom of the house she was sharing with her fellow former Gundam pilots. It had been several years since she had revealed her secret. Since that time the others had been very supportive of her. It had taken her a while to get used to being a "girl" again after pretending to be a boy for so long. But she had gradually come to accept it.

But that was before this. Meiran stared down at the object she held in her hand. It was impossible. How could this have happened. She knew, intellectually, that it could happen, but she never thought it could occur to her. She sank into a haze of disbelief and confusion.

"Hey Wu-mei!!" Duo said as he bounced into the bathroom. "Did you fall down the toilet or something. You've been in here forever!!"

Meiran didn't even acknowledge the American's cheerful jibe.

"What ya got there Wu-mei?" Duo asked curiously.

The Chinese woman turned towards him with shock and a little fear written on her face. "Duo..."

The braided teen became worried. Meiran had mellowed out over the time that they had come to know her, but she still wouldn't let any of them see if something truly frightened her. "What's wrong?" He asked urgently.

"Duo.." she began again and then hesitated. "I'm....." She held out the hand holding the object that had caused her fear, "pregnant."


Meiran woke up slowly feeling safe and peaceful for the first time since her husband had died. She slowly began to take stock of where she was and what was going on without opening her eyes. Suddenly she went totally still as her brain processed the fact that there were arms around her. Not only that, put there was more than one pair. Slowly, as if trying to dispute what her other senses were telling here, she opened her eyes...

....And looked straight into the sleeping face of Duo. Slowly Meiran lifted her head to look around the room. Her gaze found Trowa and Quatre curled up together on the couch opposite her and Duo. As her shocked brain processed this information she realized that it must be Heero who was behind her. (author, bad hentai thoughts here)

She closed her eyes again and tried to think of a way to extract herself from the two pilots embrace without waking either one. With a mental curse she realized that there was just no possible way, at least, not with her in the middle. With a small sigh she rested her head against Duo's chest and resolved to go back to sleep.

As Meiran's mind drifted in the fuzzy realm between waking and dreaming she remembered what had occured the night before.

After she had cried herself out, Duo had led her to sit between him and Heero on one of the couches. Trowa and Quatre took the other couch. There were questions, but she had expected that. There were also reassurances that no matter what, they were still her friends. That she had not expected. Hoped for - prayed for even - but not expected. Afterwards, Duo and the other pilots went back to the party that she had interrupted with her annoucement. Exhausted from the her experience on the emotional roller coaster earlier, Meiran had drifted off to sleep.

Obviously, the others had also fallen asleep. That led to the situation that Meiran found herself in now - sandwiched between Heero and Duo. She smiled slightly as sleep claimed her. Safe, with friends, finally.


Meiran was having a nice dream when she felt it. An annoying tickle on the back of her neck. With a groan, she slapped away at whatever was causing it and buried her face in her warm pillow.

Then it came again. The annoying light touch that would not leave her in peace. Once again she brushed it away. This time she muttered "G'way. 'm tryin t'sleep." And curled up into a tight ball.

When she felt the touch that seemed determined to keep her from sleeping in peace for a third time. THis time she opened her eyes, determined to kill whoever or whatever was disturbing her sleep.

"Kisama, Omae o..." she trailed off indistinctly as she found herself faced with a flat male chest covered in black instead of the white of her pillow case.

Her gaze shot upwards, past that white collar and into mischievious violet eyes. "Ne, Wu-mei," he said cheerfully, "what are you goin to do to me?"

She stared in shocked surprise at what she had though was her pillow. "Happy to see me?" Duo was annoyingly cheerful in the morning Meiran realized somewhere in the back of her mind.

"Stop teasing Wu...Meiran, Duo." Heero said as he walked in from the kitchen. "Breakfast is ready."

Duo bounced up with a "Yatta!!" and ran into the kitchen. He stopped and looked back towards Meiran and asked "You coming?"

Meiran stared at him, dazed. Then shook her head. The unconditional acceptance that she had received from the other pilots was going to take some getting used to.

Heero started after his braided lover then stopped to look back to Meiran. "Are you okay?"

Meiran shook herself slightly and gave him a slow smile. "Yeah," she said softly, "yeah, I am."


Duo and Heero were snuggling on the couch.

Well, Duo was snuggling, Heero was just sitting there. It had been several weeks since the war had ended and Meiran had announced that she was ....well.... a she. Despite this little revelation, life had been fairly normal, or at least as normal as it could get for the five ex-pilots. Ok, so life wasn't normal, but at least they didn't have to risk their lives fighting anymore.

Quatre walked into the living room with a vaguely concerned look on his face. "Ah, Duo, Heero, there you are!" he said cheerfully. Duo looked up and noticed Quatre's expression. "Whassa matter Q-man?" he asked.

Quatre frowned cutely. "I'm.. not sure. Have either of you seen Meiran lately? I have a bad feeling about something."

Duo looked at Heero and wrinkled his forehead in thought. "I haven't seen her since breakfast. I think she said that she was going to go get something at the store, but that was hours ago. She should be back by now."

"I haven't seen her either." Heero commented. "She seemed a little depressed at breakfast though. Maybe that's what your feeling."

Quatre's frown deepened. "I don't think so. I feel like something is not quite right. Meiran should have been back by now if she was just going to the store to get something. I know she can take care of herself, but.."

Just then Trowa burst into the room. "Quatre, I know what happened to Meiran." The others could see the anger and dread in his eyes.

"What happened to her?" Duo asked frantically. "Is she alright?" Trowa turned to look at the braided American. "For now. She's been kidnapped."


Meiran struggled to wake. Something was wrong. The last thing she could remember was walking out of the store. She was planning on cooking something special that night as a surprise for the guys and had needed to go buy some ingredients that they didn't have at home. Her forehead creased, trying to think past the splitting headache she had.

"I wouldn't struggle too much if I were you, Chang Wufei" came a frighteningly familiar voice.

Meiran slowly opened her eyes, praying that she hadn't heard right.

"Zechs Merquise," she growled. "What the hell do want with me?"

The man who had been Heero's arch-rival throughout the war smiled nastily.

"I merely wanted to get back at the people who destroyed my dream". and the man who destroyed my Treize."

Meiran eyes widened and then she burst out into derisive laughter. "The war is over Zechs, or are you going by Milliard now? Get a life and leave ours alone."

Zechs' face darkened with anger. "You would do best not to anger me. As I see it, you are in position to do so."

With that Zechs got up to leave. "You'd better hope that your friends are more loyal than I am."


At this time, said friends were staring at each other in horror.

"Why would someone want to kidnap Meiran?" Duo asked in disbelief.

Trowa held out a piece of paper to the American. "This explains it. It's from a militant group calling themselves the Iron Fang."

Duo snatched the paper out of Trowa's hand and began to read out loud.

"To the Gundam pilots,

Know that as you are reading this, we have your comrade, Chang Wufei. We are doing this to show you that you cannot get away with destroying the organization that was known as White Fang during the war, or with betraying the colonies to Earth. If you do not want anything to happen to Mr. Chang, you will await further instructions from our organization. If you should take any sort of action against us, we cannot guarantee the well being of your fellow Gundam pilot. So if would be in his best interests if you do nothing. We shall be sending another message within the next couple of days. The Iron Fang"

Duo's voice trailed off and he turned to look at Heero. There was fear and helpless anger in his eyes.

A heavy silence fell over the four boys. Then Quatre opened his mouth and summed up what all of them were thinking.



After several moments of shocked inactivity, Duo shot up out of his chair. Three pairs of eyes swung to Duo's furious form.

"Where do you think you're going?" Quatre asked harshly.

The braided boy twisted around with fire in his eyes. "I can't sit around here and do nothing! Meiran needs our help! And, goddamnit, I'm going to do anything in my power to rescue her!"

To the surprise of all present, Heero stood up as well. "We better get her out before they hurt her." He glared at the others. "If anything happens to her...." He left the threat hanging, but his friends understood what he meant.

Duo gazed at his boyfriend in confusion for a moment, then grinned.

"Let's go teach those bastards not to mess with the Gundam pilots."

Quatre shivered. He knew that grin; as did all who had either fought with or against the self-named Shinigami. It was the grin that had seen hundreds of deaths during the war. There was going to be trouble.


Duo and Heero stopped and slowly turned towards Trowa.

"We can't do anything," Trowa said quietly. "If we do, they'll hurt Meiran. We have to wait to see what they want. Until then, we can do nothing."

Duo stared for a moment as the words spoken by the pilot of Gundam Heavyarms sunk into his revenge-clouded mind. His shoulders slumped as the anger drained out of him.

"K'so," he said, his voice filled with defeat and subdued anger. "Meiran...."

Heero turned his back to the other pilots and stood completely still. Then, in a fit of violent frustration, he put his fist through a nearby wall.


Meiran was left in darkness after Zechs had left. She shivered slightly. She had never liked the dark. Even in space, there was light.

Meiran curled in on herself, hugging her knees to her chest. As far as she could tell, she had been in her cell for at least a half a day. She had no idea how much time had passed while she was unconcious.

Suddenly, the door to her cell opened, flodding the room with light. Meiran flinched away, pain shooting through her head. As her eys became accustomed to the light, she saw that six huge men had filed into the room, followed by Zechs.

Meiran glared defiantly at the former OZ soldier and White Fang commander.

"I'm happy to see you too, Chang Wufei." He smirked and turned to the men. Then he said coldly. "Strip him."


Meiran's eye's widened at those two words. As the Zechs' six henchmen came towards her she scrambled to get away. Unfortunately for her, the cell was just not big enough to give her enough room to get by all of the gorillas coming towards her. Fear flooded through her as the hardened hands of militants grabbed her.

"Don't struggle and it will go much easier for you." Zechs smirked.

Of course, Meiran did everything in her power to keep the brutes from getting her clothes off.

"Don't touch me!!" she screamed, writhing like a snake to get free.

Despite her efforts, one of the men got a good grip on her shirt and with a loud rip, it was torn off her body revealing the fact that Wufei-KUN was really Wufei-CHAN.

The blonde soldier's eyes widen then narrowed dangerously. "Yare, yare, Wufei. It seems that you have been hiding more than we ever suspected. This is a most interesting development."

Zechs' six subordinates looked up and each other and grinned evilly.

"Your orders haven't changed, have they, sir?" one of them asked.

Zechs' echoed their smiles. "No, Jun, they haven't. Proceed."

Jun's smile widened. "Hai."

He and the five others turned back towards their captive. "Looks like this is going to be more fun that we expected."

Meiran looked on with horror as her tormentors closed in on her and reached down to unzip their pants.


Nearly two days had gone by since the boys had received the first letter from the group calling themselves the Iron Fang. Two days filled with tension and barely suppressed anger.

Heero and Duo were both pacing back and in the front room where Meiran had come forward to tell them the truth about herself only 3 weeks before. Quatre fidgeted on the couch, seemingly in the same frame of mind as his two friends. Trowa sat by the computer that they had brought down just in case some information came via the net.

The sound of knocking at the front door caused all of them to jump. Barely before the knocking ceased, all four boys were on their feet and running towards the front door.

In the end, it was Duo who opened the door. "Yes? What is it?"

The teenager at the door stared in bewilderment at the people in front of him. "Um," he said nervously, "I have a package here addressed to the Gundam pilots."

Duo snatched the large envelope from the delivery boy, barely having the presence of mind to sign for it. As soon as that was taken care of, he slammed the door shut and tore open the envelope.

"There's a video." He said quietly.

The worried boys ran into the front room and popped the video into the VCR. Static filled the screen for what seemed like an eternity before it cleared up.

On the screen was the one person that no one in the room ever wanted to see again.

"The game begins now." Zechs commented with an depraved smirk.


The silence that followed Zechs' statement was deafening. The image of the blonde man smiled viciously.

"As you know, we have your comrade, Wufei." If possible, the smile became even more malicious. "If we had known her true gender, we would have gone about this differently. Women are such fragile things, don't you agree?"

The pilots looked at each other. They were all thinking the same thing. 'If they hurt Meiran, they are sooooo dead.'

On the screen, Zechs continued, "Unfortunately for her, Wufei decided to be.... un-cooperative." His expression changed to show that he was feeling slightly annoyed by this fact. "I'm afraid that she learned a hard lesson. One should not be so ingracious to one's hosts."

The screen went black for a moment, then came back to life. On it was the image of Meiran, stripped and surrounded by six burly men.

"It was decided that, since you five are so close, we just _have_ to send you the recordings of her 'punishment.'"

As the four boys watched in horror, the men surrounding their friend and fellow pilot began to close in. They were paralyzed, unable to speak, move, or even think as two of the monsters held Meiran down as the other four took turns raping, beating, and torturing the helpless girl.

Finally, after what seemed to be an eternity, the brutes dropped the broken, unresponsive body into a corner of the room and left without a backward glance.

Zechs' form once again filled the screen. "I suggest that you follow our directives otherwise I cannot guarantee that this little 'demonstration' will not be repeated."

Zechs smiled coldly at them. " I do so hope that this will not affect further dealings between our two groups. I will be in contact with you again shortly. Merquise out."

The screen filled wtih grey static, mirroring the thoughts of the four present boys.


Meiran cowered in the corner of her cell that the beasts who had violated her had dumped her in. Since her brutalization, she had not moved from that spot, only curling up in on herself and shivering every so often.

Her naked body was covered in blood, bruises and semen from earlier. She was too far gone to even care about the filth that Zechs' men had left on her. She knew, somewhere in a far corner of her mind that was not clouded by shock, that even had she washed off, the unclean feeling would not be sloughed with the smut that covered her.

Her mouth moved, forming words that were not given voice. But inside her head, she screamed in helpless denial.


Finally, Quatre pulled himself together enough to shut off the TV. He sat down next to his lover and growled in the back of his throat.

"All bets are off." the others jumped as the blonde boy broke the silence. "There is no way I am leaving Meiran with that sadist."

Heero nodded. "We have to get her away from them."

"But we don't know where she is," Duo said in an agonized voice as he put his arms around his boyfriend, trying to find comfort in the stoic boy's embrace. "How can we rescue her if we can't find her?"

Trowa frowned in concentration. "There was...a noise in the background of the video. It sounded like..." he trailed off,unable to place what it was.

"Heavy machinery," Heero said finally.

"And sea birds," Duo added as well.

Trowa got up and hurried over to the computer. The other pilots followed him and watched over his shoulder as he brought maps up on the screen.

"It's impossible," Duo groaned. "The could be anywhere." His shoulders slumped in defeat.

Quatre's face brightened as he realized something. "Trowa, narrow down the search parameters to areas which a plane of car can travel to in six hours. Then eliminate all cities which are not by a salt water body."

Heero thought for a minute. "Eliminate all cities without sea ports...."

"Or industries relying on heavy machinery." Duo cut in, his enthusiasm regained.

As Trowa input the search parameters, the list of cities was cut down drastically. Finally, only three cities were left.

"There," Quatre said in satisfaction. "Pira in the former Sank Kingdom."

Heero smiled grimly. "Zechs has always had an obsession with his homeland. Unfortunately for him, it makes it easier to find him."

The four vengeful boys looked at each other and smiled ferally.


Meiran flinched away as the door to her cell was opened again. She no longer cared about putting on a brave front, she just wanted to be away from the people who had caused her suffering.

Zechs walked into the rooma nd smiled triumphantly at the broken and demoralized girl in front of him.

"You might be interested in knowing that I sent a copy of the recording of your....punishment to your friends." his smile turned nasty. "But I suppose that they didn't see any part of you that they they haven't seen before."

Meiran's gaze flew to meet her tormentor's eyes in disbelief and shock as he continued.

"I wonder how long they have known your true gender," he mused. "Did you spread your legs for them? Did you enjoy their attentions?" he watched avidly as Meiran's suffering increased with every word. that he uttered.

"Well," he said finally after a long pause, "I guess that no one will want you now. You're trash now, Chang Wufei. Nothing but a used up toy - a whore."

With those words, Zechs turned around and walked back out of her cell. The door slammed shut behind him. The sound of the locks sliding home was terrifyingly final to Meiran's ears.

'Duo, Heero' she wailed silently, ' where are you?'

She buried her face in her knees, crying for the first time since her rape.


The building shook as if it were merely a leaf before a full force gale. Panic swept through the militant group know as the Iron Fang. Zechs ran to the control room at top speed.

"What the hell is going on?" he demanded harshly.

"Unknown sir." replied one of the few technicians who hadn't freaked out. "Sensors detected ten seperate detonations on the perimeter and inside the building itself. So far we haven't gotten a visual on the hostiles."

Zechs swore viciousle. "Damnit!! Tell all personel to be on the look out for the Gundam pilots."


Zechs gave a grin smile. "Only they would ahve the expertise to do this." He calmly strode to his chair and sat down. "Contact the men guarding the prisoner and tell them that, if anyone approaches that area that they don't reconize, to shoot to kill."

The technician turned around and quickly passed the orders on to the base personel.

Zechs leaned back in his chair and whispered to himself, "We have let slip the dogs of war. Now we shall see if they turn upon their masters."


Duo ran through the smokey corridors of the "warehouse" that Zechs was hiding it. Shortly after the bombs they had planted went off, the four boys had split up so they could search for Meiran. It was the luck of the draw that Duo got to search the west part of the building.

Suddenly, a bullet whizzed past his ear and the braided pilot returned fire without thinking. The bullets took the man in the chest adn the face, both fatal wounds. Duo grinned as he felt Shinigami's pull on his psyche. His old wartime personality was called to the forefront by the sights and sounds of battle.

With a chilling laugh and a bloodthirsty light in his eyes, Duo ran on. As he did, Death ran by his side.


Heero was at the North side of the building. He cautiously crept around a corner in the wall. WSith excellent precision, he squeezed the trigger of his gun twice, sending two of the militant group to their deaths.

The spandex clad boy strode quietly past the bodies, giving no sign if he regreted what he had to do. There would be time enough later for regrets and guilt. After Meiran was safely back with her friends.


Trowa walked confidently through the corridors in the east section of the bas. He put to use his ability to look like he belonged there as he glided through the confusion created by the explosions.

There were quite a few people in this part of the complex. It appeared that this was the area where most of the personel spent their time. Trowa decided that Meiran wouldn't be in this part of the building. Perhaps he could find Zechs.

A ghost of a smile graced the silent boy's lips as he went in search of the traitor.


Quatre walked into a hangar in the south part of the enemy complex. The huge room seemed to be deserted except for some heavy machinery that looked to be in teh middle of repairs. The workers must have run as soon as the explosions started. With feral smile, the blonde ex-pilot began to set the charges he carried.

The bastards were going to pay.


The corridor in which he was traveling suddenly ended in a locked door. Duo paused long enough to pick the lock.

He peeked through the doorway to see a staircase leading down under the complex. Footsteps sounded, coming closer to where the braided boy had stopped. Without any hesitation, Duo stepped beyond the threshold and started down to once again search for Meiran.


The door to her cell opened once again. Meiran shivered but otherwise gave no sign that she registered the boy in the doorway.

"Meiran?" Duo asked in horror. He had never seen anyone in such a state before. Her naked body was covered in bruises, cuts, blood, and semen and the room stank of fear and despair.

The Chinese girl heard her name being called by a joyfully familiar voice. 'No,' she told herself firmly, 'don't hope. It can't be him. Just ignore it.'

The appalled American walked falteringly towards Meiran. "Meiran, please, talk to me." he begged.

When he recieved no response from the broken girl in front of him he dropped to his knees besides her. "Ne, Wu-mei," he said, forcing a cheerful tone, "we came to take you home. You'll be okay now."

His face fell as he still recieved no sign that Meiran had heard him. He looked around quickly and then grabbed a blankey off the cot on the other side of the room.

"Time to leave now, Wu-mei." he announced as he wrapped her in the blanket.

Duo kept up the patter of words as he picked the fragile girl up. His face was set in a grim expression that belied the cheer in his voice.

Zechs was a dead man.


The four boys met again outside the building. With a quick glance, Trowa, Heero and Quatre confirmed that Meiran was alive, if not well.

"Did you find him?" Heero asked harshly.

The other four boys mutely shook their heads.


"We're done here now. Blow it, and Zechs had better hope he dies in that pile of shit." Quatre turned his back on the building and began to stride away.

Without a backward glance, his fellow ex-pilots followed. As they walked away, Trowa pushed the button on the detonator.

The fire from the explosion lit the sky as the building fell into rubble.


Meiran sat silently on the chair besides the window in her room. A book lay forgotten in her lap as she stared sightlessly at the blue sky outside. If she noticed the concerned boy watching from the door, she gave no sign.

Her head snapped around as the door clicked shut. She frowned at the closed doorway and the confusing mix of emotions that it always provoked. On one hand, she knew that she was safe with her friends in one of Quatre's earthside estates and was grateful for the feeling of security that having a door that locked from the INSIDE gave her. But on the other hand, being alone in a room with the door sealed also made her feel trapped and reminded the fragile firl of her experience during her capture. She turned her head back to stare out the window once again. She was putting off thinking about it. After a month, there was no denying it any longer.

She was pregnant.

Growing in her was the child of one of the men who had raped her.

It was impossible. Even though she had played the part of a boy ever since her husband had died, Meiran had still taken the precaution of having a birth control device implanted. But somehow, despite that fact, she had still conceived on her her rapist's bastard.

'What am I going to do?' the tragic-eyed girl asked herself in despair. ' Oh, please, someone tell me what to do.'


Duo walked into the living room. The three other boys looked up from what they were doing.

"No change?" Quatre asked quietly.

Duo shook his head. "Damnit!! Why did this have to happen to her?"

Heero got up and put his arms around his lover, trying to comfort him.

Trowa did the same for Quatre. "We have to give her time. She'll come back to us...she just needs more time."

The braided American broke out of Heero's embrace and began to pace restlessly. "I know she needs time...but its been a month and I mis having the old Meiran around. I hate having to walk on eggshells around her!"

They all knew what he meant. Even now, any sudden movement or sound would cause Meiran to freeze, or, worse yet, flinch away. This was an improvement though. For several days after they rescued her, they Chinese girl had been completely unresponsive. She wouldn't eat, move, and often, the concerned boys had to look carefully to even see if she was still breathing.

Now, instead of a nearly catatonic youth on their hands, they had a girl who, at best, ignored her worried friends.

As former Gundam pilots, everything in them screamed to _do_ something, anything, about it. But there was nothing they could do... and it was tearing them up inside.

Duo turned around and flew back to Heero. He buried his face in the Japanese boy's warm neck.

"Why her?" the black-clad boy asked brokenly. "Why, God, why Meiran?"

Heero tightened his grip around Duo. It was all he could do, for he had no answer to the anguished question....

None of them did.


Meiran walked slowly towards the bathroom. A week ago she confirmed that she was pregnant. Though outwardly she appeared to act no different, inside she was terrified.

At only sixteen, the last survivor of the Dragon Clan was nowhere near ready to start a family. And because the rape back in that warehouse caused her condition, it was even bigger mess.

Suddenly, an excruciating cramp forced her to her knees in hallway. She bent over and wrapped her arms around her waist. A hoarse scream was torn from her throat.

The tortured girl was vaguely aware of someone running towards her. Through a haze of panic and pain, she realized that she was being carried.... somewhere.

There was a dampness on her pants, and she could smell the metallic scent of blood in the air.

'No,' she wailed silently, 'no more blood. Please make it stop. No more, PLEASE!!!'


Duo sat quietly, staring at the moving pictures on the TV. He had turned off the sound and wasn't really paying attention to what was on.

"Why won't she talk to us?" Duo started as Quatre broke the silence. "I wish she would at least say something....anything."

Duo turned back to the TV, brooding on the question. "I think," he said seriously, "something is still bothering her. I know someone doesn't just come back overnight after something like that, but..." he trailed off, frowning at the screen. Finally he continued. "Something just won't let Mei-chan forget."

Quatre opened his mouth to reply but was silenced as a piercing scream rang through the house.

The two boys shot up and ran towards the source of the scream. They arrived to find Heero cradling Meiran. Trowa arrived behind them.

"What happened." Duo asked his lover

Heero wordless turn around to give the others a better view of the limp girl's body.

Trowa bit back a curse while Duo and Quatre gasped in horror as they saw the blood staining the crotch and inner thighs of Meiran's white pants, causing them to cling to her body.

"Call Sally now."


The four boys waited anxiously outside Meiran's room for Sally to brief them on her condition. Duo was shifting his weight from one foot to the other, unable to stay still.

The door opened quietly and the worried boys surrounded Sally Po all unable to wait for word on Meiran's condition.

"Calm down," the one-time revel commanded. "Let's go somewhere where we won't disturb."

With this, Sally led the way to living room, the ex-pilots following closely behind her.

Once in the room, Duo shut off the TV, which had been left on in the panicked race to get to Meiran.

"How is that?" Heero asked her.

Sally sighed. "Physically, she's going to be fine. Mentally..." Sally looked at the boys. "Did any of you know that she was pregnant?"

The boys looked back in shocked disbelief.

"She never said anything." Duo said in a subdued voice. "It must be from
the...." He was unable say the word.

Sally sighed again. "When you brought her to me a month ago, I didn't press the issue, but now...." Her gaze hardened. "She has to get counseling, There is no way she is going to get better on her own."

Quatre nodded. "You're right. I'll call my sisters and set something up. But, right now, can we see her?"

Sally smiled slightly. "Yes, but don't take too long or do anything to upset her. She needs rest right now."

The four friends rushed from the room, anxious to see the girl who they all cared deeply for. They came to a halt at the door to Meiran's room and slowly opened it...

to face an empty room.


Meiran stumbled yet again. Thankfully, this time she didn't fall down.Ever since she woke up with Sally Po standing above her, only one thing had been in her mind: 'I must get away. Must leave....NOW!!'

She walked aimlessly through the city. Eventually, she caught a ride on a bus going out of town.

'Anywhere but here.' She thought. 'Far, far away from here.'The tragic girl dozed off, not realizing that the bus she was on was taking her to a place that she knew well. A place where she knew someone,someone who might help.


Relena Dorlian gazed at her lover in appreciation. No matter how many times she had seen the blonde girl before, the former Peacecraft could not get over just how beautiful Dorothy was.

Suddenly, the two girls heard a sound from the front of the house. It sounded like someone had collapsed on their front step.

"Who could that be?" Relena asked, frowning in bewilderment.

Dorothy shrugged and walked over to the door, Relena following close behind. What lay outside shocked both girls to the core. Lying in the doorway was the slack body of the ex-pilot of Gundam 05 Shenlong, who they knew as Chang Wufei.


Meanwhile, the four boys back at the house were growing frantic. They had scoured every inch of the estate and the surrounding grounds, yet there was no sign of Meiran anywhere. Sally Po had left to alert the authorities of the missing girl. She knew that it was imperative that the distraught girl be found immediately. She needed the proper medical care and observation for both her physical and mental health. There was no telling what could happen to her while she was on her own...or what she could do to herself.

The five searchers met back in the living room of Quatre's estate some time later after hours of fruitless hunting.

"We've looked everywhere." Duo said in frustration. "Where can she be?!"

The others looked forlornly at the floor, not able to answer.

"There is only one more place to try." Heero said after what seemed to be an endless silence. The others looked to him questioningly, hope in their eyes.

"We should call Relena."


Relena and Dorothy carefully moved the unconscious ex-pilot into the parlor and onto a couch. The blonde girl then set about checking the former freedom fighter for wounds.

Her lover looked up in concern as she heard Dorothy gasp.

"What is it?" Relena asked, hurrying to her side.

Dorothy pointed to Wufei's chest wordlessly. Relena blinked in surprise as she saw that the "boy" she had known from the war was very obviously a _girl_.

Just then, the comm unit signaled. Relena rushed to answer it. Heero's face appeared on the screen as soon as she accepted the call.

"Have you seen Meiran?" he asked without preamble.

Relena blinked in confusion. "Who?"

Heero was shoved aside and Duo's expressive face filled the screen. "He means Wufei. You see, Wufei's real name is Meiran and he is really a she."

Duo paused slightly to catch his breath. "So, have you seen Meiran? She took off and we're really worried about her."

Relena looked up over the comm screen to gaze pensively at her over and Wuf....Meiran's unconscious form. Finally she turned back to face the long-haired boy.

"No, I haven't."


Relena sighed as she watched the broken figure of the person she had known as Chang Wufei. The girl was curled up on the couch of the living room, sun shining brightly on her. Meiran looked as fragile as porcelain in that position, as if one wrong touch could shatter her into millions of pieces.

So far, Relena and Dorothy ha been able to keep the other pilots from finding her here. And still, the lovers had not found out what had happened to cause such a strong person to curl up and shut everything and everyone out.

The Chinese girl had not spoken a word since her arrival several weeks earlier. At first her two saviors had thought it was because of the sickness that had ravaged her body. But even after she was well again, Meiran hadn't uttered a single sound...except for the heart wrenching, agonized screams that woke Dorothy and Relena up most nights.

Every time the tragic girl woke up crying out in horror, Dorothy and Relena would come running to comfort her. At first, Meiran pushed them away, but, gradually, she came to accept what they offered and would sob herself to sleep in their arms.

Suddenly, the peaceful silence was broken by the incessant sounds of someone entreating entry at the front door. The girl on the couch woke, but Relena motioned for her to stay where she was.

"Don't worry, I'll get rid of whoever that is." Relena exited the room, leaving the door open slightly.

The former Queen of the World arrived at the door in time to see her lover answer it.

Both girls stared in shock at who they saw there.

Zechs Merquise. Also know as Millardo Peacecraft, Relena's older brother.


Relena stared in shock at the man she had believed dead.


Zechs looked towards his younger sibling. Relena flinched as she viewed his entire face. Scars marred the entire left side, miraculously, his eye was untouched. A bit of heavenly blue in a hellish sea of devastation.

"Relena," his deep voice cut through her horror, "so nice to see you again."

Dorothy gazed at the tableau in front of her and came to a decision. "Why don't you come in, Zechs-sama. I'm sure you and Relena have a lot to talk about."


An hour later, Zechs left Relena and Dorothy. The two girls were still bewildered by his sudden reappearance.

"Do you believe what he said about Meiran and the other pilots?" Relena asked her lover in disbelief.

Dorothy gazed at the door through which the blonde man had left. "Your brother has never been what I would call mentally stable, koi. To him, what he told us is the complete truth... and completely believable."

Relena sighed. "Perhaps." Suddenly her eyes widened. "Gods, Meiran!"

Dorothy furrowed her brow in confusion. "Meiran? What about Meiran?"

"I told her I would be right back." The reply was tossed over the brunette's shoulder as she left to check on their charge.

Dorothy followed her lover to the room where they had left the Chinese pilot. Relena pushed the door open and hurried into the room only to stop just inside the entrance.

Dorothy pushed past her frozen koibito to take in the now empty room.

Meiran had fled once more.


On the other side of the world, the four ex-Gundam pilotswere woken out of their uneasy slumber by the incessant ringing of the vid phone. Grumbling, Duo left his lover's warm embrace to answer it.

"If this is a tele-marketer, you now have only one hour to live." He snarled into the pick-up.

"Duo!" Relena said frantically. "Duo, she's gone! One minute everything's fine and then.. poof ... she's taken off!"

The former queen of the world's lound rambling woke the American up and brought the three other boys into the room.

"Who's gone, Relena?" Duo asked. "Dorothy? Did you two have a fight?"

"No, not Dotty. Her!!!" Relena saw the confusion of the boys' faces and growled in frustration. "MEIRAN!"

With that, she had their full and undivided attention.

"Wu-mei?" Heero questioned intently, his gaze focused on Relena's image. "She was with you? And you didn't tell us?!"

Relena made a dismissive gesture. "That's not important now. What's important is that she's not here anymore." Her expression turned worried. "Where could she have gone. Why did she leave?"

Quatre shoved Heero and Duo out of the way and took control of the situation, Trowa backing him up. "Re-chan, calm down. Now think. What happened right before Meiran left? What could have happened to scare her into running again?"

The blonde girl furrowed her brow in concentration. "Nothing! We were in the front room and then someone stopped by. I told Meiran I would be right back, but got delayed because he surprised me and we talked. When he left and I went to check on her, she was gone!"

Quatre pursed his lips in thought. "That doesn't seem too frightening. Why did she leave then?"

Suddenly Trowa spoke up. "Relena, you said he - 'he surprised me.' Who was it?"

"Well it was oniisama." She answered quickly.

"ZECHS?!!!" came four yells.

"Dammit." Duo swore. "Shit. Fuck.. (the rest has not been included because I can't think of anymore swear words to put down for it is 2:27 am. But you get the drift of it.)."

Now it was Relena's turn to be confused. "What? Did something happen with oniisama?"

"I thought that bastard was dead!" Herro growled dangerously. "I knew we shouldn't have left without seeing his body first."

Relena's expression darkened. "What did he do?"

Duo looked pissed. "Oh nothing much. He only kidnapped, tortured, and raped Meiran!"

Relena looked horrified. "Gods, no wonder she ran. Dear gods, she must have been terrified. Oh Meiran, I'm so sorry."

Quatre broke in. "We know why she ran again now. But where did she go?

The five teenagers looked at each other in silence as the question remained unanswered.