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A Good Deed chapter 2 (see it isn’t mislabeled!!!)

Quatre sighed as he watched Duo try once again to get Wufei and Heero to get out of the house and do something. And once again, both boys were resisting the third’s demands.

"Come on, guys," Duo….well whined would be the best term for it. "It’ll be fun. Please?"

"Maxwell," Wufei stated coldly, "it would be much safer to stay at the safehouse. There could be soldiers in town. If we were to be spotted and recognized, it would mean a great deal of trouble. Trouble that we don’t need."

"Aw, come on Fei-chan." Duo pleaded, turning huge eyes on the Chinese boy. "Live a little. Besides, I’m sure they won’t recognize us if you and Hee-chan wear something normal for once."

"More than likely they would recognize you no matter how you dress with that braid of yours." Heero commented shortly.

"What’s wrong with my hair?" the boy clutched his braid defensively.

"Nothing except not many boys have three foot long braids." Wufei answered acerbically. "It’s like a sign that reads ‘Here I am! I’m one of the Gundam pilots! Come shoot me!’ Might as well be holding a flashing neon sign saying ‘Gundam pilot’."

Hurt caused Duo’s eyes to darken. "Fine then. I’ll just go out alone." With that, he got up and walked away. "Don’t wait up for me. And if I get caught, don’t worry, I’m sure I deserved it for being such an idiot."

With this, the American shut the door behind him, giving a curious – and ominous – finality to his words.


When the door closed, Quatre rounded on his two fellow pilots. "That’s it! That is, by Allah, it!!" Heero and Wufei blinked in surprise at the rage on the normally gentle pilot’s face.

"I don’t see why Duo puts up with you two and the shit that you deal him, but I can’t stand it anymore!"

Trowa made a move to calm down his incensed lover, but Quatre shook him off. The blonde pilot stalked over to his flabbergasted teammates and glared (yes, glared) at them.

"I’m tired of seeing Duo hurt every goddamn time he tries to reach out to one or both of you. I don’t see why he loves such assholes as yourselves, but he does!" I don’t know what will make you two wake up and smell the fucking coffee, but if I have to, I will beat some sense into both of you!"

By this time, Quatre was yelling at the two stunned pilots who could only stare as their teammate chewed them out but good.

"Every time one of you foes out on a mission I have to watch as he nearly worries himself sick – not sleeping, barely eating. And all you can do is kick him in the nuts when you get back and he tries to show you how much he loves you. And I can’t fucking stand it anymore!!"

Quatre finally stopped, panting from exertion, face red from fury. He drew in a deep breath and let it out slowly, clearly trying to reign in his rage.

"Now," he said, his tone much calmer, but anger still sparked in his eyes, "if you two don’t do something about this situation with Duo soon, I’m going to have to do it for you." He stopped and glared once more at the speechless Wufei and Heero. "And trust me, you will no like the way I got about doing it. So get your fucking acts together!!"

With that, Quatre stormed out of the room. Trowa gave them an indecipherable look before following the smaller boy out.

Wufei and Heero turned to look at each other, disbelief etched plainly on their faces. Then, as one, they spoke.

"Duo loves us?!"



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