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A good deed - Teaser

Duo stared out a window. His face, usually full of joy and laughter, was blank though his eyes were infinitely sad. An observer would think that this boy was far too young to know that kind of grief.

"Where are you?" the braided boy's voice was barely audibly.

He didn't notice the boy standing in the doorway of the room. If he had he would have replaced his mask of hyper joviality in a second. But, he didn't notice him, and Quatre got to see the grief that hid behind Duo's joker's mask for the first time.

The blonde pilot quietly walked back out of the room. He made a beeline to the only other pilot that was currently residing in this safehouse. He found him in the kitchen preparing a meal.

"Trowa," Quatre called the taller boy softly.

The quiet boy looked towards his love. "Yes?" he asked. "Is something wrong, itooshi?"

Quatre sighed heavily. "It's Duo. He's just sitting by the window." He wrapped his arms around himself. "Why do they do this to him? Do they even know how much he cares and worries about them?"

Trowa crossed to room and embraced his gentle lover. "Wufei and Heero are too caught up in their own pain to see his. And he cannot bring himself to burden the rest of us with his suffering."

Quatre buried his face in Trowa's chest. "I can't stand to see him like this. If it keeps up, I'll have to do something about it. I can't stand by and watch my best friend torn like this."

Trowa stroked his hand down the blonde boy's back soothingly. "Leave it, angel. You can't do anything until those two admit their feelings to themselves. There is nothing we can do now."

Quatre closed his eyes sorrowfully. "I feel so helpless, Trowa. I want to make him happy again.. but I can't. What kind of friend am I? I can't do anything for him when he's hurting most."

Trowa said nothing, merely held his love closer and tried to offer all the comfort he could.


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