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Duo was dreaming. Heero on top of him was kissing him with abandon. He
pulled away from the the Wing pilot long enough to ask 'Why?' Heero looked
at him with fire in his eyes. 'Ai shiteru Duo.'

Heero was dreaming. Duo was under him returning his kisses with a passion.
Heero pulled away from the braided pilot long enough to ask 'Why?' Duo
looked at him with eyes that shone with a bright inner light. 'Ai shiteru

Duo woke up....

Heero woke up...

[both] ... and screamed.




Duo stared at the mangled body that lay besides him. "Heero?" he asked
tentively. The braided boy reached out a shaking hand to touch the smooth
cheek of his love. With an anguished cry he jerked it back abrutly. The
cheek was cold. Heero was dead. Duo hunched over and began to sob.

Heero stared at the disfirgured body next to him. "Duo?" he called
quietly. The Japanese pilot reached out a hesitant hand to shake the boy who
had wormed his way into his heart. With a low moan he bowed his head. The
body was cold. Duo was dead. Heero hunched over and began to weep.

Duo suddenly felt a whisper of a touch on his back....

Heero suddenly felt a whisper of a touch on his back....

[Both].....and shot upwards gasping for breath.




Duo looked frantically around the empty room he woke up in. As his heart
slowed its frantic beating he slumped over and breath came in more easily.
'Heero is dead.' Duo once again began to sob. 'I have nothing left to live
for.' He reached under his pillow.

Heero's wide eyes stared unseeing at the empty room he had woken to find
himself in. As his heartbeat slowed he slumped over to stare at the sheets
pooled on his lap. 'Duo is dead.' Heero fought back the tears that
threatened to break loose. ' There is nothing left to live for.' He reached
beneath is pillow.

Duo pulled out a gun, held it against his head...

Heero pulled out a gun, held it against his head....
[Both] and.......


Oops, sorry minna-san. I knocked my Chemistry textbook onto the floor.
*grins unrepentently*
*Duo cowers in the corner of the room shivering from fright*
I'm sorry Duo, did I scare you??
Duo: You evil woman. You killed me and my Heero!!!
Weeellll, technicly, you weren't dead at the end of the fic.
OHOHOHHOHOHOHOHOH *gives fair imitation of Kodachi*
*Duo shudders*

So, is this yet another dream? or are our beloved pilots really awake this
time? and if it is a dream....who is the dreamer?? *twilight zone music*

Tell me what you think. Hehehe. You guys were the ones who wanted me to
write a continuation of Dreams and I never promised to give you any answers.
hehehehe I am sooooooo evil.