All right, this'll be the last thing I post for at least a week, I promise. This is for Rose, who asked for it. ;)

Ficlet: Duo's Letter
A companion to 'Overture'



Treize Khushrenada
General, OZ Organization
Resident Dickhead

Thank you very much for the loan of your plane. You will find what is left of it on out last battlefield, along with the smoldering remains of a few dozen Aries, maybe a couple of Leos and some other various debris. Sorry about that, but you know how it is, the war and all.

While this year's model was certainly an excellent example of aviary equipment, might I suggest that when you next purchase a vehicle such as this, you include a few luxury items as well? Reclining seats, for one.

A shower stall would be nice too, if a bit extravagant, but at least toss a package of wet wipes in the glove box next time, will ya?

Pilot #2


P.S. By the way, those stains on the co-pilot's seat are -so- not my fault.


(Yeah, Duo gets his mail thru Yahoo. The belief that Yahoo will still exist in this time is my own, as I firmly believe they are evil, and are attempting to take over the world. OZ could take some pointers from them.)