Well, at about three in the morning, I fell asleep at my desk. I woke up half an hour later and wrote this. I have no idea what I dreamed about, but it really inspired me. Don't ask me why I wrote this the way it is, because I've always had the feeling that Trowa and Duo aren't overly fond of eachother...so...I should add an OOC-ness warning, ne? It just refused to be written any other way...I might be making this song into a dif vidclipfic at some point, by the way...something about it wants to be ficced for AA...but that's for another day.

Well, anyways, hope you like ok and can forgive me for the OOC-ness.

A couple notes: This is a bit different from any vidfic I've ever done before.
[ ]= Romanji lyrics (real lyrics)
{ }= KnM's pathetic attempt at a translation. Be warned, it sucks and is not accurate.
Zutto Kimi no Soba de is the second ending for Flame of Recca. It's absolutely awesome. The version I'm using is the Oystar's original version. The lyrics for the TV series were a bit different.

Katsu no Miko
A Wufei no Seishi
Duo's Grand Inquisitor and Head Torturer
Keeper of Duo's Stake and Mallet?? Duo's Browning .40 Hi-Power III???
(Or maybe) Keeper of Duo's angst???? (future generations will decide)
AND: Keeper of Ad's Sanity! (*snicker* What sanity?)

"Erst wenn die Wolken schlafen gehen/kann man uns am Himmel sehen/
wir haben Angst und sind allein.../Gott weiss ich wil kein Engel sein..."


Disclaimers: Standard KnM-type disclaimers apply


Zutto Kimi no Soba de
{Beside You Always}


[*guitar intro begins*]

Begin with a close-up of Duo in the cockpit of Deathscythe. He's grinning insanely and yelling. For a moment, the light in the cockpit turns green as he sweeps his thermal scythe in front of him.

Switch to a close-up of Trowa in the cockpit of Heavyarms, completely expressionless. Flashes of light caused by explosions make him look like he's sitting in front of a strobe light.

Switch two the outside of the two Gundams; they're both fighting off a horde of Oz mobile suits. The odds are even worse than normal, so bad, in fact, that Heavyarms and Deathscythe are slowly giving ground and taking an extreme amount of damage.

[*guitar bridge to second round of intro*]

Heavyarms and Deathscythe are now in a hanger; a safe house. Both of the Gundams are damaged and scarred. Deathscythe seems to look the worst, though. Trowa jumps out of Heavyarms and runs over to Deathscythe. The Gundam's hatch opens and Duo does a Heero-esque head-first fall onto the concrete floor, unconscious. He's bleeding profusely from a head wound, and his braid is half unraveled. Trowa drops to his knees and picks the unconscious pilot up. His expression is carefully neutral, but he's pale, and his entire posture indicates anxiety. He cradles Duo against his chest and walks away from the Gundams.

[Yoru o muiawasete]
{Night brings us together}

It's night out; the sky is incredibly clear, every constellation is perfectly visible and identifiable. Focus in on a small, low stone bridge over a stream. Trowa is leaning casually against the railing of the bridge, his gaze focused toward the safe house, a short ways away.

[Mikazuki na koi o nagameteita]
{And our love is only seen by the crescent moon}

Focus in on the house; Duo is standing in one of the windows. He's backlit, so you can only see his silhouette. He's stretching like he just woke up. Change back to Trowa. He pushes off of the bridge railing and walks away.

[Hui ni mujuuryoku na]
{I'm suddenly weightless}

Duo is walking along the hall of a school with all of the other pilots, minus Trowa. Heero is by his side, scowling as always.

[Kimi no hohoemi ni sui komareru]
{As your smile pulls me in}

Trowa emerges from a doorway that they have just walked past. He crosses his arms and leans for a moment, watching them all intensely as they continue down the hall, seemingly oblivious until Heero looks back for a moment, his expression as intense and unreadable as always.

[Itooshisa ami komameyou ni]
{Holding me immobile}

Change to complete darkness. A door opens, and Trowa walks through it, Duo still in his arms. He lays the other pilot gently down on his bed. Duo opens his eyes and smiles at Trowa.

[Kokoro hotsuremeyou ni]
{With my emotions}

Trowa starts to turn away, and Duo grabs his wrist, causing the other boy to look quickly back, his eyes widening. The battered pilot grins a little more.

/Thank you. Who'da thought...Trowa Nighingale...heh./


Duo's fingers slide down until he's holding Trowa's hand. For a moment, their fingers twine together.

[Hashiru, hashiru, doko made mo iku]
{Run away, run away, forever running}

Trowa abruptly jerks his hand out of Duo's grasp and walks quickly from the room, shutting the door firmly behind him.

[Yurete, yurete, kokoro no mama ni yurarete]
{Shake, shake, my heart is shaking with this change}

Duo looks incredibly puzzled. He sits up with a great deal of effort and looks at his own hand as if he's not quite sure what it is, then glances at the door.

[Idomu boku no mune ni wa
Hukaku, hukaku, ai o kisa mou]
{Challenging my feelings
Deeper, deeper, carved with love.}

Trowa exits the house and walks out to the bridge from a couple scenes ago. He rests his hands on it for a moment, his fingers idly tracing the wear marks on the cool stone as he looks up at the sky and the brilliant moon hanging suspended in it. One of his hands clenches into a fist, and he rests his elbows on the railing, abruptly resting his head in his hands. He slowly shakes his head.

Change to a room. Trowa's laying in bed, staring at the ceiling, wearing his pants and no shirt. The room must be by a road; you can see the headlights of turning cars come in through the window, briefly sliding over Trowa and the rest of the room. There are only a few things in it; a nightstand with a glass of water and his mask sitting on it, a pile of neatly folded clothing on the floor, a small cigar box that's open, revealing a few photos of the other pilots. Focus in on one photo; it's Duo, flashing the 'V' sign for the camera.

[Yume o mukiawasete]
{In my dreams we face each other}

Change scenes. Trowa is leaning against the brick wall of a school, his arms crossed and resting on his chest. He brings one hand up, eyes narrowed, to shield his eyes from the bright daylight.

[Tsubete o hanaseru yasahi me wa]
{I look into your gentle eyes, and they tell me everything}

A shadow falls over him, and he lets his hand drop. Duo's standing there, grinning at him.

[Yagate ashita ni mukakau]
{I can't stand it--we'll face each other again tomorrow, it's too soon}

Duo grabs Trowa's hand and drags him off. He's chattering excitedly and waving what looks like a pair of tickets to something, a concert perhaps. Trowa doesn't have any choice but to follow along.

[Kizuguchi o sotto asa ni kaeta]
{And the secret wounds you've caused will be changed in the morning}

Switch scenes, and Trowa is standing alone, once again, on the endless metal deck of a carrier. He's dressed in an Oz uniform, and he's at attention. Pan around behind him, and he looks back...

[Egao ga shizumanaiyou ni]
{By your never ending smiling}

Trowa changes into a much younger version of himself, from when he was a mercenary. He's standing in a small clearing in the middle of a green, dripping rain forest. Steam rolls around him. He has his eyes closed and his face upturned. There's a soft smile on his face as he feels water dripping on his cheeks from the trees above him. But there's something behind him...

[Koi o ukasemeyou ni]
{Love is holding me captive}

A dark hand reaches out and grabs little Trowa's shoulder. His entire body suddenly becomes taut and his eyes snap open.

[Kurai, kurai, mienai michi mo]
{Darkness, darkness, I can't see the way}

Little Trowa is thrown to the ground, and a shadowy, human-shaped monster looms over him. Trowa's eyes are wide and very, frightened. No tears fall, however, and he bits his lip to keep from making a sound as he's roughly grabbed again...

[Hikaru, hikaru, itsuka wa hikarikagayaku]
{Shine, shine, lit by the future}

Trowa's eyes snap open and he finds himself looking into Duo's concerned violet eyes. The other pilot is shaking him, asking him if he's ok. Duo's hair is completely loose, and he's dressed in a long t-shirt with a chibi cat on it.

/God, man, you were crying in your sleep. Are you alright? You do this a lot, but you've never sounded this bad before. What's going on?/

[Mezasu, boku no mirai ni]
{I head for my future}

Trowa's eyes are wide and for one moment, he grabs Duo and holds on to him like a lifeline. Duo looks startled, then he tentatively wraps his arms around Trowa's waist. The taller pilot's shoulders are trembling with...something...

/Oh god...oh god...oh god...oh god.../

/Please...stop...you're scaring me...what's wrong? Why are you shaking? What's wrong?/

[Tsuyoku, Tsuyoku, ai o kisa mou]
{Stronger, stronger, love is carving into me}

Abruptly, Trowa shoves Duo away and half tumbles out of bed. He almost runs to the door, wearing only a pair of pants, and is gone and down the hall before the door shuts. Duo stays kneeling on Trowa's bed, extremely puzzled.


Trowa is walking quickly down the halls of the dorm, rubbing his arms and shaking. He stops by a window and looks out, and there are tear tracks on his face.

Change scenes, and a door opens again, revealing Trowa leaning in the doorway. Duo is asleep on his bed, sprawled under his blankets with one leg hanging out. Trowa smiles slightly, then turns and shuts the door behind him.

Heero is working at his laptop. He glances back at the open door with his customary glare. The door shuts again...
Wufei is doing his homework, chewing on his pencil...the door shuts again...
It's Quatre playing solitaire. He glances up and waves. The door shuts again...
Duo is trying to braid his hair and it's not cooperating. The door shuts again...
Each time, pan in more closely, and the when the door shuts for the sixth time, a bloody hand reaches out and pulls it open. It's Duo. He walks unsteadily out into the hall, one hand pressed against his forehead, which is still bleeding. He continues to stumble drunkenly onward until he makes it out of the house. He looks around and spots Trowa almost immediately and heads toward him as fast as he can.

[Hashiru, hashiru, doko made mou iku]
{Run away, run away, always running}

Trowa glances up as he hears Duo coming, and his eyes widen. He quickly straightens up and takes a couple steps back.

[Yurete, yurete, kokoro no mama ni yurarete]
{Shake, shake, my heart is shaking with this change}

Duo lunges forward and grabs Trowa's arm with the hand he doesn't have against his forehead. Trowa takes another step back, and Duo follows him, refusing to let go. He says something angrily and pulls his hand away from his forehead, grabbing Trowa's other arm with it, not caring about the blood he's getting on Trowa's shirt.

/Damnit, why are you doing this? Why are you doing this to you? To ME? To US? WHY?/

[Idomu, boku no mune ni wa]
{Challenging my feelings}

Trowa tries to step back again, but instead, Duo yanks him forward into a tight embrace. He kisses the other pilot, very lightly.

[Hukaku, hukaku, ai o kisa mou...]
{Deeper, deeper, carved with love...}

For one moment, Trowa relaxes into Duo's embrace...and then suddenly, he pushes the other pilot away and wiggles out of his arms. As soon as he's free, he turns and walks away so quickly that it's almost a run. Duo is left standing alone on the bridge, his hands still half reaching out. Slowly, he lets them drop to his sides.

Trowa walks into the room he was laying in before. He shuts the door behind him, rests his back against it, and slides down until he's sitting on the floor. He hugs his knees to his chest.