Gundam Wing Observations a la KnM

Trowa is cute

Wufei is cute

Quatre is VERY cute

But Duo will always be the cutest

Trowa has a sexy voice

Duo's is sexier, though

Wufei kicks a lot of ass

So does Duo

Sally Po and Lady Une are the coolest women, though for very different reasons.

Nothing beats a Gundam Boy on a motorcycle.

Rashid's hair makes me hear the Church Lady in the back of my head: "Could it be...Satan?"

The world needs more shirtless Trowa.

There's definitely a possible something between Trowa and Heero. Trowa's only lagging three significant looks behind Duo.

Trowa is king of the significant look, and he has them with EVERYONE, though especially Quatre.

If by some strange fluke of fate Heero actually has a driver's license, someone should take it away from him.

The more I see of Relena, the more she gets on my pecs. (She's so ANNOYING!)

For some reason, in episode 12 I had this insane moment where I thought that Trowa was the one that was knitting, not Catherine. It made sense at the time. Really.

Punching someone in the stomach is STILL the most reliable way to render them unconscious.

Relena has an invisible friend that she talks to. A LOT. More than anyone else. I think it's either Cthulhu or a giant jiggly puff. I'm not sure which.

Heero seems to be allowed one and only one psychotic laugh per episode.

When it comes to shooting, especially at Relena, Oz soldiers suck. Then again, with Relena it's not really their fault; her unreality/oblivion field is probably impossible for mere bullets to penetrate.

Zechs needs to ditch the mask and get shirtless. Right now.

Treize has scary eyebrows.

But not as scary as Dorothy's.

Duo is the least morbid of all of the Gundam Boys, which is pretty damn creepy considering that he calls himself the God of Death.

Duo needs more screen time, always. Damnit, I want Death Boy!

And Death Boy nekky and playing "you sunk my battleship" with Heero would be the best kind of screen time. *sigh*

Treize is incredibly laid back.

In fact, I think he's on valium, or possibly something stronger.

Lady Une went to the Saitou Hajime school of human relations. I like her.

Relena needs to stop playing with guns or some day she's going to end up shooting herself. We can always hope.

There are more than fifty ways to kill Relena. A lot more.

And by the way, didn't anyone ever tell her that it's rude to read someone else's mail??

I have to agree with Ad. I think that Otto (the mechanic guy that fixed Tallgeese) had the hots bad for Zechs. Not that I blame him.

Berker seem to like Zechs a lot, too. Hell, all of Zechs' underlings seem to have the hots for his bod. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Treize is more manipulative than Nakago, yet unlike Nakago, he has my respect. He's just so smooth! And like a thousand times more subtle!

Duo is insane, but his kind, like mine, is the happy kind. No wonder I love him so much.

Duo, Quatre, and Wufei don't need invisible friends to talk to. They have their Gundams.

If my mom says "Stop yelling at the TV because they're not real and they can't hear you." one more time, I will pull a Wing Zero.

Darkchylde thinks that Heero's maniacal laugh sounds like a tickle-me-Elmo(tm). A tickle-me-Elmo(tm) on speed, that is. I'm inclined to agree.

Trowa has a cute laugh. He should use it more often.

The Gundam Boys do need to learn one of the cardinal rules of guns; don't draw unless you intend to kill, and if you're going to kill, you really don't need to listen to the long, involved explanation about why Oz isn't so bad after all, or why toast always lands butter side down.

Trowa is the most fucked up of all the Gundam Pilots.

Doctor J rates an 8.0 on my weird shit-o-meter.

About the Maganacs...I'm still trying to figure out what Oz did that pissed the Shriners off.

And where the hell are their little cars, anyway?

Are those pants on Treize, or just a coat of white paint? Same with Zechs. And Heero's black spandex shorts. Not that I'm complaining or anything.

Sometimes I'm not sure what I would rather do...shoot Wufei, or hug him and never let him go.

I will never have enough of the Dragon Fist.

Sometimes Wufei really needs to just borrow some of Treize's valium.

Episode 13. "The pilot of Gundam 01 isn't human." DUH.

Heero's shorts aren't just spandex...they're TARDIS spandex. (Time And Relative Dimensions In Space--that means that they're bigger on the inside than they are on the outside. It's a Doctor Who thing.) That's the only explanation I can think of for how Heero can wear those and not geld himself.

I think Treize keeps his wad stuffed down the front of his pants. And it's a big wad. You could beat whales to death with it. Zechs has one too. Or maybe he's borrowing Treize's.

Heavyarms' single purpose in life seems to be to run out of bullets. Poor Trowa.

The only Gundams cooler than Deathscythe are Deathscythe Hell and Deathscythe Hell Custom.

Relena gives new meaning to the song "Barbie Girl." Who else would drive a pink car?

Nobody likes the Gundam Boys but the other Gundam Boys! The colonists are jerks!

Some women go to the hairdresser, get a dye job, and feel like a whole new woman...all Une has to do is put on a pair of glasses.

Treize carries his own head wind with him for his cape thingy.

Treize and Zechs have that whole Shi Shi O fight for the sake of fighting thing going, but in a nice way that doesn't involve cannibalism.

There should be a law against Wufei ever putting that white over shirt thingy on. Tank top...*drool*

Heero has a shockingly (well hidden) poetic and philosophical side.

Heero should wear REAL pants once in a while. They look good on him.

Howard has the same taste in shirts as my big brother. Kowai. 0.0

Every time I see Trowa, his hair looks more fried.

Duo is very very attached to Deathscythe.

Trowa makes a disturbingly good Nazi turncoat.

Zechs' new, cute little skin-tight red space suit does more for him than that stupid mask ever did.

I'm starting to wonder if Quatre has an Electra complex...his dad's hair looks an awful lot like Trowa's...

90% of the characters have an invisible friend. I think Relena must be sharing Cthulhu with them.

You know it's a bad sign when Quatre starts laughing maniacally.

I think Lady Une's nice personality is on lithium.

It's all Treize's fault the Une has MPD.

I am beginning to think that forked eyebrows are the mark of Cthulhu.

Lady Une will do anything if you say those four little words to her: "Treize wants you to..."

Duo is just too damn slick when he steals that MS.

Poor Hilde...someone should have told her that pointing a gun at Duo wouldn't intimidate him. He's already been threatened by the best and made it through unfazed.

I don't know...Hilde just seemed to switch sides a little too easily, but then again, how could you NOT be charmed by Death Boy?

That look on Duo's face when he says "Boys don't cry" and gets beaten up...KIYAAAAAAA!!!!

I said it before and I'll say it again. Duo is too damn slick.

Only Duo would complain about suffocation being a boring way to die.

Quatre on Wing Zero: I'm sorry, but Quatre isn't in right now. If you don't wish to speak to Cthulhu, please leave you name and number and Quatre will get back to you as soon as he's in his right mind again.

Quatre is living proof that it's always the quiet ones.

You know, if Quatre hadn't recovered from the effects of the Zero System, he could have had a promising career in the US postal service.

Trowa doesn't talk much, but when you get him started...oi...

Treize is the master of the grand gesture.

Une, Noin, and Sally all fight beside their men in battle. I have nothing but respect for them.

The way Une faces death...wow...she's my role model.

Where the hell did Dorothy learn to drive? New York???

My, but Dorothy's a bloodthirsty little thing, isn't she.

Man...Dorothy's vehicle...that ain't a car, that's a freaking TANK.

How someone could miss something as big and difficult to camouflage as a mobile suit is beyond me.

Dorothy called Relena a nerd...she's mean, nasty, and sarcastic...WOW I LOVE HER!

Death boy sure knows how to make an entrance--and I think he's been taking dramatic pose lessons from Treize and Zechs.

Duo and Hilde act like family. I think it's so cute how they've adopted each other. They even take turns being the older sibling! Kawaii!

Ok, Duo on Wing Zero is pretty damn scary too. He's just so...calm. (after the initial screaming fit). I'm starting to wonder is if the Zero System reveals a small part of the inner, real self of the pilot...so what does that say about Duo??? Or Quatre!

Ok, I think Tranto is on some kind of mind warping drug, the way he keeps "seeing" things and talking about his consciousness expanding. Either that, or Cthulhu has found him.

The art of Kamikaze is alive and well. I think Heero must be a failed student, though...he keeps walking away from his landings.

War is hell, no matter what way you slice it.

Star Wars flashback! Treize at the top of the steps in the dark room, talking to Heero...
Treize: (Darth Vader voice) Heero, I am your father...
Heero: Noooo! It's impossible!
Treize: You even have my eyebrows and propensity for pointing guns at people.
Heero: *horrified screaming*

Ok, I have to know...where the hell is the "secret Batcave construction company" located??? Everyone has a secret lair/hanger but me!

Heero has very cute, knobby knees.

Wufei's battle yell is actually kind of...well...cute. He just needs a little more testosterone in his system, is all....then he'll be able to out-do Zechs and Duo.

Zechs...now THERE'S someone with a battle yell.

Kisama...it's not just a word, it's a way of life.

It's so cool how Catherine automatically fell into the role of older sister for Trowa. He needs a family. ^^

Ok, Duo and Hilde definitely have the bro/sis thing going. When they're at the circus, Hilde's checking Trowa out. :D

My God, Wufei kicks a lot of ass.

Duo's got a nice battle yell...

Woah...Wing Zero has eyeballs! Freaky!!

When Trowa is with the circus after he loses his memory, he has a sad clown mask, as opposed to the smiling on he had before. (check it out...episodes 35 and 36)

Treize is VERY in love with Une, IMO. Very!

Wufei just has that "short man" attitude. He's probably never going to get any taller.

I don't think Quatre or Wufei are going to get taller, actually. Both have heights that are fairly proportional with their legs and arms. Of course, they could both just be slow developers, since they both have fairly high pitched voices (especially Quatre!) when compared to the other guys. (Wufei's the tenor of the group...) The other three boys are definitely going to grow more; Trowa, Heero, and Duo have that long legged, gangly, slightly out of proportion "I'm going to eventually grow into my body, really" look. They also have fairly deep voices.

Wufei can fight with his eyes closed. Cool!

Everybody pilots Wing Zero
Heero: normally does
Quatre: Build and piloted it
Duo: Forced to pilot it in ep 32 by Tranto.
Trowa: pilots it in ep 42 because Heavyarms is being worked on.
Wufei: borrowed in ep 41 because Shenlon was damaged. Notably, he's the only one other than Heero that didn't get messed up by it! And he was able to handle it the first time, unlike Heero.

Catherine is so cool. She don't take shit from anyone, and she enjoys throwing sharp, pointy objects at her brother.

Trowa has a kind of girly scream.

When Trowa goes kind of nuts in Zero, that's the most noise I've ever heard out of him.

It's a tribute to how fucked up Trowa is that the Zero System actually puts him back in his right mind.

Dorothy is just EVIL, the way she messes with Relena's head, teasing her with the gun and everything. Bow down before her as the earthly incarnation of Cthulhu, she of the evil eyebrows.

The Libra...it's the four leafed clover of Doom...
Zechs: (dressed in cute green leprachaun outfit) They're always after me lucky charms!
Treize: (appears) In a manner of speaking...
Zechs: Yipe! (runs away)
Treize: (Chases after him)

The Zero system is pure testosterone injected into the brain. That's the only thing I can think of to explain the bahavior...

Where the hell do Quatre and Dorothy know each other from? Wherever it is, they sure hate each other's guts! Or did they hack into eachother's brains? Woah...fic idea coming on.

Relena is beginning to get forked eyebrows in ep 45 (near rather than far ends, though) and we all know what that means...

Could Hilde be Noin's long lost sister? They look an awful lot alike. Also, well, I think she might be Duo's long lost sister. They're so alike! Maybe his soul sister?

Quatre has become the man...must be from that Zero System testosterone infusion(tm). Actually, I have nothing but respect for him. In one battle, he's forged the g-boys into a cohesive unit.

Duo proves he's a kick ass pilot when he beats the Mercurius and the Vay Eate...it's halfway like fighting Heero and Trowa at the same time, not an easy task.

Assuming that Treize is using fairly small bills, we'll say fives for the sake of argument, in the beginning of ep 46 he appears to have at least 140 dollars stashed in the front of his pants.

Heero should really wear normal clothes more often. *slurp*

Another Star Wars moment, when Heero is facing the hologram of Zechs, and Zechs asks Heero to become his comrade...
Zechs: Heero...give in to your hate...
Heero: (points and primes gun)
Zechs: Join me in the dark side...
Heero: Omae o korosu. (begins to pull trigger)
Zechs: I'll tell you the secret to Pantene Pro-V hair...
Heero: No! I won't listen to you!
Zechs: And I'll throw in a free shampoo and a trim...
Heero: Must...resist...*falls to knees* Agh!

Treize has stopped taking Valium in episode 46 when he gets into the new Tallgeese. He actually looks...angry. Then he draw the line in the sand...and damn, I really like him now.

Une saves Treize from the beam...and flies into the hand of the Tallgeese...it's so romantic! Then Treize has to kill the moment by ordering the destruction of the Libra, but such is life.

Treize ain't half bad as a pilot.

Woah...Quinze has, like...toothpick legs. 0.0

The forks in Dorothy's eyebrows are getting bigger, if you look in ep 47. I think Cthulhu is about to strike.

When Noin confronts Zechs...they play chicken and Noin wins. She the woman! YEAH!

Duo's been around Heero too long. he's starting to wave his gun around just like him. (at the scientists)

I don't think Wufei says "skip that" to Treize in ep 48. It sounds more like a "fuck you" to me, in tone if nothing else.

The music that gets played during the final battle sounds kind of like the Mortal Kombat theme. ^^

Quatre and Dorothy are connected somehow.

Treize knows exactly how many people have died because of him...and he's found out all their names...wow. No wonder everyone will follow him anywhere. Hell, I would!

Treize lets Wufei kill him. He suicided! AGH! Treize-sama!

I think Treize-sama calls Wufei his eternal friend because in the end, Wufei is one of the few people that understand him completely. And then Wufei cries and...aw shit.

Howard has forked eyebrows. It's his dress sense! Oh my God! Cthulhu has taken over Howard and made him lose all taste in clothing!

Relena--as my mom is fond of saying "Don't yell at the TV, they can't hear you."

Kenshin parallel...at the end, Heero says "I won't die!" and then he's able to hold the buster rifle steady to fire. It's like Kenshin and the Ama Kakeru Ryu no Hirameki...he wasn't able to learn it until he realized that his life was worth something.



Must have more shirtless Trowa.

Heero has such a beautiful smile. It's because he doesn't use it often.

Wufei's Nazi turncoat is better than Trowa's...and the scary thing is, he's serious! 0.0

Trust Heero to show the world what a REAL BFG is.

Ok, I'll admit it, Relena's actually ok in this one. I still don't like her though.