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Under The Moon

Heero sighed loudly I can’t believe it the moment I leave the baka to do his own mission he gets caught. Oh-well better go save him.

Outside Heero’s thoughts come rushing into his jumbled head. Ever since Duo came into my life it’s been weird like my worlds turned upside down. I can’t quite explain how I feel though; I can’t even understand what it is I am feeling. I mean I can’t like him could I? No the perfect solder can’t like anyone cause {he doesn’t know how} it’s a weakness I must not have weaknesses. Heero hit himself mentally he knows perfectly well what it is he feels for the braided pilot. Damn you Duo why me of all people. Suddenly he stares up at the full moon it was near midnight and the stars and such were putting on a [brilliant] display. To bad Duo wasn’t here to share it with him he thought.

~ He doesn’t understand

What he does to me

Just kills me

There is no one to talk to

Nothing but loneliness

And the silence my only friend ~

(The scene fades to a picture of Duo staring outside the barred window in his jail cell)

~ When he leaves me

My thoughts get to me

Never ending nights

My thoughts turn to prayers

Always worrying

I’m always lost without you ~

Duo sighs mentally. Its always so boring when I get caught by oz no less I always get caught on the pretty nights. Tonight being one of the best stargazing nights of all damn I wish Heero was here with me. He giggles at that thought yeah I wonder what Heero would think of me being stuck in jail and soon to be having nasty thoughts about him I’m really asking for it this time. Checks his watch, which he had so smartly hid when they strip-searched him. Come to think of it I’m soon to be rescued by the ever-daring Heero. Wonder why he even bothers especially with the way he acts like he dispises me. Maybe he really does care who knows I sure as hell don’t.

(Fades a bit and turns into double screen thingy with both Heero and Duo gazing at the full moon both sighed and put their heads down.)

~ No matter where you are

We will always be together

Cause were both under the moon ~

(Scene changes back to Heero getting into wing zero)

~ I can’t live without you

Even if I die living with you

I need you in my life

Even if I die trying ~

Heero fights off the other battle machines and advances to the base where they were keeping Duo. Making sure to hide wing zero well before going into the base. Before he left the safe house he made sure he knew where they were keeping him. Heero snuck in the base undetected {because he had blown up part of the base and the solders were busy trying to find out WTHH} and was able to get to Duo’s cell without any problems. He ran up to the cell and said " Hey Duo are you in there?"

Out came a small and barley hearable reply "yeah I am in here. Hey its about time you showed up I was beginning to think you forgot me or you were going to leave me here to die." Heero stifled out a laugh "baka." Was all he said before he had blown up the door. "Hey thanks Heero how’d you get here so easily I didn’t even hear and gun shots or anything."

"I’ll tell you later right now we need to worry about getting you out of here first." Heero handed Duo a gun and headed to the left with Duo following swiftly behind him.

(Scene changes to two silent Shadows running into the woods where wing zero was hidden)

~ What I would give for just one night with you

To say I love you

Maybe even sorry

Just to be with you

Means more then my life ~

Heero hopped into wing zero’s cockpit waiting for Duo {He couldn’t leave him out in the cold could he * giggles evilly *}. Duo cautiously climbed in after Heero positioning himself on his lap god really did want to torture him didn’t he. Little did he know Heero was thinking the same thing. On the way back to the safe house Heero told Duo how he had managed to slip past guard and stuff without being detected even if it was incredibly to control himself.

(Scene changes to two small shapes lying under the moon)

~ Oh how I missed you

And now that you’re safe back here with me

I’m suddenly at a loss of words

But what I wouldn’t give to tell you how I truly feel ~

Heero thought silently to himself god how I wish I could tell Duo how I truly feel but I’m so afraid of losing. What if he objects to what I say then I wont even be my friend. Not to mention he is the only one that truly bothers to be friends with heartless and expressionless lil ol me. Damn I need to stop thinking before I get out of my own control and blurt it out. But how can I, I mean I am finally in love with some one weather he be a boy or not and I can’t even tell him how I feel.

Suddenly Duo could no longer stand the silence he really did like Heero and if he didn’t like that well damn him. They both started to talk and at the same time..

Duo: Heero I need to tell you something. I like you

Heero: Duo I need to tell you something. I like you

They both started laughing. That really startled Duo Heero laughing? Wow either I’m better then I think or he has gone insane.

Heero couldn’t believe it he was actually laughing this was a major improvement. Him and Duo let out a sigh of relief from finally getting it out that they like each other. They also both knew it was time for a new start one that they were both included in. Heero sat up slightly "Hey Duo just wondering why had you never told me you liked me before?" Duo sighed at this and finally said "Well I was kind of afraid if I told you I would completely lose your trust atleast what little trust I thought you had in me."

"Wow it seems you and me thought a lot alike although it took me some time to realize that I liked you usually I just ignore my feelings and don’t usually talk. It was kind of hard not to talk sometimes and I felt real bad not telling you about what I felt and rarely talking.’ Heero let out a little mmph when duo shut him up with a kiss that lasted quite a while until neither of them could hold their breath. And they broke apart gasping for air. Duo giggled and said " I never knew you could babble like that Heero I think I might just be rubbing off on you." Messed up Heero’s hair and ran for it. Heero let him get a head start and ran after the Giggling maniac.

~ I never knew loving you could be so fun

Being with makes time stop

Kissing you truly takes my breath away

And every time I see you

I can’t help but wonder

How could I live with out you? ~


(The scene almost completely fades out to the point where all you could see were to dark bodies tumbling in the grass under the moon with laughter ringing in the crisp air)

~ Now that I have you

I’ve finally realized

That my life stops without you

And that we will be together

Forever and always

Cause no matter where you are

Well always be together

Cause were both under the moon ~


{ } =My personal lil thoughts

( ) =Scene changes

~ ~ = poetry part

[ ] =over emphising

* * = you should know what that means.