Author: Hazard Blue (
Title/Part Number: Solitaire Part 3
Warnings: Angsty, shounen-ai, slightly AU, bit o' fluff, OOCness
Pairings: 1+2/2+1 and 3+4/4+3
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Part 3

Standard Disclaimer: Gundam Wing not mine. I blame everything on my alter ego, the Psycho, if charges are pressed against me.

Warnings: A bit of shounen-ai-but if you blink you'll miss it (I'm not kidding about this one) 3+4/4+3, A bit of pointless fluff . I now consider you warned. Enjoy the story persons!



"Duo! You're back!" Quatre exclaimed nervously. Standing with his head poked out of his room, Quatre looked like an innocent cherub-with a secret.

"Uh. Yah. There a problem?" Duo saw the slight wince that was quickly camoflauged by a fake smile, and frowned. Quatre was usually able to hide his insecurities better than this. Hn. Duo was just glad Quatre seemed to have forgotten this morning's episode. Duo settled for the long haul and leaned against the door frame. Giving his devil-may-care grin, Duo started his interrogation.

"Ya'know. Things seem awful quiet around here....Might it be Heero back from a mission? Prob'ly not failed or he wouldn't have come back at all--" Quatre flushed red and started to protest.

"Duo-!" Quatre was cut off by the silent approach of Trowa from behind him, who gave Duo a discouraging look, then stood quietly with arms folded over his chest. Quatre glanced behind him and seemed to realize he didn't have to fill in any more empty space and escaped, heading for the kitchen. Before he left however, Quatre threw Trowa a thankful smile. Trowa nodded slightly in acknowledgment.

Duo smiled wistfully.

"Heero's back," Trowa offered quietly. Duo glanced at him, lifting a brow, smile gone.

"I kinda gathered that. But the silence is kinda gettin' to me, ya' know? Heero throwin' a hissy fit? Bad mood? Bacon not crispy enough? Out of spandex? Laptop broke?" Duo shuddered at the latter, imagining what kind of effect it would bring on the stoic pilot if left to his own devices.


"......?" Duo proved he could speak Silence, too.

".......!" Trowa upped his Silence volume.

".......????!!!!!" Duo's response made Trowa's one visible eye to widen. He conceded defeat.

"I don't know."

"Oh. Okay. See'ya Tro!" Tearing down the hall towards his room where Heero was undoubted brooding, Duo gave Trowa a two fingered salute.



-end of Part 3-

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