Author: Hazard Blue (
Title/Part Number: Solitaire Part 2
Warnings: Angsty, shounen-ai, slightly AU, bit o' fluff, OOCness
Pairings: 1+2/2+1 and 3+4/4+3
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Part 2


Standard Disclaimer: Gundam Wing belongs to a very big corporation which I am not a part of. These characters are not mine, nor ever will be. ::sigh::

Warning:Characters very OOC, TWT, will turn yaoi. Can't say I didn't warn ya'! Kinda silly right now, but will probably take a turn for the more serious.


The pilots were sitting in a tense silence with plates of leftover breakfast in front of them. The natural light of Earth's sun beamed down through some open windows, making the yellow kitchen glow. Duo leaned fully into a ray, sunning himself like a contented cat, not seeming to notice the concerned looks the other pilots were throwing him. Finally, one of the pilots had had it.

"What's wrong with you?" Trowa asked bluntly. Startled eyes turned toward him. Trowa shrugged.

As the ball got rolling, more questions flew at Duo.

"It's just that...this isn't like you...." Quatre said, trying to soften Trowa's impact.

"Are you sick?" Wufei put in.

Duo looked blankly at the three pilots.


"Maxwell!" Wufei exploded, "You've been quiet for an entire HOUR! How could you not know what's wrong with you? Kisama!"

Duo glanced at the other two pilots. Each nodded solemnly. "Eh...?" Duo blinked. "All this is about me staying quiet? I do have the ability to stay silent for longer periods of time than a few seconds ya know," he finished indignantly. "And if you'll allow me, and not worry if I've brainwashed by Oz, I'm gonna go take a walk." Duo smoothly got out his chair, and made for the door. "Later."

As the door swung shut, the pilots looked at each other.

"He's on the offensive."

"And you know what they say...offense is the best defense," Wufei intoned. The pilots looked at Wufei in surprise.




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