Author: Hazard Blue (
Title/Part Number: Solitaire Part 1
Warnings: Angst, Shounen-ai, Slightly AU, bit 'o fluff (for the whole story)
Pairings: 3+4/4+3 and 1+2/2+1
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Part 1

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Jerking awake, Duo realized he was on the floor. Again. Since being on the run from Oz, Quatre had been able to locate only one candidate for a safehouse, a rambling, almost too cozy cabin with only three bedrooms. Wufei had been quick to snatch a room for himself, while Trowa and Quatre had paired up, leaving Heero and Duo the remaining room. Fate has such a nasty sense of humor. One thing Duo had learned about Heero after numerous roomings with him was that he kicked. Hard. Not exactly reassuring for a person that had to sleep next to him on a twin bed. Duo was quick to accuse Heero of kicking him out of bed when he woke up on the floor, shivering. Raising his head, Duo began to whine.

"Hee~ro! Watch where you-" and stopped; realizing he was talking to empty air. "Huh. Left on a mission." Checking Heero's ever present laptop and seeing it blink in agreement, Duo sighed. "Damn nightmares..." he muttered quietly. Bouncing up and checking his ever present grin in the mirror, he grunted. Searching the room half-heartedly for a note and finding none, Duo said nothing. Instead, he slowly raised his hands to his hair, unwrapping the black twine keeping his chestnut mass in check. Carefully, he unraveled the silken strands, flashing ripples forming where his fingers had been. Sitting gingerly on the edge of the bed, Duo fished for a brush from underneath his pillow. Pushing aside a pair of guns, (1) some C-4, (2) and a grenade, (which had a lock on its pin) Duo made contact with the bristles of his brush.

"Ah-ha..." Duo murmured, fingering the bristles of the custom made brush. Glancing at the clock almost guiltily and seeing it was barely eight, Duo sighed luxuriously. Raising his brush, Duo fluidly brought it down, trailing the bristles through the chocolate river of hair. He did this many times, time seeming to come together until present and future seemed irrelevant compared to the decadent attention paid to his hair. A rude banging on the door woke Duo of his stupor, making him blink.

"Maxwell! Wake up! Breakfast!" (3)

"Eh...? Ack! Uhh...coming Tro-Wu-man! (4) Wait up!" Quickly bounding off the bed, Duo quickly braided his hair, put on pants, and tried to open the door at the same time. As Duo faced Wufei wide-eyed and breathing hard, his hand gripping the doorframe, pants threatening to fall down due to the weight in its pockets, Wufei did one thing.

"Hmph," Wufei snorted.


1: Not paranoid much is he....

2:Kinda gets you to wonder if he's got some....uh...baggage....>_<

3:C'mon! Guess who he is!! ^-^;;;

4:Ever had one of those days...?

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