The Revival of the God of Death

Part 3


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Warnings: A bit angsty, shounen-ai, TWT, OOCness (!), AU... 1xR >_<

*blah* = emphasis
//blah// = thoughts
~o0@0o~ = time shift


"Relena-sama, there is a guest here to meet you. He seems to be quite anxious."

Quiet and unobtrusive, Pargan made his presence known only to his employer. This was quite a feat, as Relena was standing, literally, in a crowd of well-wishers cheering at the union of the Perfect Soldier and the former Queen of the World. The sun was shining, the orchestra was sawing away, and the adoring public lay before the Vice Foreign Minister and her new husband. Heero was miserable.

Relena turned to smile brilliantly at her butler. "Hmmm...? What is his purpose? Was he not invited to our reception?" She hugged Heero closer to herself, ignoring the stiff lines of his body against hers.

"It does not seem so, Ms. Peacecraft," Pargan replied quietly.

Relena's forehead furrowed in thought. "Well, in that case..."

"Go, Relena." Heero said quietly. "Some of my best people will be in there with you. I'll....hold down the fort." He waited while Relena reluctantly untwined her deathgrip from around his shoulders.

"Well, all right, if you're sure you'll be all right by yourself," Relena cooed. At Heero's curt nod, she gave a slight smile, then a mischievous wink. "I'll be back soon, Heero darling. Don't have too much fun without me!" Giving a tinkling laugh, Relena turned to follow Pargon into the house.

Heero gave a silent sigh of relief as he started to make his way through the masses towards the haven of his study. The crowd melted before him like butter to a hot knife, but Heero sighed silently. Payback was such a bitch.


= A few days before =

As Quatre wound his way towards the attic, a foot tripped on a loose board, making him lose his balance. "Ooof!" He muttered softly, clutching clumsily at the scarred railing. "Duo really should fix this place up..."

He had entered the house, noticing the lights all out, and had feared that Duo had done something....stupid. Oh, Quatre knew that he should give the other pilot some credit, knowing that Duo would never try something as stupid as suicide, but he had a history of neglecting himself when depressed.

Not finding Duo in any of the rooms below, Quatre had headed up the rickety stairway towards the dark attic. There were no lights to guide his way, but Quatre was determined to make sure his friend was all right.

Strengthening his resolve, Quatre started up the creaky steps again, contemplating on the Deathscythe pilot. Duo, for all his cheer and joking had always been a bit distant, and had never really confided in any of them -- not even Heero. Intent on breaking silences and evading probing of any kind, Duo had never left enough room for the other pilots to get close to him. Quatre was under the impression that Heero had been the one that had done the active pursuing in their relationship; and he supposed that was what made the desertion all the more painful for the braided boy. Quatre lurched to a stop as the door to the attic loomed directly above him.

"Duo? Duo are you in there?" Quatre knocked tentatively on the door, but when he received no reply, he pushed the door open with a soft whoosh. Used to the dark lighting on the stairs, Quatre peered into the cramped space. Duo was curled up, knees tucked underneath himself, resting his arms on the window sill. The window seat that hadn't seemed nearly big enough to seat a person now almost dwarfed the shivering ex-pilot.

"Duo? What are you doing here, all alone?" Quatre inquired worriedly. It had been a few months since Heero had...left, but Duo had seemed to bounce back fairly quickly. Maybe a bit too quickly. Quatre hadn't wanted to jump at shadows for Duo, but the American had seemed a bit -- off-kilter -- these last few days. His grins were as kilowatt as usual, and his actions as exuberant, but Duo's eyes had dimmed, giving the viewer the slight impression that the eyes belonged to a store mannequin.

"I'm fine, Q-dude. Now go away." Duo's subdued answer truly alarmed Quatre, who had been hoping that Duo had only been dozing, not truly sitting in the dark, staring at nothing through the open window.

"I--I hadn't meant to break in, but--" Quatre started. Duo interrupted without even turning to face the blonde.

"I heard you. Now leave me alone."

"Duo, my--" Quatre protested futilely.

"And don't start going off about your 'uchuu no kokoro,' either," Duo added spitefully. "I'm sick of that empathy shit."

A stifled gasp from Quatre echoed Duo's words, not that he seemed to care. "Duo!" Quatre said sharply. "I understand how you must be feeling about the situation but -- "

"What! You know how I'm feeling?" Duo sneered. "Sorry to burst your bubble, Winner, but you don't. Now go away. Leave me the fuck alone. Go back to your family and your lover and your job -- you have no place here right now."

Quatre almost took a step back at the caustic torrage of words before regaining his lost composure. He had had enough of this. Even if Duo was a friend, he was not going to walk all over Quatre Raberba Winner just because he had wanted to help. Hardening his resolve, Quatre took a step forward towards Duo, forming the scathing words already on his lips.

However, Quatre came to a sudden stop, shocked, at the sight before him. The words that were about to fall from his lips were silenced, forgotten, when he saw the silent tears gliding down Duo's still face. Duo didn't even seem to notice until he caught some of the silver drops on his arm when he bowed his head. Quatre watched, hypnotized, as Duo raised a silent hand to his face, tracing the taut wetness on his skin. A silent shudder ran through his lithe frame as the hand dropped gracelessly.

The silence hung in the air for a moment before Duo spoke, vulnerability emanating from his quiet words.

"He's getting married on our anniversary, Quatre," Duo whispered.


Enfolding his lost friend in strong wiry arms, Quatre offered comfort the only way he could.


Oooh, that dastardly dastard Heero... And who is Relena's mysterious visitor? Don't ask me, I don't know! ^^;; J/K Well....maybe. ^_~

You have my permission to interpret the last line any way you wish. (I suppose it's like that Frank Capra movie... Forgot the title, but it was about a priest and sex! ^^;;)

I apologize for the shortness... I can't seem to write epics, though I seem to write enough "suspense" for one... ::sweatdrop::

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