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The Revival of the God of Death

Part 2a



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Note: This installment takes place a few months after Part 1 ended.

Key: //blah// = thoughts

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Duo had come to the wedding.

Heero was shocked. As shocked as he could be, through his icy mask of indifference. But he was.

Heero had first seen him as he sat down in the pews of the church. In the back, as if he wasn't sure if he was welcome. Heero had watched him for almost the entire ceremony, until he had to face the minister and repeat his vows, binding the marriage.

Till Death do us part...


After the ceremony, the guests had been escorted to an enormous estate for the reception. The elegant furnishings did nothing to distract the Perfect Soldier from sighting his target.

He followed his ex-lover's form from across the room with his eyes. Heero could tell Duo had lost weight. Even before the...incident, Duo had always been almost alarmingly thin; but now, it seemed as if the bones would tear through his fair skin with the slightest pressure. Heero's chest ached and felt as if he couldn't draw breath.


As Heero continued to watch, Duo suddenly pivoted to directly look at the ex-Gundam pilot. Heero was taken back by the look in those violet eyes. They were not... empty... or cold... but they held an statement Heero could not recognize.

He felt a cold shiver run through his body down to his arms. His lips felt dry, but didn't give in to the urge to lick them.

//Duo...what happened to you...?//

"Hee~eero!" A voice reverberated in his ear.

Relena. Who else.

"What." Heero gritted out through clenched teeth in a rare emotional outburst.

Relena tinkled with laughter.

"Oh, Heero. I knew I could melt you! Next, you'll be smiling! I'm so happy!"

Relena's words pierced through Heero as if they were high powered bullets.

Duo had made him smile...laugh even. Was it so unusual that he had not done so since he had left Duo? He had never really smiled before Duo, but so what? He had not considered laughter important before, why should he do so now?

//But...but--it was Duo making me laugh... He was such a baka... but he made me laugh.//

"Heero! Let's go greet the guests! We are married, after all!"

As Relena pulled Heero away, one thought remained in his head, looping, over and over...

//He made me happy//


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