Author: Hazard Blue (
Title/Part Number: The Revival of the God of Death Part 1
Warnings: Angst, TWT? OOC, AU
Pairings: None
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The Revival of the God of Death

Part 1



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Warnings: Yaoi, angst, OOCness, <~ (has there ever been a fic where there wasn't OOCness present? 0_o;;) major AU to come...

::Mustn't reveal the plot at such an early stage, dearies...<cackle>::

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A dull thud echoed through the spacious apartment as Heero let go of his battered suitcase. Duo watched with his arms folded, leaning on a wall facing Heero. Heero stood straight, eyes and jaws firm, as if he was readying for a mission. His trigger finger spasmed occasionally, but only Duo noticed. Duo noticed everything.

His normally animated face was expressionless, lips no longer quirking up at the corners in amusement. His body was coiled and was ready to spring into action. Duo pushed himself out away from the hall, shaking his head slightly, causing his chestnut braid to sway. He spoke.

"You're leaving."


"Oh. Well." Squinting slightly in concern, Duo cocked his head toward Heero. "Relena?"


"Oh." Duo stepped closer towards the stoic ex-soldier. Pointing at the suitcase of Spartan proportions, Duo asked Heero a question. "Is that all you're taking with you?"


"Be careful Heero. Keep going on like that and you'll fill your word quota by the end of the hour!" Duo suddenly bounced close to Heero and slung a casual hand about his shoulders.

"What you lookin' so gloomy 'bout, anyways, eh? 'S a great day and ev'rything!"

"It's raining," Heero said dully.

"You're such a pessimist, Hee-chan. Here. Your coat." Reaching out, Duo handed the other boy a battered trenchcoat, draping it over his shoulders like a cape.

Dancing away just as quickly, Duo strode over to the middle of the room. Duo smiled charmingly at Heero. "You should go. You're catching the shuttle to Earth? The lines get long if you wait any longer."

"Ah. Thank you." Heero slowly turned and bent over to retrieve his things. Duo's face didn't crack.

"...Heero?" Duo wanted choke out. "...why are you doing this...? Weren't you happy? With me? I thought you were. You were laughing when we were together! Actually laughing... I don't think anybody's ever heard you laugh that sincerely before... Will Relena see? Will she see you as anything other than a possession? Will she see what a good person you are?"

Instead, Duo was silent, carefully watching Heero walk out of his life.

"....Duo. I--I'm sorry." Heero couldn't take this. Duo had retreated back into his mask, not allowing Heero see the rare snatches of his honest feelings.

Duo didn't reply and, somehow, Heero's chest started to hurt. How could he be doing this? Walking away from Duo. Hurting Duo. Duo deserved so much more than this. Regardless of the tearing in his heart, Heero broke the glass tower with a final remark.

"You're invited to the wedding." No need to mention who the wedding was for. Heero and Relena. Together.

His mission.

Carefully lowering his eyes, he pushed open the door to the bitter rain outside. He felt the furious nature of the winds and water and shivered. Without bothering to open an umbrella, Heero stepped out into the storm. Even through the heavy torrents of water, Heero felt Duo's gaze.

Everything was silent for a moment.

"Is there a car waiting, Heero? It's cold."

"Ah. Good bye Duo."

"Sayonara, Heero."

The door closed silently. There was water on the hardwood floor. After staring at the lifeless door for a moment, Duo hugged himself, slowly sinking to the floor with his back to the door. Heero would not be coming back. He felt empty. His pants slowly soaked up the water on the floor, and he shivered. He didn't move though. Duo heard the water pound against the door and was reminded of the tears he couldn't shed in his defense. Sometime during the night, while he was listening to the thunder rumble through the star painted sky, Duo fell asleep.

In his dream, he was crying.


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