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Title/Part Number: Night of Lights
Catagory/Warnings: AU! OOCness, Yaoi, Angst....? Crossover...
Pairings: None...for now ::smirk::
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Night of Lights

Part 2

by Hazard Blue


Standard Disclaimers: Gundam Wing nor Yu Yu Hakusho is not mine, la! Forsooth! Wishing they were, la!

Warnings: X-over, AU, OOCness, TWT

file://blah// = thoughts
---//--- = POV shift



The first thing Heero was aware of was discomfort. He shifted slightly, hoping to alleviate the vague sense of uneasiness. His eyes suddenly flew open, completely recalling what had happened before the black-out.

"Duo!" he growled, looking around. His eyes widened as he looked at his current surroundings. Earth. Trees. Birds. Flowers. Water. Not the cold sterile womb of Wing. In fact, no Gundam in sight. Heero quickly got up and started to search for signs of either Gundam or fellow comrades, taking note of the environment around him.

As he passed the native foliage of the forest, Heero noticed something odd. Most of the breeds and species of the plants were either extinct or mutated (1). In fact, he was sure he had passed an ivy that was worth millions as a source of either balm or poison (2).

//Where *am* I?//


"Oo~ohh... my head... please... make them stop riverdancing in my head...." Groaning, Duo patted his hand on the side of him, hoping to find something to lever him as he started to stand up. It was strange... the ground underneath him was strangely lumpy. His roving hand met something soft... and hairy... and--

"Hey! You hentai! Get your hand outta my hair!" (3)

Duo suddenly found himself again blissfully unconscious as the person he had landed on knocked him into a very hard tree.


Trowa stumbled to his feet in an uncharacteristic display of awkwardness. No Gundam. No supplies. He frowned slightly. No Quatre. Sighing slightly, Trowa set out to explore the terrain. He paused as a new thought struck him.

No bathroom. (4)



Wufei and Quatre were up and running.


"Did (pant) we lose (pant) them (pant) yet?" Quatre asked breathlessly.

Just then, a glowing red ball of energy exploded at their feet, making the two pilots lose their balance. Quickly righting themselves, Wufei glanced back at Quatre.

"Does (pant) that (wheeze) ...answer your (pant) question?"

~A few hours before~

Quatre and Wufei had both woken up, relatively none the worse for damage, when they too had noticed their strange surrounding and Gundams missing. They had taken it on themselves to scout the local area, when they had stumbled upon what looked like a pagan ritual of some sort.

A large man covered in blue dye looked to be dipping a slightly glowing, amorphous shape into a large kettle bubbling with sulfurous liquid. The man's red eyes and horned mask shone in malevolent glee as the shape wriggled to be free of the noxious potion below it.

Quatre had fallen back with a silent cry of pain. Before he could hit the ground, however, Wufei had caught him in his strong grip, giving Quatre a concerned look.

"Allah..." Quatre had whispered in horror.

"Nani?" Wufei breathed back in morbid fascination.

"That--that--thing has gotten ahold of a soul... He's--it's about to consume it!"

"......!" Wufei's eyes widened in horrid realization. "Those-- that isn't a mask, is it."

Quatre couldn't reply, for he was too busy trying to break the gaze of the ogre in front of him.

~Back to the present~

"I...don't think (pant) it's letting (gasp) up!" Quatre cried.


~An hour before~

The ogre had locked it's will into the young heir and wouldn't let go. Wufei froze for an instant, almost going into shock as the ogre lowered the wriggling soul into the green batter, it's demonic eyes never leaving Quatre's face. Delicately lifting the now limp soul, the ogre slurped it down, swallowing the life with a wet *gulp*.

Fighting the nauseous urge to purge his stomach, Wufei quickly got up and pulled Quatre to his feet, slapping him as he did so. Leaving the monster to digest his meal much like a snake would, Wufei persistently shoved the Arabian pilot in front of him, snapping Quatre of his daze.


"Don't talk--run!" Wufei snapped, looking over his shoulder to the self-satisfied ogre, sitting as if to say it had all the time in the world... And then they would be in it's possession without a *soul* to help them...


A confused green eye poked out of its confinement of hair.

"......where am I now?"






1). Oooh... interestink...

2). Heero the botanist--who'd 'o thought? *grin* But... on the other hand, that poison part... o.0;;

3). Hentai!! Not *that* kinda hair! Not that kind of soft and hairy, either! Hmph! ^_~

4). Who knew 'pet the cute lil' lion' Trowa was a city boy? o.0;;;;;;


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