Author/Alias: Hazard Blue (
Title/Part Number:Night of Lights
Catagory/Warnings: AU! OOCness, Yaoi, Angst....? Crossover...
Pairings: None...for now ::smirk::
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Night of Lights

Part 1

by Hazard Blue


Standard Disclaimers: Gundam Wing is not mine, la! Forsooth! Wishing it was, la!

Warnings: X-over, AU, OOCness, TWT

Notes: This part of the fic, I admit--I faked it. So bear with me, please? ^^;;

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//Systems at 52%. Levels decreasing by the second. Insufficient power--the generators have been hit--//

"Sandrock is going down!"


"Conserving my power! Cover me!" Quatre shouted.

A hoarse voice crackled through the battered comm system, making Heero pause in his methodical inspection of Wing's controls.

"Heero! Hold on! We're almost clear!"

"Sandrock nor Wing has sufficient power to follow through," Heero said flatly.

No sooner than was that said when Wing's warning alarms started to go off, filling Heero's cockpit with an iridescent red light and a soft whining "beep".

"Oz is right behind us!" Trowa warned.

"I've got a plan!"

"Nani?!" Wufei thundered, "Maxwell! This is no time for your insane plans!"

"We've got no time for this! It's a simple plan! Either follow me or get captured, Chang!"

"Look, Maxwell--"

"Wufei, dammit! Stop advancing! You can't dish out the freakin' justice you're always talkin' about when you're six feet under!" Duo yelled through the com.

//Since when did Duo take charge so easily?// Quatre wondered almost absently.

Uncharacteristically sharp, Duo quickly laid out his plan to his fellow pilots.

"The risks are acceptable. Ryoukai." Heero's cool monotone was a relief to Duo, who had been almost expecting Heero to self destruct.

The five pilots quickly got into position as Oz began to track their positions. Sure enough, no more than two dozen Leos arrived in less than a minute, surrounding the Gundams. Expecting this, Quatre started off the call through the outer speakers.

"Position! 01! 02! 03! 05! ...Initiate!"

As the senseless reel made the Oz tense for a formation attack, that moment was all that Duo needed.

Deathscythe did a sudden 360 degrees and headed directly for the Leos behind him, the glowing thermal scythe swinging. The sudden kamikaze attack momentarily surprised the Oz troops, and in this moment of confusion, the other four Gundams made their presence known. Wing was right behind Deathscythe, and decimated the opposition with a ruthless cannon beams.

"We're outta here!"

As the five pilots made their escape, a huge shockwave hit the position they had been in, blowing the once stable ground into a crater, crushing the enemy Oz soldiers into so much dust. In fact, the giant fireball was of such magnitude, it had effectively cleared a two mile radius of sand into... well, more sand-- but it had made a really big hole in the ground that was glowing slightly.

"Shimatta..." Wufei muttered, "they would destroy their own for a chance to kill the Gundam pilots?"

"Uh... not exactly, Wu," Duo replied a bit sheepishly.

"C-4 can do only so much damage against the enemy straight out," Duo explained. "But C-100! C-100 is the mother of all Kabooms... Especially if there's a few tons of the stuff right under where the target is standing..."

"And you failed to tell us this because...?" Even Trowa was sounding a little frazzled at the thought of a megaton blast blowing up at his feet.

"Uh... didn't want you guys to freak? Well--it worked, didn't it? That's all that matters! And besides, I had everything under control!" Duo protested.

"Famous last words," remarked Trowa.

"I swear! Everyone's out to get me! Let's just get home, ok?"

"Uhm..." Quatre started nervously. "Is the ground supposed to glow green like that?"

It was true. The ground had started to glow with a sickly green sheen, rumbling ominously.

"What?! Maxwell! What have you done?! Kisam--!"

There was a flash and they were gone.


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