Author: Hazard Blue (
Title/Part Number: Dreamless Nights
Warnings: Angsty, TWT? OOC, AU
Pairings: None
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Dreamless Nights

by HazardBlue



Standard Disclaimer: I do not own nor claim rights to Gundam Wing.

Warnings: uhh...a little angst? TWT, major AU, major OOCness, Nothin' much...


The lights of the party swirled around Duo in a demonic whirlwind of spectrums. The dark shadows of the room accentuated the androgynous figures gyrating on the dance floor to the pounding music. Cramped corners filled with humanity almost caused Duo to choke in suffocation.

'I never should have come,' Duo thought wearily.

He glanced down at his costume, tight black jeans with an accompanying tight t-shirt, the cold mockery of what he could never hope to be.


How he had ached to be a normal carefree teen after the war had ended. Even after the Mariemaia incident, he had held a fragile hope that somehow, someway, he could put the past behind him, as a Gundam pilot, as an unwanted orphan. He, alone of the Gundam pilots had no dreams, no goals, no promises to forward him into the waiting future.

It wasn't very surprising. Even after all the training he had gone through to become a Gundam pilot, training was training. That carefree mask he employed was just that. A mask. Through countless missions and infiltrations, he had employed the useful grin to get him through the day without snapping.

Duo was suddenly broken from his thoughts as someone crashed into him. With an 'oomph' Duo tumbled onto the floor, berating himself for not noticing his surroundings earlier.

"Hey! I'm sorry. I didn't watch where I was going. Are you all right?"

Duo looked up to a hand reached out to him. Slowly grasping the offered help up, his gaze traveled up the arm to the man's face.

'He's probably in his mid twenties,' Duo's subconscious whispered to him, 'tall and buff but probably not trained in combat. Approximately 87% chance of winning this battle. 100% termination rate.'

'Stop! I don't need that part of me in operation! The war is over!' Duo shouted to the shadowed area in his mind.

"Are you all right? Does your head hurt? I'm really sorry about this, my colleagues thought it would be amusing to careen me into the nearest available...companion-" The stranger coughed discreetly.

"Yeah, I'm alright." Duo had suddenly realized that he had probably had a glazed expression on his face as he faced the man. He quickly regained his center and smiled cheekily.

"It's pretty easy to bump into someone in a place this crowded. S'not your fault."

The man smiled in relief and amusement.

"I'm glad you're not hurt. I should think introductions are in order-?"

"No. No-I think mysterious strangers are fine for tonight, don't you? Especially here," Duo said quickly, darting up to meet the other man's piercing green eyes. The emerald orbs narrowed, then released their tension. Duo started to relax.

"Ah. Of course. Shall we...?" The stranger started inquiringly.

"A drink would be great!"

"Ah," the man smiled. "Perhaps somewhere where it's not as...crowded?"

"Sure! I know this great place..."

After leading a life filled with masks, it was easy to slip into the carefree shield he had erected around himself. He could pretend, at least for a little while longer, that he wasn't jaded, faded, or worn out. Just a while longer.

As Duo led the way through the throbbing mass of people, he thought, 'Maybe I can endure a couple more dreamless nights.'