I swear -- I have no idea where this ficlet came from. It bopped me over the head and I wrote this in, like, 15 minutes... ::whimpers:: I've never done anything like this before...! >_< Warnings are at the very bottom of the fic for your peace of mind. <sweatdrop> Ummm... I like to think this happened after either the series or EW.

Title: Coming
Author: Hazard Blue
Standard Disclaimer: Gundam Wing = not mine.
Warnings: See very bottom
Key: // = thoughts/non-spoken


Duo was almost there -- he could feel it. The burning sensation wormed itself throughout his body, making Duo arch in the painful pleasure. "Oh God," he gasped. Duo almost didn't have the energy to form those words, but they forced themselves out of him with a soft grunt. //I'm coming...//

He was close -- just about to reach the precipice of no turning -- and he reveled in it. He raised a heavy hand, studying it while the feelings of pressure still sped through his system. Duo felt the sticky fluid trickling over his body and he smiled. A feral smile stretched across his face, until the wide expanse of mouth turned into teeth; until the grin turned into a grimace. //I'm coming... Wait for me!//

He was racing towards release -- and it was right there, right there!

"Oh my God, Duo! Duo!"

//I'm coming...!//

And with a hand fingering his blood stained cross, Duo came.

//Sister, Father, Solo... Wait for me...!//

"Duo! Duo!"

And when Duo came, there was nothing. Nothing at all.