Author/Alias: Hana-chan (sparkledustquatre@hotmail.com)
Title/Part Number: First steps, part one
Catagory/Warnings: Yaoi, sap
Pairings: 3+4 (1x2)
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First Steps

Rating: PG-13 (for this part, part 2 rated differently)
Genre: Yaoi, sap, (Limey or lemony in part 2)
Pairings: 3x4, (1x2)
Warnings: Yaoi, sap major, a little angst, a little language, ( Limey or lemony goodnes in part 2), Quatre's P.O.V.
Summary: Hard to explain, cute little Trowa and Quatre story

*I apologize to Duo fans for the fact that he comes across as a dumb ass in this story. I do not think he is a dumb ass, but to portray his as such adds humor to the plotline

I gazed, hopefully with out too much lust, at the figure seated across the table from me he didn't seem to notice me watching him, he was totally engrossed in his frosted flakes [1], I let out a barely audible sigh still failing to elicit a response from the green eyed beauty before me. Trowa was a valuable friend, and with luck someday much more, my musing! s, however where interrupted by one Duo Maxwell

"Hey Q-man, wanna go to the mall?"

"sure, whatever"

"Hee-koi, Trowa Wuffie, wanna go?" he asked

"Hn, fine, for you Duo"

"Maxwell!!! how many times have I told you not to call me ‘Wuffie' or one of your other moronic nicknames? My name is Wufei, and no I will not go to the mall with you"

"So sorry FeiFei" Duo said with a smirk, "so Trowa, you in?"


I felt me heart leap with joy at the prospect of spending a whole day with Trowa. I imagined driving along in my car and shopping in the mall, walking and pointing out things each of us liked, going back to my room, kissing and doing other things that made a blush rise in my cheeks unfortunately my thoughts whe! re again interrupted by Duo

"Hey Quatre, can I drive?" the American pilot asked innocently

"Hell no!" I said with visions of what Duo might do to my car in my head " I've been victim to your driving, I drive"

"You're no fun, I'm not that bad of a driver"

"And Richard Simons was a total sexxxy mofo, have you ever been a passenger of your driving?"

"no but...."

"I'm driving" I said firmly

Duo stuck his tongue out at me and pouted like a child, I sighed and grabbed my keys

"Come on, let's go before he starts with the puppy eyes" I said walking out to my car followed closely by Trowa, Heero and Duo

"Shotgun!" Duo called

"No, you do not get shotgun"

"You're being mean!!!!"

"You can sit in the back with me" Heero said as seductively as possible, for him. I was surprised at how much Duo had ope! ned Heero up, granted random death threats where still a fact of life living in close proximity to the perfect soldier but at least he gave a glimpse of human emotion occasionally, If Duo could do all that for Heero it made me think about what I could do for Trowa

I slid in to the drivers seat of my silver Audi, looking over at Trowa next to me in the front passenger seat

"You ready?" I asked

Trowa nodded and asked " can you put the top down?"

I grinned and pressed the button that retracted the roof before pulling out of the driveway and heading off for the mall

On the drive in to town I kept stealing glances at Trowa who for the most part seemed oblivious to my actions but once he caught my eye and almost smiled

/'oh my god!! He looks so incredibly beyond gorgeous when he smiles'/

I mentally slapped my self for that thought, I needed! to concentrate on driving and the road, not exactly how incredibly sexy Trowa is

"Yo, Quatre, what country are we in?" Duo asked from the back seat

"Umm America, why?"

"Well in America Mr.. Bond, we drive on the right side of the road" Duo said with a very bad fake British accent [2]

"Sorry" I muttered blushing as I pulled the car over to the correct side of the roadway

I shook my head and pulled in to the parking lot of the mall and luckily I managed to find a reasonably close space, very luckily, it seemed that everyone in the tri-state area was there, great, crowds bother me, oh well at least I had an excuse to rub up against Trowa randomly, oh shit!!!!! another dirty blush[3], I hoped no one noticed especially not Duo being mocked was something I did not want at that moment.

"Where do you want to go?" I asked as me entered the colossal building

"Hm! m, I need to get to Spencer's and get a few "special toys" and Heero needs some clothes that don't make him look like an aerobics instructor on crack, so I guess we need to go to Yonkers or something, you guy?" Duo rambled

"Umm, I'm not to sure, why don't you two take off and we'll meet you for lunch at about 12:30 ok?"

"Sure," Duo said, dragging a slightly disgruntled Heero behind him

"So where do you want to go?" Trowa asked, looking down at me

"I know it's kinda stupid, but could me go to the pet shop? I love looking at the baby animals..." I trailed off, blushing at what I had revealed, I looked down at my feet and mumbled something of an apology

/'Dammit, now he probably thinks there's something wrong with me'/

"It's not stupid Quatre, let's go"

"Really?" I asked brightening up

"Yes, really come on" Trowa said with a hint of a! smile, making him look,....so amazing

As we walked across the mall to the pet store I leaned in closer to Trowa than I normally would, I figured that if he noticed I could blame it on the crowd, but luckily I want unnoticed. At the pet store, I actually got Trowa to laugh a few times but one thing that really shocked me was when I was commenting on how cute on of the puppies was he whispered almost to quietly for me to hear

"not as cute as you"

"What did you say?" I asked with disbelief

"nothing" he said, shaking his head and looking down

As we continued to look around at various stores in the mall, I thought over what had just occurred

/' Trowa thinks I'm cute!?!?'/

I couldn't believe it the person I spent every waking hour thinking about might actually feel something for me. Then reality set in

/'why woul! d Trowa like me?, he probably would think I'm sick if I told him how I feel'/

"Quatre, earth to Quatre, are you alright?"

I snapped back in to reality


"Quatre, are you alright?" Trowa asked again looking down at me with, concern?

"Huh? Fine, just thinking"

/'about you'/

"Well it's almost 12:30, we should head back to the food court to meet Heero and Duo"


We started walking back to the food court in silence until we came across Heero and Duo making out on a bench ion the middle of the walkway, a small crowd had gathered, yet, they where oblivious.

"What are those two people doing?" a little boy innocently asked his mother

"Well when a girl and a boy fall in love..." she started and obviously Duo wasn't as out of it as I had originally thought

"Hey!!!! ! Who're you calling a girl?!?!?!" Duo demanded whipping his head around. The lady's jaw dropped open and she turned on her heel and walked off tight lipped holding her son's hand ion a death grip. Duo and Heero stood up, Duo was smiling sheepishly and Heero had his usual impassive face on I opened my mouth to comment but I couldn't get a sound to come out

"You.... guys... what the fuck?"I finally managed to force out

"Oooo, little Quatre said a naught word" Duo teased

"You never seemed like the exhibitionist type to me" Trowa noted to Heero, the Japanese pilot just glared, but it was a impish sort of glare

"Umm, you guys lunch get wanna go?" I asked, still fumbling with my words

"Good idea" Heero said grabbing Duo's braid firmly and dragging him in the direction of the food court.

"What was up with that chick, seriously, sheltering children from the realiti! es of the word just makes them prone to become victim to them" Duo ranted

I rolled my eyes and sighed, Duo had a habit of getting stuck on things that bothered him and his talkative nature just made it worse

"She was just another homophobe Duo, you run in to them all the time" Heero said trying to calm his chafed lover down

"Well why do people have such a problem with homosexuality? I mean really, what's so wrong with being gay?"

"Nothing at all" I said "Hell I'm gay"

I froze I had *NOT* meant to add the last three words of my comment, I looked around the table and saw Heero and Trowa looking pretty shocked and Duo looked about ready to giggle, which was no surprise Duo already knew, well he knew that I had a thing for Trowa. I eyed everyone waiting for someone to say something, I sure as hell wasn't going to break the tense silence that surrounded us

/'gods!!! I'm su! ch a dumb ass'/

"Congrats Q-man welcome to the club 3 out, 2 to go, so Trowa, will it be you or Fei-chan?" Duo asked, wiggling his eyebrows suggestively

I really wish that I hadn't looked up and seem Trowa's face at that moment the look on it tore my heart in half he looked insulated and angry and put off, had I caused this? Was Trowa put off by me and my proclamation? Oh gods, why did I have to had said that?

/'Trowa probably thinks I'm disgusting now'/

I stood up abruptly

"Have to go... bathroom" I mumbled hauling ass out of there as fast as I could with out looking obviously like I was running off

I walked into a stall in the men's room, locked the door and sat on the toilet tank with my feet on the rim of the seat and my elbows on my knees I rested my head on my hands and started to cry over what I had been planning on being a perfect day! . I had been happy just at the prospect of spending a day near Trowa without him having to know how I truly felt. I continued to sit on the toilet and cry every moment being dragged in to a deeper depression by the realization of how pathetic I was

"Quatre, Quatre?"

How long had I been in here? I'd lost track of time, but it must have been fifteen of twenty minutes.

"Quatre, are you in here?"

I scrunched up as if to prevent the person looking for me from finding me. I didn't notice the latch turning and the door open, revealing Trowa

"What's wrong Little one? Why are you crying?" He asked taking a step towards me /'little one?'/ and reaching out a hand to wipe the tears off my cheek, I tried turn away from his touch but he brought his other hand up to keep my head facing him.

"What's wrong, what did you run off like that?"

"You" I managed to whis! per

"What about me?"

"Thought you'd be disgusted with me, I thought you'd hate me, you probably do"

"Why would I be disgusted with you?"

"Because of the way I am, because, because" I paused took a deep breath and lightly closed my eyes, leaning my head in towards his chest "Because I like you, I think I might love you, I always have, ever since I first met you"

I squeezed my eyes shut and braced my self for rejection and the loss of one of my best friends, but instead I felt soft warm, strong arms surround, I looked up into those expressive green eyes that showed nothing but love and acceptance.

"Why would you disgust me? You're the one who keeps me going every day, you're my angel Quatre, I love you"

It took me a moment to find my voice, but once I did I had to keep myself from spilling out everything I wanted to say

"I love you too Trowa" I said loc! king my gaze onto his, he brought his hands up to wrap around my lower back and leaned his face in towards mine, I felt his mouth press against mine and sparks shoot through my body and he slightly parted his lips and ran his tongue across my bottom lip. When we parted I gasped for breath.

"Shall we go find Heero and Duo before they start another public make out session?" Trowa asked. with a slight smile he squeezed my hand and together we walked out to the foot court

The euphoria was shooting high in my body as we walked back to where we'd left our lunches and found Heero and Duo sitting there actually engaged in a conversation.

"Hey guys!" Duo called out to us "Q-man, you feeling better?"

"Most definitely " I said with a slight smile to Trowa

"Do you guys want to go home now or do you want to do some more shopping?" Heero asked with a ‘Dear gods please no more shopping' look

"Ok,! but Heero, you wanna drive? I don't fell quite up to it" I asked, I rarely let anyone else use my car but Heero is a good driver and I wanted to spend every spare moment with Trowa

"Mission accepted" Heero said with a hint of a smile playing at his lips. I tossed him the keys and we walked out of the mall and began the adventure of finding the car


[1]~ I fully believe that Trowa eats frosted flakes. to me, they just seem so him, don't ask me why
[2]~ I also fully believe that if Duo where to use a fake British accent, it would be a very bad British accent, kinda like mine, ask Kitsune-chan if you want to know exactly how bad my fake British accent is.
[3]~ Ok, the whole dirty blush thing, alright you see when I get a little, well let's just come out and say it, horny, I blush simple as that I also blush from other things, such as embarrassment, and P.E. class TORI-SAMA!!!!!!